Astrology The Link between Astrology and Cosmology: To Everything There Is a Season

The Link between Astrology and Cosmology: To Everything There Is a Season

By Timothy Spearman


Many people are sceptical about astrology and think it’s unscientific and little more than  superstition. I can refute that. There is ample evidence that the heavenly bodies exert an influence on the Earth. The Sun’s influence is obvious, since it provides warmth and life, allows plants to grow and provides energy that allows all living things to survive on this planet.

As for the Moon, its most obvious influence is its affect upon the tides. It is now known that Moses used the tides to lead his people to freedom across the Red Sea. However, some of the Moon’s influences are more subtle. It regulates the menstrual cycle, for instance, which is in perfect harmony with the lunar cycle. It is well known that you never sign a contract when Mercury is retrograde. When Mercury goes retrograde, it disrupts communications and makes for unreliable interactions between people.

There is a scientific explanation for this. Mercury is considered a herald or messenger for good reason. If he is up to speed, he races around the Sun, and it is that rotation and the gravitational field it exerts upon the Sun that creates a current that prevents heightened solar flare activity, but when Mercury goes retrograde that tidal effect on the Sun is not there, and the solar flare activityincreases causing disruptions on Earth, especially with regard to telecommunications.

Maurice Allais was an award-winning economist and saw the effect of astrology on the economic cycles of boom and bust. He also recognized that solar eclipses had an effect on the earth and actually demonstrated the effect in an experiment. He was able to show that the path a solar eclipse took across the Earth tended to have a geological effect on the land it passed over.

The most pronounced effect tended to be at the Dragon’s Tail of the eclipse path to use an astrology metaphor. There was a tendency for the path of the eclipse to generate a natural disaster like an earthquake somewhere along its path, not always immediately after the eclipse, but some anomaly was usually detectable. It is obvious from this example that planetary conjunctions do have an electro-magnetic impact on the Earth that is discernable, empirical, measurable and scientifically verifiable.

As for the other planets exerting an influence, obviously when there is a planetary conjunction it can cause earthquakes and other anomalies on Earth. People can be jovial (Jupiter influence), saturnine, venial, martial, mercurial, yet seldom do we hear of people being uranian, neptunian or plutonian. Why is that? Obviously, it is because the planets nearer to Earth exert a stronger influence on our psyche and physiology. But all the heavenly bodies exert an influence on us.

In the Book of Genesis, God taught Abraham how “to number the stars”, which means that Abraham was taught astrology by God. The Three Magi or Wise Men found Jesus’ birthplace by following the star of Bethlehem. How did they know to follow that star? And how did they know when to follow that star? The answer is that events are anticipated by prophecies. The fulfillment of those prophecies must follow a timetable. Astrology helps in reading that timetable. How? Well Jupiter rules kings. Its house position and the zodiac sign it resides in will suggest when a great king might be born. If Jupiter is in conjunction and forms an auspicious aspect with other powerful planets, it could create even more powerful indicators. The ruling house and sign those planets are in may presage even stronger indicators.

The Three Wise Men came bearing gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold. Why? First of all, it was not gold bars or gold trinkets or jewellery. It was colloidal gold. Frankincense, myrrh and colloidal gold are healing agents. The Wise Men knew that the infant Jesus would need these healing balms later in life. How did they know this? Because they were able to predict certain events in his life based on his place of birth, date of birth and time of birth. How? They did so by means of astrology of course. The Pope in Rome even has a bath made of solid gold with the signs of the zodiac surrounding it. Yet today our religions condemn astrology and forbid its practice. Which religions? They would be Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for the most part.

Why? It is mainly because the religious hierarchy wishes to maintain its power. They do not want the layman to have access to their most powerful tools. They want control. They wish to maintain and keep control and they certainly have no intention of sharing it.

Few know of the role astrology played in the prophecies of Nostradamus. Nostradamus chose days of good disposition for his prophetic readings. He used his astrolabe to determine where the heavenly bodies were aspected. He could tell from the planetary position of the heavenly bodies what days would be best for his predictive work. He then sat on a stool in front of a copper basic filled with water and deployed a divining rod, which he held over the water, to pinpoint the exact moment when his reading of future events should commence. When the divining rod started twitching and the water in the basin started churning, he knew the moment had arrived. He then waited for the water to grow calm and looked into the glassy surface of the water. There on the surface he would behold the visions of future events, everything from the rise of Napoleon to rise of the man he referred to as Hister (Hitler), from events resembling 9/11 to World War III. The day he died, Nostradamus was found leaning over his work table with a copy of the astrology manual John Stadius lying open. He had plotted the position of Saturn on his most recent chart drawing. Saturn rules death. He was found dead lying on top of the very chart drawing through which he had predicted his own death.

Sir John Dee, the Elizabethan astrologer, was consulted about many things. He used his knowledge of astrology to defeat the Spanish Armada. He knew when the Armada would show up and he was able to predict when a severe storm would arrive. He deployed the English Navy at exactly the right time and forced the Spanish Armada to take flight. Consequently, the Armada was driven straight into the eye of the storm, and a good portion of the Spanish Navy was destroyed by the fury of nature, because a master of astrology was able to deploy it as a military In a series of brilliant articles in The Encyclopedia of Astrology, Charles Jayne revealed his research on the planetary cycles. Among his findings was a 600-year cycle of the world’s great religions. He noted that every 600 years, a new religion is born, and at each of those times Uranus is either aligned with or opposing Neptune. The significant dates are as follows:

 575 B.C.: Births of Buddha and Pythagoras; careers of Lao-Tzu, Mahavira and

Confucius. Babylonian captivity of the Jews. Final Upanishads written.

 A.D. 25: (opposition) Mission and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

 624: Flight of Mohammed from Mecca in 622 A.D.; birth of Islam.

 1222: (opposition) Founding of Franciscan and Dominican Orders in Catholicism; career

of St. Thomas Aquinas; a peak in the Age of Faith.

 1821: Births of the co-founders of the Bahai Faith; Joseph Smith’s conversion

(Mormonism); birth of Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science, Unity, etc.), births of  Thoreau and Whitman (American Transcendentalism); founding of the American Unitarian Association.

1821 also happens to be the timeframe when Marx and Engels were born, suggesting that this cycle represents socialism as a religion, while the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1850 represents socialism as a revolutionary movement.

The next great religion is not due until 2420 according to the astrological-cosmological timeline.

It may incorporate the essence of the Aquarian Age, as Christianity did for the Piscean. It could be a new sect within an already existing religion.

We can further speculate that the previous opposition of 1176 B.C. may have coincided with Moses or Zoroaster, the conjunction of 1778 B.C. with Abraham, and the conjunction of 2980 B.C. with Krishna.

Uranus-Neptune conjunctions and oppositions are also linked to the great precession cycle of 25,000-plus years, which defines the great Ages: the Piscean, Aquarian, etc. After twenty-five conjunctions, Uranus and Neptune make a conjunction in exactly the same place in the sky. This takes 4,285 years, which is almost exactly the length of two astrological “Ages”. To complete six of these returns takes 25,710 years, which is very close to the average precession cycle of 25,694 years. For the foreseeable future, every astrological age will begin during a conjunction or opposition of Uranus-Neptune in the same location in space.

Clearly, both Uranus-Neptune and the precession have to do with religion, so the two cycles are linked. Uranus opposed Neptune in Capricorn at the time of Christ, in A.D. 25 In 1821, 1,800 years later, the two planets made a conjunction in Capricorn. In twice this time (3,600 years), the conjunction or opposition always returns to virtually the same degree of the same sign (not the same constellation, which takes 4,285 years). This is why the religious cycle is 600 years long. It represents exactly one-sixth of the time between Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in the same degree of the zodiac. Since the conjunction of 1821 happened at such a significant time, one-half of the 3,600-year cycle since Christ, the new religions of the Nineteenth Century (Bahaism, Transcendentalism, Unitarianism, Christian Science, New Thought, Socialism, etc.) may be important progenitors of the religions of the future.

There are also significant cosmic events in our time, which is the luminal period marked by the turn of the third millennium at the cusp of the oncoming Aquarian Age. For example, the galactic center is now close to right angles to the equinox, at the very moment when we are reaching out to the stars and outer space. At the time of Christ, in 25 A.D., Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Aries made a grand cosmic cross with Uranus in Cancer and Neptune in Capricorn. On January, 1910, virtually the same cosmic cross occurred, as Uranus in Capricorn opposed Neptune in Cancer, with Saturn (and Mars) in Aries once again opposing Jupiter in Libra. Three years after the cross of 25 A.D., Christ was crucified. Four years after 1910, humanity made its own sacrifice, as millions died in the Great War so that a new unified world could be born under the League of Nations, the forerunner of today’s United Nations. The Titanic disaster happened in 1912 and was linked to the founding of the League of Nations, since many of the delegates that were meant to attend the meeting for the founding of the League of Nations, which was to take place in New York, never made it. I recommend you read my essay on the Titanic to get the bigger picture of the significance of the Titanic disaster.

The great 493-year Neptune-Pluto cycle in the fortunes of civilization may also be linked to the precession of the equinoxes – the 2,000-year “Ages”. A Neptune-Pluto conjunction returns to the same place in about 50,000 years, which is approximately equal to two precession cycles of thezodiac.

Clearly there is a cosmological timetable at play here and an intelligent design to Creation that allows for its progression according to a timetable of evolution and development. This cosmological plan was charted by the ancient Hindus four yugas (Ages), the Mayans in their calendars and other ancient peoples. There are undeniable cycles on Earth and in the Heavens.

The diurnal cycle of the day that allows plants to store the energy of the day so that they are able to use that energy to grow at night. Then there are the longer cycles of the annual year that allow for the seeds to germinate in the spring, the plants to grow during the summer and to be harvested in the autumn, and for fruit to ripen in the autumn frost.

So the seasons change in heaven just as they do on Earth through the precessional cycle of the Zodiac, which lasts approximately 26,000 years, whereby the solar system experiences its cosmic spring, summer, autumn and winter. And there will be larger cycles even than this which frame a larger evolutionary period for the Milky Way Galaxy equal to twelve precessional cycles of the zodiac.

Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do. What does that tell you? The power hierarchy covets the most precious science and refuses to share it because they know about its accuracy and usefulness. They discredit it, condemn it and heap all kinds of scorn upon astrology because they do not want the rest of society to know of its merits. If people knew how to use astrology for their advantage, they would be rich too. The elite don’t want that. They want to keep all power and wealth for themselves.

I have an impressive record of using astrology as a guide and a therapeutic tool. I have been able to warn people of hazards and dangers they might face so they could be prepared for such events when they came along. I have been able to predict events using astrology. I have even found it effective as a crime-solving tool. The proof is in the pudding of course. When a satisfied customer lets me know that I was right that is the proof of its predictive power. Is it foolproof and failsafe? Not 100% no, but the reliability of astrology has been tried and tested long enough for certain foreseeable and reliable patterns to be apparent. It is useful indeed and of great merit to those of us that employ it.

Main Source:

E. Alan Meece, Horoscope for the New Age,, 1997.



Natalie Erskin:


I am blown away. Thanks so much. Everything that you said I resonate with. I have been feeling this way practically all my life. It kinda sucks that I have to go through darkness, trials and all sorts tribulations to see the light. But I guess that is where the power to be is. Sometimes, I will admit, knowing as much as I do is taxing. I tend to think too much or over think too much…


OH Boy!

Liz Watson (Not a relation)

Thank you, Tim.  It looks amazing at first glance.  I will download it and study it very soon, when I get a chance. thanks so much for doing this – its really great!   You have a wonderful talent for doing this, don’t you? Why don’t you consider opening up a new ‘branch’ for it all by becoming an astrological ‘careers advisor’ and can go by the aspects in their charts to guide children in school – showing the great respectability of Astrology as a provable science?  I am sure it would make a lot of money, and grab much attention – it is also offering a service of a form of counselling and steering the direction for graduates perhaps?

kind wishes


Christine Corda:

I got the chart…really really interesting…it is unlike a psychic reading as it does not give advice… but I thank you s o much for your time.  It is beautifully written and makes the most detailed sense…even down to a marriage being blocked.  Wow…!!! I guess it makes sense about the finances being karmic….cannot thank you enough!!!!!



Oh wow!!!  There’s more? You should be getting way more than you are!!  I want to give you a show and advertise. You should be doing these readings and getting like 200.00 per.   These are wonderful!!


Susan Sinclair:

Suffice it to say your “hit” on this in your reading of my chart was fascinating and uncanny–and I LOVE uncanny! More feedback still to come, and the timing seems especially right because now I can look back and see more clearly how the chart indications have shown up in my life. You have a real gift here, Tim! I can’t wait to see it develop and expand to serve people and bring you more fulfilment, spiritually AND financially.


Janina Paczuski:

First of all, you are an amazing writer extraordinaire, which of course, you already know. The power of the word is so so incredibly powerful. Your chart craftsmanship is amazing in that you take the zodiac signs and symbols [perhaps not the correct terminology] and then weave them together with how it fits into the birth chart of the recipient so that it makes some sense in their life. Nancy Reagan followed this science very closely and consulted on a daily basis or so while Ronnie was the prez. Queen Elizabeth I relied on it as well. They knew something, did they not? Should anyone wish for me to do some astrology work for you contact me at:

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