Microsoft Gates Limp Noodle Will Never Fly


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“Microsoft Gates’ Limp Noodle Will Never Fly”.


This video is a satirical attempt to expose the CoViD-19 mRNA vaccine as a Microsoft-style operating system in the human DNA, as Moderna fully admits on its own website. This is a transhumanism experiment not vaccination! The vaccine contains an enzyme called Luciferase. Take a good look at that word which contains “Lucifer” and “erase”. They will erase our soul for Lucifer. The enzyme “Luciferase” tells the security and army stooge at government-authorized checkpoints that you’ve had the vaccine because the enzyme emits a red glow which is picked up on the scanner. This is the Mark of the Beast. How many marks is the Beast going to leave on you before he steals your soul?



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  1. Ah yes, the Luciferase enzyme and it’s pernicious red glow. This is all very real I’m afraid. For years I’ve been blowing pinkish specs out of my nose, courtesy of the chemtrails. Occasionally, what appears to be a strangely shaped blood clot is expelled but upon closer examination under a magnifying glass, the odd shape resembles more that of a miniature sea horse, only instead of an inward curling tail it has a slightly splayed tail, like a devils forked tail. This is why exposing chemtrails is so important because it holds up to ridicule their professed public health concerns, which is the fundamental premise for vaccines right? Our public health. Same goes for their bleeding heart concerns for the environment, chemtrails have been covering the earth with an incendiary dust giving added intensity to bush fires. It all makes sense if your a Satanic arsonist. It goes back to the incendiary carpet bombing raids of WWII and their obsession with nuclear explosions. The white light/white heat of nuclear blasts is a Luciferian Illuminati’s wet dream. Only trouble is, it’s an epiphany of pure evil!

  2. Hi Wayne,

    All very true. I am told the Ka Baal will fall in 2024. Let’s hope so. They won’t get them all unfortunately. A small inner circle of them will go underground. Though they are trying to implement the mark of the beast this go around, they will not manage it, I will be trying again a generation or two from now I am told. Satan doesn’t give up easily. Very worrying about the beast genetics they have seeded in you through their chemtrail clouds. I really believe that the Creator will have to destroy all life and raise the fruit of heaven and earth in a harvest of souls due to the damage they have done to the genomes of all organisms of the biosphere.

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