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Andy is an activist in Britain fighting to get his kids back from child services.

He campaigns tirelessly with Maggie Tuttle and other activist friends in the UK to return kids to their rightful homes.



Tim is a human rights activist and writes tirelessly in an effort to expose the truths that will set us all free.

Timothy Spearmans Books.


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New Book Launch.

“Goodbye Ruby Akhtar” is the true story of a modern day avatar, who happens to be the reincarnation of an ancient Israelite Queen, who ancient legend suggests made it all the way to Ireland. The Book of Tephi, Queen of Tara and Gibralter prophesied that she would return to Ireland one day to restore justice to the land, and bring peace to the world. Based on personal testimony, the recounting of dreams from early childhood and the opinion of spiritualists, Ruby Akhtar is the reincarnation of the ancient Israelite Queen. The promise made long ago has been fulfilled. Queen Teia Tephi has returned.

Fate intervened to bring Ruby to Ireland as a young girl of 12, very much against her will. She is now accepting of her destiny and reconciled to her fate. She knows why she is here and intends to make the best of the soul contract she has been given.

Born to a Jewish family in Pakistan, Ruby was married off to a 33-year-old paedophile. Wedding her under false pretences, and vowing to rescue her from a life of third world poverty and limited prospects, he spirited her off to a land that was not “her country, her culture, her people.” Ruby was abducted to Northern Ireland, where she suffered repeated acts of sexual abuse over a three year period at the hands of her husband the paedophile ring to which he was attached. She finally managed to escape confinement by jumping from the second floor of the house where she was imprisoned. Fleeing for her life and badly injured from the fall, she somehow managed to hobble several miles to the nearest police station. The officer in charge then acted as her champion, taking her under wing and getting her passport back for her. This is just the beginning of her journey. Her journey’s end was sharing her story with the United Nations, and bringing her campaign of justice for young victims to the world.


21s t Century Lebensborn: Children Screaming to Be Heard

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21st century lebensborn book

The book Children Screaming To Be Heard examines the plight of children in the care system in the United Kingdom in the 21st Century and compares it with the Lebensborn Program run by the Nazis in World War Two. The book also explores evidence of child sex crimes in the UK and internationally, involving the luring and exploitation of children. It also examines allegations of satanic ritual abuse by the global elite internationally, who appear to be participants in a global satanic cult. Jesus said, “Ye shall no the truth and the truth shall set you free.” That moment of freedom is upon us if we unite, stand up for justice and take action to stop these crimes against children.

Albina Koumirova is a fine artist whose work is well known in Europe, particularly in the UK. She will be showcasing her work in London July of 2014 at a conference for a charity called Children Screaming To Be Heard. Her exhibition focuses on the plight of children and the need for all of us to do more to protect the rights of children worldwide.


Freemason and Rosicrucian Lord Oxford Is Shakespeare

Timothy Spearman has made some astonishing discoveries about history. The true identity of Shakespeare is just one of his amazing discoveries. This short film by Robert Badali is based on Timothy Spearman’s portrait painting comparison of the Earl of Oxford and William Shakespeare.

The featured paintings include one of Lord Oxford at the age of 36 and another under his pen name William Shakespeare, which he sat for just before his official death at age 54, when his death was faked and he was sent into exile on the Isle of Mersea near Colchester, Essex County.

He was exiled following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth I in 1603 as he was considered a threat to the throne by King James I. In Romeo and Juliet, he reveals his identity as the Tudor prince in the balcony scene speech given by Juliet, “What’s in a rose?” The rose refers to thee Tudor rose. Though he could not bear the name of the rose, he still smells as sweet because he retains the bloodline of the Tudor family.

Visit Timothy Spearman’s publisher www.xoxopublishing.com to see his new book releases “Must I Remember” and “The History of the Peace Train”.

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Tim Spearman pending film project SECRET DESTINY

Secret Destiny Mission Statement

Secret Destiny is a project I couldn’t pass up. I took it on because it presented me with a quest to find a truth. I am now presented with the honour of sharing my research findings concerning modern terrorism with the world. People deserve to know what is happening in their world.

They cannot be left in the dark. I teach security for the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services because I am a specialist in the area.

I know how to keep my corner of the world safe and secure. That is why I am sharing my expertise with the world. I would like the other corners of the world to be as safe and secure as my corner of the world.

The title Secret Destiny is something of a paradox since the destiny of this film is no secret. It is a title that will soon be on everyone’s lips as news of this film spreads. Soon everyone will have heard of it. Time tells the truth. This film will set the record straight and explain why over 300 lives were taken from this world on one of the most tragic days in Canadian history.

Time tells the truth. The truth about history is told in this film. Despite its fictional content, it leaves the M.O. of the conspirators exposed.

Their days are done. Humanity’s ascension coincides with their descent into the abyss. A cultural renaissance unrivalled in the annals of history is about to dawn. We are at the cusp of a new season, Cosmic Autumn, a time when the fruit of humanity is destined to achieve harvest. The dawning renaissance is the fruit of heaven and earth and it is ripe.

Here lies our true mission. We wish to help liberate the oppressed Canadian artist and intellectual and to grant them the creative outlet they need to get their message out there.

Secret Destiny is the first step. Assist us in bringing the truth to light so that no lie can hold a candle to our truth. A contact on the Canadian Human Rights Commission has offered to put us in touch with the 324 families affected by the Air India Disaster.

We plan to hold a candle light vigil with over a thousand participants marching in downtown Toronto in honour of those killed in the terrorist attack.

The film will open with this candle light vigil. Time tells the truth and it is high time it came out. We think the Evangel expressed it best when he proclaimed, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set ye free.”

Secret Destiny was inspired by the stories of the heroic families that endured this tragedy. What happened in 1985 is now an integral part of Canadian history. We can never forget. We must never be allowed to forget.

What this film will help us do is forgive. Once the truth is told, healing can begin. Once the deception and the veil of lies are removed we can begin to move forward and take pride again in what we have achieved in Canada, the most peaceful and peace-loving country in the world. Help us to heal the victims of this tragedy. Help them to overcome their grief.

Odds On Favourite



Odds-on Favourite is a crime thriller set in a Vegas casino called The Mangrove. The heroine is a Chinese beauty from Shanghai named Zhi Fan. She was more entrancing than the famous Chinese concubine Xishi, who drove men to offer gold coins for the privilege of catching a glimpse of her. In essence, it was no different for this Chinese casino girl of the hottest casino in the city.

Men didn’t see her as a trophy date to show off at the gaming table. It was more than that. They coveted her more than their winnings. If they could play for her they would. As far as they were concerned she was the ultimate prize.

Their winnings at the gaming table merely served to buy their way into her company even if it were only for a few dreamy minutes. But such beauty comes at a price and some will pay the ultimate price.

Butterfly Dreams



This crime thriller is based loosely on the history of the Residential School system in Canada.

While the names and persons presented in the story are fictional, the novel is based on crimes exposed by Rev. Kevin Annett. Child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse is a serious problem more endemic in our world than anyone realizes.

This novel is unique in that the sleuth solving the crime is an astrologer, who employs her art to catch the killer. The author’s knowledge of the occult is profound and the depth of research that has gone into this novel is obvious. While the tale is grim, the heroes and heroines triumph and evil is defeated in the end.

The fulfillment of Native prophecies at the triumphant conclusion leads to newly awakened hope. A dimensional shift occurs and our prison planet becomes a planet where hopes and dreams can at last be achieved and where nothing can obstruct the truth from setting us free.

Must I Remember?



Timothy Spearman’s groundbreaking novel sets the record straight on the Afghan War.

“Must I Remember?” is a line from Hamlet. My favourite play. It’s most apropos as a title because it refers to the prince’s memory of his mother and father in the throes of love, only to have his father die on him and she marry with unseemly haste. In reference to my book, it’s an ironic reversal because the mother is a pillar of virtue who not only mourns her husband’s passing, but never remarries and devotes herself to raising and being the self-sacrificing and vigilant guardian of their children. She is the epitome of virtue in contrast with Queen Gertrude who is “Frailty, thy name is woman” to Prince Hamlet.

That he might not beteem the winds of heaven

Visit her face too roughly.—Heaven and earth,

Must I Remember? Why, she would hang on him

As if increase of appetite had grown

By what it fed on, and yet, within a month—

Let me not think on ’t. Frailty, thy name is woman!—

A little month, or ere those shoes were old

With which she followed my poor father’s body,

Like Niobe, all tears. Why she, even she—

O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason

Would have mourned longer!—married with my uncle,

My father’s brother, but no more like my father

Than I to Hercules. Within a month,

Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears

Had left the flushing in her gallèd eyes,

She married. O most wicked speed, to post

With such dexterity to incestuous sheets!

It is not nor it cannot come to good,

But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue.

Act I, ii, ll.140-159

“Straw boats to borrow arrows” is a proverb based on a legend about a Chinese military strategist, an adviser to a general. The narrative style of this novel is influenced by the legend. According to the fable, the general asked his adviser to produce one hundred thousand arrows for his army in advance of a military offensive across the Yangtze River. Rather than decline what the general considered a mission impossible, the adviser agreed to the challenge.

Not only did he promise to deliver the arrows, but insisted it could be done in only three days. He vowed to deliver one hundred thousand arrows within seventy-two hours or face certain death if he failed. He launched his boats just outside the enemy’s naval yards. The enemy, unable to see clearly through the fog, resorted to firing volleys of arrows to prevent an attack. With theeventual break of dawn approaching, the adviser called in the boats bristling with one hundred thousand plus arrows, all donations of a badly outwitted enemy.

In this novel about an Afghani refugee family, there are several straw men dispatched in several narrative boats. The story is told by a central protagonist, who breaks off her narrative to allow her mother and brother to tell their sides of the story. And each narrator tells stories about the patriarch of the family, Mr. Rostami, who died at the hands of the Taliban.

What makes this story of terror unique is the telling of it. With so many straw men telling their sides of the story, it is impossible to establish a definitive narrator of the novel. Fire might be drawn, but by whom? It seems like there would be a lot of wasted arrows. Must I Remember is based on the Rostami family’s epic journey to find a new home.

My daughter Marie’s cover for my autobiography

Sailing the Seven C’s


Around 1990, Timothy Spearman met Tiger Ray McCendrick, a Hollywood agent living in Toronto’s Church St. gay district. There was a fundraising sale to raise money for HIV/AIDS hospices in Toronto and Tim was out to show his usual support for human rights issues. Tiger Ray was struck by Tim’s energy and charisma and being a former Hollywood agent, he was trained to spot star value. Seeing something special in Tim, he felt motivated to pass on to Tim his secret formula for living. He told Tim how how to sail the Seven C’s. “First you need Confidence,” he began. “Then you need Courage. Then you take Calculated Chances. After that, you’ll become a Champion, a Conqueror, and with any luck, a Caesar.” Tim has sailed the Seven C’s. His ship has come in. Read this story about a modern day Sindbad. As with the story “The Life of Pi,” it will make you believe in God and miracles. Tim’s back cover photo shows him hugging a bust of Julius Caesar. It was taken in 1993 by an artist friend as a harbinger of the future.

Available for order at:


The History of the Peace Train is a book for our End Times.


Do you want peace? Gregg Braden says it only take the square root

of one percent of a population to engage in positive wilful intention

through meditation or spiritual practice to lower the incidence of

violence and accidents in a target community. So let’s hold a

Peace Train in your community and see what it does to affect

the vibration in your area.

Cover by Amanda Cribbie
Upcoming release The History of the Peace Train

While social engineering has long sought to derail the peace process by making the Peace Train seem like some quaint anachronism of a bygone age, the Peace Train is back on track.

The world will never know peace argue the cynics when really they just don’t care because they are living on the right side of the tracks and don’t have to concern themselves with the peace process. To them, it is no consequence if the peace process gets derailed. The juggernaut of greed, land acquisition and the theft of resources will never affect them.

They are the pirates, after all. What we need is to get the Peace Train back on track to entrain the children so that they can build the world of peace we have failed to secure for them. With Timothy Spearman’s The History of the Peace Train, the Peace Train Cat Stevens made so famous rides the rails once more.

Long considered dinosaurs of a defunct evolutionary period, the steam engine had suffered roughly the same fate as the gargantuan beasts that roamed the marshes and flatlands of the Cretaceous Period. Like the dinosaurs, they were replaced by something higher on the evolutionary scale, something more advanced that could adapt to the changing times and the demands of a competitive world in which only the fittest could survive.

But while the steely hand of progress is often ruthless in the stranglehold grip it maintains over development, there is a counterforce of a more compassionate and caring nature that harkens back to former times with a nostalgic longing that somehow manages to slow down the speeding juggernaut of progress, granting us a brief respite and a chance to take a breath.

This desire to pay homage to the past and acknowledge the debt owed to our forebears is precisely what makes historical and pioneer villages so attractive, and why Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America, or why the old world city of Quebec exudes a charm that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is this longing for the past that raises the spectre of a technological Jurassic Park, where some of the primitive beasts of our industrial past are brought back, resurrected in necromancy ceremonies all over the world, raised from the dead, repaired and restored to full vigour by the deft hand of craftsmen, metalworkers and restorers of every stripe.

It is precisely this nostalgia, this longing for our ancestral past, this veneration of the artisanship and craftsmanship of former times that has re-rigged tall ships, refitted steamships, restored old cars and resurrected the steam-driven trains, the dinosaurs and extinct beasts of former times dug up from antique fossil beds, their technological DNA extracted and their lifeblood renewed.

While it may only be a book, the words on a page sometimes speak louder than those issuing from the mouth of a statesman. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. To stay the hand of violence requires greater strength than to raise the cry of war.

Timothy Spearman’s Sacred Geometry Anthology is a unique volume that employs geometry to reveal some of the major occult secrets of the world.

Available for order at:



Tim Sails the Seven C’s with Confidence, Courage, Calculated Chance, as a Champion, Conqueror and one day a Caesar

The Hourglass: A Film Short

This short film by Robert Badali is based on Timothy Spearman’s song lyrics set to an anonymous composer’s music. It is enormously gratifying to have a friend like Robert, who is one of the few people to come along to show appreciating for my work. I am an artist and it takes one to know one. Thanks to James Newhouse and a musician who has chosen to be anonymous for their help in composing this music.

The Pentacle: Killing of the Princess and King


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman


Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher Show The Truth Police: Radio at its best at: http://criticalmassradio.co.uk/

Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher’s show airs Mondays at 12:00 to 200 pm EST. You can and must handle the truth.

Tim shakes his spear at the twin serpents of ignorance and vice as did the venerable god Apollo before him with consort Pallas Athena at his side. The Spearman reveals Shakespeare’s Codex to all the world, the M.O. of the front man employed for generations by the Illuminati-controlled intelligence services.

Just as Will Shakspere from Stratford was the front man used by the Illuminized Freemasons working for H.M.S.S. to hide the identity of the courtier scholar, Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, so the modern day intelligence services employ an array of front men, including Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, etc. to conceal their covert operations orchestrated to advance the New World Order of Lucifer and the All-Seeing Eye Cult of the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Serpent Cult, Freemasonry.

Edward de Vere worked for Francis Bacon’s secret writing ministry, The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, the secret writing ministry named in honour of Pallas’s helmet of invisibility, which they did kiss and place upon their heads, while writing anonymously and under pen names. Meanwhile, Will Shaksper of Stratford, cousin of de Vere through the Arden family, would take the credit for the play so the true author could remain hidden behind the stagecraft.

So now in our age, we see the same M.O. played out in the drama known as the Killing of the King ritual, which took place in Dealey Plaza, Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald took the fall for the covert operation orchestrated by the All-Seeing Eye Cult’s CIA. Osama bin Laden of the Freemason/MI6 creation known as the Muslim Brotherhood would later work for the CIA under the code name Tim Osmond, where he would be scapegoated for 9/11 while Dick Cheney was running his decoy wargame exercise known as Vigilant Guardian and Northern Guardian that same day.

Shakespeare’s Codex is alive and well passed on like a torch from the old world the the new, Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, the U.S.A.


Gandhi leads ambulance team for British during bloody suppression of South African Natives

Paperback: 287 pages
Edition: 2nd ed. (June 1, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0-9814992-2-2
Price: $12.50
Size: 6 x 9

Embarking on a historical analysis of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) – the most revered politician/saint of the 20th century – is a daring enough adventure in itself.

Any author attempting to remove the halo from this glorified character risks his own reputation in today’s politically correct intellectual world. Books on Gandhi number in the thousands, yet none of them can escape the fact that it is in South Africa where Gandhi nourished his purported ideals following a series of public disgraces encountered at the beginning of his career there. History books teach that Gandhi’s life changed drastically when, as a young lawyer traveling by train from Durban to Pretoria in pre-South Africa, he faced a series of racial humiliations in 1893. These humiliations galvanized him to fight against apartheid and later against British colonialism.

These far-reaching consequences have been attributed to what transpired at the Pietermaritzburg train station where he was evicted from a first class train compartment. Free informational bookmark included with each book ordered. In this provocative text, retired U.S. Army Col. G.B. Singh and Dr. Tim Watson subject the 20th century’s most revered figure to a rigorous cross-examination on the witness stand. Who would have dreamed Gandhi would ever be questioned, let alone be cross-examined in court? The courtroom lessons learned through the historical scrutiny of Gandhi’s racial encounters must spark a re-evaluation of our perceived “historical truths.” The authors recognize a modern culture of deception and propaganda, and simply wish to set the record straight on this issue. They request that their supporters and detractors alike view the book as a search for honesty in the historical account.

This book is sure to provoke lively debates inside and outside the halls of learning. The authors hope all will benefit from the revelations within this book – however shocking – and that the verdict will help free the world from the yoke of “propa-gandhi.” Col. G. B. Singh (Ret.) served in the U.S. Army.

He is a professional student of Indian politics, world religions and their true historical values and political impacts, and the life and teachings of Gandhi. He lives in Tennessee, USA. Dr. Tim Watson gained his higher education in Europe and taught for several years in East Asia.

He currently works in TV and film in Toronto, Canada, and hosts a weekly radio show at Orion Radio micro1650am.com

Reply to Zarathustra

By Timothy SpearmanAre we prisoners of the moment or can we use faith, imagination and hope to set ourselves free? This gloriously panoramic musical allegory, The Symphony of Time, offers an optimistic answer. Here is a sophisticated postmodern synthesis of spirit and materialism, consciousness and music, text and hypertext that will captivate and liberate the modern philosopher and educated reader.Available for order at:https://inkbok.com/book/reply-Zarathustra

Who Is Pushing the Pen?


By Timothy SpearmanThe mysterious narrator who writes with his feet, and is so ordinary as to be extraordinary, writes with his ffet because he is too ordinary to hold a pen in his hand. In this unconventional and breathtakingly original novel, the reader is lead through a series of episodes that incorporate elements from the life of every man.This is a book that moves from the tragic to the comic effortlessly, as we are taken on a journey that operates on many levels of consciousness at once.Available for order at:https://inkbok.com/book/what-made-me-write-my-feet

Portrait Painting Comparison of Edward de Vere and William


Good Friend, Sweet Friend, Lend Me Your Name

By Timothy Spearman

A man calling himself Lord Ampthill, who if memory serves, was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England in the early 20th century, wrote the foreword for Rev. J.J. Doke’s biography of Gandhi.What is amazing about this is that Lord Ampthill actually presided over the laying of a foundation stone for a new Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford in honour of the supposed birthplace of the bard. In other words, this prominent Freemason was so duplicitous that he was not only instrumental in promoting the 400-year-old myth of Will Shakspere, but was in the process of cultivating the new myth of the 20th century concerning Freemason Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi’s actual name was Mohandus, but became Mahatma because Theosophists who happened to also be initiated Freemasons were referred to as Mahatmas, meaning Great Souls.
To understand the Freemason-Rosicrucian-H.M.S.S. operation known as the Shakespeare plays, one needs to read Ignatius Donnelly’s book “The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s Secret Cipher Code in the So-Called Shakespeare Plays”. Donnelly was an interesting man. He was a U.S. Congressman, who was actually running for the presidency at one juncture. What is incredible is that he cracked the code that reveals a secret biography of Will Shakspere, the frontman Manchurian candidate, who took credit for the plays and details about the gentleman of the court that concealed his authorship as an agent of the crown. At any rate, “A Comedy of Errors” was the first play to be performed and it was staged at Gray’s Inn, one of the Inns of Court in the City of London, where both Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, and Francis Bacon attended law school. The reason this play was chosen as the first to be performed is because it contains the theme of the entire H.M.S.S. Manchurian Candidate operation, which would employ  Will Shakspere as the replacement front man, who would take credit for the plays so the British agent could hide behind the stage curtain. The theme of the play thus revolved around two identical twins, who were constantly mistaken for one another, which was in fact the case for the bard and Will Shakspere, whose names were so alike that they were often mistaken for one another.
Shocking though it may be, Bacon and Oxford it happens were half brothers and concealed princes of the realm, Bacon through the secret marriage of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, to Queen Elizabeth I and Oxford, the product of a rape then Princess Elizabeth endured at the hands of her stepfather, Thomas Seymour. There is something deeply suspicious about the conduct of court officials in the wake of this rape. In his biography of Francis Bacon, Alfred Dodd records that the queen was secreted away to the country to give birth to this bastard child under the auspices of Lord Burghley, her trusted confidante and friend.  The reason this is odd is that it happens to be consistent with the behavious of high-ranking Illuminati families, whose virgin children are raped by a high wiccan priest, in order to seed a Luciferian offspring. Some may find the circumstances of the rape and aftermath suspicious in this regard as there are aspects of the scenario that complement Satanic ritual rape. It is interesting to note that, in the ancient world, it was believed that a wise magus was very often the product of an unnatural birth such as incest. The Earl of Oxford was a prodigy and a wise Magus of the kind only seen once in a millennium. Why the concealment of the queen’s secret issue? It is now believed that she had at least three concealed princes of the realm: Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere and Robert Devereaux, the Earl of Essex. Were the queen and her close officials involved in Illuminati sorcery and Satanic ritual sex magic or were they rather aware of some prophecy pertaining to the fate of her children that required her to take pains on their behalfs and conceal their existence from the world so that the Luciferian faction would not hunt them down and kill them.The latter seems the most likely given the beauty and majesty of Francis Bacon’s and Edward de Vere’s work and the legacy they have spawned, the most miraculous and edifying of its kind.
Together, these concealed princes would start Fra Rosy Cross and the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, named in honour of Pallas Athena, the Spear-Shaker who wore the helmet of invisibility. The bard is in fact wearing her helmet as one of Francis Bacon’s team of invisibles, who are writing under pen names or anonymously as members of the secret propaganda ministry. Meanwhile, Will Shakspere, who is made great light of in the comedies through such characters as Sir John Flastaff (False-Spear) was a cousin of Edward de Vere through the Arden family. He becomes a figure of fun in the prologue to “Taming of the Shrew,” where a drunken beggar is conveyed to a Lord’s house, placed in his bed, dressed in fine clothes, lordly rings placed on his fingers.When he comes to, he is addressed as My Lord, told repeatedly he is Lord of the manner, addressed by the Lady of the manor as My Lord, until he begins to believe he has in fact been in some distemper that has caused him to forget his true stature. Within no time he begins to fall for the ruse and believe that he actually is the Lord. The whole play is based on mind control. Katerina is mind-controlled by Petruchio, who tells her it’s the moon in the sky when it’s actually the sun at midday and confuses day for night so utterly that her senses are so out of whack she doesn’t know day from night.He then subjects her to food deprivation and sleep deprivation, all three strategies from the author’s intelligence programming manual. Who else would be familiar with such psychological programming techniques but a member of British intelligence and Her Majesty’s government? The Illuminati Bacon cabal had made the Manchurian Candidate into an art form only to employ it as recyclable M.O. for the next 400 years.The All Seeing Eye Cult-controlled intelligence services would then recycle the tried and tested M.O., one that they had refined into an art form for covert operations spanning some 400 years or so.The patsy front man would be used to conceal their covert operations, so that a lone front man would take the credit or the blame for the operation so the true operatives could remain behind the curtain with the puppet masters. Thus, a look alike of Rothschild agent and 33 Degree Freemason, John Wilkes Boothe would die in the barn allowing the assassin to escape unscathed. Lee Harvey Oswald’s look alike would implicate him in a variety of settings, setting him up as the patsy front man for the Kennedy coup d’état.Timothy McVeigh would have a look alike on the ATF Bureau, who would implicate him by association with the Oklahoma Bombing. Osama bin Laden meanwhile has obviously had doubles doing the CIA videos for him. And more recently, Saddam’s look alike would not only go to the dock for him, but would even stand in for him on the gallows. Very generous of him if it were actually a volunteer, but far more likely to be a mind-controlled Manchurian candidate duped into believing he is the martyred Iraqi leader, just one just one more low born figure of fun in Illuminati stagecraft masquerading as statecraft.

shakes 2.jpg.opt370x478o0,0s370x478


Timothy Spearman of www.Thatradio.com is the Spear Shaker par excellence. Catch Tim’s program Shaking a Spear at www.Thatradio.com Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. Timothy Spearman is masked marauder – Catch Me If You Can! apollospear@yahoo.com

“Shakespeare’s Codex” is an article on the use of a common M.O. by the world’s Illuminati controlled intelligence services to conceal the real nature of their clandestine operations through the use of a front man. The M.O. was developed and perfected in Elizabethan England under the control of H.M.S.S. head Sir Francis Bacon, who employed the Shakespeare authorship deception by using Will Shakspere, the commoner, as the front man in order to conceal the identity of the true propagandist for National Security Reasons.The DISPLAY to the right shows the bard seated on the right receiving back his hair in a series of thumb size Powerpoint images so that he more closely resembles the man he was on the left at age 36 when he sat for a portrait under his own name, Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. Will Shakspere, cousin of Edward de Vere through the Arden family, would be the illiterate front man Manchurian Candidate of the H.M.S.S. covert operation, who would take credit for the plays. The M.O. of the front man patsy has been been employed more latterly by the intelligence services with the likes of John Wilkes Boothe, assassin of President Lincoln, Jack the Ripper, Lee Harvey Oswald, patsy of JFK assassination, Timothy McVeigh, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau front man, Osama bin Laden, boggy man terrorist blamed for 9-11 inside job, Moussaoui, mind-controlled fall guy for 9-11, etc.The Shakespeare authorship has deeply puzzled thinking people for over 400 years. How could a commoner study works in foreign tongues and retell the story in a new language in the process of development? It doesn’t make any sense unless he was part of an avante garde movement of the British intelligensia. How could he possibly know the words and spellings of a vocabulary only recently introduced to English by Bacon’s Fra Rosy Cross literary society as loan words from Latin and Italian? His caste position alone would deny him entry into this club of peerage and privilege. What if he was a mere front man, so that the real author could hide behind the scenes rather like the beggar dressed up like a lord in the opening scene of “Taming of the Shrew”? “Shakspere” is a far cry from “Shakespeare”, a totally different spelling for a totally different man, but a spelling close enough to “Shakespeare” to allow the intelligence operation to succeed in duping successive generations of bard lovers for over 400 years.The truth is that when the author’s name appeared on the first folio of plays it was hyphenated “Shake-speare”, proving that it was a pen name employed by some invisible personage. Why the deception? Because the bard was a British agent employed by H.M.S.S. who required a code name to conceal his true identity. Were his identity to be revealed, he would be in danger and many of the personages of the court he was lampooning in his plays would be exposed to the general public’s gaze, which would have been a serious threat to national security. So the secret had to be kept and for national security reasons has been kept for 400 years. The code name of British agent Edward de Vere was actually derived from Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of the secret writing society he worked for called The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet also named in honor of Pallas, the Spear-shaker, who always shook her spear at the twin serpents of ignorance and vice and who wore the helmet of invisibility, which rendered her invisible every time she drew the visor down over her face. Initiates of Sir Francis Bacon’s secret propaganda ministry would kiss the helmet of Pallas when they joined and subsequently wrote under pen names or anonymously. Bacon would refer to these propagandists as his “team of good pens”. The Earl of Oxford was one such very “good pen”.Paul Streitz’s book “Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I” recently created quite a stir in the international press for suggesting the author was actually the Queen’s son. The Virgin Queen as she was known was not called so for her virtue, but for her occult witchcraft status as the incarnation of the moon goddess Diana otherwise known as Virginia, the virgin huntress and goddess of the moon. She had purportedly carried the child of her stepfather, Thomas Seymour, who impregnated her at the age of 16, forcing her to farm the child out for adoption to the home of the 16th Earl of Oxford to be raised as a changeling child. The secret prince would remain a state secret. A second liaison would occur with Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, when Elizabeth and he were both confined to the Tower by Queen Mary.The product of that liaison would be a second child, whose identity was also concealed as a changeling child of the home of Lord and Lady Bacon. That prodigy would grow up to own one of the most illustrious names and careers in European history as Sir Francis Bacon.The relationship forged between the half brothers allowed them to work closely on the secret writing fraternities they formed. Bacon and his brother Anthony Bacon would also work closely together, spawning H.M.S.S. through their joint efforts as well as Fra Rosy Cross and The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet.Bacon and his brother Anthony would go on to found most of the intelligence services of the European continent and would set up Masonic and Rosicrucian Lodges throughout Europe. This explains why high-ranking officers in the British and American military and intelligence units tend to belong to secret societies like the Freemasons and Rosicrucians to this day. Promotion within military-intelligence makes Masonic or Rosicrucian affiliation a practical prerequisite.The most prestigious Shakespeare academic journal known as The Shakespeare Quarterly is located in Washington D.C. and is run by the Folger Gallery, which Paul Streitz exposes as a fraud in his book.The Folger Gallery actually committed a crime against history and scholarship by painting over a portrait purported to be of Edward de Vere that was also said to be a painting of the real Shakespeare. The museum’s motivation for perpetrating this crime was to make the bard’s cranium conform to the classical notion of what “the bald guy” is actually supposed to have looked like. It is amazing indeed to think that Shakespeare scholarship is actually entrusted to custodians of this kind. Why English departments around the world are not up in arms about this only attests to the fact that something stinks in Denmark.\Some people have asked me how I could seriously believe that Bacon or Oxford wrote the plays when 99% of academia have believed otherwise for 400 years? How could such a deception be orchestrated people ask and why? The answer is really very simple. The Freemasons created and control the university degree system based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice corresponding with Bachelor’s Degree, Fellow Craft corresponding with Master’s Degree and Master Mason commensurate with Ph.D. Thus, rank within the academic establishment is defined not by the pursuit of truth, but with one’s adherence to the fascist and duplicitous aims of the most powerful crime syndicate in the world – Freemasonry. Intellectual prostitutes are of higher degree and gain all the privilege, while genuine philosophers are relegated to the bottom of the social pyramid and denied tenure. Here I am languishing at the bottom of the academic world for espousing truths, but I’m the better man for it I console myself.Revealing the truth about the authorship of the Shakespeare plays has grave implications for both British and American national security because it exposes the modus operandi of the front man used in so many of their clandestine operations A.K.A. John Wilkes Boothe, front man for the Lincoln assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald patsy for JFK assassination, Timothy McVeigh, front man for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms operation to sabotage the Murrah Building in order to destroy the files on the highly reactive vaccinations given to the Gulf War Vets now suffering and dying from Gulf War Syndrome, Osama bin Laden, boggy man for 9/11 inside job for planned second Pearl Harbor, pretext for invasion in oil rich countries of the Middle East, etc. That is why the Shakespeare Quarterly and Folger Gallery are located in Washington, D.C. The hawks in Washington want to keep a very close eye on Shakespeare criticism to ensure that the front man, Will Shakspere, gets all the press, while articles about the Oxford/Bacon connection continue to be suppressed. I leave you with one final question: Why are discoveries and insights like this not seen in popular bestsellers and mainstream news media publications? You may now be able to answer such questions for yourself.

Past Life of  Timothy Spearman Read in the Akashik Record

I originally thought I might be the reincarnation of Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford. However in a spiritual reading done by Jill Brown, I was told, “No, you were his half brother.” I said, “What? You mean Francis?” The angels confirmed it. The reading with Susan resolved my unfinished business with that era once and for all.
About ten years ago, I did a “Contacting the Ancestors Ritual” with a Native American friend in Seoul. The following is what happened and explains what befell my half brother on the Isle of Mersea, a penal island of the coast of Essex County:

Was the Bard Murdered?

By The Spearman

Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, was a changeling child of Queen Elizabeth and one of the rightful heirs to the throne as a concealed prince. In a ritual undertaken with a Native American shaman in 2005, we contacted our ancestors with the aid of a Native American divination plant called salvia divinorum. After making contact with my inductee’s ancestors, I contacted mine, Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford.He appeared to me in a vision. He was being pursued by some adversary along a fortress wall. I then saw two black stallions silhouetted against the night sky, one in hot pursuit of the other. Upon reaching a meadow, Edward dismounted from his stallion and took flight on foot. I saw him take an arrow in the back and fall face first into the pasture. Two enemies approached from the rear, grabbing him under the armpits. He was dragged to an animal’s water trough, where his head was forced under. I recall feeling his pain as the life was snuffed out of him. I could not breathe and felt the sensation of suffocation.
Following this vision, I performed automatic writing in order to corroborate the true circumstances of his death with my own suspicions. I wrote four questions down on a sheet of paper and left space on the right for the spirit’s replies. Replies to these questions appear below to the right of each question as they did on the night when the ritual was held. The reply to the first questions was a definitive “yes” written in a stylized Elizabethan hand. The other replies appear below in sequence:

1. Are you Edward de Vere? yes
2. Did the Masons kill you? masons
3. Why? play
4. How can I avenge the death of Hamlet’s father’s ghost? by writing

My shaman guide noticed that none of the responses were capitalized. He suggested that I combine the words into a single sentence and see what I came up with. He had a sharp eye. As a full sentence, the response read, “Yes, Mason play by writing.” This seemed to answer the most urgent questions: 1) Why had the Masons killed him? And 2) How can I avenge the death of Hamlet’s father’s ghost? It appears that the bard’s last play, “The Tempest,” was the reason for his death. His answer to Question Three verifies that he was killed over a play. “The Tempest” is rich in Freemasonic references, including the attack on Prospero by three ruffians, a symbolic reference to the murder of Hiram Abif, the alleged architect of King Solomon’s Temple. The murder of Hiram is recorded in the Third Degree ritual of Freemasonry and “The Tempest” contains a pointed allusion to this. The sentence “yes, mason play by writing” also answers Question Four pertaining to how I might avenge his death as a writer and researcher. By writing a screenplay, which I have. I may be able to avenge the death of the bard by conveying the truth to the masses and by attributing merit where merit is due by granting full credit to Edward Tudor better known as Edward de Vere, Lord of Oxford.The “mason play by writing” appears to have been the motive for the killing. My suspicion is that he got the truth out about the plot to kill Prospero, i.e. himself (Pro-spear-Oxford or prosper-Oxford) by the Three Unworthy Craftsmen featured in “The Tempest” who attack Prospero with blows to the head (corresponding with the Third Degree of Freemasonry), making off with his manuscripts.It therefore seems that at some point in time, the Bard’s more recently penned manuscripts were stolen. This may have been a reconnaissance operation to ascertain the nature of the Bard’s work on the Isle of Man, where he was exiled by King James to live out the remaining eleven years of his life, following his official death in 1603. In short, the Bard’s work was stolen! At the beginning of “Troilus and Cressida”, we have a prologue, which relates how the author’s manuscripts were in the safekeeping of the Grand Possessors.These I take to be a guild of Freemasons under the control of whom? Was it one of brother Francis’s organizations: Fra Rosi Cross perhaps? The author appears to have been blowing the whistle on Luciferian Masons through the plays. I strongly suspect that King James was at the head of the Luciferian Masons. On the occasion of his mock death in 1604, Edward was paid the honour of a state funeral, in which some of his plays were performed as a tribute to him as Lord Chamberlain. Keep in mind that on the occasion of King James’ ascension to the throne, Oxford and his concealed son, the Earl of Southampton, were both arrested and confined to the Tower of London. This is no doubt due to the fact that they were perceived as threats to the throne as they had a legitimate claim overriding that of James.
I believe James struck a deal with Oxford around this time. The deal was that he would be allowed to live and continue to exercise his talent as poet laureate from exile on the Isle of Man. This legend is recorded in a book by Oxfordian Peter Sammartino. He would then stage his death and the death certificate would identify the “plague” as the cause. His official death was in 1604, which would make him 53 years of age. According to legend, he would live for an additional 11 years on the Isle of Man, continuing to write his plays for all posterity, which would put his actual death at 1615. There is some dispute over his burial site, some alleging he is buried in Hackney Churchyard, while others maintain he is interred in Westminster Abbey. This dispute results from the fact that he was not buried. In the Henry plays, the author makes repeated allusions to Prince Hal’s fear of not being given a proper Christian burial. This is because the Luciferian Masons reserved this punishment as one of their most severe, reserved for those who betray their dark lords.
Following the “contacting ancestors” ritual, I awakened in the middle of the night to a vision some nights later, where I saw Edward’s casket on the sea bottom with seaweed dancing in the tide in front of it. The casket lid opened and bright white light came flooding out. This matches the First Degree of Freemasonry in terms of ritual punishment:

“All this I most solemnly, sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the same, without any mental reservation or secret evasion of mind whatever, binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly violate this my Entered Apprentice obligation. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.”
I am firmly convinced based on mystical and metaphysical evidence presented to the sixth sense superseding my other five that Edward Tudor/Vere was murdered on the Isle of Mersea by Luciferian Masons under the control of the Luciferian King James I and that his body was sunk in the sea at the mouth of a river off the coast of the Isle of Man. I strongly recommend a sea expedition of said coast in search of Edward’s remains so that he can be given a proper Christian burial on the occasion of the 400 year anniversary of his death in 2015, when he was assassinated at age 64 by Luciferian Masons for revealing certain untimely secrets in the play “The Tempest”.

Spiritwalk Reading

I had a reading done by the most advanced metaphysician I have met. I was introduced to her by my spiritual adviser. She did a reading with me and took me into the Akashik Record with the angel Metatron as our guide. Once inside, I was asked which past life was giving me the most issues. I said the Elizabethan. It was the most recent incarnation I have had on the earth plane. I had to open myself up to channeling the information by opening my crown chakra. She told me that there was a love for whom I had pined, and that I had never married as a result. I said yes that would be Marguerite de Navarre. She said that I was asked why it had the relationship had proven impossible. I explained that it was because I was the unacknowledged Tudor Prince because illegitimate and therefore I was considered unworthy of a royal. I was told I had to let her go so that we would each be able to choose our rightful partner. I said, “Of course, you are free and blessed.” She reciprocated and we had a tender last touch in the astral plane. I was asked if there were any other issues. I said that I believed my mother had some karmic connection with my mother the Queen and that my two brothers were the embodiment of two treacherous relatives that were daughters of my half brother Edward de Vere, who were personified in Goneril and Regan in King Lear, the name being an anagram of King Earl. The guides confirmed this in the records. I was told that my oversoul and theirs were in conference and that they reluctantly agreed to bury the hatchet. I was informed that there would be a change in my fortunes soon as a result. I was told that I would not have to see them again. They were being sent to a different soul group, as they were not as spiritually evolved and I would not have to deal with them again. I was asked if there were any other issues from that time period. I said yes, that my half brother, the Earl of Oxford had never received credit for the plays and that this grieved me. I was told that he was touched that I was so protective of him. He said that it didn’t matter to him, that it was water under the bridge, and that if I pursued it that it was for me, not him. He said he was worried I would become obsessed. But that he would be interested in seeing how it came out.She also informed me that when I incarnated and was separated from the Creator, I came to regard myself as unloved, unworthy and undeserving. She said that I must change my thinking and realize that I am loved, worthy and deserving. There would be a dramatic change in my fortunes as a result.Hi Susan,I want to write this while details are still fresh. That was truly amazing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were different than I imagined you. You are deeply spiritual, but you are also very grounded in reality. You also have a wonderful sense of humor.It was a visible journey on many levels. Metatron is an angel I am familiar with. I remember Barb first introduced me to him. It is amazing to actually discern like a detective what is causing you karmic disturbances from another life. My life experiences and intuitions definitely guided me to see what was really going on. It was wonderful to have you there to help as a guide

Yes, the lady I said my peace with was Marguerite de Navarre. I actually teared up when I said, “Of course you are free and be blessed.” Your words after that made me cry.

I believe I also teared up at the point when I made my peace with the treacherous relatives from my past life.

I wanted you to see a picture of my half brother. This composite portrait painting comparison shows he is Shakespeare. He was such a fascinating man. What a life he led! Never mind the brilliant work he produced.


I could actually visualize coming back into the body after the Spiritwalk. It was all very visual. I could also see the portals closing and a difference in the light levels inside the etheric.


Shaking a Spear at Ignorance:

A Resolution to the Shakespeare Authorship Problem

By Timothy Spearman

This paper was originally inspired by a discovery the author had made concerning a similarity in the likenesses of the subject featured in the portrait of William Shakespeare by John Taylor and that of Edward de Vere by Marcus Gheeraedts. The conjecture of the author of this paper is that the subject featured in the Taylor portrait of Shakespeare is the same man shown in the Gheeraedts portrait only advanced in age by some fifteen years and therefore with a receding hairline resulting from middle age. The hypothesis is that, having lost caste in the Elizabethan Court for writing subversive plays that failed to meet their sole objective of serving the propaganda aims of the Court in addition to causing other scandals, including an affair with the Queen’s handmaiden, Anne Vavasor, Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford became increasingly defiant of the establishment, adopting a bohemian lifestyle and dress, growing what was left of his hair long, allowing his courtier goatee and mustache to grow into a full but scruffy beard, while sporting an earring and commoner’s dress.Further study resulted in the discovery that the author was a Freemason initiated into the Higher Degrees of Freemasonry and a British intelligence operative under the cover of a diplomat, who visited the courts of Europe on several occasions. The life of privilege led by Edward de Vere, seventeenth Earl of Oxford, so dwarfed the life of the mediocrity from Stratford-upon-Avon as to eliminate him altogether from the authorship candidacy. Why, thought the author of this paper, would the Stratford man so clearly support the ideology of caste and privilege, as evidenced by his early plays in particular, when such an ideology disqualified him from upward social mobility? In addition, it did not make any sense whatsoever that he had such a breadth of knowledge gleaned from having participated in aristocratic sports, while studying jurisprudence, medicine, and several languages, in addition to traveling widely, when none of these privileges would be open to the commoner from Stratford.The author of this paper therefore thought to shake his spear at the ignorance of a naïve world blinded by four hundred years of incalculable oversight. The author hopes the findings here presented will sufficiently shake a spear at the serpent of ignorance that he might seek safe haven in the same hole he crawled out of. We also hope, but by no means hold our breath, that the academic world that has been so spitefully unkind to our person will offer a warmer reception to this our “spear-shaking” than it has in the past.It is also hoped that those who gaze upon the countenance of Edward de Vere will have the vision to see the resemblance in the two portraits this study has herein brought to the world’s attention. What’s in a name? In the name “William Shakespeare”, there is a great deal. One would assume then that, as a name of great import, the author would at least endeavor to adopt a uniform spelling of his name and a uniform signature to go with it. Yet, of the six signatures found attached to documents ascribed to the man from Stratford, each displays a different spelling and style of handwriting. Why would this be when literate men of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries developed personalized signatures just as people do today? As evidenced by the signatures extant, the man from Stratford whose name was most commonly spelled Shakspere seems not to have developed a consistent signature.1 Baptized Gulielmus Shakespere, he would go on to be known in other documents by William Shaxpere, William Shackespere, Willelmus Shackspere, William Shackspere, William Shakespeare of orthodox spelling, William Shackspeare, Willelmus Shakespeare, Willelmum Shakespeare, Willielmi Shakespeare, Willelmus Shackspere, Willelmus Shakspeare, Wyllyam Shaxpere, Mr. Shakespere, etc. These names appear on records ascribed to the man known by the name most commonly spelled William Shakspere from Stratford-Upon-Avon. It makes no sense whatsoever that a man of such importance would not endeavor to standardize the spelling of his name as well as his own signature for simple purposes of identification if nothing else. Indeed, the fact that there seems to have been no effort on the part of the Stratford man to do so is where a good part of the confusion rests and has contributed in no small degree to the authorship problem itself.Some of the scholars who examined these records initially decided that some of these documents belong in the biography of some other man of that name. Scholar Sydney Lee, for example, concluded Anne Whately became engaged to another of the numerous “Shakespeares” who then abounded in the diocese of Worcester. Then, in two articles entitled “Other William Shakespeares,” Charles William Wallace established that one of the documents pertaining to malt sales should be reassigned to a man other than the Stratford man.2 So the already scant record on the Stratford man, a record showing no evidence of any literary life, may be reduced still further by the fact that many of the “Shakespeares” referred to under different spellings in diverse documents may in fact be different men.The question that immediately springs to mind is why is the record so blank on William Shakspere of Stratford? Why is there such abject poverty in terms of documentation, including written records, letters, manuscript materials, etc.? Bear in mind that the question is asked of the man deemed to be the greatest author of English letters. How can this be, when significantly more documentation has been found on contemporaries of lesser note such as Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton? Michael Drayton, a much less revered contemporary and fellow poet from the same town, has exactly the kind of documentation associated with him one would expect to find in the great bard’s record, including letters, direct references to works, a brief description of his physical appearance, evidence of revision and polishing of his works, evidence of attending educational institutions, etc. Why the comparative destitution in the Stratford man’s record? And why is there no surviving evidence that these two famous poets from the same town had known each other or even met?3We might just as well ask: What’s in a face? The sheer abundance of disparate visages appearing in engravings and paintings of the bard indicate that hardly anyone seems to have had a clear impression of what the man actually looked like. In the opinion of the author of this paper, there is only one true likeness of the author of the plays and sonnets, and that is the portrait of Shakespeare painted by John Taylor circa 1610. While the painting by Taylor has been given the date 1610, this date must be erroneous since the subject of the painting, Edward de Vere, died in 1604. While many will be surprised by this claim, since the Stratford man is known to have died in 1616, I contend that it is not the Stratford man who is the subject of the Taylor portrait.The subject is indeed the man posterity knows as William Shakespeare, but that man is not from Stratford-Upon-Avon, nor was his real name William Shakespeare. The portrait is in fact a likeness of Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford, who wrote the plays under the pen name, William Shakespeare. The man shown in the Taylor portrait bears a striking resemblance to a well-known portrait of Edward de Vere painted by the Dutch painter Marcus Gheeraedts. An approximate date for the Gheeraedts’ portrait is given as 1586. The marked difference of course is the fact that the man appearing in the Taylor portrait is bald, while the portrait of de Vere shows a man with a full head of hair.The reason for this is that the subject in the Taylor portrait is some fifteen years older and has gone bald with advancing years, while the de Vere portrait depicts the same man in his prime and with a full head of hair. The subject featured in the Taylor portrait is in fact the same man shown in the de Vere portrait only fourteen to fifteen years older, since the de Vere portrait shows the same man at approximately 36 years of age, since an approximate date of 1586 has been given to the painting. The author of this paper believes the Taylor portrait depicts de Vere at approximately fifty years of age, four years before his death in 1604. The dating of the Taylor portrait would, therefore, have to be reassigned to circa 1600, ten years earlier than that assigned by orthodoxy. Included in this paper is a composite photo comparison of the subjects featured in the two paintings. Both the aging process and unkempt appearance is eliminated in the painting of the bard with the aid of Photoshop, restoring his full head of hair, while eliminating his earring and long hair. Before and after photo analysis reveals that the middle-aged bard bears a striking resemblance to Edward de Vere featured at the age of 36, suggesting that Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, is the bard writing under the pen name William Shakespeare. (See the accompanying composite portrait comparisons of before and after likenesses).The authorship controversy has not been helped by the fact that irresponsible researchers have deliberately misled lay people and scholars alike by making grossly erroneous claims. Perhaps the best example of this is Gareth and Barbara Lloyd Evans’s grievously errant contention in their Companion to Shakespeare:

We no more about the life of Shakespeare, both in
terms of facts and of rational conclusions that they
suggest, than of any other Elizabethan dramatist…
Documents relating to Shakespeare’s activities,
including letters to him and material relating to
his family, are extant in quantity in the Shakespeare
Centre records office at Stratford upon Avon.4

Note that the Evans’s tell us that there are many “letters” extant to Shakespeare, that is “letters” in the plural, misleadingly implying that there are many such letters extant. The truth is, however, that there is only one letter on record addressed to William Shakspere, the man from Stratford, and it was never delivered.5 How can so-called scholars mislead the public so irresponsibly? No wonder the authorship question has never been adequately resolved. With such gross distortions of the actual facts, many of the misinformed are discouraged from even embarking on the quest for the true author due to the erroneous weight of evidence tilting the balancing scales in favor of orthodoxy.The surname “Shakespeare,” it should be noted, appears as the hyphenated name, “Shake-speare,” in the dedications to Venus and Adonis and Lucrece. Of the thirty editions of the Shakespeare plays published before the First Folio of 1623, in which authorial attribution was given, the name appeared hyphenated in fifteen of these cases. This suggests that the name is of the order of a sobriquet or nom de plume. The only legitimate case for hyphenating an Anglo-Saxon name would be in the case of two noble families brought together through the bonds of marriage and who wished to retain their family peerage mutually by preserving both names in a hyphenated surname, but in such cases, the family name appearing after the hyphen would be capitalized. The “speare” in “Shake-speare” is most definitely not capitalized, leaving little doubt that it is pseudonymous.6What’s in such a name? If a dramatist were to assign himself a pen name, would it not be apropos to take on a name that canonized him as a dramatist in some kind of homage to his art form? True, he would be under no obligation or compunction to do so. Still, it would be no less fitting. This being the case, it will constitute no shock to learn that the name “Shake-speare” or “Shakespeare” is derived from Pallas Athena, patron goddess of the Greek theater in Athens, who was nicknamed “Hasti-Vibrans” in Latin, meaning the “Spear-shaker”. The reason assigned to the sobriquet for both the goddess and the bard is that Pallas was known for shaking her spear at the serpent of ignorance and vice.7 In Greek mythology, Pallas Athena was the goddess of wisdom, philosophy, poetry, and the fine arts. Her original name was Pallas…from palein, meaning ‘shake’. Athens, the home of Greek drama, was under the guardianship of Pallas, the spear-shaker. The phrase, “The spear of Pallas shake,” can be read in a line of verse from a collection of Shakespeare’s poems of 1640.8Pallas always shook her spear at ignorance, which is what the poet himself is doing, shaking his spear at the ignorant mass of humanity for believing the ridiculous ruse that an ignorant rustic from the country could be a claimant to the throne of the immortal bard, this a mere stand-in, substitute, or understudy brought in to play the part of the bard so that the true author could remain behind the scenes hidden from view. Pallas Athena also wore the “helmet of invisibility,” which rendered her invisible each time she drew the visor down over her face.The bard is, therefore, wearing Pallas’s helmet of invisibility, as his true identity is concealed behind a mask or visor. Ben Jonson recognized the true significance of the sobriquet when he wrote of Shakespeare’s “true-filled lines,” that “In each of which, he seems to shake a lance, /As brandished in the eyes of ignorance.”9 How did Jonson know about the Pallas Athena connection unless he was in on the plot? Gabriel Harvey, a fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, in an address to the queen during one of her visits to the university, paid tribute to Oxford as a prolific poet, and one whose “countenance shakes spears.”10 Why the strange reference to the Shakespeare-Pallas Athena sobriquet once again?
Why was the Bard so inspired by Pallas Athena that he chose to adopt her nickname? From whence did this influence arise? It is known that, while studying law at Gray’s Inn, the young Francis Bacon formed there a secret literary society called “The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet”. The “Helmet of the Order” was of course the helmet of Pallas Athena, the helmet that occulted her and rendered her invisible. She was Francis Bacon’s patron goddess since his early experience with the French Academie on the Continent whose patron was Pallas Minerva, the same goddess under her Roman designation.The candidate for initiation within the order swore allegiance to Pallas Athena and to uphold her ideals, banishing the serpent of ignorance to the remotest corners of the civilized world in order to spawn an age of enlightenment and a literary renaissance capable of enlightening the world. The initiate would then kiss the helmet, after which it was placed on his head. Just as the Helmet of Pallas was said to make the wearer invisible, so the initiate would become an invisible of Bacon’s invisible college or mystery school and secret literary society. In his right hand simultaneously was placed the spear of Pallas, which he was sworn to shake with valor at all the serpents of ignorance and vice to be found in the world.11 The author of the Shakespeare plays, who the author of this paper believes was Edward de Vere, would have worn the helmet of one of Bacon’s ‘invisibles’ within the Order and would have been sworn to write in secrecy. Given the political import of many of the plays including, Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth, the author would have been forced to write under a pen name and to conceal his authorship. The Shakespeare Sonnets would also have to have been written under a pseudonym since they contained the story of the author’s invisible or secret life.The visor of invisibility Pallas Athena drew down over her helmet to render herself invisible makes sense of an otherwise obscure scene from Act V, scene I of Henry the Fourth, Part Two, in which Davy speaks of one William Visor to his master Justice Shallow, a name of obvious allegorical import, “I beseech you, sir, to countenance William Visor of Woncot…” (Henry IV, Part II in Shakespeare’s Complete Works, Collins Classics, V.I, ll.38, 39) To this entreaty, Shallow replies, “There is many complaints, Davy, against that Visor. That Visor is an arrant knave, on my knowledge.” (V.I.ll.40-42) “Woncot” is a probable allusion to Wincot. Wincot is where Will Shakspere’s uncle and aunt lived and is clearly a name of Warwickshire designation.The gratuitous exchange has no relevance to the play and makes no sense at all unless it is to point to Will Shakspere of Stratford as the “visor” of Pallas Athena’s helmet behind which the true author of the plays may remain obscured.12 In other words, Will Shakspere from Stratford is the front man behind which the true author, Edward de Vere, can conceal his identity as the bard out of political and social necessity. To substantiate the point, the Earl of Oxford’s wife died in 1612. In her will, she stipulated that a certain sum be laid aside as a provision “to my dombe man.” Was this the continuance of an allowance to be paid to the Stratford man, Will Shakesper, to continue in his capacity as the front man?13 He certainly was mute in terms of composition and functioned as a kind of “dummy” of the real bard, a mere stand-in or double.Alfred Dodd believes that Bacon wrote under many masks including, Thomas Nashe, Thomas Watson, Robert Greene, and John Lyly. In fact, amazingly, if it can be believed, Dodd claims that even Edmund Spenser was a mask employed by Bacon to conceal his authorship. According to Dodd, it was in July 1580 that a clerk, who worked for the Earl of Leicester, named Edmund Spenser, left to take up a job in Ireland. Before he left, Francis paid him for the use of his name in the publication of certain writings.14 According to Dodd, John Lyly is just one of the masks under which Francis Bacon wrote secretly.Using the initials I.L., since the author of John Lyly’s work often signed himself Ihon Lillie, the author wrote a commemorative poem about Edward de Vere. It must be remembered that it was common practice in the age of Elizabeth for authors to suppress their names and substitute initials or a pen name.15 This probably resulted from the fact that Elizabeth had enforced such strict censorship laws and mete out such severe penalties on violators. The author of the poem here in question attributes the valor Edward de Vere exhibited in the naval battle against the Spanish Armada to the inspiration provided by his patron goddess, Pallas, whom he refers to by name:

De Vere, whose fame and loyalty hath pierced
The Tuscan clime, and through the Belgike lands
By winged Fame for valour is rehearsed,
Like warlike Mars upon the hatches stands,
His tusked Boar ’gan foam for inward ire,
While Pallas filled his breast with warlike fire.16

It seems rather odd that Pallas Athena, patron goddess of the Greek theater in Athens and goddess of wisdom sprung from the brow of Zeus, should be placed on board Edward de Vere’s ship at the time of battle. One could imagine the goddess of war or some other goddess being at his beck. Why of all goddesses it should be the goddess of the Greek theater inspiring him in time of battle is extremely odd, unless of course Lyly, or Bacon, if indeed Lyly was a Baconian mask, knew Pallas was de Vere’s patron goddess. If de Vere’s patron goddess was Pallas Athena, then it would not be surprising for him to borrow her attributes, since it was custom for noblemen to employ pen names to conceal their authorship at this time anyway. It must be remembered that the nobility seldom attached their names to works of poetry and especially dramatic works, as it was considered beneath their dignity to publish lines of verse or plays.Why would Edward de Vere employ a pen name? Recourse to pen names and anonymous authorship by men of noble rank is not unique to Elizabethan England. Precisely the same practice was employed by the nobility in diverse cultural milieu. In Korea, for example, two classical operatic works were composed anonymously by persons of the noble class, Shimjong Jeon and Chung-hyang Jeon, and for precisely the same reasons.Gentleman of rank in the Choson Dynasty were forbidden to attach their names to dramatic works and works of poetry. It will come as no surprise then that the same practice was adhered to in another feudal society halfway around the world at the time of Queen Elizabeth. Any nobleman writing poetry for publication or dramatic works for the theater would have lost caste immediately.The threat of losing caste was so real for the author of the Shakespeare plays that it is even alluded to in a poem by John Davies, a contemporary, appearing in the Stationer’s register of 1610. What becomes abundantly clear is that the entire poem is written in the past tense, which suggests that its import is addressed to a poet already dead. Edward de Vere was of course already dead in 1610. He is known to have died in 1604 in fact. Will Shakspere of Stratford, however, would not be referred to in the past tense in 1610, as he still had six more years of life to live. The other thing to notice about the Davies’ poem is the fact that the Will. Shakespeare referred to is most definitely of the noble class, which the Stratford man was most definitely not, and has lost his noble rank as a consequence of his having performed in his own plays, a definite no-no for a nobleman:

To our English Terence, Master Will. Shake-speare.
Some say (good Will) which I, in sport, do sing,
Hadst thou not played some Kingly parts in sport,
Thou hadst been a companion for a King;
And been a King among the meaner sort.
Some others rail; but, rail as they think fit,
Thou hast no railing, but, a reigning Wit:
And honestly thou sowst, which they do reap;
So, to increase their stock which they do keep.17

The import of the poem is that “Shake-speare”, the name once again appearing hyphenated, indicating it is pseudonymous, is a nobleman who lost rank by performing on the stage. So addicted was he to the stage that he would take to the stage secretly under his pen name, but was probably recognized by the Queen’s omniscient ‘Gestapo’ or secret service and reported.“Thou would have been a companion for a King,” is an allusion to his status as an earl. The title “count”, being equivalent to “earl” in the English caste system, is in fact designated as a “companion to the King” in terms of peerage. “And been a King among the meaner sort” refers to the fact that de Vere had played kingly parts for the theater, which would in fact be seen as “a meaner sort of King”, since the theater was considered low and common.There is in fact a well-known portrait of Edward de Vere extant showing him in costume as King Henry. The last two lines of the poem indicate that the bard labors without gain, since others profit from his work. The implication seems to be that certain individuals reap the benefits of his work and keep the profits for themselves. At the same time that a nobleman who has lost caste is implied, so an allusion is also made to the man from Stratford known as Will Shakspere. The clue for this occurs in the allusion to “our English Terence”.The English Terence refers to the Roman poet Terence, a slave who became a free man and a well-known poet. The man summoned from Stratford to act as the front man and to double as the bard, in order that the true author could conceal his authorship of the plays is here implied.18

To corroborate the above account, where a tribute is given to an author already dead, when the man from Stratford is still living, we have the first edition of the sonnets published in 1609 under the title, Shake-speares Sonnets. Once more the name appears hyphenated implying a pen name, but there is something else this time. This kind of locution is usually reserved for one who is already dead. The byline should read, “By William Shake-speare” for a living author. Then, there is the text of the dedication, which refers to “our ever-living poet.” Implying once again that the author is no longer living. “Ever-living” is used in memorials to signal the fact that someone dead lives on in the memory of the living.19

Is the Elizabethan social ethos and the question of caste the only issue? Are there other reasons for adopting a pen name? The author of this paper would like to suggest that there is. Edward de Vere would have a rather good reason for adopting a code name were he a spy or agent of the British Crown. And the evidence strongly supports the fact that he was. The most convincing piece of evidence for his status as a secret agent can be found in a Privy Seal Warrant issued by the Queen on June 26, 1586. The warrant calls for a grant to be issued to the Earl to the tune of 1,000 pounds a year, a sizeable sum equivalent in today’s terms to three times the Prime Minister’s salary. The reason for the grant is not given, but what is abundantly clear is that the Queen issues instructions at the end of the letter that no accounting for the expenditure is required by the Exchequer, standard practice in the case of secret service money:

Elizabeth, etc., to the Treasurer and Chamberlains
of our Exchequer, Greeting. We will and command
you of Our treasure being and remaining from time
to time within the receipt of Our exchequer, to
deliver and pay, or cause to be delivered and paid,
unto Our right trusty and well beloved Cousin the
Earl of Oxford or to his assigns sufficiently
Authorized by him, the sum of One Thousand
Pounds good and lawful money of England. The
same to be yearly delivered and paid unto Our
said Cousin at four times of the year by even
portions: and so to be continued unto him during
Our pleasure, or until such time as he shall be by
Us otherwise provided for to be in some manner
relieved; at what time Our pleasure is that this
payment of One Thousand Pounds yearly to our
said Cousin in manner above specified shall cease.
And for the same or any part thereof, Our further
will and commandment is that neither the said Earl
nor his assigns nor his or their executors nor any
of them shall by way of account, imprest, or any
other way whatsoever be charged towards Us,
our heirs or successors. And these shall be your
sufficient warrant and discharge in that behalf.20

What the last two sentences mean is that no accounting of expenditures implied by the grant are to be required by the Exchequer, which is tantamount to saying that the transaction is secret and classified.

The scholar B.M. Ward claims that this is the usual formula followed in the case of secret service money. The Earl had no known office other than his place on the Privy Council, so there is no good reason for the payment in terms of official function or capacity. There is no evidence of any official assignment calling for such an annuity. The Earl never left the country following the issuing of the grant which he received beginning in 1586 when he was 36 until the time of his death in 1604 at the age of 54.21

For so large an amount to be paid out of the secret service fund, it had to have been used for purposes of state, Dorothy and Charlton Ogburn arguing that it was used for England’s first Ministry of Propaganda. The purpose of the propaganda ministry would be to educate the English people, most of whom could not read, through a medium of education analogous to today’s Hollywood, opening their eyes to the world around them, while acquainting them with a revisionist history that would have them bursting with pride.

And while the state was busily taking charge of the theater for purposes of state propaganda, it was simultaneously clamping down on the printing presses, the Queen authorizing Archbishop Whitgit and the Privy Council to draft legislation to strictly regulate them. A Star Chamber decree was duly authorized on June 23, 1586 calling for stricter governance over the printing press, with a list of pains and penalties for violations of the censorship laws. No publication could be released without first receiving approval from the Archbishop of London.

The success of the Queen’s Propaganda Ministry cannot be underestimated for its power to instruct the uneducated masses on their history, enlightening them on their place, and furnishing them with so thorough a knowledge of rewards and punishments they would have known what would invite praise and censure. A more vivid description of the state propaganda apparatus the theater guilds served could not be found than Thomas Heywood’s aptly named Apology for Actors, which is none other than an apology for the theater arts being held subordinate to the state to which the performers themselves had been held ransom:

Plays have made the ignorant more apprehensive,
taught the unlearned the knowledge of many
famous histories, instructed such as cannot read
in the discovery of all our English chronicles;
and what men have you now of that weak
capacity that cannot discourse of any notable
thing recorded even from William the Conqueror,
nay from the landing of Brute, until this day?
Being possessed of their use, for or because
plays are writ with this aim, and carried with
this method, to teach their subjects obedience to
their king, to show people the untimely ends of
such as have moved tumults, commotions, and
insurrections, to present them with the
flourishing estate of such as live in obedience,
exhorting them to allegiance, dehorting them
from all traitorous and felonious stratagems.22

Is it mere coincidence that history plays remained in vogue from 1586 until the conclusion of the Anglo-Spanish war? Chronicle plays were very popular, the pseudonymous author Shakespeare, Marlowe, and others writing several, many of which were original, but some of which Oxford apparently permitted his apprentices to revise and reshape. At the cessation of the war, the demand for such plays from the state and the appetite for them from a people weary of war dried up. Considering how scarce money was at the time, and how careful the Queen had to be with funds in providing for the war effort, it is clear that, if not the Queen, the state apparatus, had to be sufficiently pleased with the propaganda produced for the Elizabethan stage to maintain Lord Oxford’s annuity until the time of his death.

Why would the Earl receive such an annuity? If he is not being paid for his official duties, what is the reason for so exorbitant a salary? Is he being paid for covert operations of some kind? Once again, the evidence would support such a hypothesis. Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson both faced prosecution for libelous and blasphemous allusions made in their plays, great risks for commoners to take without protection from higher personages, institutions or organizations. In May 1593, the Star Chamber prosecuted Christopher Marlowe for “lewd libels” and “blasphemes”. Certain papers of Thomas Kyd were found keeping company with Marlowe’s manuscripts. Testifying under duress on the rack, Kyd protested that, “My first acquaintance with this Marlowe rose upon his bearing name to serve my Lord, although his Lordship never knew his service, but in writing for his players.” It is one of the most tantalizing mysteries in the Marlovian biography question that Kyd omits to identify the mysterious lord of whose household he had been a member for nearly six years.

Six years places Kyd in the services of the mysterious lord back to the end of 1587, from his time of arrest in 1593. The Spanish Tragedy attributed to Kyd on the strength of a single reference is assigned by scholar Edmund Gosse to the period 1584 to 1586. Researcher E. T. Clark believes that the mysterious lord under whose supervision Kyd worked for six years, and for whose players Marlowe wrote, was none other than Lord Oxford. It is more likely to have been Sir Francis Bacon, since the author of this paper believes that both Kyd and Oxford were working under Bacon as ‘invisibles’ in his secret literary societies, which in essence were employed as compartments within the state propaganda apparatus.

The period of Kyd’s employment nevertheless coincides with the period in which Oxford’s annuity of 1,000 pounds commences.23 It also happens to coincide with King Philip II of Spain’s rage over the manner in which he was portrayed on the Elizabethan stage. The Venetian ambassador of Spain even reported on King Philip’s complaints concerning the Elizabethan stage to the Signory:

But what has enraged him much more than
all else, and has caused him to show a
resentment such as he has never displayed
in all his life, is the account of the
masquerades an comedies which the Queen
of England orders to be acted at his expense.24

What King Philip’s complaint, as related by the Spanish ambassador, makes explicit is the fact that the plays had some effect in rousing a reaction from the foreign courts. It is at this time that we begin to hear about the so-called “university wits”. Researcher E. T. Clark believes that Oxford’s apprentices turned out dozens of plays under his supervision, including chronicle plays, revenge plays, Senecan plays, most of them conceived to sustain the people’s morale during wartime. Since his early twenties, Oxford had served as a patron for other writers, so it was easy for him to slip into his new role as the master of young propaganda initiates.25 Clark maintains that Oxford turned to recent graduates of Cambridge and Oxford, and even to those at the point of graduating, who showed promise as writers, to assist in the task of writing state propaganda for the stage. Clark also contends that it was Oxford who discovered Marlowe’s dramatic gifts, encouraging him to write Tamburlaineto portray as a ruthless conqueror the personage of King Philip.27

According to the great Baconian scholar, Alfred Dodd, in 1579 and by 1580, Sir Francis Bacon had founded the secret literary societies Fra Rosi Cross and The Honourable Knights of the Helmet, the latter named in honor of his patron goddess Pallas Athena who always whore the ‘helmet of invisibility’.

This was all part of Bacon’s effort to achieve “The Universal Reformation” or English Renaissance in literature. Fra Rosi Cross and The Honourable Knights of the Helmet were invisible colleges or mystery schools, whose initiates wore Pallas Athena’s helmet of invisibility and were known as ‘invisibles’. The founding of these societies began at Gray’s Inn law school, the Grand Patriarchs of the orders being Bacon’s personal friends such as Gabriel Harvey, his old literary professor, and Fulke Greville, a well-known poet. Bacon’s cousin, Sir Philip Sydney, and Sydney’s sister, Lady Mary, Countess of Pembroke, would also be on the planning committee. And according to Alfred Dodd, “He would have the warm support of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, also a poet.”28 Was Oxford a poet or a concealed poet, one of the invisibles? Dodd has provided strong evidence that Oxford and Bacon were associates and that he was even in on the planning of these invisible literary societies? Was he also a member? It is very likely. He was referred to as a poet and playwright and yet he stopped writing poetry at least under his own name at a very young age, while strangely none of his plays survive under his own name.

Kid, Jonson, Marlowe, Lord Oxford as Shakespeare and others were working together as a syndicate of writers under the patronage of Sir Francis Bacon, whose source of funding came from the Queen, which is one explanation for the great flowering that occurred in Elizabethan drama and the unity of style found among the major playwrights of the time. Similarities found between the Shakespearean and Marlovian works, which have hitherto been explained away by charges of plagiarism and even the speculation that Marlowe was covertly writing the Shakespeare plays following a staged death in a tavern brawl, can now find a more logical explanation. What is more likely is that the similarities in styles found among the playwrights resulted from them working closely together as part of the same secret literary society and propaganda ministry, writing and sometimes sharing plays to meet deadlines assigned to them either by Bacon’s propaganda ministry or the Court. Similarities found between Shakespeare’s early historical dramas and Marlowe’s Edward the Second, published in 1594 as Marlowe’s, which orthodoxy acknowledges as proof of the greater author’s debt to the lesser, can instead be explained by the reverse scenario, in which Marlowe, as a initiated member of Fra Rosi Cross, is apprenticing under de Vere, the author known to posterity as William Shakespeare. What is more likely than Shakespeare being the plagiarist of the inferior dramatist’s work is that de Vere turned one of his own early plays over in draft form to his apprentice Marlowe to complete, perhaps in order to meet some pressing deadline assigned by their patron Sir Francis Bacon or the court.29

Othello would have been one of the plays that caused King Philip such strong offense. “Moor” was a racial slur for Spaniard at this time, and as the murderer of Brabanto’s daughter, Othello would have seen himself reflected in the Moor, since he was rumored to have arranged the murders of his third wife, Elizabeth of Valois and the Princess of Eboli, claimed to have been his mistress. With the production of Marlowe’s Tamburlaine probably launched a year later in 1587, Philip probably would have been further slighted. Envisioning himself as the master of land and sea, Tamburlaine boasts:

Even from Persepolis to Mexico
And thence unto the Straits of Jubalter,
Where they shall meet and join their force in one,
Keeping in awe the Bay of Portingale,
And all the ocean by the British shore;
And by this means I’ll win the world at last.30

Small wonder that the Spanish King would be so put out by the way he was represented on the Elizabethan stage. Why it should come as any surprise to anyone that the plays should be used for state propaganda is truly amazing. We have to remember that a feudal system existed at this time in which each lord served an overlord. No man was free.

To exhibit the kind of genius shown by Edward de Vere would have been more of a curse than a blessing. His talents would have been most certainly seized upon and used on behalf of the Queen, the Court and the state. Why should it be any surprise that Jonson, Marlowe, and the man posterity knows as Shakespeare were writing state propaganda on behalf of the crown? Is not the same the case today with Hollywood writers turning out state propaganda on behalf of the American government? Just as the English nobility are depicted as the bastion of heroism in the Shakespeare plays, so is the American hero a star shining with unrivalled brilliance in the firmament, witness Air Force One or Impact, both of which feature hero presidents. Examine any of the films starring Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stalone, Harrison Ford, and innumerable others in which the American maverick is the model hero. Just as the author of the Shakespeare plays shows the English aristocracy as a caste that will set the nation to rights even when “the times are out of joint,” so now is the American elite seen as the bastion of righteousness which will set to rights even the most corrupt and untoward of governments, witness Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, JFK, All the President’s Men, and Amistad to name but a few.

How would Lord Oxford have been selected for such an assignment? We have established that he worked for the British secret service. But can we establish under whose command he was assigned? We do know that Sir Francis Bacon and his brother Anthony were the founders of the British secret service. We know that both Francis Bacon and Edward de Vere studied law at Gray’s Inn, one of the Inns of Court. We also know that Love’s Labor’s Lost and A Comedy of Errors were performed there for the first time at the Hall of Gray’s, the dining hall of the Inn of Court in 1594.31 What is certain beyond doubt is that Will Shakspere of Stratford-Upon-Avon did not and could not have studied at Gray’s Inn even if he wanted to because he was not of the noble class. It is even claimed that Bacon delighted in the theater and even performed masks himself, which he staged at Gray’s Inn. Could this have been under the inspiration of the Earl of Oxford?

Could it be that having witnessed the poetic gifts of the dramatist for himself, Bacon later thought to put them to good use for the sake of nation building? While Freemason scholars and other researchers have long promoted Bacon as the author of the Shakespeare plays, surviving titles of plays known to be Baconian resemble the titles of none of the Shakespeare plays:

The Birth of Merlin, 1589,
The Misfortunes of Arthur, 1587,
The Lord Mayor’s Pagaent, 29th
of October, 1591,
A Conference of Pleasure, 1592,
The Order of the Helmet or the Prince
of Purpool, 1594-5,
The Device of the Indian Prince, 159532

These titles dated within the same time frame in which the Shakespeare plays were being performed, often under the same titles in which they appear in the Folio, lack the sophistication and playfulness of the Shakespeare titles. And in the Device of the Indian Prince, a sonnet of Bacon’s preserved from the play shows that his verse falls fall short of the grace of the Bard:

Seated between the Old World and the New,
A land there is no other Land may touch,
Where reigns a Queen in Peace and Honour true,
Stories or Fables do describe no such.
Never did Atlas such a Burden bear,
As she in holding up the World Oppressed;
Supplying with her virtue everywhere
Weakness of Friends, Errors of Servants best.
No Nation breeds a warmer Blood for War,
And yet she calms them by Her Majesty;
No Age hath ever Wits refined so far,
And yet she calms them by her Policy;
To Her THY SON must make his SACRIFICE
If he will have the morning of his Eyes.33

Anyone who thinks that this is up to Shakespearean standard is either tone deaf, blind or lacking in aesthetic taste because this is simply bad verse and could not possibly be written by the same hand that penned the immortal lines written by the Bard. A great deal of similarity, however, has been found between Oxford’s early verse, penned under his own name, and Shakespeare’s. The Benezet test devised by Professor Louis P. Benezet is a good example of how many of the stylistic devices and language used by de Vere is identical to that of Shakespeare. The Benezet test, which juxtaposes de Vere’s early lines of verse with Shakespeare’s, has defied the efforts of numerous scholars to identify which lines are Oxford’s and which Shakespeare’s.34 Other clandestine operations were going on at this time.

Why is a propaganda ministry run by the secret service outside the realm of possibility? Not only was the English language canonized at this time, but the greatest literary works in the language were also being undertaken. Not only that, but the knowledge and wisdom of the classical writers, the histories of great nations, and practically everything else worth knowing from foreign countries was imported into the English language at this time. Books were printed and published on every art and science imaginable. In addition, the names on the title pages of these works are totally unknown. It is bewildering that so many men could be put to work on one arcane subject for the task of translating one book and one book only and to then disappear into the same obscure cloud from which they sprang.35 This suggests that they were under hire of the intelligence service just as readers and researchers are called in by the CIA today. It suggests a large clandestine operation designed to plunder the coveted secrets of the Continent as part of an orchestrated effort to import the Renaissance from the Continent. Revealingly, many of the books published during the period 1576 to 1598 are dedicated to the Queen, the Earl of Leicester, and Lord Burghley. Leicester was the Queen’s lover and Burghley, the Queen’s Chancellor.

Together they constituted the most powerful triumvirate in the country. Bacon’s intelligence service would naturally depend on funding from these personages in return for which the commissioned volumes would be dedicated to the benefactors.36 What is even more revealing from the intelligence service end of things is that Bacon oversaw the writing of many books in this period. He even supervised the printing process using his own wooden blocks, many of his own design, and each book under his direction was marked with such blocks, suggesting that he himself was acting as the national censor, ensuring on behalf of the Crown that every book published was politically correct.37

What is certain is that de Vere had the intelligence-gathering skills required for the job. He had visited the foreign courts, where he had been dispatched as a diplomat. What is said of Bertram inAll’s Well That Ends Well, where he is told, “You have sold your own lands to see other lands,” could equally be said of the Earl, who did appeal to Lord Burghley in a letter to do the very same by agreeing to pay for his expenses abroad. Oxford traveled widely on the Continent.38 He is known to have visited France and Italy with certainty.

The fact that he was granted official permission to travel in 1575 implies that he was both eminent and trusted, since it was difficult at this time for anyone to get permission to travel. The fact that his visit to the Continent was given the official seal of approval and that he was permitted to travel widely to Paris, Strasburg, Padua, Venice, Florence, and Sicily suggests that he was on official business probably on behalf of the Crown and that it constituted a diplomatic mission. The fact that he was recalled in 1576 pushes the case for a diplomat on official business, since his itinerary was being monitored and his person was valued enough to be dispatched and recalled.39 He was even known as the Italianate Englishman due to his tendency to wear the fashion of Renaissance Italy in the Court. He was also strongly influenced by Ovid, Particularly Ovid’s Metamorphosis, and was even referred to as the English Ovid. Oxford did travel in Italy extensively. He traveled with a retinue, according to Lord Burghley of eight people, including two gentlemen, two grooms, one payend (a dispursor of funds), a harbinger (someone who goes ahead to make arrangements), a housekeeper, and a trencherman (a cook).

The author of the Shakespeare plays was clearly well acquainted with Italy and its cities. Professor Ernesto Grillo notes that Italy herself is mentioned some 800 times in the plays, while her cities are mentioned severally, Rome 400 times, Venice 52, Naples 34, Milan 25, Florence 23, Padua 22, And Veronas 20. Genoa, Mantua, Pisa, Ferrera and other cities are also mentioned frequently.40 In addition, it is evident that the avant-garde Italianate theatrical form, commedia dell’arte is particularly in evidence in plays like Love’s Labour’s Lost. It was a form of comedy in which the plot was written out, but the dialogue improvised on the stage. George Lyman Kittredge holds the opinion that Shakespeare’s precise descriptions of scenes, laws, and customs spring from firsthand experience.41

In addition, there is the massive influence Italian and Roman authors exerted on the bard.Measure for Measure is influenced by the sixteenth century writer Giovambattista Cinzio; The Merchant of Venice is inspired by Il Pecorone of Florentino, 1588; A Midsummer Night’s Dreammust credit Ovid’s Metamorphosis as its muse. (And let us not forget that Oxford worked on the translation of Ovid’s Metamorphosis personally with his uncle Arthur Golding when still a boy);Much Ado About Nothing owes a debt to Matteo Bandello, a fifteen century writer of novellas or tales; The Taming of the Shrew is based on Arioto’s I Suppositi; and the basic plot of All’s Well That Ends Well is drawn from the ninth novella of the third day of Boccaccio’s Decameron.42 Then there is the fact that Shakespeare has borrowed so many loan words from the Latin.

Alfred Hart credits Shakespeare with employing a vocabulary of 17,677 words, twice that of Milton and two and a half times that of Marlowe. So dexterous was he with words that he was able to employ 7,200 words, more than occur in the King James’ version of the Bible. Lewis Theobold credits him with the massive suffusion of Latin words into English. So immense was the rhetoric of the Italian Renaissance that it amazes even modern researchers, and so great a master was Shakespeare of this rhetoric that he introduced the vocabulary and syntax of the Italian Renaissance to England. Even the sonnets are modeled on the Petrarchan form. In fact, Shakespeare can be credited with single-handedly bringing the Italian Renaissance to England.43
How could the Stratford man have gained so much firsthand knowledge about the Continent, particularly Italy? It was difficult even for nobles to travel at this time. A nobleman required special permission from the Queen to travel at a time when Protestant England was under siege by the Continent. The Throckmorton Plot to unseat the Queen and the northern uprising prove that England was under great peril and in constant danger of plots hatched by France and Spain. Under siege as she was, Elizabethan England had a moratorium on travel as strict as that of Soviet era Russia or North Korea today. It is unlikely Shakespeare would have ever been granted such permission to travel, and there is certainly no evidence from any of the documented record that he ever was.

It seems likely then that the author of the Shakespeare plays, which the author of this paper believes to be Edward de Vere, was dispatched to the Continent on an intelligence-gathering mission to the foreign courts and returned to England to dramatize what he had learned abroad. As part of the propaganda network operating under Sir Francis Bacon, founder and head of British intelligence, Oxford would have acted as a patron to the other writers employed by the propaganda syndicate, turning out plays with his apprentices that would have inspired great revelry at the revels. No Elizabethan scholar has ever pointed out the formulaic nature of the Elizabethan theater with its tendency toward histories, comedies and tragedies among the various dramatists.

It is as if they were all part of the same dramatic school. Even the titles of the plays among the various Elizabethan authors resemble each other, the Jonson play titled, Every Man Out of His Humor, resembling vintage Shakespeare. As propaganda, the history plays seem conceived to bring into relief the heroic exploits of the English nobility to cultivate a feeling of national identity and pride in the patriotic playhouse. The comedies, on the other hand, were designed to lampoon and satirize the foreign courts, particularly that of France and to paint then in a disparaging light, highlighting their decadence and dissolute ways.

Tragedies like Othello, Marlowe’s Tamburlaine, and Titus Andronicus, as already revealed, are designed to make foreign monarchs like Philip II of Spain look like homicidal maniacs. Then, there are the tragedies closer to home like Hamlet, which seem not to have the foreign court as its target, but the Elizabethan Court itself. This accounts for why a pen name was required.

Had Philip and other foreign monarchs been able to identify Oxford with the authorship of the very plays that so maligned them, the playwright would have made himself all too vulnerable to political assassination. Closer to home, the identification of the author as a man of Court would have exposed to public ridicule the high-ranking officials around him that are the targets of his plays, rendering him too vulnerable to political dangers including assassination. But even more serious is the issue of the plays and the sonnets, if read as Oxford’s, exposing the true nature of his relationship with the Queen, a problem which the establishment sought to remedy through damage control. Suppression of the author’s true identity was the means.44 Another motive for a British intelligence agent operating as a propagandist adopting a pen name is that he would make himself immune to both prosecution and persecution precisely because, if he were publicly censured, reprimanded and punished for any of his literary works, it would expose the very figures who wished themselves not to be identified with the brutes and monsters of his plays. What is evident beyond doubt is that the author of the Shakespeare plays is not only of the noble class, but subscribes to an ideology embracing peerage, caste, privilege and the entire edifice of feudal England.

It makes no sense whatsoever that a commoner from the country seeking a higher status and class position would subscribe to an ideology that would conspire to keep him in the mud. This safely eliminates the Stratford man from the authorship candidacy, since he would have no good reason to promote an ideology that would disqualify him from obtaining either respect or rank within his society. In Troilus and Cressida, there is an unmistakable appeal on the part of the dramatist to the need to maintain a caste system and its hierarchies of privileges, ranks and degrees. There are repeated references to the occult beliefs of Freemasonry. Allusions to ‘degree’ and its importance are repeated several times.

What must be stated here is that Freemasonry, which was based on the Egyptian mystery school tradition, was designed specifically to reinforce, safeguard and protect the aristocratic bloodlines in Europe just as the Egyptian mystery schools had formerly done in Egypt. Only aristocrats could belong to Freemasonry and they would be initiated into its higher degrees in order to protect the aristocratic bloodlines as part of an orchestrated effort to maintain their hegemony, privilege and purity. To the author of the Shakespeare plays, obedience to rank and degree was so natural that it made appeal to the order of nature itself. Freemasonry, to which the Earl of Oxford belonged, as most nobles of rank would, had a vested interest in promoting its ideology as a higher initiate, which he does through the personage of Ulysses:

The heavens themselves, the planets, and this center
Observe degree, priority, and place,
Insisture, course, proportion, season, form,
Office, and custom, in all line of order:
And therefore is the glorious planet Sol
In noble eminence enthron’d and spher’d
Amidst the other.
Troilus and Cressida, Act I.iii.ll.85-91

To understand these lines and their significance requires some rudimentary knowledge of Freemasonry. Sol is Latin for ‘sun’. The Sol Invictus religion was the religion of classical Rome and was a sun-worshipping cult. The Freemasonry secret society fraternity is pagan and is a sun-worshipping cult, exalting the sun as its highest principle.

The Sun is the king of the planets, so it may be said the King as the sovereign of the nation is the Sun or the sun god, and as such is no less than God in glory. High aristocratic caste is indistinguishable from high degree in Freemasonry, since only those initiates with the most royal blood and highest noble peerage would be able to rise to the highest degrees.

A higher-degree Freemason would certainly have the bloodline of kings. The ideology embraced by the fraternity was that caste had to be maintained, that bloodline could not be compromised or like metal it would suffer debasement. Shakespeare writes that degree and rank must be adhered to lest, as Ulysses maintains, disease and disorder reign: “O! when degree is shak’d,/ Which is the ladder to all high designs,/ The enterprise is sick….” I.ii.ll.101-103

In a poem from his youth called, Labour and Its Reward, Oxford, crediting himself as the author, writes, “The Mason poor that builds the lordly halls/ Dwells not in them: they are for high degree….”45 Oxford is referring to the system of initiation in Freemasonry based on degree, which assigns privilege to those of higher degree, those of more noble blood, who are initiated into the higher initiatory levels of the fraternity.

What is clear throughout the poem is that Oxford is lamenting the fact that there are many initiates of higher degree who outrank him. As a Mason, not only is he honor bound to maintain the secrets of the order, having taken a pledge to do so, but must also comply with what higher initiates within the order demand of him. I think it not at all far-fetched to suppose that Oxford has been required by his membership within Fra Rosi Cross, Freemasonry, and the British Secret Service, all founded by Sir Francis Bacon, to write secretly as an ‘invisible’ for purposes of personal safety as well as national security. The fact that Oxford as an author regrets the anonymity he must maintain is clear in two lines appearing near the end of the poem: “So he that takes the pain to pen the book/ Reaps not the gifts of goodly golden muse….”46 While being a higher degree initiate of Freemasonry, Oxford would have been surpassed in rank and degree by Bacon, who would have been a 33rd Degree Freemason and Master of the Order, and would have required the lower degree initiate to write anonymously as an agent of British intelligence, initiate of Freemasonry, Fra Rosi Cross, and courtier. While Bacon was over ten years younger than Oxford, he surpassed him in rank because his royal blood granted him higher peerage. Amazingly, according to Alfred Dodd, Bacon was not a commoner, but the secret son of Queen Elizabeth I and prince of the realm.47 Far from being the Virgin Queen known to posterity, Dodd and other researchers believe her to have had at least two children, including the Earl of Essex. His patriotic duty would have required him to be a spiritual martyr in the cause of nation building. He would not be entitled to enjoying the fruits of his labor.

He would be writing clandestinely as an intelligence man, dispatched on espionage missions to the Continent under the protection of diplomatic immunity, while covertly gathering intelligence on the royal courts of other lands, and then returning to England to dramatize what he had learned abroad as part of a state propaganda operation. He would also appropriate what had become institutions in Italy, including the Petrarchan Sonnet, the masterpieces of Ovid, Plutarch and others, superceding them in mastery and genius, exacting a cultural coup on the Continent that would leave England sitting prettiest, while holding the coveted prize of the greatest writer in European history, and what would be even worse medicine for the Europeans to bear, that this peerless writer was a commoner from the country.

The strongest evidence that the author’s works were not under his control and had been suppressed by a secret fraternity can be found in the preface to the first edition of Troilus and Cressida in 1609, appearing five years after the official date of Oxford’s death. The First Folio of Shakespeare’s works did not appear until 1623, some nineteen years after the Earl of Oxford’s death and seven years after the Stratford man’s death, suggesting that the bard did not exercise control over his own work. Having escaped the covetous hands of those who suppressed the other plays, Troilus and Cressida was somehow printed and distributed. The dedication is provocative because it gestures to the fact that the author and his works are intended for the highborn. It begins with the heading, “From a never writer to an ever reader. Newes.” This is highly suggestive, since it points to the fact that the author may never be acknowledged, since he is “a never writer, but that his work is addressed to “an ever reader,” an E. Ver reader perhaps hinted at by cryptic heading. The author of the dedication then writes, “Eternal reader, you have here a new play, never staled with the stage, never clap-clawed with the palms of the vulgar.” Does this sound like a dedication to a commoner from Stratford? If anything, it sounds like a nobleman praising the work of another nobleman, whose newly published work has managed to escape the hands of the vulgar commoners who have failed to exhibit it at the theater. It goes on to praise the author, while never referring once to Shakespeare, the author credited with the play by posterity. The dedication further alleges that, were the names of the comedies changed to commodities,

…you should see all those grand censors that
now style them such vanities flock to them for
the main grace of their gravities: especially
the author’s comedies, that are so framed to
the life, that they serve for the most common
commentaries of all the actions of our lives,
showing such a dexterity of wit, that those
most displeased with plays are pleased with
his comedies.
(Troilus and Cressida, Preface)

The dedication then ends with a reference to the “grand possessors,” which Stratfordians, those who believe the bard to be Will Shakspere from Stratford-Upon-Avon, naively believe refers to an acting company that has seized control of his plays. The reason this claim is naive is because “grand possessors” implies a body of individuals of noble rank and of considerable authority. Since we are on the subject of commodities, the author of this paper has put his money on it being the Freemasons, the Fra Rosi Cross fraternity, or some body within British intelligence service itself here referred to:

And believe this, that when he is gone, and his
comedies out of sale, you will scramble for
them, and set up a new English Inquisition.
Take this for a warning, and at the pleasure
of your peril’s loss, for not being sullied with
the smoky breath of the multitude; but thank
fortune for the ’scape it hath made amongst
you. Since by the grand possessors’ wills I
believe you should have prayed for them
rather than been prayed.
(Troilus and Cressida, Preface)

It is clear that the plays are in the clutches of unrevealed hands, “grand possessors” as they are called. By “grand possessors,” Stratfordians somehow have arrived at the amazing conclusion that an acting company is involved. Why the word “grand” then? “Grand” would hardly be a fitting word to apply to an acting company composed of common players.

What is far more likely is that Sir Francis Bacon’s intelligence service, Fra Rosi Cross secret literary society, or Freemasonry are implied. In his seminal biography on Sir Francis Bacon, Alfred Dodd, addressing the issue of the Shakespeare manuscripts, claims that the manuscripts were filed away for safekeeping with the “grand possessors,” who, according to the Preface of Troilus and Cressida of 1609 kept them in safe custody for the author.48 The Preface to Troilus and Cressida makes it abundantly clear that the plays are in the protective custody of the grand possessors.

The author of the Preface even suggests that Troilus and Cressida has been wrested away from the grand possessors against their wills, bidding the reader to, ‘…thank fortune for the ’scape it hath made amongst you. Since by the grand possessors’ wills I believe you should have prayed for them rather than been prayed.’ This suggests that the grand possessors exercise control over the plays and that their fate is subject to their wills. Granted, this could be with the author’s approval, but the opening lines suggest that the preface is partly written to the author himself in the form of a eulogy as in the words, “…for it is a birth of your brain that never undertook anything comical vainly.” (Troilus and Cressida, Preface) Note that the past form ‘undertook’ is used, implying that the products that are the birth of the author’s brain are in the past. Why not ‘undertake’, if in 1609, the author is still active and writing? The reasonable explanation for this is that the author was dead by this time and his work was now in the custody of a group of individuals functioning as executors and guardians of the deceased’s manuscripts. Since Edward de Vere is believed to have officially died in 1604, this could account for why the manuscripts are no longer in the author’s possession of under his control.

It was probably considered expedient by the Freemason fraternity to hold off on the release of the plays until after all the figures in the Elizabethan Court and English establishment alluded to or lampooned in the plays were dead. It is also probable that even an influential organization like Freemasonry could only suppress the true authorship through a generational delay, in which the release of the plays would be delayed by a span of some twenty years, by such time that the true bard, along with his political opponents, would have been forgotten. Since the hierarchy of the intelligence services is based on the initiatory degrees of Freemasonry, it is reasonable to suppose that those most highly placed in both command structures would be in many instances the same men. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to surmise that the Masons and the Elizabethan intelligence service were connected, since both Speculative Freemasonry and the British intelligence service were founded by Sir Francis Bacon and his brother Anthony, so that many of the same vanguard could be found in both fraternities. According to a contact in U.S. Naval Intelligence, higher ranking officers in the military and intelligence command structure of the United States are often either Freemasons or Rosicrucians. The same is the case for the British intelligence services.

Since Bacon is responsible for founding Fra Rosi Cross, Speculative Freemasonry in its modern form, and the British intelligence service, it is not difficult to give credit where credit is due. As a fraternity wielding great influence, Freemasonry would have been able to disseminate misinformation through the education system, easy enough to orchestrate since the university degree system is based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, and could therefore control which theses on the bard would obtain Ph.D.s and which would not. This means that the organization controls who gains privilege within the university establishment. The release of disinformation and the control over information are then exercised by a steering committee that functions like the Invisible College Bacon refers to in The New Atlantis, dictating what the official view on the bard is going to be. What the preface to Troilus and Cressida appears to be saying is that the dramatist’s plays are held by members of a secret fraternity of noble peerage, such as Fra Rosi Cross or the Masons and that this play was somehow rescued from their control. This eliminates Bacon as the author. Why? Because if he were the founder and director of the secret societies in addition to the British intelligence service, how could the plays be wrested from his control?

It is self-evident that Bacon’s secret societies Fra Rosi Cross, later the Rosicrucians, and Freemasonry are behind the Stratford authorship ruse. They needed a front man to conceal the authorship of the ‘invisible’ who wrote the Shakespeare works. The Stratford man was selected as the commoner front man who would take credit for the works. This, in part, served to empower the lower classes by granting enormous dignity to a man from the lower ranks of society. This mission was part of Bacon’s secret enterprise. There is no way that Bacon could be the author of the plays. The Preface to Troilus and Cressida disqualifies him as the author. The power he wielded as the founder of Speculative Freemasonry and Fra Rosi Cross meant that he would exercise absolute control over his own plays.

Yet the Preface to Troilus and Cressida makes it explicit that the grand possessors have wrested the plays out of the dramatist’s control and that they are subjected to their will not the author’s. The plays cannot be Bacon’s, since Bacon was the head of all the fraternities implied by the “grand possessors” including, The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, Fra Rosi Cross, Speculative Freemasonry and British intelligence. How could the plays possibly be prized from his hands? Not only is Bacon the founder of the British Secret Service, he is the founder of the Freemason and Rosicrucian societies in their modern form. He is even responsible for the Thirty-three Degree system of initiation employed by the Freemason Craft today around the world.49 How could the plays be exercised from the control of a man who headed all the organizations who could have qualified for the designation “grand possessors”? Obviously, Bacon and one of his secret fraternities exercised control over the plays and not the author.

The author is clearly someone other than Bacon, an ‘invisible’ who worked under his authority and did not exercise control over his own plays. Edward de Vere is the only man other than Bacon whose life, peerage, education and craftsmanship could have qualified him for the role of Shakespeare. It is probably Oxford who had the plays wrested from his control.
What is clear from the record is that Ben Jonson has had a hand in the publication of the First Folio of plays. This we know because of his dedication, which appears in the Folio itself. Documented proof also exists that Sir Francis Bacon has had a hand in the Shakespeare plays at least at the planning level, since the Northumberland manuscript displays his name, along with the name William Shakespeare as well as the titles of several of the plays. What the author of this paper suspects is that the Shakespeare manuscripts were in the hands of a body referred to in the dedication to Troilus and Cressida as the “grand possessors” to which Jonson and Bacon belonged. It is Charlton and Dorothy Ogburn who have helped enlighten us on the identify of the “grand possessors” in their classic This Star of England. In 1615, the Earl of Pembroke became the Lord Chamberlain. It would therefore be with his approval that Ben Jonson would be nominated for the office of Master of the Revels. And it was at the Lord Chamberlain’s behest that Jonson was awarded a pension of 100 marks a year.

It the year 1621, Pembroke increased Jonson’s salary temporarily to 200 pounds a year. It will be remembered that the First Folio of the Shakespeare plays came out in 1623. We know that Jonson had a hand in the editing of the plays because we have all read his dedication to the Shakespeare works. Is it such wild speculation to suppose that he might be receiving a stipend from the Lord Chamberlain for his work on the Shakespeare manuscripts?

Not only was Ben Jonson on close terms with Lord Pembroke, he was on intimate terms with Lady Mary Pembroke as well. The “Incomparable Paire of Brethren” to whom the First Folio was dedicated, were the Countess of Pembroke’s two sons, William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and Philip Herbert, Earl of Montgommery. Philip Herbert had married Edward de Vere’s daughter, Susan. A confederacy or fraternity involving all these people had already formed when Oxford was still alive. The Ogburn’s research has determined that the Countess of Pembroke, her two sons, the Earls of Pembroke and Montgommery, the Earl of Southampton, who some affirm to be Oxford’s illegitimate son, Sackville, Neville and others, all intimately connected with the Earl of Oxford, constituted the Virginia Company.50 Considering that the Virginia Company was under Charter of King James to develop the lands and resources of the colony of Virginia and whatever other territory in the New World it could lay its hands on, we can assume it was directly connected with Sir Francis Bacon’s ambitions in the American colonies as outlined in The New Atlantis.

There is ample evidence that Bacon had a hand in the plays. Baconian ciphers found in the plays and the Northumberland manuscript certainly link him to their production. It is probable that, as head of British intelligence and founder of Speculative Freemasonry and at least two secret literary societies, he would have advised Oxford on what themes, coded messages and other devices to include in the plays.

Bacon was in fact a cousin of the Cecil’s and thus a family relation of Lord Oxford. It is probable that they met when Oxford was but a child. Their intimacy would have only grown during their attendance at Gray’s Inn law school, where they both purportedly wrote and produced revels for the stage. While approximately a decade younger than Oxford, Bacon wielded great influence at Gray’s Inn, where many of the revels were performed, and was even installed there as dean for several years. Jonson was also closely connected with Bacon. There is ample evidence within the Jonson and Shakespeare canons to prove that Jonson and the author of the Shakespeare plays were both initiated Masons. This will be explored later in the paper.

Jonson paid Bacon the highest tribute in 1619, giving him the title “Dominus Verulamis” for his persuasive power, eloquence, and graces in delivering fine speeches. According to a noted source at the time identified as Judge Webb, Bacon was closely associated with Jonson long before he was created Lord St. Albans. He even engaged Jonson to compose a masque for the Christmas celebrations in 1617. Jonson would even go on to write a panegyric on Bacon on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday in 1621.

What is revealing is that, though Bacon would have been intimately familiar with his family relation, Lord Oxford, he never mentions him throughout the seven volumes of the Letters and Life of Francis Bacon, except once, and that in the formal list of peers who sat as Commissioners in the trial of Essex and Southampton. The author of this paper fully agrees with the Ogburns that Bacon and Jonson and the Freemason fraternity are responsible for orchestrating the hoax that has concealed the true authorship of the Shakespeare plays.51 Implicating Bacon and Jonson in the greatest literary hoax in history without implicating the Freemasons would be absurd, since the two men could not have acted alone and required the mobilization of a clandestine organization fully supportive of their scheme, and to which they both belonged, to successfully pull off one of the greatest orchestrated deceptions in world history.

In commemoration of the Freemason-led deception, a Freemasonic ceremony was held in July 1929 to lay the Foundation Stone of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon, a fully laid on Masonic ritual conducted by Lord Amptill, pro-Grand Master of the United Lodge of England, in which he employed an old Egyptian stone maul used at Sakkhara four thousand years ago. Six hundred Masons were in attendance in full Masonic costume. 52

The author of this paper believes that the Earl of Oxford, the pseudonymous author of the Shakespeare plays, was martyred by the Masons as part of a Masonic ritual murder known as “The Killing of the King”. The sacrifice of authorship in art can be conceived as a reenactment of Jesus martyrdom as a kind of “passion play”, since it is the mystery and passion of the author’s sheer obscurity that peeks our curiosity and whets our appetite for discovery. It is a god-like enterprise retold in the Shakespearean Sonnets over and over again, the sacrifice that is to be answered at another time, the glory that is to spring from the silence at some future time. That the world will all at once see it, and wonder why they did not see it before is an event only a breath away.53 This explains the significance of the Freemasons using the stone maul from Sakkhara to lay the Foundation Stone of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. A stone maul was used in the murder of Hiram Abif, who Freemason lore tells us was the architect of King Solomon’s Temple, the Master Mason and guardian of the secrets of the Third Degree of Freemasonry.

The author of the Shakespeare plays actually foretells his own end in The Tempest. The scene in which the three ruffians, Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo plan to set upon Prospero and steal his books is in fact a reenactment of the murder of Hiram Abif from Freemasonic lore. The modus operandi Caliban outlines is drawn directly from the legend:

Why, as I told thee, ’tis a custom with him
I’ th’ afternoon to sleep: there thou mayst brain him
Having first seized his books; or with a log
Batter his skull, or paunch him with a stake,
Or cut his wezand with thy knife. Remember
First to possess his books; for without them
He’s but a sot, as I am, nor hath not
One spirit to command: they all do hate him
As rootedly as I. Burn but his books.
The Tempest, III.ii.ll.87-95

The name Prospero stands for the author and is probably to be taken as a play on the word ‘prosper’. Thus we have “Pro-Spear-O”, denoting ‘hope’ or ‘affirmation’, denoting the ‘spear’ of Shakespeare and the ‘spear’ Pallas Athena shakes at ignorance. At the same time, Prospero represents the Master Mason, Hiram Abif, while Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo represent the “Three Juwes” of Masonic legend, Jubila, Jubilum and Jubilo who conspired to steal the secrets of the Master Mason, Hiram Abif, at the Temple. The account of the fate that met Hiram Abif at the Temple is given in the Masonic Rite of the Third Degree:

His devotions being ended, he prepared to retire
by the south gate, where he was accosted by
the first of these ruffians, who, for want of a
better weapon, had armed himself with a plumb
rule, and in a threatening manner demanded of
our Master…the genuine secrets of Osiris,
warning him that death would be the consequence
of his refusal; but true to his obligation he replied
that those secrets were known to but three in
the world and that without the consent of the
other two, he neither could, nor would divulge
This answer not proving satisfactory, the
Ruffian aimed a violent blow at out Master’s
forehead, but startled by the firmness of his
demeanour, it only glanced down the right
temple. Yet with sufficient force to cause him
to reel and sink to the ground on his left knee.
Recovering himself from this situation, he
rushed to the west gate where he stood
opposed by the second ruffian, to whom he
replied as before, yet with undiminished
firmness when the ruffian, who was armed
with a level struck a violent blow on the left
temple which brought him to the ground on
his right knee.
Finding all chances of escape in both
these quarters cut off, our Master staggered,
faint and bleeding, to the east gate where
the third ruffian was posted and who, on
receiving a similar reply to his insolent
demand…struck him a violent blow full in
the center of the forehead with a heavy
stone maul, which laid him lifeless at his

The intended murder of Prospero is planned by three ruffians, representing the Three Juwes of Masonic lore, who intended to kill him with blows to the head with a wooden instrument, representing the maul of Masonic legend. The mischief they intend is to follow the stealing of Prospero’s books, which are symbolic of the secrets of the Master Mason. The murder was to take place at noon at the entrance to Prospero’s cell, the cell representing the Masonic Temple. The time of noonday is significant as it is the highpoint of the sun, which is of great ritual significance in the “Killing of the King” rites, since Osiris, the king, is the sun, and Horus, his son, is the son of Osiris, the sun god. 55

If the man posterity knows as Shakespeare was subject to a political assassination, would it not account for the disparate accounts concerning the cause of death, the absence of a will, a grave and other anomalies related to so great a personage? Would it not also provide an additional motive for concealing the true authorship of the greatest literary personality in history? Would not such a revelation be shaking a spear at the serpent of vice known as the British establishment, including the British Royal Family, government, intelligence service, educational establishment and Freemason network?
Further evidence from The Tempest confirms its status as a Masonic play. The strange appearance of the Widow Dido in The Tempest offers yet another reference to Hiram Abif, this time as the son of a widow:

Hiram, the widow’s son,
Sent to King Solomon,
The Great Keystone;
On it appears the name,
Which raises high the fame
Of all, to whom the same
Is truly known. 56

In certain Masonic ceremonies, i.e. the Third Degree, there is a substitution of Hiram Abif for the initiated candidate. The passage quoted from The Tempest refers to Hiram as the “widow’s son”. Masons even refer to themselves as “son’s of the widow” or “the widow’s sons”. The reason for this is that the expression has an intimate connection with the building of Solomon’s Temple and its architect. In the First Book of Kings, vii. 13 the following words appear: “And King Solomon sent and fetched Hiram of Tyre, a widow’s son of the tribe of Naphtali.” Hiram is therefore referred to as a widow’s son.

The Masons are referring back to this “widow’s son” of Biblical import in their rituals and ceremonies.57
There is ample evidence that the plays contain Hermetic and Ancient Mystery sources of Rosicrucian and Masonic origin. The Sonnets are pregnant with fertility god imagery of rebirth and revelation.58 References to Freemasonry abound in the Shakespeare plays. This is no surprise since the author is an initiate of Bacon’s Speculative Freemason fraternity and Bacon is responsible for founding all thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry, which are mini-dramas in themselves, the Third Degree on which the plot of The Tempest is based being but one. Just to prove the case that the plays were written by a high initiate of Freemasonry, a list of references is here made that the reader may judge for himself. There is a reference to Masonic apparel, accessories and symbols in The Merry Wives of Windsor consisting of the garter, and the compass in a ring. The garter is worn by Masons, while a square and compass are featured in a Masonic ring worn on the finger.

There is a reference to a young Masonic initiate in Much Ado About Nothing: “Is there no young squarer that will make a voyage with him to the devil?” (I.i.ll.69, 70) A reference to a candidate being initiated into the rites of the Third Degree in The Tempest with the following expressions employed by Caliban over the course of Act IV: “Be patient…I’ll bring thee…Hoodwink this…speak softly…This is the Mouth of THE CELL…No more…ENTER.” (IV) There is an allusion to the Worshipful Master in The Taming of the Shrew: “What! My old Worshipful Master.” (V.i.l.55) Then there is the Masonic ritual letter code referred to in Richard III: “And from the Cross Row plucks the letter G.” The Cross Row refers to the Rosy Cross of the Rosicrucians also known to Masons, and the letter ‘G’ so sacred to Masons refers to the Grand Geometrician or God, who is responsible for all sacred geometry, Temple design and architecture.59

From the evidence provided in the dedication to Troilus and Cressida, we already know that “grand possessors” have dispossessed the author of his books. Are these the ruffians he refers to inThe Tempest? We should note that the author’s primary concern in The Tempest is the issue of dispossession. Many scholars are in agreement that The Tempest is the last of the author’s plays. Not only does the author break his wand at the end of the play, but he sets the nature spirit that has been his muse, Ariel, free.60 Does this not signify that the master Prospero has hung up his hat? There is no question that he sees his artistic days as being at an end, Prospero’s epilogue seeming more like his final curtain call and last farewell:

Now my charms are all o’erthrown,
And what strength I have’s mine own,
Which is most faint: now, ’tis true,
I must be here confined by you,
Or sent to Naples. Let me not,
Since I have my dukedom got,
And pardon’d the deceiver, dwell
In this bare island by your spell…
(The Tempest, Epilogue)

First, the author addresses his waning artistic powers, which are nearly at an end. Then Prospero says, in what appears to be the author’s final address to the King, only fitting since the play is probably being staged for King James, “now, ’t is true,/I must be here confined by you,/ Or sent to Naples.” The choice has probably already been given to Oxford by King James either to be imprisoned in the Tower or sent into exile perhaps to Italy, where he is known to have cottaged in his younger days.

He then entreats the King not to exile him, since he has got back his dukedom. This corresponds to Oxford receiving back some of the landholdings the Queen had earlier confiscated and awarded to Leicester and others as patronage favors. He then indicates that it is under the king’s curse or “spell” that he is able to continue living on this bare island, that island possibly being the Isle of Man, where Oxford is rumored to have been sent into exile, an island that would of course have been barren. He then goes on to appeal to the King for clemency or mercy:

But release me from your bands
With the help of your good hands:
Gentle breath of yours my sails
Must fill, or else my project fails,
Which was to please.
(The Tempest, Epilogue)

In the above lines, Oxford seems to be appealing to the King for forgiveness, hoping that, if his play pleases, the King might see fit to release him from confinement on the island and fill his sails with his command that he might return to England, since the entire play was conceived to please the King and win his approval. He then complains of the despair from which he suffers that only prayer can deliver him from. He then appeals to the King to act according to the Golden Rule, forgiving him his trespasses, as he would have others forgive his:

And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer,
Which pierces so, that it assaults
Mercy itself, and frees all faults.
As you from crimes would pardon’d be,
Let your indulgence set me free.
(The Tempest, Epilogue)

Oxford concludes by appealing to the King to free him at his pleasure. Now compare Prospero’s epilogue with a story pertaining to Oxford related by Peter Sammartino in The Man Who Was William Shakespeare. The story goes that King James I was suspicious of Oxford because of the loyalty he had demonstrated to a protestant queen. James I knew of Oxford’s opposition to the former Scottish king being on the throne. He was reluctant to assassinate Oxford however, as he feared rebellion. He resolved instead on confining Oxford to the Tower of London.

It was at this time that Oxford’s sin-in-law, the Earl of Derby, suggested a compromise to King James. Since Oxford was the principle writer in all England, he should be permitted to live. Derby proposed that he be removed from the public arena so that he no longer posed a threat to the King. The King then gave Oxford a choice: oblivion or death. Oxford naturally would have chosen oblivion. This would have eliminated him as a political threat, for without the Earl in Court wielding his pen, no one could have discerned the message he imparted through the lines of his plays. It was at this time that he was pronounced officially death. This is said to have occurred at the official date of his death in 1604.

Oxford was then allegedly sent to the Isle of Man, which interestingly belonged to the Derby family. There he is said to have spent the rest of his life in isolation attended to by only one servant who brought him logs for the fire as well as food and water, another striking parallel to The Tempest, as Caliban is employed in the same daily tasks as the servant of Prospero. Oxford is said to have continued writing and revising his plays until his actual death in 1611.61 What is interesting about this story is that it seems to corroborate Prospero’s accounting of events in The Tempest’s epilogue and is therefore worth including in the body of this paper as a footnote. What happened at the hour of Oxford’s official death in 1604 is highly suspicious.

The events have been recorded in G.P.V. Akrigg’s Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton. The events are of so extraordinary a nature that it raises suspicions about the allegation that Southampton, the “Fair Youth” referred to on the Sonnets, was in fact the illegitimate child of Oxford and a claimant to the throne. In fact, Oxfordian scholar Paul Streitz has proposed that Edward de Vere was actually Edward-Tudor-Seymour, the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I, conceived through an elicit affair between a sixteen-year-old Princess Elizabeth and her stepfather Thomas Seymour.62 The reason events of that day seem to confirm this is that Southampton was arrested on June 24, 1604, the day of Oxford’s death, when a seeming panic erupted in King James’s Court. What this suggests is that the Earl of Southampton may have been perceived as a threat due to the fact that he himself may have been a claimant to the throne.

The king may have been concerned that, with Southampton’s father, Oxford, removed from the political landscape, Southampton may have developed an appetite for the throne. The king immediately ordered his heir to the throne to confine himself to chambers and called upon the protection of his loyal Scots guards. Southampton and other associates of the Earl of Oxford were arrested and taken to the Tower for questioning. Their personal papers and documents were also seized and examined, presumably for evidence of treasonous plotting.

The very next day they were set free. Despite the uproar over the incident, the authorities loyal to the king kept silent, no official explanation ever being offered, while details pertaining to the incident were suppressed. This finding was reported by Oxfordian Randall Barron to the Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter in the Fall, 1993 edition. Barron’s conclusion is that, among the papers and documents that were probably seized on the occasion would be Oxford’s own, since they were probably perceived as a national security threat.63

The register of Church of St. Augustine in Hackney tells us that Oxford died of the plague: “Edward de Vere, Erle of Oxenford, was buried the 6th day of July, anno 1604.” In the margin of the same page in the church register is the annotation “The plague.” He is supposed to have been interred here, yet no grave marker has ever been found. The Tudor church was destroyed in 1798, and the ancient gravestones, defaced by time, have been stacked against the church wall.64 The chances of ever finding evidence of his interment at Hackney parish church are exceedingly low. Regarding the Earl’s interment, Lady Oxford’s will attests to the fact that her husband was buried in the churchyard of Hackney parish church, as she stipulated in the passage from her will below that she wished to be laid there with her husband:

…in the Church of Hackney, within the county
Middlesex, as near unto the body of my late
dear and noble lord and husband as may be;
only I will that there be in the said Church
erected for us a tomb fitting our degree.65

Yet directly contradicting this is the testimony of Oxford’s first cousin, Arthur Golding’s son, who wrote of Oxford’s interment: “I will only speak what all men’s voices confirm: he was a man in mind and body absolutely accomplished with honorable endowments; he died at his house in Hackney in the month of June Anno 1604 and leith buried at Westminster.”65 Some researchers have accounted for this with the explanation that the Earl’s body was at some point exhumed for reburial at Westminster Abbey. When he allegedly died of the plague in 1604, and was purportedly buried in the churchyard at Hackney parish church, there was no memorial and he left no will.67 Is it not strange that one of the most legendary nobles in English history should receive no tribute and leave no will? This suggests that he died in disgrace or that his death deliberately received as little attention as possible. Can one conclude otherwise than that the circumstances of his life and death being deliberately suppressed? Even the stories related to his death are inconsistent. There is even a rumor that he survived beyond his official death in 1604 to live for an additional seven years in exile on the Isle of Mersea. True, this story might be of the same category of stories that attend the lives of larger-than-life figures such as Marlowe, Jim Morrison, and Elvis, all of whom have had mysterious circumstances attached to their deaths, but could it just be that the very mystery surrounding their deaths is due to something macabre and untoward? Could the riddle of de Vere’s death point to a yet unsolved homicide?
There are haunting examples of foreshadowing in the Shakespeare plays, in which the author seems to prophecy his own death and interment. While such references abound, this paper will examine two in which the characters in question are clearly identified with our Lord and author of the plays, they being King Henry V and Romeo. In Henry V, for instance, the king is haunted by the fear that he will be left without a tomb or grave, in which he sees it as his curse to be punished by not receiving a proper Christian burial should he fail in his campaigns in France:

Or there we’ll sit,
Ruling, in large and ample empery,
O’er France, and all her almost kingly dukedoms,
Or lay these bones in an unworthy urn,
Tombless, with no remembrance over them:
Either our history shall, with full mouth,
Speak freely of out acts; or else our grave,
Like Turkish mute, shall have a tongueless mouth,
Not worshipped with a waxen epitaph.
(Henry V, I.ii.ll.233-241.)

Square the above passage with the problem attending the mystery over Oxford’s interment. Where exactly is one of the greatest nobleman in England’s history buried or is he buried at all? Was it perhaps a Masonic punishment for those who betrayed the Order not to receive a proper burial and was that the fate he was threatened with, a prophecy that was eventually fulfilled? As for the speculation that the Earl may have been murdered by the Masons or indeed by King James’ henchmen, a fate he seems to fear and point to in play after play, we have the bone-chilling presentiment of Romeo preceding the mask, in which in an aside to the audience, he prophesies his own death.

I fear, too early; for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night’s revels and expire the term
Of a despised life, closed in my breast,
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.
(Romeo and Juliet, I.iv.ll.104-111)

The fact that the prophecy is uttered as an aside to the audience indicates that its relevancy is not so much related to Romeo’s imminent appearance at the ball, but is in fact meant to be taken in a context outside the play, as an aside. As is so often the case in Shakespeare, there is a double import to the character’s speech. While Romeo prophecies that some dark fate will begin to work its poison that night at the masked ball, which will end in his untimely death, so the author also had a predilection about his own death, the reference to “this night’s revels” as much applying to the author’s opening night at the theater as to the ball Romeo plans to attend, in which his highly charged ‘political’ play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet will be staged for the first time. The implication is that the dark fate of untimely death and political assassination will begin its slow advance that night at the theater. The play Romeo and Juliet was most assuredly political. For those unversed in the background to the play, Oxford was imprisoned for a brief period for his affair with Anne Vavasor, one of the Queen’s handmaidens. Anne’s uncle challenged Oxford to a duel, which left them both wounded. Street battles between the Vavasor clan and Oxford and his acting troupe from Blackfriar’s Theatre took place over several months, providing the inspiration for the Montagues and the Capulets.68 Oxford took revenge in the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet by having at the Queen:

But soft! What light from yonder window breaks?
It is the East and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she,
Be not her maid, since she is envious.
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off.
(Romeo and Juliet, II.ii.ll.1-9)

The references here are unmistakable. The Queen was often referred to by the appellations Diana or Cynthia meaning ‘the moon’. The Tudor livery worn by all servants to the Queen was green and white’.69 There is no mistaking the fact that Juliet is here being referred to as the Queen’s maidservant. It is clear in Romeo’s speech that both the Queen and his lover Anne Vavasor, the Queen’s maidservant, are implied. The speech is undeniably to be taken as a snub at the Queen’s vanity in probable revenge on Romeo-Oxford’s part for the wounds of love caused him by the fair Rosaline, a character in which the Queen is also implied. This provides one more reason for the necessity of a pen name. Having been made to look foolish to her Court by Oxford’s portrayal of her in his play, she can hardly turn around and punish him for such an offense, since she would only make more of a spectacle of herself in the eyes of her courtiers. She is therefore compelled to pocket the insult. As a consequence of his shift from continental targets to targets closer to home, Oxford would of course have placed himself in far graver political danger. This latter fact accounts for the forlornness of Romeo’s prophecy.

On the occasion of Oxford’s ‘official’ death in 1604, the bard appears to have left no will. It is impossible to fathom why a man of his importance would have no concern for what became of his personal property and effects following his death.70 It is claimed that Oxford, probably in weakened health, succumbed to the plague. This claim is highly suspect. Breakouts of the plague usually occurred in London in the summer as the result of drinking water being contaminated by human and animal waste. The poet lived well north of the city in Hackney, where vulnerability to the plague would have been exceptional. Deaths resulting from the plague among the aristocracy were extremely rare.

71 Motives for murder or exile of a potential heir to the throne would be strong. And there is ample evidence that Oxford was the Queen’s son, the strongest of which is the signature Oxford used to sign all his personal letters up to the time of King James’s succession. The signature consisted of an overarching crown above his name and seven slash marks beneath his name. Had he succeeded Elizabeth on the throne of England, he would have been Edward VII. This practice of adorning his signature with a crown and seven slashes ceased following the Queen’s death and burial. Oxford’s Tudor signature appears in a letter to Robert Cecil dated April 25, 1603. Queen Elizabeth was interred at Westminster on April 28, 1603. In a letter to Robert Cecil following her burial, Oxford suddenly drops the practice. No other signatures extant following that date contain the marks denoting his divine right to Tudor succession because he would not be King.72 There is considerable circumstantial evidence that Oxford may have been murdered or exiled. It is interesting to note that his ‘official’ death or disappearance occurred only a year after the Queen’s death. Without the protection of the Tudor Queen, he may have found himself in an increasingly vulnerable position politically and socially. In addition, the Shakespeare canon provides strong evidence the author is the Queen’s son. As discovered by Alfred Dodd, the author’s sonnet-diary appears to contain an appeal to the Queen to acknowledge the author as her son and his right to succeed her.73 The appeal could not be more pointed in sonnet thirteen: “You had a father; let your son say so.” (13.14) Or the warning given in sonnet fourteen more explicit: “Or else of thee this I prognosticate,-/Thy end is truth’s and beauty’s doom and date.” (14.13-14) Given that Elizabeth was famed for her beauty and given that Oxford was officially of the line of de Vere or the House of Vere, the words ‘truth’ and ‘beauty’ appear to refer to their respective lines of heredity as Queen and son, since the name Vere is implied by the word ‘truth’. Further evidence for the author’s link to the Tudor line can be found in the oft quoted line by Juliet:

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called,
Retain the dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. (II.ii.ll. 43-47)

The reference to the ‘rose’ is a veiled reference to the Tudor rose. Thus, the bard’s lineage would have the same pedigree whether or not he bore the name associated with the Tudor line. His pedigree would therefore remain sweet scented no matter what name he bore. The prince is of the sweet Tudor rose lineage whatever name he goes by. The prince will thus retain the peerage and perfection of his birth even without the title associated with the Tudor royal bloodline, the Rosy Cross.
As the author of this paper, I hesitated before releasing my findings to the world. I even contacted some Baconian scholars to test my findings out on them, including the composite portrait analysis. While I met with a courteous reception, the Baconian scholars dismissed my findings. I believe that our vision is always attenuated by a certain amount of bias. I have endeavored to overcome my bias by being as objective as possible about the authorship problem. I respect the Baconian position a great deal, but given the weight of evidence supporting my view of the authorship, I have come down on the side of the Oxfordians. This was a painful and tortured position to arrive at. My investigation into the authorship question will continue. I have no wish to mislead the world. Great circumspection and vigilance are required in order to give Shakespeare and the authorship problem a proper burial. 2004 will be the fourth centenary of the Earl of Oxford’s ‘official’ death. The author of this paper intends to celebrate the occasion in style, commemorating his death by deifying him among the pantheon of literary gods as the author of the greatest works in the world canon and holding a celebration to mark the occasion on the 6th of June.


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JFK Assassination: Masonic Passion Play
By Timothy Spearman

Last night, Timothy Spearman, host of Shaking a Spear www.thatradio.com, held a round table discussion with three Toronto-based researchers. The topic of Masonry came up in relation to the JFK assassination. Discussion centred on whether or not the Masons actually had anything to do with JFK assassination plot. The Killing of John F. Kennedy was a Masonic passion play from start to finish. Bear with me as I present the evidence and a case so watertight that no one will be able to resort to the usual obfuscation, evasiveness, equivocation and apologies. First, there is the Secret Service agent who walked away from the presidential limousine motorcade moments before the fateful shots were fired, raising his hands three times from his side in an upward motion. This is the Masonic distress sign, “Who’s afraid of the Widow’s son?” It alludes to the assassination of the Masonic hero Hiram Abif, the alleged architect of King Solomon’s Temple, who was assassinated by the Three Unworthy Craftsman in the Temple of Solomon. He was treated as a treasonous brother for failing to reveal the secrets of the Master Mason Degree to the three ruffians referred to in Masonic lore as the three Juwes: Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum by name.Next, the assassins, hidden somewhere behind the now infamous Grassy Knoll, fired the fatal shots that would end the president’s illustrious life. These assassins have been named by some astute researchers as E. Howard Hunt, whose deathbed confession we now have, Frank Sturgess, and one other. The now famous photo featuring the mock arrest of these three agents, who have been dubbed the “Three Railway Hobos,” reveals a great deal. The hobos, purportedly arrested in a railway boxcar of a freight train just pulling out of the station, were incarcerated and lead away in an unorthodox fashion by three officers. For suspects of a capital crime involving the president, they were taken into custody in an absurdly lax fashion. The photo reveals that the so-called railway hobos were neither cuffed nor placed in leg irons, despite the enormity of the crime for which they were arrested as suspects. The arresting officers casually lead the men away with their rifles held casually like hunters on an outing rather than at port arms. The hobos featured in the photo do not appear to be hobos at all, but clean-cut men, whose shoes are hardly threadbare and whose clothes are far from careworn.In the Masonic passion play, the three railway hobos represented the “Three Unworthy Craftsmen” of Masonic lore as James Shelby Downward so perceptibly pointed out. These Three Unworthy Craftsmen would pop up in another Masonic ritual murder staged on a more recent calendar date, when Princess Di(e)’s ritual assassination was preceded by a chase lead by three paparazzi motorcyclists. The three men were taking part in another passion play involving the ritual killing of Diana, who represented the moon goddess to the occult nutcases who bumped her off. She died exactly 33 years, 9 months and 9 days after the killing of the sun-god, represented by then president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Diana died in a tunnel beneath Pont de L’Alma hill, the traditional site of Diana worship for generations of pagan worshipers, mere coincidence of course. On a much earlier calendar date, the Jack the Ripper slayings would feature another incarnation of the Three Unworthy Craftsmen. A message written in chalk on a wall near one of the slayings reading, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.”To reiterate, JFK was killed Masonic ritual style. The forensic evidence, despite denials, shows that the fatal shot came from the front. It targeted his temple and exited through the cranium, where it blew out the back of his skull. Abraham Lincoln would also die from a head wound a century earlier. The shot to the head is Masonic ritual writ large in their occult script. It was a ritual re-enactment of the murder of Hiram Abif, who was struck once with architectural devices in the right and left temples and taken down with a final fatal deathblow to the forehead with a stone maul. The anatomical name “temple” is derived from the Temple of Solomon, where the murder involving an attack on the two temporal lobes of victim Hiram Abif took place.
The JFK Masonic Passion Play takes on even more ominous overtones when one realizes it also references the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry. The Royal Arch Degree is when the candidate is symbolically granted the secret of the Royal Arch Degree, enabling him to assist in the reconstruction of the Temple. The reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem commemorating the inauguration of Lucifer’s wordwide throne. Kennedy was a fierce opponent of Israeli ambitions and was pro-Paestinian. He was a starch opponent of their effort to obtain nuclear technology and get a hold of the bomb. That is why he was in part given the ritual punishment of the 13 Degree in the Scottish Rite and the 7th Degree in the York Rite of Freemasonry known as the Royal Arch Degree Oath. The candidate freely submits to ritual death should he ever divulge secrets of the Craft or work against the Craft in any way. The ritual death oath he takes consists of agreeing to “have his skull struck off and his brains exposed to the scorching rays of the median sun.” Meditate on that pronouncement for a moment. Then think back to the Zapruder Film and recall what transpired following the final fatal shot to the head. Was the president’s skull not struck off? Were his brains not exposed to the noonday sun? I put it to you that Kennedy quite by design landed and made his way from Dallas airport to the parade route at Dealey Plaza at 12:00 noon or high noon. In other words, JFK was given the ritual death corresponding with the Royal Arch Degree because he interfered in a symbolic sense with the agenda to rebuid the Temple in Jerusalem.The Royal Arch Degree is a Satanic rite from start to finish. In the rite, 3 Master Masons appear to the candidate purportedy from Babylon. This is a Satanic inversion and perversion of the appearance of the Three Wise Magi from the East who appeared at Jesus’ birthplace. In this Degree, the candidate learns the hidden name if his ‘god’, who he is informed is “Jahbuhlun” composed of the triune gods of Jahwey, Baal and Osiris or On. On is aso a city in Egypt where the worship of Osiris or On is thought to originate. This demon god is a perversion of the Christian Holy Trinity. W.L. Wilmhurst explains in “The Meaning of Masonry” why this degree is so important to the candidate’s life. He explains that it is when the candidate “exhibits the attainment of a new order of life.” This is reminiscent of the anguage used by the New World Order, who have repeated time and again that “it is a big idea” this New World Order “struggling to be born” and “coming into view”. It is a language that speaks of a dawning sun rising over the horizon, heralding the appearance of a new day , a “new dawn”, a “new age”, ” a golden dawn”, etc. This “new order of life” as with the New World Order” implies a new order of Lucifer to replace the od order of God. It is a Satanic inversion and perversion of the rites of Baptism, in which one is “born again” into the spiritual life of the Christian church fellowship. Without realizing it, the candidate is very often initiated into demonic possession through this degree rite. He is even expected to drink blood from a human skull, as Jane Mansfield was photographed doing before her death in an automobile “accident”.Another sordid aspect of the ritual is the Sign of the Hidden Hand, where the initiate is sworn to secrecy regarding the ritual oath he has taken as symbolized by the hand he is obliged to hide beneath his jacket or shirt upon his bosom. The sign is executed by thrusting the hand into the bosom and drawing it out again. It is drawn from the 4th Chapter of Exodus, where Moses is addressed by God: “And the Lord said unto Moses, put now thy hand into thy bosom; and he put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behod his hand was leprous as snow.” This explains the countless portraits of America’s Founding Fathers and illustrious Eurpeans like Victor Hugo, Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, etc. with their hands hidden away in their breast. It also explains the name of The Order of the Black Hand, the Masonic secret society that orchestrated the death of the Archduke Ferdinand that kicked off WWI.Jackie, the grieving widow, completes the passion play. She represents the Widow in the Masonic passion play. The Widow grieved for her son Hiram Abif, who died at the hands of the Three Unworthy Craftsmen. Whether or not Jackie was aware of her role in the ritual re-enactment of the Third Degree of Freemasonry, she played her part in the mini drama, as the keystone or capstone who would cap the action of the passion play. The grieving Widow brought the play to its dramatic climax and conclusion, embedded archetypically in our psyches to remain indelibly stamped for all eternity as the Masonic passion play it was always intended to be. Sick I know, but whoever said the world was run by sane people. Rather ironic and sickeningly hypocritical that we the people should fall subject to psychological evaluations based on our questioning of a sick and demented cabal of Luciferian politicians who have the audacity to call themselves leaders. And where do these leaders intend to lead their flock? It should be obvious by now. Who’s afraid of the Widow’s son? Nobody now it seems. He’s dead.

Royal Bloody Murder
by Timothy Spearman


The British Royals are at the top of the Masonic establishment that orchestrates events around the world that we call history, including Royal bloody murder.Jack the Ripper.


It is said that the British intelligence services have the sworn duty of protecting the British Royal Family at all costs.At what cost? How far would they be willing to go in carrying out their duty of protecting the royals and why? The logo for MI5 features a pyramid with a missing capstone, not unlike the Masonic pyramid, missing capstone and All-Seeing-Eye featured on the hind side of the American dollar bill. Why? Are the same controllers in charge on both sides of the Atlantic? What is Masonic symbolism doing on the American one dollar bill and the logo for MI5? Is it not suggestive of overriding control of both these groups by the Masonic fraternity? It is known that a member of the Royal Family of Great Britain has presided as the Worshipful Master over the Grand Lodge of England – currently the Duke of Kent – for generations. The Grand Lodge is the central or premier Masonic Lodge in the world, to which all other Lodges owe their loyalty and their charters. What precisely is the extent of the British Royal Family’s control over Freemasonry and how far is their influence likely to extend? People often ask me to define Freemasonry.What is Freemasonry? I have researched their role in world history enough to know that the Masons and their parent organization, the Knights Templar, have controlled international banking since its foundation in the 13th century. They were also behind the slave trade and the opium trade. If that is not a scandalous enough connection to confirm they are a crime syndicate that has committed grave crimes against humanity, perhaps the fact that their occult symbolism is found on most of the military uniforms of the world, including the Maltese cross, skull and bones insignia, and double-headed phoenix found on the Nazi officer’s uniform will make the case clearer. Would it not be even more shocking to learn of their connection with royal bloody murder, in particular the Jack the Ripper slayings and the murder of Princess Diana? It sounds incredible, but there is evidence to suggest that in the case of Jack the Ripper and the assassination of Princess Diana, there is both a royal and Masonic connection. In observance of the timeline, let’s go back to the Victorian Period to revisit the first of these cases.It is known that all the victims had their throats cut, in most cases from ear to ear. One of the victim’s tongues had been removed. One of the murdered prostitutes had her breast torn open and her heart and vitals removed. Four of the victims had their abdomens cut open and their bowels removed, and in one case burned to ashes. Despite the denials of Masonic apologists, the M.O. here described corresponds with the punishment befalling anyone who fails to uphold the blood oath of the First Degree of Freemasonry. To make the case clear, let us examine these words taken directly from the First Degree oath of Freemasonry: “To all of which I do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind in my whatsoever; binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out, and with my body buried in the sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate this, my solemn Obligation of an Entered Apprentice. So help me God and make me steadfast to keep and perform the same.” Some have claimed that there is no evidence of Masonic involvement in the killings. True, the evidence is only circumstantial, and in the absence of hard evidence, it would be difficult to obtain a post-mortem conviction. Still, to say there is no evidence, when there is actually a mountain of circumstantial evidence is misleading and highly inaccurate. The murder of the final victim, for instance, was committed on the final evening of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076, the premier lodge of research in Speculative Freemasonry.The Grand Master of that Lodge was the head of Scotland Yard, who resigned as chief of police immediately following the last Ripper slaying. There may have been a good reason for him doing so, since researchers have identified him as the man who tampered with evidence at the last crime scene. The evidence in question was actually a message scrawled on the wall near the victim’s body, which read, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.” Masonic apologists have denied that the reference to “the Juwes” has anything to do with Masonic tradition. That claim is shamefully false however. The scrawled message referring to the Three Juwes – Jubila, Jubilo, and Jubulum by name – is a direct reference to the Third Degree of Freemasonry – from which we get the expression “They gave him the Third Degree – and specifically relates to the three assassins of Hiram Abif, the said architect of King Solomon’s Temple. The three ruffians are said to have cordoned off the exits of the temple, demanding that the master mason reveal to them the secrets of the Third Degree. When he refused, each of the ruffians in turn leveled a violent blow to the architect’s head, the first two to the “temples” and a final fatal blow to the forehead. It is highly probable that there are in fact three Jacks involved rather than just one and that these are the three ruffians referred to in the scrawled message found at the last crime scene. Having examined the case report from the British Archives, the letters ostensibly sent by “Jack” to Scotland Yard, show three very distinct hands at work, certainly three different writing hands and indisputably three different voices. One “Jack” uses high English and is probably university educated.The second employs middling English and is probably a commoner of the middle class. The third “Jack” is indisputably working class, employing the Cockney East End London vernacular throughout the letter. Stephen Knight’s investigation of the Jack the Ripper case led him to the conclusion that it was the Queen’s physician, high degree Freemason William Gull, who organized the murder conspiracy in accordance with Masonic ritual. The ostensible motive for the killings was to protect the royal family. ‘What from?’ One might ask. Given the royal family’s penchant for scandal, one might ask why one might ask. According to Knight’s hypothesis, the murders were carried out to protect Prince Albert, the grandson of the Queen, and second in line to the throne, from scandal. The scandal involved his secret marriage to a young Catholic woman, who had given birth to his child. The royal scandal probably had less to do with her being Catholic and more to do with the child being conceived out of wedlock, followed by a secret marriage between the woman and the prince. Such actions would not have carried the stamp of royal respectability, and were unwelcome given the political climate of the time. As for Princess Diana, there may have been a motive for the murder never before considered.The Mason-controlled intelligence service MI5 may have been called upon to protect the British Royal Family for very similar reasons. The former Princess of Wales was allegedly pregnant with the child of Dodi Fayed. The scandalous nature of this revelation seems lost on the general public, but should be clear. It would further humiliate the already much cuckolded Prince of Wales, and cause further embarrassment to an already disaster ridden P.R. department at Buckingham Palace. The irony is that when the truth comes out, the erupting scandal will be the worst in British history and is certain to consign the scandal-ridden Royals to the dustbin of history.The first thing to note about the assassination of the princess is that it took place in a tunnel with a very similar M.O. to that used in another failed MI6 assassination attempt. The fact that Henri Paul has been linked to French intelligence, and that questions have been raised about the blood tests that confirmed high alcohol readings in the driver’s bloodstream raises still further questions. There is evidence emerging that certain intelligence services may have been involved. In another recent revelation, Diana entertained concerns about her safety, believing that “her husband” was planning a murder he hoped would appear like a car accident. Of all the miles of open road in Paris, a car accident in a tunnel away from the prying eyes of the general public does seem rather convenient. The fact that the surveillance cameras were down for the first time in their history and conveniently failed to film the final moments of the crash is also rather telling. It is also highly irregular that the police channel would fail to broadcast for a whole hour leading up to the fatal crash until just after the accident, when it suddenly burst into frenetic life. Were the Masons involved? Is there any evidence that Mason-controlled elements within the intelligence services of Britain and France might have been involved in the murder of the princess? First, let us examine the presence of the three motorcycle paparazzi that were present at the accident scene and later blamed for the fatality. From a Masonic ritual standpoint, they represent “the three Juwes”. It would not be the first time this Masonic M.O. would be used in a political assassination of a major figure. At the time of the JFK assassination, for instance, three railway hoboes would be apprehended and carted away by police. Yet none of these suspected felons would be cuffed and the officers in charge merely carted them away with their guns at port arms. This is highly irregular protocol for a major arrest to say the least. The M.O. would pop up again with the murder of William Morgan, a figure apparently murdered for revealing the secrets of Freemasonry he was assigned to keep. Morgan was actually abducted from jail by three Masons prior to his murder. This is Masonic M.O. related to the Third Degree of Freemasonry specifically targeting victims who have revealed secrets in some way threatening to the Freemason establishment. Morgan, JFK and Princess Diana were all whistle-blowers. Each of them posed a threat to the Mason-controlled establishment and each of them planned to reveal damaging secrets before their deaths. It was natural and calculated that the M.O. employed in their specific murders was directly related to their crimes of indiscretion. It should also be noted that the murder of JFK is said to have conformed to the Masonic “Killing of the King” ritual, a fertility rite honoring the sun god of ancient Egypt, Osiris. At the site of the killing, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, stands a stone obelisk comprised of twelve stone blocks with a lighted torch at the top. This commemorates the killing of the sun god Osiris by the Egyptian god Set, who armed with sword, cut the sun god down, scattering his thirteen body parts to the winds. Isis, the consort of Osiris, would reclaim his body parts and hold a necromancy ceremony to raise him from the dead. But the missing thirteenth body part, Osiris’ phallus would never be recovered and is represented by the Egyptian stone obelisk, one of which is found at Dealey Plaza.The killing of the moon goddess Diana would occur exactly thirty-three years, nine months and nine days after the killing of the king in Dallas, who died at the 33-Degree parallel line of latitude on November 22, 1963. She would die inside a tunnel beneath Pont de l’Alma hill, the traditional site of Diana worship for generations of pagans. At the site marking her death lies a lighted torch within a pentacle star, another Masonic calling card. The fact that a member of the Royal Family presides as Grand Master over the central and premier Lodge of world Freemasonry does create disturbing implications in light of the fact that the Masons have left their fingerprints had so many of the world’s great crime scenes.

The Pentacle


They Gave Us the Third Degree
By Timothy Spearman

“They gave them the Third Degree” is just one of the Masonic expressions with which our language is steeped. But to what arcane reference does it owe its origin? To anyone familiar with Freemason lore, it will be clear that it refers to one of Freemasonry’s most venerated figures – Hiram Abif. The biblical reference to Hiram Abif tells us that he was the architect dispatched by the King of Tyre as the architect-builder of King Solomon’s Temple. Legend holds that he was approached at the Temple by three ruffians in search of the secrets of the Third Degree of Masonry – secrets presumably related to the art of stone building – but Hiram, as stolid as stone, refused to budge. The “Three Unworthy Craftsmen” as they are known cordoned off the exits of the Temple and lay in wait for their quarry to attempt an escape. Hiram’s first escape attempt was met with a blow to one temple with an architectural device, causing him to drop on one knee. As he staggered to the next exit, he was met with a second blow to the other temple, which took him down on the other knee.After regaining his senses a third time, he staggered to the third and final exit of the Temple, where he met with the final fatal deathblow administered by a stone maul to the forehead.The Third Degree ritual is often referred to in literature as in Shakespeare’s “Tempest”, where Prospero is confronted by three ruffians who steal his manuscripts or in “Macbeth,” where Banquo is confronted and killed by three agents. The Shakespeare plays were a collective effort of Francis Bacon and Edward de Vere, co-founders of Fra Rosi Cross and the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, secret writing societies and state propaganda ministries attached to Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The Bacon-Oxford team were steeped in the 33 Degrees of Freemasonry, which were basically mini-dramas created by Bacon and Oxford based on the Elysian mysteries of the ancient world dedicated to Pallas Athena, their patron goddess, the Spear-Shaker, who wore the helmet of invisibility.The Third Degree ritual is also commemorated in murders and assassinations where Luciferian Masons have left their calling card and other clues. Jack the Ripper, for instance left a message scrawled on a wall near one of the killings that read. “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.” This was a reference to the three unworthy craftsmen who murdered Hiram Abif, who by name were known as the three Juwes, Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum. It just gets nuttier, I know, but then these people are criminally insane. The murder of William Morgan by the Masons employed the same M.O. with three ruffians pulling him out of jail the night of his murder. The JFK assassination would see a repeat of this M.O. with the “three railway hobos” arrested in Dallas on the day of the shooting. These so-called hobos were well turned out in brush cuts and well heeled shoes and clean clothes. It was later revealed that two of these men were CIA assets Sturgess and Hunt, who had been recycled from the Bay of Pigs and would be used again in Watergate. Then there is the Diana assassination involving three paparazzi motorcyclist at the accident scene.For those who suffer from the delusion that Freemasonry is a quaint gentleman’s club that undertakes arcane rituals like the Third Degree initiatory rite just for kicks, let me set you straight on that point immediately. I met a former Mason in Seoul, South Korea, who had obtained a higher degree within the fraternity, who had himself been put through the ritual torture known as the Third Degree and even had the scars to prove it. He told me that he had been a rich and influential corporate magnate in Pakistan under the tenure of Benazir Bhutto. He told me that the former president of Pakistan had been a member of his Masonic Lodge. I was taken aback by this news as I had always believed that highly placed women had always joined a sister’s Lodge known as the Order of the Eastern Star. He corrected me on that point by informing me that influential women were often initiated into male Lodges if they were considered fit to serve the New World Order.It turns out that Bhutto had asked him for a campaign contribution for re-election, which he had politely rebuffed. This was considered a betrayal of a fellow lodge member, a slight to a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ in this case. It was then decided that because he had refused to serve the New World Order in common cause with one of his brethren, he had betrayed the order and was ripe for the Third Degree. He told me that his face had been so badly mangled by ritual torture that he had to get plastic surgery to repair the damage. He displayed the scars on his temples and in the middle of the forehead to prove the veracity of his claim. Following his ordeal, he and his family fled to Vancouver, Canada, where God willing they remain to this day.Our culture is steeped in the Third Degree ritual. In a sense, we have all been through it. We have all been put through the Third Degree in one kind or another. Take the university degree system, for example, based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. Take the degrees you confront in the military command structure, featuring the so-called “stripes” on the shoulder of the uniform, which actually represent ashlars of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the arcane reference point for so much Freemason symbolism or for that matter the ranking system in the police, security and law enforcement agencies. I have talked to several former military brass and military intelligence personnel who have informed me that most of the higher ranking officers in the Anglo-American military establishment are either Freemasons or Rosicrucians. This is no surprise to me whatsoever given that Francis Bacon and his brother Antony set up all of the intelligence services of Europe and laid the foundation for the future Unites States. Indeed, the degree system permeates the executive branch of government, the managerial class of the corporate world and the degree ranking system of our class based society. Even the traditional peerage system of dukes, earls, princes and kings is referred to as a degree system. The truth is it gets a little hot at the higher degrees, which explains why a lot of us are feeling a little hot under the collar.

A Who’s Who of Who’s Controlling Whom
by Timothy Spearman

Remember the song by the rock band The Who called “Who Are You?” Pay close attention to the lyrics the next time you listen. The lyrics are really quite revolutionary and subversive. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.
Who has authoritative knowledge? Do you? Do I? Socrates, one of the very greatest minds, insisted that he knew nothing. Contrast this with today’s know-it-all intellectuals who assume they know everything. It is our observation that scholarship itself should come under the microscope, since the scholarly community has found itself in error on a host of subjects over the centuries. Just to offer some early examples: Columbus had to discover the New World to promote his new paradigm. Meanwhile, Copernicus withheld his discoveries for thirty years before daring to propose his heretical heliocentric solar system to the monastic pedants of his day. Luckily, he managed to escape the purifying rituals of the Inquisition’s torturers by dying.
Copernicus was then forced to recant for reiterating the theory; Bruno was burnt to a cinder for reiterating the already reiterated; Galileo was martyred for being the patron saint of an already accepted truth; Descartes was mercilessly persecuted by the monastic scholars of Holland only to narrowly escape trial by fire; As for Shakespeare, the scholarly community has embarrassingly overlooked the obvious, that the plays could not have been written by the commoner who purportedly wrote them. The real writer was in fact an intelligence operative who needed a front man to hide behind. The real author was a nobleman, a courtier connected with HMSS and closely associated with Francis Bacon. William Shakespeare was a pen name. The man who sat for the famous portrait of William Shakespeare by John Taylor is not from Stratford. That man is Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford. A comparison of this portrait and the portrait of Edward de Vere by Marcus Gheeraedts shows this to be the case.
In the last century Percey Bysshe Shelley was expelled from Oxford for merely suggesting that there might not be a Creator in a paper called “The Necessity of Atheism”. And just to catalogue some of the things the scholarly community has gotten wrong in the 20th century, they found themselves in gross error over the psychoanalytic theories first proposed by Freud. Geographers and geophysicists could not have been more in error concerning continental shift and Earth plate tectonics, a discovery they attempted to suppress for over fifty years through their notoriously criminal conduct. Indeed, I have something of an axe to grind with the corrupt academic establishment that is notoriously in cahoots with the corrupt political and legal establishments, each of which vaccinates the others to enhance each other’s legal immunity.
Later in the century, social scientists found themselves committing a litany of errors in the realm of geopolitics, misjudging the situation in Vietnam, East Timor, Central and South America, the Balkans, and a host of other places that came under the gun of Uncle Sam, NATO or the UN’s so-called security forces. In addition, they were largely in error about Cuba, the Bay of Pigs, the JFK coup d’etat, the Nixon coup, the Panama Invasion, the Gulf War, the Balkan conflict, the rigged election of 2000 and 2004 and of course 9/11 and the war on terrorism. Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s most revered scholars, still believes Oswald did it. But then Noam insists there is no evidence 9/11 was an inside job. Where have you been Noam? And how can anyone forget AIDS, Ebola, SARS, and Anthrax?
Professor Jacob Segal alleges that HIV was manufactured at Fort Detrick, a biological weapons research facility in Maryland. Segal states that the P4 High Security laboratory at Fort Detrick created a deadly hybrid biological agent by splicing the Visna virus – a deadly disease that kills sheep and HLTV-1 – and the Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus together. He goes on to state that the virus was tested on inmates of the prison system who volunteered for experimentation in exchange for early parole. Because symptoms did not show up within six months, the prisoners were released. Many of them were homosexual, so the virus quickly spread within the gay communities of New York and San Francisco. What is worth noting here is that BBC and other journalists traced the Anthrax that was sent to several prominent people in the United States to, you guessed it, Fort Detrick. Clearly Fort Detrick is the common denominator in the ugly deception perpetrated by the U.S. intelligence services. Did I say intelligence services? What an oxymoron that is. How about the Third Reich’s Gestapo? George Orwell said it best in 1984.

In the vast laboratories of the Ministry
of Peace and in the experimental stations
hidden in the Brazilian forests, or in the
Australian desert, or on lost islands of
Antarctic, the teams are indefatigably at
work. Some are concerned simply with
planning the logistics of future wars;
others devise larger and larger rocket
bombs…others search for new and
deadlier gases, or for soluble poisons
capable of being produced in such
quantities as to destroy the vegetation of
whole continents, or for breeds of
disease germs immunized against all
possible antibodies…(184)

Could you repeat that last bit again, George? Did you say, “disease germs immunized against all possible antibodies?” Thanks George. It appears they’ve done it. By Jove you were right George, right about everything except the 1984 bit. AIDS hit the headlines before 1984. But pretty good job on the whole George. You and Edgar Cayce would have made a good team.
Given the appalling record of oversight and the skill they exhibit at missing the obvious, it amazes me that anyone should be amazed by the attenuated vision, myopia and ignorance of the tunnel-vision pedants that stake their claim over the archives only to collect more dust from neglect and redundancy than the books they pour over in their corner of the archives.
How is all this possible? What if there was an overarching organization that controlled the dissemination of knowledge, information and just about everything else? Well there is. What is the university degree system based on? The first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason corresponding with Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s and Ph.D. This means that a secret establishment controls the whole show. Subversive anti-establishment thinkers get weeded out before they reach the top of the pyramid.
What about banking? Who created banking? The Knights Templar. Who are they? The Masons under an older name. How did they do it? By lending gold. How much gold? More than they had. What’s that called? A con game. Today they call it fractional reserve lending. Ever notice how a bank looks like a Masonic Temple? Ever notice the Cathedral arches in the WTC Twin Towers? The Templar Masons designed the Gothic cathedrals too you know. And how about the WTC Twin Towers? Why twins? Because they represent the pillars of a Masonic Temple: Jachin and Boaz, meaning Strength and Foundation. You mean to tell me that the New York Financial District is a Masonic Temple? Yep! How about the check? Comes from the coded number system invented by the Templar Knights. Gold is heavy. You don’t want to carry that all the way to the Holy Land. Here, take this check. It’s good for 3,000 ducats of gold.
Where is London’s legal district located? Temple Bar. Ah, so that’s where the term “Bar Exam” comes from. You guessed it. What about the Temple part? Well, how about the Knights of the Temple or the Knights Templar? And how about the Masonic Temple? You’ve got to be kidding me. Nope.
Check out the police uniforms. Ever notice those black and white squares on the police caps? Well those black and white squares are on the floor of every Masonic Temple. Know what it means? Nope. It means we control the light and the dark forces. We control both sides. We control both sides in wars and cold wars. We control the Capitalists and the Commies, this ideology and that. We control the North and the South, this army and that. We control both sides. We control all sides. That way we control the outcome we call the New World Order.
Who controls the World Government? Who controls the UN? You guessed it.Look at the logo for the UN. 33 rectangular squares representing the longitude and latitude degree lines of the Earth and also the 33 Degrees of Freemasonry. And the laurels of Pallas Athena surrounding the globe? Well, Pallas always presented her heroes with laurels. So what? Well, she’s the patron goddess of Freemasonry. And how about all those pagan gods and goddesses all over the Ivy League university campuses. Well, the Freemasons secretly worship the pantheon of pagan gods and goddesses of the ancient world. How about the world religions? How about the oil companies? How about the multinational corporations? Well, yes I’m afraid they created and control those too. Still have your doubts?

They Cap-It-All

By Timothy Spearman

An examination of the American one dollar bill is really quite revealing. The first thing to notice is the spider web woven around the outside of the bill. What could this possibly represent? Could it be that a cabal of black magicians akin to black widow spiders has actually woven a web of control around us in the form of the money system and international finance? The evidence is suggestive.Take the dollar sign for example “$”. Would you have guessed that this is actually the sign for the moon goddess Isis? We even trade in paper “mooney” based on silver, the “moon element”, which is actually the color of the moon. Where did the distinctions First, Second and Third World come from? Do you ever hear any references to the Second World in any mainstream discourse? We hear of the First World, supposedly designating First World developed countries. But what is the actual meaning of First World?
The First World is the Illuminati. They control the gold supply and trade in gold. Why is that? Because they are the capitalists or “cap-it-all-ists” and they “cap it all”. They cap the entire social pyramid of our world whose hierarchy is based on the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a truncated version of which is featured on the hind side of the American one dollar bill. They are the missing keystone or capstone of the Great Pyramid featured in the Great Seal of the United States seen on the one dollar bill. Here we see the All-Seeing Eye of the sun god peering out of the missing capstone surrounded by the thousand points of light referred to in so many of George Bush Sr.’s speeches. The Illuminati trade in gold, the sun element, which is the color of the sun.They cap-it-all from the national cap-it-alls using financial cap-it-all because it is their cap-it-all gain. If you look at the first letter of the alphabet “A”, you will see that it is the keystone of capstone of the alphabet. It even resembles the pyramid and missing capstone of the Great Pyramid. We can see who is in control. The evidence is all around us if we can read the signs, the “logos”, which are the Illuminati LOGOS, Greek for the word, sign or logic through which they communicate with their initiated members.
So who is the Third World? The world’s poor of course. They trade in the Earth element which is bronze. They get paid pennies a day so that the product brand makers in the Illuminati cap-it-alls can get rich off their poor backs through a hierarchical pyramid-based money system designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Those being paid in the earth element at 17 cents an hour make the rich richer so that they can afford to purchase and trade in the sun element on the international money markets, ensuring that they remain the “invisibles” at the top of the pyramid, the “missing” capstone, where they cap-it-all through financial cap-it-all.
The pyramid of control is also seen in the Illuminati Games also known as the Olympic Games, where we see those who demonstrate the heroism of the gods – for ‘gods’ read Illuminati – being awarded the sun element associated with the sun god Osiris in the form of the gold medal. Those of us who demonstrate the heroism of the gods, while not being equal to the gods, will receive the moon element associated with the moon goddess Isis and will be recipients of the silver medal. Those poor earthlings among us who are unequal to the gods or their heroes will not receive the victory laurel of Pallas Athena’s heroes, but will have to settle for the Earth element associated with GAIA, the Earth mother and will receive the bronze.
Of course we can go further and see that the illuminati have established their control over our education system as well through the university matriculation system based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice corresponding to Bachelor’s Degree, Fellow Craft corresponding with Master’s, and Master Mason corresponding to Ph.D. To ascend the ladder of these higher degrees is no challenge so long as one conforms to the establishment that established the degrees in the first place. At the B.A. level, being a novice or entered apprentice, you are free to explore the world and read anything, say anything or write anything you like.This will instill in the novice the firm conviction that he lives in a free society that grants him freedom of thought and speech. But by the time the novice rises to become a Fellow of the Craft, he must learn what all Masters of Arts and Sciences must learn. He must learn to conform. He must learn to submit to submit to convention and tailor his thesis to the views and opinions of his predecessors, referring to them in his academic papers as his authorities, because he must bend and submit not stand straight on his own two legs. By the time he aspired to be a Master Mason, he will have to submit to the rigors of a Ph.D. supervisor and a team of reviewers who will insist that he has become an expert in the small area or box to which they have seen him consigned and that he will show no originality or vision what so ever, but will conform to the establishment ‘norm’ he has been ordered to uphold.
This perfect mind control operation mistakenly referred to by the global elite as higher education is based simply and solely on programming of the world’s population by those who cap-it-all. They tried to keep us out and had succeeded until the 20th century, but finally decided to allow the citizens of the Second World to participate in the university education system as long as they continued to mind their place.This became apparent to them when they saw those soldiers who had participated in the First World War coming home and calling for a greater voice and a greater place in society as a reward for serving their countries and the sacrifices they had made. The Illuminati had no choice but to concede and grant them the illusion of greater participation and freedom of speech. Instead however, the citizenry were merely being programmed by a hierarchical degree system that ensured that they would uphold the ideology and ‘invented’ history the Illuminati had decided to feed to a naïve and unassuming population of the uninitiated. And it worked and has continued to work up till the present day with a curriculum in force to ensure the “educated” population believes such nonsense as the Shakespeare from Stratford nonsense, the Oswald Kennedy assassination, the 9/11 Osama operation, AIDS of the African green monkey, and the coming Avian Flu H5N1 scourge.
If our education system is not about mind control than how can you explain why supposed trained medical experts are diagnosing AIDS through bogus HIV blood tests, based on the detection of HIV-related antibodies in the blood stream. These so-called medical experts are diagnosing patient as being HIV positive with not a shred of empirical evidence. Proper scientific evidence calls for empirical proof of something. The detection of HIV-related antibodies in the bloodstream of a patient is not empirical evidence of HIV infection. The antibodies could be related to other blood borne pathogens. Scientists have already admitted that HIV is a virus subject to extreme mutation, so how do the medical practitioners identifying the HIV-related antibodies know that they are really HIV related? In addition, how can they go on to prescribe highly reactive and poisonous AZT drug cocktail treatments for patients diagnosed as HIV positive when there is no clinical proof they are sick? In fact, some experts feel that many of the deaths listed as AIDS-related are in fact drug induced. Is medical school really about schooling or is about mind control and submission to authority and unquestioning subordination to convention and the prevailing view?
It should be clear to anyone with a brainwave that the military is no different. The so-called stripes on the uniform are not stripes but ashlars or cubes of the pyramid designating the first three degrees of Freemasonry, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason.There is a reason George Washington (33rd Degree Freemason), General MacArthur (33rd Degree Freemason) and so many other high-ranking military men had a comparable high rank within Freemasonry. It was their ticket to success, which is why most of the men of high rank within the intelligence units of the Anglo-American empire are high degree Freemasons or Rosicrucians. It is their ticket.
So if you really want to succeed be like George W. Bush and go to an Ivy League university (the poison “Ivy” representing the vine or the branches of the Illuminati bloodlines) and join a secret society fraternity like the Skull and Bones and have a daddy who is the former head of the CIA because he was a fellow bonesman and a 33rd Degree Freemason, and invest in gold because it’s the sun element and the only element to never lose its value in the changing times, and become a president for heaven’s sake because your bloodline en-“titles” you to it because you have a royal pedigree and bloodline as one of the Eastern Establishment families, and join an elite military unit even if you fail drug tests, go AWOL and deserve a dishonorable discharge.That’s my prescription for success. Now doesn’t that just cap it all?

Welcome to the Hotel California
by Timothy Spearman


The New World Order of God has been replaced by the New World Order of Lucifer. Have you noticed your place in the scheme of things has been shrinking a bit? Do you feel a little cramped and closed in? Do you feel a little like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, and the princess in the garbage compactor?
It’s nice to know that we don’t have to die anymore to go to hell. I mean why not save yourself the trip, right? You don’t have to contact a travel agent, in this case the angel of death.You don’t have to book any airline tickets. You don’t have to worry about collecting air miles or getting discounts on your flight. You don’t have to make a reservation at any hotels. You don’t even have to pack your bags. The New World Order of Lucifer has made things very convenient for you. Life itself has become a living hell. It’s like the Hotel California: “You can book in anytime you like, but you can never leave.” The world has now officially gone to hell in a hand basket.
I know, I know, you don’t believe in Lucifer. You don’t have to. And furthermore, they don’t want you to. How else would he come as a thief in the night? Through a slow incremental process, he has entered your life through stealth and taken over. You have a social insurance number. Can you work without it? Have you been asked to go for a medical checkup with blood work by your employer? Have you tested positive in a bogus HIV test? Have you been pressured to go on poisonous antiretroviral AIDS drug cocktails formerly prescribed for cancer patients but later banned because of dangerous side effects? Have you been perfectly healthy before the drug regime, but now find yourself experiencing pain, discomfort, headaches and more recently complications including immune dysfunction and organ failure? Do you feel that the drugs made you a full-blown AIDS patient rather than the virus? But none of the medical professionals are listening, right? Welcome to the Hotel California. What would you like the medical records to show as the cause of death? Drug-induced AIDS? Not very likely, I’m afraid. Like it or not you will probably be another AIDS statistic. Welcome to the New World Order of Lucifer. Still looking for the exit? So is Sartre.
Can your child go to school without up-to-date vaccine records? Can your child go to school without submitting to a highly toxic schedule of vaccines containing the sterilizer thimerosal with the active ingredients mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde? Can your child be suspended from school until the vaccine schedule is brought up to date? Can you be considered an unfit parent and have your children taken away from you by child services if you don’t get them vaccinated or worse attempt to home school them? Do you think life without your child is a living hell? If you think having your child taken away and raised by strangers in an orphanage is not your worst nightmare, consider this.Your child is raised as an orphan by Kindercare, an Illuminati front organization, whose logo consists of a schoolhouse resembling the pyramid and All-seeing Eye. Your orphaned child is subjected to Satanic ritual abuse and mind programming as part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. Your child grows up with DID (dissociative identity disorder). He or she is now a mind-controlled sex slave of the Illuminati and may even grow up to become an entertainer or celebrity for the global elite like Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Lynn, or Madonna.
More and more services are on-line and require a credit card. Can you order the service without one? Don’t worry about not believing in Lucifer. The Illuminati don’t really believe in him either even though they worship him in all his guises, Osiris, Aton, Apollo, Prometheus, Malech, Baphomet, Baal, etc. What they are really doing is venerating a principle of evil. Why else would they meet to hold their childish rituals at Bohemian Grove? Dressing up in robes before the statue of a great horned owl named Molech? Offering mock human sacrifices to a stone god? You must be kidding, our leaders? Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Clinton, Bush, the bin Ladens, the House of Saud, you can’t be serious? You can’t believe the Grovers take any of this to heart, do you? You don’t really think they believe in this stuff surely? Would it be any less scary if they did? Either way they are off the chain.Placing the destiny of the world in the hands of individuals who would sooner get their rocks off in aCalifornia redwood forest than address the international emergencies of war, climate change, endemic food and water shortages and famine should be incentive enough for riots, rebellion and uprising.
Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to go to hell. Why are people always telling me that? Can’t they see that I don’t have to go anywhere? The Old World Order of God has been replaced by the New World Order of Lucifer. Don’t believe me? Pick up the phone and try paying your utility bill or your cell phone bill. Phone any government agency and try to get information. You don’t hear a human voice at the other end, do you? You hear an automated voice recording instructing you to choose from various options. But none of the options apply to you, do they? But you can’t explain this to the automated service agent, can you? Despite your appeals, protests, invectives and expletives, none of your questions are answered, none of your concerns addressed and none of your problems solved, right? Ever see the Sartre play, No Exit? I feel like that sometimes too.
I am a professor who has taught twelve different university-level courses in South Korea. I have published in several academic fields. I have experience as a newspaper journalist and radio show host. I have been active in every field of the arts. You would think that with this wealth of experience living and working abroad, I would be a shoe-in for a faculty position in a North American university. Think again. The New World Order of Lucifer has its gatekeepers in place. I applied for a university position at two universities in Florida. I went through a three-month recruitment process. I was even asked to have my grades from my matriculation in Canada and the UK translated to the American system at a cost of $300. At the end, I was told that I would have to obtain a work permit before I could be hired when the institution knew full well that they had to sponsor me for such a permit. When I closed my bank account and returned to Canada, my Canadian bank froze my assets for two months and left me without rent and food money till the branch manager finally freed up enough funds to allow me to make minor transactions. Two checks bounced in the interim because they neglected to inform me that my newly opened account had been frozen. All this because the bank draft from my closed account at the American bank in Melbourne, Florida was considered a risk. This put my money in the freezer for two whole months. I am still thawing out the bills. Sir Wilfred Laurier is still wearing a snow white beard and moustache.
I booked myself in at the hotel naturally. I was told it was a five star and had state of the art security and I would be safe. The concierge was pleasant enough. At first, it seemed like a first rate hotel. There were plenty of towels, washcloths, complimentary soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and razors. There was a TV, VCR, a wide selection of channels. There was a sauna, swimming pool, whirlpool, games room and free access to the Internet. I almost thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was only after this fake terrorist attack in New York that I saw the truth. Only later did I realize my phone was being bugged while my internet communications were being monitored. My cell phone in turns out had a tracking device. I also had a curfew to maintain.I had to be back in my room like Cinderella by midnight. Even if I left my glass slippers in the dining room, I had no way of retrieving them. Hotel access was severely restricted. The sauna, pool and games rooms were off limits in the evening. Then it hit me. Despite the opulent décor and the fancy plates and linen, my hotel room may as well have had bars. And then I remembered the odd comment made by the concierge when I first arrived: “Welcome to the Hotel California. You can book in any time you like, but you can never leave.”

A Pound of Flesh
by Timothy Spearman 


Ever read “The Merchant of Venice”? Well, imagine Uncle Sam is Shylock and Iran is Antonio. And imagine Portia is the World Court.
There is much wisdom to be found in books. Take “The Merchant of Venice” for example. In this play, Antonio has taken a loan of 3,000 ducats from Shylock, the moneylender. The loan has been taken out on merchant cargo ships laden with minerals extracted abroad. Let us for our purposes imagine the commodity to be oil. The ships are then lost at sea and Antonio defaults on his loan. As collateral, Shylock has extracted a loan on exactly one pound of Antonio’s flesh.
By analogy, Saddam Hussein also received many usurious gifts from the former U.S. president, George Bush Sr., when he was head of the CIA, including oil kickbacks, which they split to the tune of $250 billion a year each, through the Pennzoil Oil Company, this revealed in the book by former CIA agent, Russell S. Bowen, The Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family Revealed. This prefaced the sale on credit of chemical, biological and nuclear agents that could be used in weapons of mass destruction. For this, Shylock has demanded his pound of flesh in bond.
In the play, Shylock does not want his loan to be paid in interest even when reparation is offered at three times its value. He prefers to have his pound of flesh. To him, it is justice to have Antonio suffer for the many insults he has received at his hands, but this is justice based on revenge.
Analogously, Bush does not want the sale of arms to be repaid. Iraq may present its inventory of weapons three times over and still Shylock will not be discouraged from his course. Iraq may open its borders to UN inspectors and turn every missile, warhead, and chemical weapon over and still Shylock will insist upon his pound of flesh.
Now the bond has come to court, Portia presiding not as a young doctor of law, but as the United Nations. She has come to hear the case. At first, she consents to the bond and agrees that Antonio’s chest should be laid bare that Shylock might lay hold of his pound of flesh. But Shylock is in for a surprise as the most learned judge has stipulated that while he is entitled to his bond of one pound of flesh, if even so much as a single drop of blood is allowed to spill, he will be compelled to forfeit all his property.
Let the UN invoke the same wisdom with the United States, consenting to the bond of invasion –since America insists upon having its pound of flesh, so long as not a single drop of blood is spilled in Iran or North Korea—both slated to be the next targets in the war on terrorism—the terms being that the United States be forced to forfeit all its political and diplomatic power by the International Court should it fail to meet these terms.
Next, Portia stipulates that Shylock is to extract the exact sum of one pound of Antonio’s flesh and not a single ounce more or once again his lands and properties will be held forfeit. Shylock has even brought his balancing scales along to weigh the morbid article that is to be cut away. Observe how the weapon’s inspectors are now weighing the cache of weapons in their scales to determine whether or not there is cause to go to war.
So let Portia, in the guise of the UN, insist that the invading allied force strike only such installations as weapons silos and weapons caches. Should so much as a single tomahawk missile stray from its course and hit a civilian residence, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, or telecommunications installation as occurred in the first Gulf War, the UN must insist that the United States be forced to forfeit its diplomatic and military power through the jurisdiction of the International Court.
Having been forced to capitulate on his bond, Shylock then requests that the debt of 3,000 ducats be paid with interest. Portia refuses to grant his request on the grounds that he had previously refused such an offer, having insisted instead on a pound of flesh without compromise. Instead, he is told that he will receive no collateral whatsoever on his bond.
So let it be said to the American president that his unprovoked preemptive strike on Iraq is unlawful and hypocritical since his father had already employed weapons of mass destruction on Iraq in the form of tomahawk missiles and bombs laced with depleted uranium, 87,000 tons of bombs, equivalent to seven and one half Hiroshimas, according to Ramsay C. Clark, Former Attorney-General of the United States. In addition, 100,000 cluster bombs have been scattered all over the Iraqi and Kuwaiti deserts, undetonated and waiting to go off.
Then Portia invokes Venetian legal precedent in order to exact a penalty on Shylock for deliberately threatening the life of a fellow citizen, for which all his lands are held forfeit, and at the mercy of the plaintiff to dispose of as he sees fit.
So let the International Court insist that the offended party, Iraq, be compensated by being permitted to refuse trading relations with the United States, while the International Court be empowered at the same time to force the U.S. government to forfeit all its political and military power, to be disposed of as the offending party Iraq sees fit.
Portia’s justice is not based on revenge or “might is right”, but upon appeal to higher wisdom. Let us be reminded of her words and address them to the U.S. president in the hope that he will heed her words:

The quality of mercy is not strain’d;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes:
’Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown;
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute of awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above the sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.

America’s Secret Government

By Timothy Spearman

Europeans often have the impression that America has no tradition. It is hard to imagine a more narrow or misguided view. The United States of America is steeped in traditions that span vast vistas of time, extending all the way back to the ancient world and beyond. All you have to do is look at the Great Seal of the United States to see that its symbolism is very old, depicting the Great Pyramid with the missing capstone and all-seeing eye of Horus. Rays of illumination are seen radiating from the capstone, representing the control of the Illuminati, a secret society with roots in the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt.
The Bavarian branch of the Illuminati was founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, the same year the United States gained its independence. The Great Seal of the United States displays a truncated pyramid consisting of thirteen steps, representing the thirteen Degrees of initiation in the Illuminati organization. Thirteen is a very significant number to the Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and other connected secret societies because Friday the 13th of October, 1306 is the date the Knights Templar was officially dissolved as a religious order in Europe. The Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, and several of his knights were arrested, persecuted, and tortured on that date, which is why Friday the 13th remains an inauspicious date on the calendar to the present day.
Around the Great Seal of the United States can be seen the words Annuit Ceoptus Novus Ordo Seclorum, a Latin phrase meaning, “Announcing the birth of the New Order of Ages”. In other words, announcing the birth of the New World Order. George Bush was full of New World Order rhetoric during his period of administration. This New World Order refers to an ancient plan by the secret society known today as the Freemasons and earlier as the Knights Templar. The plan is known as the “Great Work of Ages” or the “New World Order” and consists of a scheme to take control of the entire planet through the implementation of a world government and world army, in conjunction with a global currency and financial system.
People who think this far-fetched should remember that the organization that spawned Freemasonry, the Knights Templars, invented the banking system as early as the 13th century and have been manipulating the world financial markets since the rise of capitalism. In fact, a prominent Templar family known as the House of Guise and Lorraine made enormous profits off the sale of arms to both sides in wars, a common practice of these secret societies. The coat of arms of the House of Guise and Lorraine consists of a “double cross”, the English word “double-cross” coming from the Templar family’s practice of betraying or double-crossing both sides in wars. The symbol of the “double cross” is clearly visible in the logo of the Exxon oil company, revealing that the same families are in control today that were in control in the ancient world.
The Templars were in the habit of lending gold to both sides by issuing promissory notes or checks with coded numbers, which could be cashed for gold as far away as the Holy Land. The Templars also controlled the armories that manufactured the arms, thereby doubling their profits. Is it surprising that the military-industrial complex that manufactures arms in the United States today continues to be bankrolled by banks controlled by the very organization the Templars spawned, namely the Freemasons? Or that the financial district in the City of London is beside the legal district known as Temple Bar, named after the Knights Templar? Recognizing this double-cross effect it is not difficult to perceive how it was that the Rothschild family in London funded the North in the American Civil War, while the other branch of the family in Paris funded the South. The Rothschilds have always been prominent in both the Illuminati and the Freemason organizations. Knowing this, it is no surprise that other conflicts should spring up around the world with the same north-south civil war formula: Northern Ireland-southern Ireland, North Vietnam-South Vietnam, and let us not forget, North Korea-South Korea.
How did the Templar-Freemason connection come to wield such enormous power? One need only look at how the Freemason-controlled banks launched a banking coup on the United States to see how it was done. They wanted two things: a new central bank with control over the nation’s borrowing and a federal income tax to give them control of the government’s income. The plan for a central bank that would wield control over the nation’s economy was put into effect when American Senator, Nelson Aldrich, and a handful of elite bankers met at a place called Jekyl Island in Georgia. Educators and historians have often downplayed this meeting as a relatively minor affair. In truth, it was the moment the Elite took control of the American economy, government and people through an organization called the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve System is actually a cartel of private banks, of which the Bank of New York is the most powerful. The Federal Reserve is nominally controlled by the government-appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve System, who at the moment is Alan Greenspan, a 33rd Degree Freemason.The banking elite manipulated the Federal Reserve into place by deceiving the American people. They had to think of a way of persuading the public to accept a banking coup on the American economy, while believing that the power of the banks was actually being curtailed. So when the bill the bankers had written was presented in Congress by their puppet, Senator Aldrich, as the Aldrich Bill, they publicly opposed it, in order to give the impression that it was actually damaging to the banks. In truth, the bill gave them outright control over the US economy with powers to create economic booms and busts. Just to be safe, the Federal Reserve Bill was put before Congress shortly before Christmas, 1913, when many Congressman were already at home with their families for the holiday.
The US Federal Reserve lends money to the US government and charges enormous rates of interest on the debt. In this situation, it easy to see how the banking coup has resulted in a coup on the US government itself. Saddled in debt to the Federal Reserve, the government has no recourse but to implement policies favoring the banks. This includes allowing the printing of interest-accruing money by the US Federal Reserve, not interest free money as Lincoln proposed with the introduction of ‘greenbacks’, but money with high rates of interest attached. The same policy has been adopted by the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada, both of which subcontract the printing of money to private financial houses, which charge extortionate rates of interest on the money they produce. Is it any wonder that the citizens of these three countries are drowning in debt? It is this same elite control that was able to manipulate the money markets in order to force the Canadians to vote in favor of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement.When the election was presented as a referendum on the issue, the Canadian people were given a choice between two political parties, one pro-Free Trade, the other anti-Free Trade. When the polls indicated a swing in support to the anti-Free Trade camp, something of a panic was initiated on the Tokyo and Wall Street stock exchanges as investors began pulling out their investments from Canada, a form of economic blackmail, which basically forced the Canadian public to vote in favor of Free Trade. The question is: how can such manipulation be orchestrated? The answer is that you don’t have to control everyone. You need only exercise control over the elite, the ones in charge, the ones giving the orders and the rest will march to the same drummer. With people like Alan Greenspan, a 33rd Degree Freemason in control of the Federal Reserve, there are surely men with comparable credentials on the Tokyo bourse.
It is not that America has no tradition, but that it is steeped in tradition. The layout of the streets of Washington, the Pentagon Building, incorporating the golden mean, phi, and other geometric and mathematical properties, the domed buildings such as the Congressional Building, in addition to the Washington Monument, representing the phallus of the Egyptian god of the underworld Osiris, are all based on principles of sacred geometry dating all the way back to the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt. New York is named after the York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, while Canada’s first capital,York, inherits its name from the same source. Canada’s York later changed its name to Toronto and the capital later moved to Ottawa. Red, white, and blue are prominent Freemasonry colors and are featured in the British Union Jack, the American Stars and Stripes, the Australian flag, along with Canada’s original flag, which featured the Red Maple Leaf, the white background and the two bands of blue at the side representing the land stretching from sea to sea, the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Canadian flag was later altered to its current form by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.
The Freemasons were the secret government that manipulated the United States of America into being and have been controlling the show ever since. The Boston Tea Party as it is called was an act of provocation undertaken by Paul Revere and several other members of a Freemasonic lodge known as St. Andrew’s Lodge, who dressed up as native American Indians in order to attract as much attention as possible while dumping tea chests into the harbor from the Dartmouth, a ship belonging to the Freemason-controlled British East India Company, whose cargo was heavily subsidized by the British Crown.
The Americans success in the subsequent War of Independence was largely the work of Benjamin Franklin, a prominent Freemason, who used his Freemasonry connections to solicit the military support of the prominent Freemason Baron von Straub in Germany and his counterpart in France, the Marquis de Lafayette in France, whose support was instrumental in defeating the British. Ben Franklin himself a triple agent, belonged to a Masonic lodge in Philadelphia, a prominent secret society in Britain known as the Hellfire Club, and the Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris. It was through the Nine Sisters Lodge that Ben Franklin was to receive the Statue of Liberty as a personal gift. It has its exact replica on the River Seine in Paris.The Freemasons were also the hidden hand behind the charter granting America its independence. According to the Freemasonic historian Manley P. Hall, of the 56 men signatories who signed the Declaration of Independence, 49 are known Freemasons.
Freemasonry, the most powerful international crime syndicate in the world, is also one of the most powerful organizations in the web of secret societies that control the secret government of the United States. It is a king-making organization that still follows the king-making rituals of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools in its secret initiation rites. The organization makes kings and then places them in high positions in the banking, media, military, and political fields in order to exert control over every sector of society. As a youth, I used to wonder why so many prominent men in society were Freemasons. ‘Did the organization recruit highly established individuals to enhance its reputation?’ I wondered. My research indicates that the situation is reversed. Freemasonry recruits members it believes hold promise, making kings of those who serve its interest, placing its high initiates in control across the checkerboard of society in order to control the whole game.
From where does Freemasonry hail and how has it gained control of most of the world’s money supply? We know Freemasonry descends from the Templars, but what we don’t know is how the Templars evolved into the crime syndicate that eventually became Freemasonry. History provides the answer. After Philip IV conspired to see that the Templars were dissolved as a religious order, the monarchs of Europe immediately set about divvying up their lands, properties and gold. Receiving advanced warning, many Templars were able to escape in their armada of ships, sailing to Portugalwere they resurfaced as the Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus and to Scotland where they were reborn as the York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They then embarked on a campaign of revenge by raiding ships under royal charter in order to steal back the booty that had effectively been stolen from them. The pirate flag normally associated with pirate raids was actually the battle flag of the Knights Templar. Their ships would have been packed with all kinds of murderous rogues, assassins, and mercenaries, all cutthroats sharing the same appetite for the spoils of war.
I speak of Freemasonry as the real ‘central intelligence agency’ of a secret government in the United States that controls a so-called democratic two-party system that is but a front for a one-party system and secret government and it occurs to me that ascendancy to the highest offices in the land usually depends on one being a Freemason or a member of some other affiliate organization like the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, etc. It does not really matter which presidential candidate is elected.The secret government to which they both belong ensures that they will be embracing the same basic policies come Election Day. What do Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Bush, and Bill Clinton all have in common? They are all 33rd Degree Freemasons. What else do they have in common? They have all had established links with organized crime. I have often wondered why so many American presidents of the 20th century have been linked to scandals such as Watergate or Iran-Contra or Whitewater. I no longer wonder. Freemasonry is the most powerful crime syndicate in the world, and if this king-making organization is the necessary step one must take up the ladder to the highest office in the land, then it is no wonder, indeed no surprise, that these presidents should become sullied and get their hands dirty along the way.
I have also wondered why Democrat presidents, despite whatever apparent ideological differences they have with their Republican rivals, embrace basically the same policies when they come to power. I have also noted how political alliances seem to cross, not only political lines, but national boundaries, such that when a Democrat is elected in Washington, there is usually a Labour prime minister in Britain and a Liberal prime minister in Canada, while a Republican administration in America will usually coincide with a Tory government in Britain and a Conservative government in Canada. I no longer wonder why. The same secret government is in operation in all three countries to ensure that the puppets most useful to the puppet show are elected. Why is it important that a Tory government come to power in Britain at the same time that a Republican government comes to power in the United States when all parties are sufficiently stocked with secret government moles to ensure that the right policies are implemented? Simply because partisan politics makes for smoother implementation of cross-border policies. Policy rebels will be less inclined to resist harmful policies when partisan politics are involved. Bombing raids in Serbia, the Middle East, and Africa are easier to stomach when they receive the lion’s share of support from one’s own political backbenchers.
People I meet sometimes comment on such information by intimating it is just another conspiracy theory. Call it a theory if you like, but there is a case to be made for the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ being a conspiracy in its own right. What better way of discrediting the claims of an astute researcher than to refer to his theory as a mere ‘theory’. What I find intriguing is that most people who dismiss conspiracy theories with a mere wave of the hand are usually involved, wittingly or unwittingly, in one of their own. Not wishing to let the cat out of the bag and leave themselves exposed, they will immediately try to discredit such notions to prevent aspersions being cast upon themselves. Who hasn’t witnessed a workplace conspiracy in which a fellow employee was sandbagged or ostracized by employers and co-workers who found him/her too eccentric or difficult to work with? And if these conspiracies are happening at the petty political level, surely to God they’re happening at the grand political level. My own experience tells me that conspiracy is not a theory.An interesting word ‘conspiracy’. Derived from the Latin, it refers to the act of ‘breathing together’. Conspirators therefore share the same bad air and breathe it together. So the next time you find yourself in a round table discussion breathing the same stale air as your cohorts, remember to ask for some air freshener.


9-11: Who Stood to Benefit and Why
By Timothy Spearman

A lot of conspiracy theories have been propounded since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon. A number of governments and terrorist organizations have been implicated by conspiracy theorists including those of America’s allies, namely Israel, as well as the U.S. government itself. While such conspiracy theories may appear far-fetched at first sight, we must examine the evidence for and against such conjectures before dismissing such claims. By analyzing the behavior of the U.S. government and intelligence agencies before, during and after the September 11 attacks, a number of possibilities come into relief. In the foreground is the possibility of an alien terrorist organization unconnected with any organizations operating on U.S. soil being involved in the attacks, while in the background hovers the towering monoliths of the U.S. government, CIA, Department of Defense, Bush family and their shadowy connections with the underworld activities of the bin Laden family, the Al Qaeda terrorist network, and the Taliban, all entities the U.S. government is responsible for offering funding, support and training before and during the years of Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.
Is there any direct or indirect U.S. governmental involvement in what happened on September 11, 2001? The paper will examine alternatives for and against the proposed question and will attempt to bring to light evidence that will effectively eliminate certain options. By eliminating the alternatives, the strategy of this report is to attempt, through the use of hypothetical disjunction, to eliminate certain alternatives in order to bring into the foreground those possibilities that seem most plausible and likely in light of the evidence. The position being proposed is that the evidence contradicts the official government and media stories pertaining to 9-11. The paper further proposes to demonstrate that alternative viewpoints to any U.S. government involvement in 9-11 can be eliminated by the weight of evidence, such that by the end of the report, analysts will be left with one of two options: either the U.S. government was directly or indirectly involved with the attacks of 9-11. In either case, the evidence will show that the U.S. government, Pentagon and Department of Defense neglected to take the necessary action in defense of the country and seem to have simply let it happen. If it is discovered that the U.S. government, CIA and Department of Defense were involved in the tragic events of September 11, 2001, what does this suggest? Does it point to criminal negligence or High Treason? The paper will attempt to demonstrate that fake terror has a long history in justifying preemptive and or retaliatory strikes on foreign enemies and that 9-11 may be the latest in a long line of staged terrorist acts undertaken by the U.S. government with the aid, in this case, of a CIA-sponsored foreign terrorist cell.
To begin the inquiry into events of September 11, 2001, let’s review the findings of Der Spiegel’sInside 9-11: What Really Happened. Inside 9-11 documents the official media accounts pertaining to 9-11, so it is a good place to start. According to the official news media, air traffic controllers at Nashua Air Traffic Control Center attempted to make contact with Flight 11 when it banked sharply to the south, a 210-degree turn, going dramatically off course. “American 11, how do you read?” the air traffic controller allegedly inquired. Then, air traffic controllers at the same control center began to receive radio snippets at 8:29 from the cockpit. Inside 9-11 reporters inform us that someone with a strong accent could be heard issuing commands, saying, “Don’t try to make any stupid moves! Just stay quiet and you’ll be okay.” And later, a voice could allegedly be heard saying, “We have planes. We have other planes. We are returning to the airport.”1 Air traffic control continued to hear radio transmissions until 8:38. At precisely 8:29, so we are told, the Nashua Air Traffic Control Center notified the Federal Aviation Administration that American Flight 11 had gone off course and appeared to be under the control of hijackers. Remarkably, however, there is no evidence that any U.S. Air Force jets were dispatched to intercept, standard procedure under any such emergency. Normal protocol requires that, when any commercial airliner veers off course, air force jets should be dispatched to intercept. Intercept does not involve any kind of aggressive action, but simply monitoring and analysis of the situation by air force jets sent up to inspect the airliner that has veered off course. At 8:40, an official at FAA reportedly informed an official at NORAD that Flight 11 had been hijacked. Fifteen minutes after the initial detection of its change of course, at 8:45, Flight 11 would slam into the first of the World Trade Center twin towers. Based on this account, it appears that there was not sufficient time in the case of Flight 11 to issue an intercept order, and by all known accounts, none were given.2
The account repeatedly given by the media is that the government and military were caught completely off guard, as the Wall Street Journal story would attest to:
The coordinated assault on the world’s financial
and political capitals caught the United States
completely off guard – despite a massive
intelligence and law enforcement network
devoted to detecting and thwarting such
attacks… 3
General Richard B. Myers in testimony at Senate hearing on his nomination to become the Joint Chiefs of Staff made the bewildering statement, “We’re pretty good if the threat’s coming from outside. We’re not so good if the threat’s coming from inside.”4 The reason this statement is extraordinary is that he is confessing to the gross incompetence both of himself and the military apparatus in defending the country from an internal terrorist threat at the very moment that his candidacy is being put forward for one of the key military positions in the country indispensable to its national security, and yet even more amazingly the remark seems to go unchallenged. The argument resonated with most Americans because it corresponded with their general state of unpreparedness and shock over the attacks.The fact remains, however, that the Federal Aviation Administration and the air defense system run by the military follow a procedure that allows them to respond to any such emergency with alertness and promptness. The lame argument that officials were taken by surprise and did not know how to respond does not hold up to any scrutinizing inquiry because the procedural protocol in such events is well known and must be strictly adhered to. The standard procedure to be followed when any private or commercial aircraft goes off course is to inform the Federal Aviation Administration, which immediately passes the information on to NORAD, which issues immediate intercept orders to the nearest American Air Force base. There is no deviation from this very strict and well-known code. It is the code to be adhered to in any such emergency.
The reporters of Inside 9-11 inform us that Nashua Control Tower was in contact with Flight 175 and that Captain Victor Saracini reported that he had received a strange transmission shortly before takeoff that sounded like someone keying the mike and saying, “Everyone stay in your seats!”5Immediately after, the transponder of United Airlines 175 became silent. The presumed hijacking of Flight 175 was reported at 8:43 a.m. Two fighter jets allegedly took off from Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod to pursue the hijacked airplane at 8:52 to intercept Flight 175. It was later alleged that the jets that were dispatched were 24 years old, but were equipped with heat-sensitive, radar-guided rockets, Inside 9-11 adds, as though the reference to heat-sensitive, radar-guided missiles is supposed to excuse the fact that the jets are 24 years old.
The first official statements made by both the government and the official news media to the attacks on September 11 was that government and military were taken by surprise and could not possibly respond to the hijacking of passenger airliners being employed like cruise missiles.The official line was: How could we have responded to an attack of so unprecedented a nature? The argument was even echoed by the news media, as in The Washington Post article of September 12th. The official line was parroted by top government and military spokespersons like General Richard B. Myers, who made the bewildering remark, “We’re pretty good if the threat’s from outside. We’re not so good if the threat’s coming from inside.” What makes this statement so bewildering is that he made it before a Senate hearing on his nomination to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.6It is incredible that a senior military official should confess to the gross incompetence of both himself and the military apparatus in the face of a terrorist crisis that posed a threat to the entire nation at the very moment he was being sworn in to a position of even more senior rank that carried an even greater weight of responsibility.General Myers’ statement seems to have resonated with most Americans, since his remarks corresponded to their own state of shock in responding to 9-11, but what does not stand up in any court of law is that the Federal Aviation Administration, the military command structure, NORAD and the air defense system all have systems of routine procedure they have to follow in the event of such an emergency. These procedures are practiced in drills day after day to ensure that air safety and air defense personnel are able to take the necessary action in the event of such an emergency. The argument put forward by Jared Israel of http://emperors-clothes.com is that General Myers original statement on why the air force and military failed to respond is just too lame to bend a sympathetic ear to. “We’re not so good if the threat’s coming from inside” is an illogical statement. It’s like saying that, if an arsonist from Canada slips in undetected and plants a new incendiary device in an office tower in Buffalo, we just don’t know how to respond. People in the vicinity of the fire pull fire alarms. A neighbor calls the Fire Department and there is a Fire Station right across the street, yet not one fire truck arrives till after the schools have burned to the ground. The argument can be applied by analogy to 9-11. The first official story given by General Myers and Dick Cheney is that the military apparatus failed to respond because of the unprecedented nature of the attack. This excuse is patently absurd because the FAA, NORAD and the military apparatus have procedures to follow and know the drill.7
Yet, the next day on September 14, the new cover story, “That the planes were sent up but arrive to late” was issued. This new cover story was first put forward on September 14 on the CBS 6:00 news. Until this time top military and government officials had said that no planes were scrambled to protect Washington DC until after the Pentagon was hit. According to the new story, jets were scrambled from Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod to intercept Flight 11, the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. Fighter jets were also reportedly scrambled from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia to intercept American Flight 77, the airliner that crashed into the Pentagon. Yet, despite the new cover story, Vice President Cheney was still issuing the old story as late as September 16 on the NBC TV program Meet the Press, when he maintained that George Bush had personally made the decision to send up interceptors, suggesting he had done so only after the Pentagon was hit.8 General Richard Myers, on the other hand, appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on September 13 testified at great length about the failure to scramble fighter jets on September 11.Despite the dissemination of the new cover story the following evening, Myers appeared to know nothing about jets being scrambled from Langley Air Force Base, where ironically, he himself had been stationed from 1987 to 1990.9 Considering for a moment that the new cover story were true, is it possible that a top military official directly responsible for the security of the nation would not know that jets had been scrambled from that location, particularly considering his years of service there and the fact that he would have known the facility and its personnel intimately? It hardly seems likely. This appears to be another alternative we can effectively eliminate.
On September 12, 2001, Dan Rather asked CBS Consultant Major Mitch Mitchel a rather pressing question:
These hijacked aircraft were in the air for
quite a while, they made unusual turns, to
say the least. Would – why doesn’t the
Pentagon have the kind of protection that
they can get a fighter – interceptor
aircraft up, and if someone is going to
plow an aircraft into the Pentagon, that
we have at least some – some line of
Then, two days later, on September 14, Dan Rather reported that U.S. Air Force jets were dispatched from OTIS and Langley Air Force Bases in response to the hijackings but arrived too late.11 Evidence that this is a mere cover story and not a particularly convincing one is the fact that Dan Rather cites no source for this new information. He simply states quite casually, “CBS News has learned….” Four days later, NORAD incorporated the CBS report into its timeline. The Langley interceptors had turned fiction into fact.12 Is it possible for fighter jets to be scrambled from Langley before the Pentagon was hit without a single top member of the military brass or Bush administration being aware of the fact even days after the attacks? It appears that this is yet another alternative we can safely eliminate.
The change from the first official story that “we didn’t put planes up till after the Pentagon was hit” to the second official story that “we put planes up before the first World Trade Center attack” seems to have been carefully orchestrated during General Myers’ testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on September 13th. Under pressure from the Senators to come up with a more convincing account of events, Myers kept changing his story, putting forward a total of three different accounts of what happened on September 11th. The last story seems to be the most consistent with the cover story issued on Dan Rather’s 6:00 p.m. news report the following evening. Between the hearing and the report issued on the evening news the following day, the Senators went into a closed session.13 Senator Bill Nelson’s comments at the Armed Services Committee hearing make it clear why a cover story had to be hatched to explain away the failure of the U.S. military to offer any response on September 11th:
Perhaps we want to do this in our session,
in executive session. But my question is
an obvious one for not only this committee,
but for the executive branch and the
military establishment. If we knew there
was a general threat on terrorist activity,
which we did, and we suddenly have two
trade towers in New York being obviously
hit by terrorist activity, of commercial
airliners being taken off course from Boston
to Los Angeles, then what happened to the
response of the defense establishment
once we saw the diversion of the aircraft
headed west from Dulles turning around
180 degrees and, likewise, in the aircraft
taking off from Newark in flight, turning
180 degrees? That’s the question. I
leave it to you as to how you would like
to answer it. But we would like an answer.14
Senator Bill Nelson’s comments are revealing because he seems to be offering Myers an out, “I leave it to you as to how you would like to answer it.” The comment is a peculiar one because it seems to offer Myers the freedom to hatch any cover story he likes, providing it is a convincing one. He even prefaces his remarks by suggesting that they resolve the matter in a closed session: “Perhaps we want to do this in our session, in executive session.”
Der Spiegel Inside 9-11 reporters claim that the fighter jets, which had failed to intercept the first hijacked airliner and were now too late for the second, were symptomatic of a general state of ill-preparedness.15 Otis Air Force base was two hundred miles east of Flight 11’s position at the time it allegedly received notification by NORAD. In his testimony before the Senate confirmation hearing, General Myers stated that cutbacks had caused a reduction in the number of bases from 100 to a mere 7, meaning that intercepts had to come from a greater distance.16 Despite this assertion, numerous air force bases in the vicinity of the eastern seaboard of the United States are listed on the Internet as maintaining battle-ready squadrons, Syracuse, Philadelphia, Atlantic City to name but a few.17 There are so many air force bases of much greater proximity to the hijacked airliners, whose fighter squadrons could have been dispatched to intercept at short notice. Otis and Langley seem to have been chosen as plausible locations for intercept dispatch orders to be issued since they are far enough from their respective targets to offer an explanation for why they arrived too late.
Inside 9-11 reporters allege that no one expected to be attacked from the air, but that is just not so. American government officials had received repeated warnings prior to the attacks about the possibility of hijacked passenger airlines being used as guided missiles on targeted American landmarks. Andrews Air Force Base is known to have been on a high state of alert prior to the attacks because of warnings received one month previously of a possible terrorist attack from the air. It is even reported by investigative reporter Jared Israel of http://emperors-clothes.com that the web page for Andrews Air Force Base indicating that it was on high alert the day of the attacks has subsequently been altered in an apparent attempt at a whitewash. The official story is that, on that day, four commercial airliners were hijacked in a terrorist assault at the very heart of America, the United States had on standby to defend an area of nearly four million square miles exactly fourteen fighter jets.18 But again, incredible if it were true, this is just not so. The truth is that Andrews Air Force Base was on a high state of alert, and like others, certainly on standby readiness and no such claim of only 14 operational fighter jets being on standby can by made. In reality, you had at least one entire base full of jets at Andrews Air Force Base in a state of high readiness at the time of the Pentagon attacks. Andrews Air Force base is in fact only ten miles from the Pentagon building, yet no attempt was made to intercept American Airlines Flight 77 from Andrews, suggesting that the Air Force at Andrews was ordered to stand down.
There are indications that Flight 77 was known to be out of control since 9:00 a.m. It had taken off from Dulles Airport at 8:20 a.m. The transponder had been switched off, as had been the case with the other three airliners. An air traffic controller allegedly tried to raise the cockpit unsuccessfully. One controller in Indianapolis radioed the cockpit and frantically demanded, “American 77, Indy, radio check, how do you read?”19 Inside 9-11 tells us that, at 9:24 a.m., NORAD sent an alarm to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. At 9:30 a.m., two fighter jets were allegedly dispatched to intercept American Flight 77.20 The F-16s from Langley were 105 miles or twelve flight minutes away when Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Why would Air Force Jets not be dispatched from Andrews Air Force Base instead? It is absurd to believe the official story that there were no U.S. Air Force jets at Andrews Air Force Base in a state of combat readiness. Is it possible that not one single air force jet is available in an air force base of such strategic and military importance as Andrews? If it were true, it would point to such gross governmental and military negligence as to warrant an investigation in its own right, yet no questions are being asked and no investigation is being launched by any of the major newspapers or government agencies. How is such a whitewash possible? I think we can safely eliminate the possibility that no air force jets were in a state of standby readiness at Andrews. This leaves only one alternative, that being that Andrews Air Force Base was told to stand down, and if this indeed proves to be the case, then we have High Treason involving the highest-ranking political and military figures in the country, as Jared Israel, an experienced investigator and journalist, active since the 1960s, has maintained.
Even more amazing is President George W. Bush’s reaction to a national emergency of so unprecedented and unimaginable a scale. By the president’s own admission, he knew about the attack on the first tower of the World Trade Center before going into the classroom. The president made the remark before a public forum and his remarks are most revealing:
Anyway, I was sitting there, and my Chief
of Staff – well, first of all, when we walked
into the classroom, I had seen this plane
fly into the first building. There was a TV
set on. And you know, I thought it was
pilot error and I was amazed that anybody
could make such a terrible mistake. And
something was wrong with the plane or —
anyway, I’m sitting there, listening to the
briefing, and Andy Card came and said,
America is under attack.”21
The president’s remarks are highly suggestive for a number of reasons. First of all, he could not have seen what he says he saw because the footage of the first tower being hit by Flight 11 was not shown until the following day because the footage had not yet been turned in by the pedestrian bystander who had taken video footage of the attack on the first tower. The footage of the first tower being attacked was not shown until the following day after the video footage had been made available. The president is suggesting that he saw what he could not possibly have seen. It is clear that the president is lying, either to conceal his own incompetence or criminal and treasonous negligence. I think we can safely eliminate incompetence and arrive at criminal and treasonous negligence because of the president’s own words, revealing hesitant double talk, apparent confusion over details, a broken train of reasoning and thought, all of which are the hallmarks of a liar attempting to hide something. For example, he says, “And you know, I thought it was pilot error and I was amazed that anybody could make such a mistake. And something was wrong with the plane or….” Clearly, the president is trying to hide the fact that the thought of a terrorist attack had even entered his mind.He is clearly trying to convince the public that it was the very thought furthest from his mind. He is trying to convince us that his first thought was that it was pilot error or some malfunction on board the aircraft that caused the disaster. What makes such conjecture implausible is that pilot error or mechanical malfunction could hardly account for why a passenger airliner would plough into one of America’s most important national landmarks with such pinpoint accuracy. From a navigational standpoint, it’s comparable to a mosquito flying quite by accident into a needle due to navigational incompetence or nervous system failure. The chances or odds of such a thing happening by error are so high as to be well nigh impossible. I think we can safely eliminate the possibility that the president had no idea that it was a terrorist attack. We can also safely eliminate the alternative that the president is being truthful with the audience he is addressing. This leaves us with only one option. The president is lying, but why? We have already eliminated the fact that he is trying to conceal his own incompetence. It would be absurd for him to even try since he has shown his gross incompetence shamelessly to the American public and the world everyday since he was sworn in as president. The only plausible reason for why the president lied about what he saw on the TV monitor before going into the classroom is that he already knew about the terrorist attack and was attempting to cover up his foreknowledge of the event.
What is even more revealing is the school video of the president taking part in a kindergarten lesson in which he is listening to the children recounting a story about goats. Why did the president not cancel the engagement and go into an emergency session? It is absurd to believe that an accident of this magnitude would not hold significantly greater precedence over an elementary school lesson about goats. No explanation could account for the irrationality of his decision to remain in the classroom for an additional half hour. The school video, which can be viewed at a number of sites on the Internet, shows Chief of Staff, Andy Card, approaching the president from off camera, where he is seen whispering into the president’s ear.22 What is particularly shocking is that president shows no alarm or anxiety at the news that the second of the World Trade Center’s twin towers being hit. Andy Card shows even less concern. After whispering the brief news update in the president’s ear, he simply backs off and withdraws off camera.The president, showing not the least concern or emotion, then opens his book in an apparent attempt to read along with the pupils. The camera pans in for a close up and we see none of the worry lines or frown lines that should accompany news of this kind of magnitude. This extraordinary behavior cannot be accounted for by any excuse. While some apologists have attempted to argue that the president did not wish to show any alarm in front of the pupils, this is an absurd defense, since the rational course of action would have been for the president and his Chief of Staff to have risen immediately, make their polite excuses and head off for an emergency session in some high security installation without delay.This would not have come as any shock or surprise to the kindergarten teacher nor to the pupils, since it is only natural that the man holding the most important position in the country should be called away suddenly on urgent business. We can safely eliminate the alternative that the president had to stay put till further notice, which leaves us with only one possibility: The president stayed put because he was ordered to stay put because that was the order of business that had already been planned in advance. We can also eliminate the possibility that the president had no advance warning of the attack because what Andy Card’s announcement in the classroom reveals is that he is merely giving the president an update on events that came as no surprise. This accounts for the brevity of Andy Card’s announcement and the complete absence of surprise on the part of the president.
What raises suspicion another notch is the business ties between the Bush family and the bin Laden family. Both families are known to have investments in the Carlyle Group, an investment firm specializing in buyouts of defense and aerospace companies. Described by the Industry Standard as “the world’s largest private equity firm,” until after September 11th practically unheard of in the public domain, perhaps because its investors wished to be discrete about their business affiliations and deals, with good reason.In recent years, George Bush Sr., ex-Secretary of State James Baker III, and ex-Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, Carlyle’s Chairman an Managing Director, have made the pilgrimage to the bin Laden family’s headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. George Bush Sr. even makes regular promotional speeches on behalf of the Carlyle Group. Bush Sr. is reportedly active in seeking investments for the Group from the Asian market, and is paid $80,000 to $100,000 per appearance. Partners also include George Soros, Fred Malek, and of course the bin Laden family.23A Carlyle executive even admitted that the bin Laden family committed $2 million through a London-based branch of the company in 1995 through the Carlyle Partners Fund II, which raised $1.3 billion overall. The fund has allowed for the purchase of several aerospace companies. A former financier with ties to the bin Laden family says the family’s overall investment with Carlyle is considerably bigger. The $2 million dollars is merely an initial investment contribution. “It’s like plowing a field, the anonymous financier maintained. “You seed it once.You plough it, and then you reseed it again.”24 George Bush Sr. naturally denies having any relationship with the bin Laden family and admits to only meeting them twice. Mr. Baker visited the bin Laden family in both 1998 and 1999, according to sources close to the family. Mr. Baker declined comment when questioned by reporters, as did Mr. Carlucci, former chairman of Nortel Networks Corp., which was partnered with the Saudi BinLaden Group on telecommunications ventures.25 In fact, it has been noted, in a special report in the Wall Street Journal, that the bin Laden family could stand to profit from the war against its own son due to ties to an American investment firm known as the Carlyle Group, “If the U.S. boosts defense spending in its quest to stop Osama bin Laden’s alleged terrorist activities, there may be one unexpected beneficiary: Mr. Bin Laden’s family.”26 The bin Laden Family is said to have officially severed ties with son, Osama, on October 26, 2001, while the Carlyle Group was sold quite conveniently after 9-11, effectively eliminating the possibility that Osama himself could profit in any way from a war against himself.27 That would be one conflict of interests too many.
This explains why the FBI investigation into members of the bin Laden family has been blocked by the White House. While the U.S. intelligence community has been roundly criticized for its failure to predict the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the FBI complains that their hands were tied. FBI documents shown on a BBC Newsnight program reveal that they had previously sought to investigate Abdullah bin Laden, a relative of Osama bin Laden, in Washington in connection with a Muslim organization, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a suspected terrorist organization. However, the FBI investigation was closed in 1996 apparently because of constraints imposed by the Clinton administration on investigation of the Saudi family. Restrictions on FBI investigations into the bin Laden family intensified after George W. Bush became president. Intelligence agencies were told to “back off” from their investigation into other members of the bin Laden family, the Saudi royals, etc.28
Greg Palast’s feature on Newsnight revealed among other things that only days after the attacks, eleven members of the bin Laden family were suddenly whisked out of the country on a charter flight. This did not concern the White House, who places the entire bin Laden family above suspicion, doubtless because they are business partners. Instead, the Oval Office gives the appearance that, only black sheep, Osama, warrants its wrath. Even though WAMY has been linked to funding international terrorism, the U.S. Treasury Department has made no move to freeze WAMY’s assets, despite Washington’s alleged determination to freeze the assets of any suspected terrorist support group. What is their excuse for refusing to do so? They insist it is a charity.Yet, Pakistan expelled some WAMY operatives just prior to 9-11 and India linked WAMY to funding bombing attacks in Kashmir. The Philippines has even come forward to accuse WAMY of funding Muslim insurgency groups at home. For some reason, Washington pulled the plug on the FBI’s investigation into Abdullah bin Laden and WAMY. National security expert, Joe Trento, author of “The Secret History of the CIA”, managed to acquire a document linking WAMY with the bin Laden clan, and claims they fit the pattern of groups the Saudi Royals and Saudi elite fund to undertake terrorist operations. What he and other researchers have revealed is that the State Department, CIA, and the Saudis have some pretty shadowy connections. Michael Springmann, former head of the visa section of the American consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was ordered to issue visas to Saudi citizens by a high-ranking member of the State Department.29 “My job was supplying visas to terrorists,” Springmann states quite bluntly. During his time at the consulate, the terrorists, who were being rounded up and sent to the United States for training are those whom Osama bin Laden and the CIA had recruited together.30 The plan was to have them trained in the United States by the CIA first and that brought back to Afghanistan to incite terror, in order to justify the intervention of the U.S. government’s internationally run protection racket. Joe Trento explains the need for a white House cover-up succinctly:
If a Middle Eastern terrorist finds his way to the
United States to be trained by the CIA to become
a terrorist, it would be very embarrassing if the
FBI later turned up evidence that connected that
suspect with the CIA which had trained him. This
is what is called “blow back”, serious career-
destroying “blow back” in the intelligence
But the Bush family also has to have serious concerns about “blow back”. George Bush Jr. made his first million 20 years ago, when he was partly funded by a bin Laden family member, but Bush also received fees at that time from a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group, a little known company, which in just a few short years, has become one of the world’s largest defense contractors.32
What do Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden all have in common? First of all, they are all former CIA operatives. Secondly, all of them have had the experience of having the countries within which they resided invaded. And thirdly, all have had direct or indirect business relationships with George Bush Sr. How interesting that the American government and CIA should keep playing Dr. Frankenstein, creating monster after monster from narco-terrorist Manuel Noriega to Osama bin Laden. However, it’s not like the Mary Shelley novel, where the monster runs amuck due to tragic circumstances. In the case of the CIA, the monster runs amuck by design. Employing problem-reaction-solution dialectics, the CIA keeps creating monsters that cause untold damage and then provide the U.S. military with pretext for providing a solution in the form of military intervention.
In the case of Manuel Noriega, George Bush Sr., then Director of the CIA, placed him on the CIA payroll to the tune of $110,000 a year. In 1988, George Bush Sr. would deny ever meeting Noriega. Later, after recovering from amnesia, he would remember meeting him, but would conveniently remember none of the details of the meeting.33 The CIA has been implicated by many researchers in the death of General Torrijos in Panama. Conveniently waiting in the wings, as so often happens following CIA-led coups, is a CIA asset, Col. Manuel Noriega in this case, head of Panamanian intelligence and the CIA’s key contact in Panama. Noriega had been on the CIA payroll since the 60s. When George Bush Sr. became Director of the CIA in 1976 under President Ford, he would inherit Noriega as an asset. Despite evidence Noriega was involved in drug trafficking, Bush kept Noriega on the payroll. In fact, he increased Noriega’s salary to more than $100,000 a year and eliminated a requirement that intelligence reports in Panama include information on drug trafficking. Admiral Stanfield Turner, Director of the CIA under Carter, claims he cut Noriega off, removing him from the CIA payroll. Bush Sr. reinstated him and even gave him a raise, fostering an even closer relationship than had existed before. In fact, Bush Sr. saw to it that the man he would later refer to as “a drug-related, drug-indicted terrorist” was well looked after.Journalist Mark Hertsgaard sums up the White House’s position at the time of the Panama invasion nicely when he explains: “The story the White House was pushing was getting this so-called narco-terrorist in a net and that was the thrust of all the coverage.”34 The war against terrorism and the war on drugs have similar modi operandi in their disdain for the jurisdictional authority of foreign governments as well as the U.S. Constitution at home. The war on drugs and its fellow sibling, the war on terrorism, were united under one rubric by George Bush Sr. During this period, the FBI would undertake its largest political surveillance operation since the 60s, opening files on more than 19,500 opponents of U.S. policies in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Yet, during Bush Sr.’s term as CIA director and drug task force chief, drug smuggling into the United States would increase by 1000%.35 Once having created the monster, the U.S. government and military would later find pretext and justification for invading Panama by citing the wrongdoings of the very narco-terrorist monster they had funded, supported and placed in power in the first place: problem-reaction-solution.
As for Saddam Hussein, it is well known that he was a CIA asset brought to power in a CIA-led coup against a populist government. But what is not well known is that, just as recent findings have established a business connection between the Bush and bin Laden families, so too did George Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein share a business relationship. According to Chicago journalist Sherman Skolnick, Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein shared profits to the tune of $250 billion a year in Persian Gulf oil kickbacks, which were funneled through the discredited Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). These were not government-to-government transactions, but personal transactions between Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein.36 Skolnick examined records at the Chicago branch of BCCI that showed joint business ventures between Gen. Manuel Noriega and George Bush Sr.Given that the Bush family has established business links with all three terrorist monsters is it possible to dismiss the complicity of the Bush family in the criminal activities of these three men? Given the evidence, it would be safe for us to eliminate the alternative that the Bush family had no involvement in 9-11. In fact, they are up to their red necks in involvement.Their nefarious business dealings and involvement in CIA covert operations make them directly or indirectly involved with the events of 9-11. However, the most persuasive argument for deeper culpability and involvement in 9-11 is the fact that the Bush family has been directly responsible for financing the bin Laden family, as with Noriega and Saddam Hussein. Given this history, it is impossible to dismiss the fact that they are accomplices in 9-11, guilty by association, if not more directly involved in a problem-reaction-solution scheme on behalf of the U.S. government, intelligence community and Pentagon to create pretext and justification for the Afghanistan invasion.
It has been quite rightly pointed out by an array of researchers that the CIA is responsible for creating the fundamentalist Taliban regime and Al Qaeda terrorist network, offering funding, support and training to the very groups of militants, who would ultimately unleash their fury on 9-11. This is what is called “blowback” in the intelligence community and is the direct result of previous CIA operations in the region. Indeed, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbygniew Brzezinski admitted that his policies led directly to two decades of war in Afghanistan. Brzezinski endorsed the CIA operations in Afghanistan, six months before the Soviet invasion, with the clear objective of precipitating a Soviet invasion and in Brzezinski’s own words, “give them their Vietnam.” Once war broke out, in the largest CIA operation ever, costing the CIA $3.5 billion and allies like the Saudis several billion more, the agency proceeded to fund, arm, and train the mujahaddin, whose vision for their society included the virtual enslavement of women, a fact the U.S. government knew from the outset and tacitly may even have approved of because it would have given them further moral justification for later military intervention and incursions in the region. In fact, the CIA channeled most of its aid through Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to the sadistic madman, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who first gained infamy for inciting groups of students to throw acid into the faces of unveiled women and who went on to kill 25,000 civilians in Kabul alone through indiscriminate gunfire.37 Brzezinski hoped, that by installing a fundamentalist Islamic regime backed by a ruthless terrorist network, this would goad the Soviets into invading Afghanistan to prevent an Islamic fundamentalist pandemic infecting the region by warding off its advance to neighboring Central Asian republics. The strategy of course worked, but the blowback from the policies of the late 90s can clearly be witnessed today. “Was it a noble end to draw the Russians into an Afghan trap, in 1979, as Zbigniew Brzezinski claims he did?” Noam Chomsky quite rightly asks. While supporting the resistance against Russian invasion in December 1979 may be justifiable on the one hand, Chomsky objects to methods that incited the Russian invasion and to the funding and support of a terrorist army of Islamic fanatics.38 How can the ends justify the means, when the means are so at variance with the end, the principles of freedom and justice the so-called free world upholds as its moral justification for pursuing such ends? Brzezinski goads the Soviets into what he calls the “Afghan trap” by sending military forces to bolster and support the Islamic fundamentalist regime:
The United States, along with its allies, assembled
a huge mercenary army, maybe 100,000 or more,
and they drew from the most militant sectors they
could find, which happened to be radical Islamists,
what are called here Islamic fundamentalists, from
all over, most of them not from Afghanistan.39
As Chomsky rightly points out, most of the Islamic militants come from elsewhere, not from Afghanistan. Does a manhunt for one man or indeed Islamic militants who march under his banner justify the invasion of the sovereign territory known as Afghanistan as part of infinite war against terrorism, when most of the militants come from elsewhere and indeed reside elsewhere? Is not boogeyman extraordinaire, Osama bin Laden, merely pretext and justification for U.S. military invasion and the installation of yet one more permanent peacekeeping force in the region? Indeed, one more puzzle piece in the New World Order has been secured into place.
Zbigniew Brzezinski gave an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur in France. With the sole exception of the Library of Congress edition, there are two versions of the January 15-21, 1998 edition of Le Nouvel Observateur. The version sent to the United States is shorter than the French version. Interestingly and tellingly, the U.S. version does not contain the Brzezinski interview. Here is why. In the interview Brzezinski makes two damning confessions. The first is that the official version of history as usual is flawed:
According to the official version of history, CIA
aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that
is to say, after the Soviet army invaded
Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality,
secretly guarded until now, is completely
otherwise: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that
President Carter signed the first directive for
secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet
regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a
note to the president in which I explained to
him that in my opinion this aid was going to
induce a Soviet military intervention.40
By Brzezinski’s own shameless admission, the U.S. government, routinely lying to its own people, even distorts current history in Orwellian fashion to suit its own agenda. The truth remains classified until such time as it is no longer relevant at which point information gets declassified and enters the public domain. It is at this juncture that the U.S. government skeletons come tumbling out of the closet. The word ‘skeletons’ is most apropos because it is these hidden policies concealed from the public that are very often responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands. When asked if he has any regrets for a policy that led to two decades of war, Brzezinski replies:
Regret what? That secret operation was an
excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing
the Russians into the Afghan trap and you
want me to regret it? The day the Soviets
officially crossed the border, I wrote to
President Carter: We now have the
opportunity of giving to the USSR its
Vietnam war.41
If the U.S. government is so duplicitous as to conceal its real objectives in Afghanistan in 1979, what is to prevent it from doing so now? What is the real motive for the invasion of Afghanistan? Is it really about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives as has been alleged?
In a story the BBC published on September 18, 2001, former Pakistani Foreign Secretary Niaz Naik said that he had been told as early as July of U.S. plans to attack Afghanistan in the fall. Mr. Naik claims he was told of the plan by U.S. officials at a UN-sponsored international contact group on Afghanistan held in Berlin. The U.S. representatives told him that unless bin Laden was handed over immediately, America would take military action to kill or capture Osama bin Laden and the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar.Mr. Naik added that the invasion was planned for before the first winter snowfall in Afghanistan.42 Mr. Naik’s words were as good as prophecy. As revealed by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie claimed that the Bush administration deliberately blocked terrorism investigations in the summer of 2001 while negotiating with the Taliban about an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. When the negotiations broke down in August 2001, Brisard and Dasquie quote a U.S. official issuing the direct threat to the Taliban, “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.”43
The evidence that 9-11 and the events leading up to it were staged is only exacerbated by the fact that it looks like a frame job. Everything from the FBI allegedly finding a copy of the Koran and a flight manual on how to fly a passenger airliner in an abandoned rental car outside Logan Airport to the hijackers attracting so much attention to themselves just before the big day points to a frame job designed to specifically implicate Islamic extremists in the 9-11 terror. It is reminiscent of the tactics used to set Lee Harvey Oswald up as the patsy in the JFK assassination, where he was seen demonstrating in a pro-Castro rally and made out to be a pro-Communist sympathizer before the fated day when he would take the rap for Kennedy’s murder.
Hijackers Atta and Alomari in particular were seen picking fights over bills of less than $50 in greasy bars just before the attacks. Suicide pilots Atta, al-Shehhi and a third unidentified man were known to have gone to Shuckum’s, a bar in Hollywood the night of September 7th, only days before the attacks. Here, Atta would draw attention to himself by playing a video game for hours on end and even entered the name “Abu” into the game’s record of rankings. When a bill of $48 was presented, Atta became enraged. You think we cannot pay?” he screamed. “What do you think we are? We are American Airlines pilots!” He then pulled out a wad of bills and slapped $51 on the counter. Six days earlier a similar occurrence took place at 251 Sunrise in Palm Beach.Pilot al Shehhi and an unidentified man were drinking alcohol with three girls from West Palm Beach. When a bill of $1,100 was presented, al-Shehhi yelled, “Fraud!” He then removed his glasses, seemingly preparing to fight with the bouncers and then changed his mind, his aggression suddenly dissipating. He threw a bundle of bills on the table and even sweetened it with a $25 tip. A day later, al-Shehhi would turn up at a strip bar in Daytona Beach called the Pink Pony with an unidentified companion. They would order several beers, slip some bills under the strippers’ garter belts, and would leave after about an hour.44 What is odd about all these events is that they appear staged and right on cue. Why would the hijackers draw so much attention to themselves in the days leading up to 9-11? Why would they pick a fight over a paltry sum of $48? And why would supposedly orthodox Muslim suicide pilots commit so many mortal sins, when the prospect of paradise was the expected reward for their martyrdom? Is it realistic to suppose they would trade paradise for a night or two of debauchery? We can safely eliminate this possibility, which leaves us with only one option: These men were not as religious as they purported to be. Pleasing Allah seems not to have been their motivation. Drawing as much attention to themselves as possible in an apparent bid to implicate Muslim fundamentalists in the terrorist attacks of 9-11 seems to have been their modus operandi, but why?
Finally, there is the issue of fake terror, tried and tested by the U.S. government so many times in order to justify its foreign policy agenda. In 1898, Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World and William Randolf Hearst’s New York Journal were pushing for American intervention in Cuba. Hearst dispatched a reporter to Cuba to photograph the coming war with Spain. hen the photojournalist asked what war, Hearst allegedly replied, “You take the photographs and I will provide the war.” Then, in 1898, the USS Maine, lying in Havana harbor would explode violently. Under the slogan, “Remember the Maine,” America went to war with Spain, making a protectorate of the Philippines and annexing Hawaii along the way. An investigation in 1975 revealed that there was no evidence of an external attack. The explosion was more likely caused by a coal dust explosion in a coalbunker unwisely placed to close to the ship’s magazines. In both cases, fake terror was used to justify war.45
Then, there is Pearl Harbor.On November 29th, Secretary of State Hull showed United Press reporter Joe Leib a message revealing the time and place of the attack, and the New York Times in the 12/8/41 Pearl Harbor Special Edition on page 13 reported that the time and place of the attack had been known in advance. The oft-repeated claim that the Japanese fleet maintained radio silence as it approached Hawaii is a false claim. The archives of the NSA still holds an intercept of an uncoded message sent by the Japanese destroyer Shirya which reads, “Proceeding to a position 30.00N, 154.20 E. Expect to arrive at that point on 3 December.”46 For four years before the attack, the Roosevelt administration had been intercepting and decoding secret Japanese messages. They knew that the Japanese planned to alert their diplomatic missions around the world of a decision to go to war through a false weather report during the daily Japanese language short-wave news broadcast.The forecast of ‘east wind rain’ indicated war with the United States, while ‘west wind clear’ would mean a decision to go to war with Britain and British and Dutch colonies in the East; north wind cloudy’ meant war with Russia. At a congressional investigation hear in 1945, messages indicating a decision to go to war with the United States and Britain were intercepted and decoded on December 3rd, 1941, just four days before Pearl Harbor.These messages later went missing from navy files. Other decoded messages gave Roosevelt more than ample prior warning of the coming attack, but no prior warning was issued. The attack was allowed to happen in an apparent bid to rally American public opinion around the decision to go to war.47
In 1962, The Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a Memorandum to the president recommending that he endorse a plan to shoot down a mockup of a passenger airliner, which was in reality a CIA asset and claim that there was an extensive passenger list on board even though the plane would be empty. The plan was to blame the missile attack on Cuba in order to justify a U.S. military invasion of Fidel Castro’s fiefdom. The plan was never carried out, but the front page of the memorandum is included in the body of this paper to show that the declassified document is available in the National Security Archives.48
Another incident of staged terror occurred on August 5, 1864, when newspapers across America reported “renewed attacks” against American destroyers in the Bay of Tonkin. The official story was that North Vietnamese torpedo boats launched an “unprovoked attack” on the USS Maddox.The truth is that there was no such attack, but despite the knowledge that it was a false report, Lyndon Johnson would appear on television to announce the launch of air strikes against North Vietnam in retaliation for an attack that never occurred. This has even been admitted to by Robert McNamara, Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense at the time of Vietnam.49 Retired Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty states that to create the appearance of an enemy to justify war, the CIA embarked on a campaign of orchestrated terror, moving more than a million Vietnamese from the North to the South between 1954 and 1955. American Navy transports carried more than 657,000, while CIA airlines transported some 300,000. Thousands more were forced to walk. These people had no food or money and were forced to form into gangs of bandits to steal food and money for their survival. America, which had created the problem and had then created the reaction of roaming bandits they called “Viet Cong insurgency movements”. They then provided the solution, which is the war we know as the Vietnam War.50
Another hoax was arranged by George Bush Sr.’s public relations firm at the advent of the Gulf War. The daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States, who went on TV pretending to be a nurse, related a horror story of how Iraqi troops ransacked the incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, leaving the premature babies on the floor to die. The media picked up the story and ran it. Enraged by the story, Americans gave their unbridled support to Operation Desert Storm, which never did remove Saddam Hussein from power as it was intended to do, but did take Kuwaiti’s oil off the market for two years and succeeded in dwarfing Iraq’s oil exports to this day. All so an oil glut could be prevented to keep the price of oil high, so the London banks, where the OPEC nations bankroll, could continue to make healthy profits.51
Then, there are the series of doctored images created by Penny Marshal and the ITN camera crew of the UK, which showed pictures of what was dubbed a Serbian death camp by ITN and the mass media.As was revealed by Jared Israel’s film “Judgment”, which can be ordered from the emperors-clothes.com website, the spin-doctors fabricated the images to give a UN refugee camp the appearance of a death camp. Jared Israel’s camera team was filming Penny Marshal’s ITN crew at the time they were interviewing the refugees at a UN refugee Camp in Trnopolje, so documented proof exists on film that the photographs and interviews were fabricated.The ITN photographic images allowed President Clinton to proceed with his campaign to oust Milosovic and justified the carpet-bombing by NATO of Kosovo and Serbia, all so that the mineral rich region of the Balkans could fall under the control of Western interests, while at the same time providing America with a convenient launching pad for sorties and air raid campaigns into Central Asia and the Middle East, or wherever the New World Order air force was needed.52
Given the weight of evidence that fake terror has been used many times to justify U.S. foreign policy objectives abroad, is it completely outside the realm of possibility that Middle Eastern terrorists functioning as part of an organization originally set up, funded and supported by the CIA, namely the Al Qaeda network, might not have undertaken this mission under the orders of the CIA as part of a problem-reaction-solution scheme to justify a U.S. military incursion into a country they had been planning for various strategic reasons to invade for months? A resounding ‘Yes!’ should be the answer to this rhetorical question, since any convincing alternatives to this view have been eliminated by the documented evidence that has come to light. Let us review the facts in the case to ensure that the argument stands up to closer scrutiny. It is known that standard FAA and military procedure were not followed on September 11th.Cover stories and cover-ups were subsequently created to try to throw investigators off the trail. No one behaved more suspiciously on the day of the attacks than President George W. Bush, who at best is guilty of gross incompetence for failing to react to the crisis, while the complete lack of emotion or concern he exhibited in the classroom at the time of the attacks points to foreknowledge and compliance with a preordained plan.The Bush family has been linked in terms of business dealings and covert operations with Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. All three men have been funded and supported by the CIA despite foreknowledge of Noriega’s involvement with drugs and Saddam Hussein’s and Osama bin Laden’s involvement in terrorism. And all three men share the distinction of having the countries in which they resided being invaded by the U.S. military as part of a problem-reaction-solution schema. Each seems to be a boogeyman manufactured by Uncle Sam to create terror in order to justify a later U.S. military invasion under the pretext of undertaking a war on drugs or a war on terrorism. In conclusion, in its incarnation as Dr. Frankenstein, the CIA creates the monster in the form of terrorists and the terror they sponsor in order to justify the running of international protection rackets and the invasion of sovereign territory by the U.S. military, the monstrous attack of 9-11 being no exception to the rule.

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Geopolitical Chess Anyone?
by Timothy Spearman 

There is a game in Korea called ba-dook, which is known as weiqi to the Chinese. It is a game of chess once played by the Yellow Emperor himself. Japan, America, Russian and China are now playing it and their game board is the Korean peninsula.Following World War II, the newly formed CIA launched two operations. One was known as MK-ULTRA. “MK” stands for “Mind Kontrol” (with a German ‘K’). The other was MK-NAOMI. MK-NAOMI specifically targeted people of African origin. A plan was drawn up to reduce the unwanted populations of the world referred to by Henry Kissinger as “useless eaters.” National Security Memorandum NSSM 200 was issued in the 1970s by Henry Kissinger. This document stated that, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.” The memorandum went on to add that, “Reduction of the rate of population in these states is a matter of U.S. National Security.”
When giving testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee, Dr. Donald MacArthur, a U.S. Army biological warfare expert gave the following testimony:

Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would
probably be possible to make a new
infective microorganism which could
differ in certain important aspects from
any known disease-causing organisms.
Most important of these is that it might be
refractory to the immunological and
therapeutic processes upon which we
depend to maintain our relative freedom
from infectious disease.

A total of 10 million dollars was assigned for a five-year feasibility study. This would evolve into the Special Virus Cancer Program.
According to Jacob Segal, AIDS was developed in the laboratories of Fort Detrick, a bioweapons technology facility in Maryland. AIDS, he maintains, is a hybrid of a virus which infects the intestines of sheep known as Visna and a virus known as HTLV-1 (Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus). The effect of splicing these two viruses was that the virus would have a long incubation period allowing it to spread undetected from host to host. The leukemia-causing agent within HIV had the effect of attacking the T-cells, the factory cells that manufacture antibodies. The virus was then unleashed on the homosexual male population of New York and San Francisco by the Center for Disease Control’s experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trials, while WHO would go on to infect the sub-Saharan African population with 93 million doses of HIV-tainted experimental smallpox vaccinations.
The potential for such madness as a genocidal bioweapons program being unleashed upon the world’s population in the form of a smallpox epidemic or mysterious plagues for which there is no isolatable cause is extremely high. Already physicians treating Gulf War veterans for the so-called Gulf War Syndrome are frustrated by the array of symptoms manifested and their inability to pin down a source or cause for the multiple symptoms they confront. The so-called Gulf War Syndrome is actually Vaccine Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome or VIDS. The dangerous and highly reactive smallpox and anthrax vaccine shots given to the troops ostensibly to defend them against biochemical weapons potentially deployed by the enemy in the battlefield have infected the troops with an array of illnesses that are contagious and which have in many cases been passed on to their near relatives.
In addition, America and its allies have used depleted uranium in their bombings and missile attacks in Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. This is potentially devastating, particularly in the case of Iraq, considering that 800 tons of DU was dropped in the Gulf War alone and many more times that in the more recent American-led coalition invasion. The residue from the one ton bombs dropped in Baghdad in particular is capable of sending radioactive particles high into the atmosphere, where they can be carried by the jet stream anywhere in the world and descend upon unwitting populations in the form of radioactive rain. DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years. And we used to worry about acid rain.
The Pentagon’s anthrax vaccination program, which tapered off in the mid-1990s due to failed facility inspections, shot up again following the September 11 attacks. Shortly after 9-11, anthrax-laced letters were sent to media agencies and Senate offices. Five people died. The 9-11 commission would later fault federal agencies for being unprepared, an admonition now justifying the Patriot Act and the vaccination program against anthrax and smallpox. In July 2004, lawmakers approved the $5.6-billion Project BioShield proposed by Bush. The legislation will award millions in contracts to private companies to develop medicines and vaccines ostensibly as a shield against bioterror.
Anthrax has already been exposed as an inside job. The Special Virus Cancer Program that developed AIDS and the anthrax hoax have been traced by journalists and investigators to the same bioweapons research facility in Maryland called Fort Detrick. How is it that the U.S. government has been implicated in the anthrax letter scare and is at the same time vaccinating its troops against anthrax as the greatest perceived bioterror threat? Because Uncle Sam is responsible for handing out the bad candy to the children, while also providing the antidote. Can’t you just hear naughty Uncle Sam now: “Come here little girls and boys of the American Armed Services. Want some candy?” The problem is that the antidote makes the kids just as sick as the candy. “Some bad people are giving kids bad candy,” says Uncle Sam. “Come here boys and girls of the U.S. armed services. Try some of my medicine. Then, the bad candy won’t hurt you.What’s that? You say my medicine made you sick? Gulf War Syndrome indeed! It’s all in your head! How about a dishonorable discharge?”
It is also interesting to note that the Bush family has heavy ties to the companies manufacturing the vaccines. What this administration has effectively done is ensure that the very businesses benefiting from the war on terror are the most profitable, namely the Carlyle Group, the U.S. arms industry, and the drugs and pharmaceutical industry. “All right, all you good old boys. Let’s peddle in death!” It’s easy to ensure that you and your cronies are going to make a profit off of a certain emergency, when you have planned that emergency and know where it’s going to hit—as in the insurance companies and insider traders that made a mint off the WTC disaster.Freemason-CIA Drug TradeIn keeping with the M.O. of controlling both sides thereby taking charge of the outcome, the Freemason-controlled and affiliated CIA has funded, armed and equipped North Korea. The source of funding is the CIA-sponsored and controlled drug trade in South and Central America. 33rd Degree Freemason George Bush Sr. had Manual Noriega on the CIA payroll when he was director of the CIA. Bush was using Panama as an airport landing strip for shipping illegal arms south and drugs north to the U.S.A. The drugs were being smuggled into Mena airstrip in Arkansas, where then Governor and 33rd Degree Freemason, Bill Clinton, was laundering the drug money through Arkansas banks, while his wife, Hillary, was cooking the books at the Rose law firm. This is the so-called Whitewater scandal so effectively whitewashed by the Freemason-controlled establishment.
With this CIA drug money, the CIA has armed and equipped North Korea. The M.O. is the same as ever: to advance New World Order of Lucifer by Dr. Frankenstein creating a monster to justify a U.S. military or NATO-led invasion of a foreign country and the installation of a permanent occupying force, a New World Order army in other words. By training terrorist cells in the republics formerly belonging to the Soviet Union, the United States and NATO is operating what is equivalent to protection rackets. Due to the problem of their own making, they have provided the solution: permanent NATO or U.S. military occupations of Central Asian Republics stretching from the Balkans all the way to Pakistan. And all of this has gone on largely unnoticed because the Freemason-controlled intelligence network pulls the strings of most of the media agencies capable of alerting the public. RCA, the Hollinger Group controlled by Canadian media mogul Conrad Black, ABC, NBC and CBS are all examples. The U.S. military is a Trojan horse as is NATO and the Freemason-controlled United Nations.


The CIA is now telling us that North Korea has typhoid, cholera, anthrax, smallpox, yellow fever, botulinum toxin and hemorrhagic fevers just as it told the world Iraq did before Gulf War II. Hemorrhagic fever plagues like Ebola were never even heard of before the Gulf War. If North Korea has indeed developed these bioweapons, it is obvious who supplied them with the technology. Anthrax, smallpox and Ebola are all part of the American bioweapons program.At the height of the anthrax hoax, an anthrax-laced letter was sent to a Microsoft subsidiary in Nevada. Investigators said the letter had a Malaysian postmark on it. Why would an al-Qaeda terrorist cell send a letter to such an obscure location? How could they even think of such an obscure address? A Malaysian MP commented that, if the anthrax came from Malaysia, it would have to be from a foreign cell operating within the country, since Malaysia did not have the know-how to develop anthrax. He advised U.S. officials that Malaysia was totally unfamiliar with anthrax and had never even heard of it before.
Could the Freemason-controlled U.S. government and CIA, Defense Department and Pentagon have already unleashed on an unwitting world population disease plagues and bio-warfare that is only now in the incubation and germination stage? The release of chemical, biological and radioactive agents of death into the atmosphere in obscene quantities has already occurred as a result of the numerous conflicts in which U.S. forces have behaved irresponsibly.Whether chemical and biological weapon poisoning occurred as a result of U.S. bombing of Iraqi bioweapon facilities or whether the U.S. Army used these weapons itself, the Riegle Report issued by Senator Riegle confirms that catastrophic releases of these agents did occur. Environmental poisoning by weapons of mass destruction may soon reach a point of critical mass that compromises immune systems and weakens the bodies of the world’s population to the point where people fall over while eating, die in their sleep or drop dead by the thousands for no apparent reason or for any known cause.
The conditions outlined above would only be exacerbated by another conflict on the same scale as the Iraq wars. But what if the scale were of even greater magnitude? The Freemasons see the world as a chessboard, a kind of strategy game. They already have plans for the Korean peninsula. Kerry’s rhetoric points to the fact that a preemptive strike on North Korea is already in the planning stage. A massive explosion in North Korea detected by China’s satellite surveillance system occurred on North Korea’s birthday, September 9, 2004. North Korea announced in 2003 that it had plans to perform its first nuclear test on its national birthday, September 9, 2003. That test never occurred. An explosion did take place on September 9, 2004 however, meaning that it was very probably a nuclear test, especially considering that Vice Foreign Minister Choi announced only days later that North Korea had the nuclear deterrent. Kerry has announced that North Korea probably has anywhere from 4 to 7 nuclear weapons. Russia and China have both been called upon to encourage North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.
The floor of every Masonic Temple is a chessboard with the notorious black and white squares. This is their world, their reality, a reality they have chosen to impose on the four corners of the world. To conceive of a world with four corners is to conceive of the world as a game board or chessboard. This is the world we live in. The world is a chessboard and the ultimate showdown is about to take place. The time of the ultimate showdown is drawing near. It will not be long before world war erupts on the Korean peninsula. World War III will take the world by surprise just as the Korean War did fifty-five years ago, but the time is fast approaching. The Korean War has officially never ended. An armistice agreement and Demilitarized Zone is all that protects the populations of both sides from experiencing a repeat of the aggression that destroyed so many lives only a generation ago. War may soon rage again and when it does, there may be no corner of the world that is safe.

The Grand Chessboard of the Illuminati

By Timothy Spearman

Knowing that the Serpent Cult is the problem behind world affairs, it is inevitable that there would be a reaction. Seeing as they created the problem in the first place, they would naturally try to control the reaction and eventually implement the solution, which would be further international surveillance, increased jurisdictional power, erosion of civil liberties, and the complete subordination of a compliant population to a global elite. This they would attempt to achieve through mandatory ID cards, which would also include the medical history of each individual, including their vaccination history. A bill recently passed in the U.S. Congress would effectively accomplish just that. Unfortunately for the serpent elites that control this world, the traditional game plan known as problem-reaction-solution would not work out as conveniently as they had hoped.The disease-causing agent identified and associated with VIDS (Vaccine Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome) wrongly dubbed Gulf War Syndrome has been identified by a paid government agent as micoplasma incognitos. It’s incognitos all right because its mad scientist genocidal manufacturers are incognito. VIDS—Gulf War Illness if you like—is a communicable disease, spreading through the general population faster than a brushfire and more efficiently than its parent HIV. It is spread by casual contact, through perspiration, or a cough or sneeze. The disease-causing agent identified as micoplasma by the paid government agent contains 40% of the HIV envelope and is a bioweapon by design.A problem-reaction-solution scheme has been worked out for the microchipping of the population and the forced vaccination of the populous. A nationwide panic will be induced in the U.S. that will later spread worldwide, creating a panic of such magnitude that it will threaten the very existence of the planet. The government of the U.S., and later governments around the world, will step in to offer a solution, an antidote, a treatment, but only for those who accept the medical ID. All others will be considered a threat and a danger to society and will be hunted down, rounded up, imprisoned and even killed. Americans will embrace this solution in their desperation to stay alive and will turn in their neighbors and friends to gain privilege within a fascist state that demands complete subservience and loyalty. At the same time, the Constitution of the United States, and later that of all nation states, will be subverted to allow for the inauguration of the fascist New World Order one world government of the Freemason-Illuminati controlled U.N. Americans, who are already living in an open air prison, will suddenly see the door of that prison slammed shut with a good percentage of them living and dying in concentration camps.Approximately 40% of Americans are already carriers of some form of HIV or another, since there are now over 2,000 strains. Among the other diseases that are in the process of being spawned and spread are Ebola Reston, a slow acting deadly bioagent that takes years to manifest and kills in slow painful stages worse than Ebola Zaire.1 The mainstream media is already spreading fear around the world of a looming pandemic of bird flu and smallpox and other potential disease threats because the Jabal elite Illuminati families control the international publishing industry and our minds along with it.The Violent Crime Bill of 1994, section 40213, called for the conversion of military bases into prison facilities. The Federal Transfer Center is at Will Rogers Airport outside Oklahoma City. The government is planning to use this as a major transport site for civilians. The dedication stone, set in place by the New World Airport Commission, includes the Masonic square and compass along with the “G” of the Grand Geometrician. The artwork commissioned there speaks of death and genocide. One piece of art even features a child in a coffin wearing the Seal of Solomon, the so-called Star of David.2Mayfair Air Force Base in Sacremento has guard towers, censors, stadium lights, another site slated as an emergency detention center. There are more camps besides, 130 in all, most in the international biospheres, Camp Shelby MS, Ft Riley KS, Fort Drum NY, Camp McCoy WY, Indian Gap PA, Mather Air Force Base CA, Fort Benning GA, and Ft. Hacheun AR. The Civil Air Force Operations manual calls for officials to get rid of this document. It is a plan for the movement of the civilian population for every city in America. The Rex 84 Program calls for a FEMA and U.S. military detention center. The director of FEMA was a cabinet secretary under Reagan, with George Bush Sr. as V.P. and Oliver North as National Security Council aide responsible for putting Rex 84 together. The plan calls for the president to declare a state of emergency and declare martial law, delegating responsibility for the country’s infrastructure to the director of FEMA and calling for the immediate suspension of the Constitution per Executive Order 12919.3During the Iran-Contra Inquiry, Oliver North was asked an uncomfortable question by Representative Jack Brooks. The reaction of North to this line of questioning was revealing. Steam visibly rising from his collar, his attorney immediately interceded with an objection, calling for the Chairman’s ruling on the question.“Col. North, in your work at the NSC, were you not assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster,” asked Brooks.“Mr. Chairman,” objected North’s Attorney.“I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area, so may I suggest that you not touch upon that, sir,” advised the Chairman.“I was particularly concerned, Mr. Chairman,” Brooks pressed, “because I read in Miami papers and several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of emergency, and I was deeply concerned about it, and I wondered if that was the area in which he had worked.”“May I most respectfully ask that that matter not be touched upon at this stage,” the Chairman interjected. “If we wish to get into this, I’m sure arrangements can be made for Executive Session.4So you thought you could trust your government. Well, it turns out that Product Ingredient Technology in Boca Raton was just a front for the manufacturing of Prussian Blue in Jeb Bush’s state of Florida. Prussian Blue is a strain of hydrogen cyanide specifically designed to destroy the integrity of gas mask filters and protective gear. In short, those dispatched to the theater of operation in Iraq in the planned Gulf War would not have the protection of their protective gear. Talk about a protection racket. The government of the United States had seen to it that its own troops would be utterly defenseless on the battlefield when they released their own biochemical weapons on the battlefield. Eyewitness reports in the Riegle Report—itself largely a government whitewash—confirm that U.S. military personnel reported seeing explosions and explosive bursts, followed by symptoms of wheezing, shortness of breath, runny noses and eyes and a strange tingling sensation in the limbs. When reporting their experiences to the superior officer in charge, they were told that what they had witnessed was not an explosion, but a sonic boom. Despite this, a gag order was in place and the soldiers were instructed not to speak about what they had heard and seen. Why the gag order if it was only a sonic boom? This is the question that should be asked at sonic speed.5Don’t believe me? Well, evil cloaks itself in as many disguises as it cares to adopt, while the bride Truth shows only one face with no wardrobe of any kind to boast of. But just one glance at the bride truth will tell you why there’s no need for adornments, makeup and costume apparel. There’s no need to cloak beauty its every self, and precious little need to conceal its radiance with a layer of paint. Truth stands out in a crowd, rendering pale and wan all the glitter, glamour and pomp of the ladies in waiting. They’ll be waiting a long time to have the hand of the suitors who find the Lady Truth far more suitable.Each of us knows are days are numbered, each of us knows the number of our days can be added or subtracted on a government abacus that adds up to zero, give or take a day or two, but the day will come, when the number of days of the man of tomorrow exceed the number of days of the man of today. And then Nietzsche’s Ubermensch, the sovereign man of the future, who has relinquished all need for ideals and future utopias will breathe free, taking in the air of fresh valleys, liberated of all the consumption, coughing and shortness of breath that attended the man of yesterday all the days of his life. Maybe then, the choirs of angels, the spirits and saints will descend from above and live in harmony with man for a protracted marathon of 50,000 years that will launch the next human race.Given the nature of the repressive forces at work in our world, it has been necessary historically for like-minded individuals to form secret societies to avoid the scrutiny and fascist controls exerted upon more transparent societies and organs. The Freemasons are only one of these secret societies and descend from a much older organization—a military order of knights founded by the Illuminati-controlled Catholic Church known as the Knights Templar. The Templars were an unwholesome organization from the word go, a military order responsible for founding European usury in the form of the banking system, as well as the arms industry, which has evolved into the military-industrial complex of today. The Freemasons of today inherit this empire and wield control over it with merciless authority to the point where the York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which descends from the earlier parent organization, has evolved into the most powerful crime syndicate in the world.Today, the Freemason organization wields boundless authority and has penetrated the corridors of power in every field of human endeavor. Through its system of initiation, it has managed to place its highly influential operators in positions of enormous power, where they function as influence peddlers. The university degree system, itself based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry—Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason—is a corrupt system engaged in influencing, programming and mind-controlling the youth of every nation. The unspeakable crimes perpetrated on humanity that go unopposed and often unnoticed are largely a result of this university degree system and its institutional control over the minds of men. Unbelievable as it may seem, university professors, regarding themselves as intelligent and enlightened, go on spinning the yarns of the spin-doctors long after the rest of the population has woken up to the big lie. Is it any wonder that most of these dinosaurs are looked upon with pity and disregard by many of the young upstarts in their midst, who instead of looking up to them as esteemed figures, feel nothing but disdain and contempt for them. While the students yawn and fall asleep in their political science lectures, the professors continue to read the same lectures they read way back in 1963 implicating the lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in the infamous coup d’etat.As for the legal system, there has never been much justice since Freemasonry first devised and established it. The legal system has often been referred to as “our Freemasonry”. Principles of egalitarian justice such as being “on the level,” “fair and square,” “upstanding,” “upright,” even the principles of the French revolution, liberty, fraternity and equality are in theory derived from Freemasonry. In the City of London, the legal institutions were founded by the Freemason establishment that formed the governing aristocratic elite. These were the Inns of Court, consisting of the Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Outer Temple, Gray’s Inn, and Lincoln’s Inn. The legal district is right next door to the financial district and is referred to as Temple Bar, and is named in honor of the famed Knights of the Temple or Knights Templar. The so-called bar exam, in which candidates must “pass the bar,” is derived from this name.It is an easy thing to orchestrate a whitewash of any affair when you control the system. The Titanic, for example, built in a Southamton shipyard, was the darling of the Freemason-owned White Star Line. Following the disaster, the helmsman was packed off to Australia before the court inquiry into the disaster had even begun, the insider-trading Attorney General turning the entire affair into a whitewash.6 Masons subject to the rigors of the justice system know very well how to rig the system in their favor. Masons, who are notorious for their secret signs, signals and handshakes, are well acquainted with the signal for Masons in distress. The brother who raises his forearms at the elbow, bringing his hands to the side of his head, open palms facing forward, is alerting other Masons that he is in trouble. The same distress call can be issued by Masons making the coded remark, “Who’s afraid of the widow’s son?” This alerts other members of the Freemason-controlled establishment to come to the defense of their brother.As for the London and New York financial districts, located right next door to their respective legal districts, they are Freemason-controlled from the ground up. The World Trade Center twin towers, for instance, represent the twin pillars of a Masonic Temple, Jachin and Boaz, meaning strength and foundation. In light of this, the entire New York financial district can be seen as one great Masonic Temple.7The history of Freemason financial influence is a long one, going back to the Knights Templar. The Catholic knighthood order is not only responsible for the system of usury upon which the banking industry is based, but the arms industry as well. This is hardly surprising when you consider that this is a military order responsible for founding Europe’s intelligence and espionage network. What is shocking is to recognize that the Catholic Church is responsible for founding institutions responsible for the abuses of today’s military-industrial complex. This means that a religious organization is responsible for all of the wars and conflicts on this planet, a damning indictment of a major world religion.The Templars founded the modern banking system as early as the thirteenth century. This system of debits and credit was based on the lending of gold. Kings would borrow large sums of gold and would pay interest on the debt. This would fund their large expenditures on the purchase of arms, militia, mercenaries, etc. The Templars had on reserve in their preceptories only a small percentage of the gold they were lending out, but that did not stop them from collecting interest on gold that did not even exist. They pulled off this confidence trick by issuing promissory notes in the form of checks with coded numbers. Agents of the monarch could then present these checks as legal tender good for whatever quantity of gold the check was made out for.8 As it happens, the Templars also controlled the arms industry and controlled the very supply of arms their gold was used to purchase. This meant that they were making money hand over fist, gaining transnational power and control in the process.Many kings could not in fact pay back the interest on this gold, and would have to offer collateral instead in the form of land and property. The Templars became vast landholders who had built up by the 13th century a transnational empire extending all the way to the Middle East. This granted them the freedom to engage in restriction-free travel on a transnational basis. They wielded power, authority and financial influence equal to the transnational bankers of today. The modern practice of diplomatic immunity for members of the diplomatic service and high-ranking political figures descends from this, since the same governing elite controls the establishment to this day. The House of Guise and Lorraine was a powerful Templar family that controlled the land known as present-day Luxembourg. Their Coat-of-Arms was the “double cross,” and that is just what they did. They double-crossed everyone, lending gold to kings to finance their military operations, while funding and supplying their enemies at the same time. This is the same modus operandi followed and practiced by the Freemason-controlled arms industry today. The Freemasons make it a practice to play both sides. By controlling both sides, it is easier to control the outcome. The black and white squares appearing on the floor of every Masonic Temple as well as many abbeys and cathedrals symbolize this. They control both sides: the light and the dark forces of the universe. This is what the black and white squares on the front of the police caps of many of the world’s Freemason-controlled police forces symbolize. We seem to believe that the police are there to serve and protect. They are of course. They are there to serve and protect the Freemason power elite that control them.9The double-cross M.O. becomes increasingly clear when it is revealed that M.K. Gandhi, better known as the Mahatma, was a Freemason who orchestrated the partitioning of India. I prove his Freemason affiliations in my forthcoming book Gandhi Under Cross-examination. He was also a sergeant major in the British Army, a recruitment officer for the Boar War and First and Second World Wars, a wartime correspondent, and a fraud.10 The partitioning of North and South Korea, the Vietnam War, and the Chinese Communist revolution are other examples of the divide and conquer policies of the Freemason fraternity. Chang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong were both 33rd Degree Freemasons just to drive the point home. And during the Iran-Iraq War, the Freemason-controlled military industrial complex armed both sides to the teeth through an illegal arms trade orchestrated by the then Vice-President and former head of the CIA, 33rd Degree Freemason George H.W. Bush. The illegal sale was made to Iran through Israel, which acted as the middleman.11The banking empire the Freemasons inherit from the Templars forms the heart of their web of control, centered as it is in London, Germany’s central bank and Zurich. We can see this influence most clearly in London, where many of the banks themselves double as Masonic Lodges. Lodge number 3049 is the Lloyd’s bank “Lutine” Lodge and the Black Horse Lodge of Lombard St. (Lodge number 4155) represents the invocation of the “black horse” of Revelations. The mayor of the City of London is a member of the Guildhall Lodge (Lodge number 3116), while the Bank of England is Lodge number 263 under another name. The National Westminster Bank is Lodge number 3647, while HSBC/Midland, one of the world’s biggest drug-laundering services with a long history in the Asian Far East heroine trade, is actually the Holden Lodge, identified as lodge number 2946.12Is there proof the Freemasons and Templars are related? Let’s just say that they are more than just second cousins. The true story is that Templars had become too powerful by the 14th century and had to have their power checked. That power was finally checked by Philip IV of France and the Pope of Rome. The Templars were officially dissolved as an order at this time by a papal bull. Many of their members were summarily rounded up all over Europe. In France, Philip launched a Gestapo-like raid on their temples and preceptories on Friday the 13th of October, 1307. This is why Friday the 13th is still considered inauspicious and unlucky to this day.Many of the French Templars escaped in their armada of ships from the port of La Rochelle in France, heading both north and south to Scotland and to Portugal, where they had been granted immunity and asylum. Their armada boasted the notorious skull and crossbones insignia – the so-called “pirate flag” – of the Illuminati bloodline families. All 43 presidents of the United States are related and descend from these same Illuminati bloodline families, also known as the Merovingian bloodline, as the researchers of The Holy Blood and Holy Grail discovered. In Scotland, the Templars would go on to found the York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which has evolved into the most powerful crime syndicate in the world. In Portugal, they would found the Knights of Malta, another source of enormous corruption in this world.For those who doubt that a conspiracy like the plot to kill President Kennedy can be so far-reaching, they might reevaluate their position once it is discovered that the seven individuals appointed by Lyndon Johnson to the so-called independent judicial inquiry into the JFK assassination were members of the same clubs, sharing many of the same affiliations. Indeed, the seven-man Warren Commission was heavily weighted with men boasting intelligence and military backgrounds. Allen Dulles had been the CIA director for nine years prior to his appointment to the Warren Commission. Representative Gerald Ford was described by Newsweek as the CIA’s best friend in Congress.13 He was also a 33rd Degree Freemason. Senator Richard Russell chaired the Senate Armed Forces Committee and its subcommittee on intelligence. John J. McCloy had formerly served as the country’s assistant secretary of war and the U.S. government’s high commissioner in occupied Germanyat the end of World War II. At the time of his appointment to the Warren Commission, he was considered top dog in the American foreign policy establishment.14 J. Edgar Hoover, meanwhile, was not only the director of the F.B.I., but was also a 33rd Degree Freemason. As for Chief Justice Warren, we can effectively remove the word ‘Justice’ from his title, as he was also a 33rd Degree Freemason.As for those members of the Warren Commission with confirmed affiliations to Freemasonry, part of their initiation requires that they take an oath, in which they swear on a Masonic Bible that their allegiance to Freemasonry supersedes allegiances to king and country. This means that they were already well placed by virtue of their Freemason affiliations to commit high treason. Americans should also know that the oath of office administered on all U.S. government officials sitting in the chambers of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate takes place with the newly appointed member’s hand on a Masonic Bible while taking said oath. Despite their solemn oath to defend their country “against all enemies foreign and domestic,” they are in fact defending the elite they represent against all enemies, which usually turn out to be the most honorable of patriots. They are in essence the enemy within. As Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9-11 showed, when members of the House came forward to present their petition against the inauguration of George W. Bush as president, not a single U.S. senator would come forward to sign the petition. Why? Because the senators are controlled by the brotherhood organization to which they owe allegiance.America itself is a Freemason experiment. Sir Francis Bacon established the blueprint for the new republic with his book The New Atlantis. All but six of the signatories that signed the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The United States of America is Freemasonry lock, stock and barrel.There is evidence Freemasonry and the American intelligence apparatus was involved in the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy whether or not Oswald was the assassin. Whether Oswald is in the picture or not, it is still a conspiracy involving Freemasonry. What is the evidence? To begin with, the historical record shows that there are strong affiliations between Freemasonry and the intelligence services. In fact, Sir Francis Bacon and his brother Roger Bacon, both Freemasons, founded H.M.S.S., along with the intelligence services of several other European countries. Bacon has been credited with founding Freemasonry in its modern form, with its 33 Degrees of initiation. Francis Bacon also had strong affiliations with Rosicrucianism and was himself responsible for founding an order called Fra Rosi Cross named in his honor.15 According to one former U.S. Naval Intelligence agent, many of the higher-ranking officers in the U.S. military and intelligence services are Freemasons or Rosicrucians.The man posterity knows as William Shakespeare was not the commoner from Stratford-Upon-Avon most people suppose him to be. Will Shakspere, the businessman from Stratford, did not have the breeding or education to master the languages required to read the classics with which he was so well endowed. Mastering his own native language would have been an admirable enough feat for a man of his background. Stratford simply did not have the books or resources. A rich patron would have had to see promise at an early age to have supplied the commoner with the resources he required to become the greatest literary master in European history. Such promise would have to be shown early enough for the commoner to have mastered Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish and French, in addition to his own native English. But the hard truth is that no commoner would have had the pedigree to be granted such opportunities. His bloodline, his low birth would have forbade it.As in Chosun Dynasty Korea, as well as pre-World War Japan, the caste system of Elizabethan England, and France for that matter, did not allow a nobleman to attach his name to works of poetry or drama. Involvement in the arts of poetry, poesy and drama was considered to be beneath the dignity of a member of the noble class. Nobles were in the habit of writing anonymously or under pen names. This was the case with two of Korea’s more-well known operatic works, Choon Hyang Jun and Shim Chung Jun, but was equally true of many of the works of the Elizabethan poets. This granted many politically subversive Elizabethan poets the cover they needed to write their anti-establishment treatises and verse.Under Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Bacon was made the state censor for all of England. He and his brother Roger would also found Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He was also responsible for founding modern Freemasonry with its 33 degrees of initiation. As it happened, he also oversaw state propaganda. He even inaugurated a secret writing society or propaganda ministry, an order of knights called the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, named in honor of Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of Freemasonry. Pallas wore the helmet of invisibility and became invisible whenever she drew the visor down over her face. Initiated members of the order would kiss the helmet of Pallas and place it on their heads. They then became known as “invisibles” and spent the rest of their lives writing propaganda literature, often under pen names or anonymously. Ben Jonson and Christopher Marlowe were both recruited by Sir Francis from Cambridge University to take part in the enterprise. Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, offered Bacon his strong support for the project.16 Alfred Dodd also identifies him as a relative.17 Indeed he was. They were both changeling sons of Queen Elizabeth by different fathers. They were, in a word, half brothers. This is how the institution of British propaganda was born and how it maintained strong affiliations with Freemasonry and the British intelligence network founded by Freemasonry.Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, was the real William Shakespeare. He was the changeling son of the queen, the secret royal prince and the greatest writer in world history. He was the product of an incestuous liaison between his mother, the queen, and Thomas Seymour, her stepfather.18 He was raised in the home of the 16th Earl of Oxford. He would later join forces with his half brother, Sir Francis Bacon, born from a secret liaison between the Queen and Robert Dudley, a love bond formed when they were both imprisoned in the Tower of London by Queen Mary.Bacon and the Earl of Oxford established the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet together and proceeded to invent the England of the Elizabethan age by orchestrating a series of propaganda projects for what amounted to the Hollywood of their time. Oxford would adopt the mask of Shakespeare, a name he derived from Pallas Athena, who was known in Latin as Hasti-vibrans, the Spear-shaker. She was known for shaking her spear at the serpents of ignorance and vice. Oxford-Shakespeare would then go on to write the politically charged histories that would give England ascendancy over land and sea; the comedies that would paint the courts of Italy and France he knew so well from his travels as a comedic farce; and the tragedies that made so many of the foreign kings look like homicidal maniacs, much like Time magazine does today with figures like Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, etc.The same strong affiliation that existed between Freemasonry, the English intelligence establishment and Elizabeth’s state propaganda organ, the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, was exported to the colonies. Hollywood is the outcome of a Freemason-controlled program to inaugurate Hollywoodas the state propaganda apparatus of the U.S. The affiliations between Hollywood movie houses and the OSS (Operation of Strategic Services) and CIA have been well documented. The release ofPearl Harbor immediately following the WTC disaster was planned, coordinated and expertly timed state propaganda. The number of Hollywood releases depicting Middle Eastern terrorists as psychotic killers and homicidal maniacs went up exponentially in the wake of the September 11 attacks as one would expect from a state propaganda apparatus.Were the attacks of September 11, 2001 an inside job? There is considerable evidence to suggest they were. The hijacking of passenger airliners by the U.S. military establishment is not a new idea. During the Kennedy administration, a memorandum was issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff called Northwoods calling for a government-sponsored terrorist incident for political reasons. The plan was to shoot down a CIA-owned mock up of a passenger airliner and blame the attack on Cuba, thereby justifying a military invasion of the island. The plan was scrapped, but the declassified document is still on record.19Is there a link between the Freemasonic network and the September 11, 2001 attacks? First of all, let’s examine the fact that the World Trade Center is located in the heart of the New York financial district. The twin towers of the WTC represent the twin pillars of a Masonic Temple, Jachin and Boaz, meaning strength and foundation. Legend has it that the twin pillars of the Temple in Atlantis were destroyed by fire and water. This event was commemorated in the ritualized event that took place on September 11, 2001 in the attack on the WTC. The twin towers represent an assault on the Temple of the New Atlantis, which will rise up phoenix-like with the formation of the New World Order-led world parliament.20This New World Order-led world government has long been the cherished dream of the Freemason organization, which officially announced its plan on the Great Seal of the U.S.A. in 1776 with the words: Annuit Ceoptus Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means “Announcing the Birth of a New Order of Ages.” The pyramid with the missing capstone features the All-seeing Eye of the Egyptian God Horus, who lost one eye in the battle with the Egyptian god Set in an attempt to avenge his father Osiris’ untimely death. The symbolism of the ancient world points to the fact that the same families and secret societies that controlled the world in ancient times are in power today. The so-called Illuminati families, whose bloodlines are preserved in the power elite that control the U.S.A. and Europe, continue to exercise boundless power and authority over world affairs to this day.A calculation of the time interval between the Masonic Killing of the King in the case of JFK, November 22 1963, and the Sacrifice of the Moon Goddess, Princess Di, on August 31 1997 comes to 33 years, 9 months and 9 days, the number 33 being of extraordinary numerological value to Freemasons. The timing of the assassinations points to a coordinated conspiracy involving numerology and black magic ritual. Mathematically 666 can be derived from adding 3 pairs of threes (3+3)+(3+3)+(3+3) = 666. It does not take a mathematical genius to see the combinations of three consisting of one addition and two multiplications of 3 forming the three pairs of 3 to be found in the time frame 33 years, 9 months and 9 days. 666 is the number for the Freemason’s “perfect man,” or Antichrist.21“Princess Di,” (for ‘Di’ read ‘die’) whose nickname is both a pronouncement and a curse bestowed on her by the Freemason-controlled “free press,” was scheduled to die long in advance at Pont de l’Alma, the site of traditional Diana worship in France. Of all the miles of open road in Paris, the princess met her end inside a tunnel, where no witnesses were present and where surveillance cameras failed for the first time in their history. This coincided with a suspension of activity on the police channel for a full hour before until just after the accident. A pentacle star and lighted torch mark the location of Princess Diana’s memorial at Pont de l’Alma, another notorious calling card of the Freemason-Illuminati network22 Further evidence of Freemasonry involvement is the fact that the three so-called Paparazzi photographers involved in the mishap, Jacques Langevin, Fabrice Chassery, and Christian Martinez represent once again the three ruffians of Masonic legend known as the three Juwes.As for the black magic ritual and numerology surrounding the World Trade Center disaster, the numbers could not be more revealing. In black magic occult circles, the number ‘11’ constitutes the essence of the sinful, harmful and imperfect. Multiplications of the number, i.e. 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 also spell disaster in black magic ritual language. Referring to Daniel 7:8: “I considered the 10 horns and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one.” Bible scholars have often referred to the Antichrist as the 11th horn.23 The number 11 comes up so many times in the investigation surrounding 9-11 that it would constitute a 911-wakeup call to anyone except someone suffering from denial. The most obvious ‘11’, and because obvious, the most hidden and unnoticed is the twin towers themselves. Both 110 stories tall, they constitute a perfect number ‘11’ in architectural form. And given the fact that Freemasonry places such stock in squaring and leveling and all the other hallmarks of masonry and architecture, it is a sure bet that the World TradeCenter was not chosen arbitrarily as the site of the attack.There is also the obvious date of the attack, which occurred on September 11. Flight 11 was identified as the first commercial airline to hit the first of the WTC towers. Both WTC towers were 110 stories tall, which is the multiple of 11 by ten times, or 20 times if taken together. There is also the Freemason-controlled media name for the event: 9-11. September 11 is also the 254th day of the year. Adding 2+5+4 comes to the sum 11. After September 11, there are only 111 days left in the year. In addition, there is the fact that the WTC disaster was staged in New York, the eleventh state to join the original union formed from a confederacy of thirteen colonies. Flight 77 is reported as the airline to hit the Pentagon building. 7 multiples of 11 comes to 77.24 Flight 175 struck the second tower. 1+7+5=13. For black magicians, the number 13 symbolizes rebellion against God. The north tower was the first to be struck. In Masonic ritual magic, north is the direction of darkness. In Isaiah 14:13, it states that God sits on His throne in the north. By striking the North Tower, Masons are symbolically striking the old world order of God in order to usher in the New World Order of Lucifer.25If the WTC attacks were planned by a cabal of Freemasons, what does September 11 commemorate? The answer may lie within the pages of history. The parent organization of modern Freemasonry, namely the Knights Templar, was founded as an order in 1118. There were 9 founding members, who first banded together in 1111. They took on no new members for nine whole years. 9 and 11 are the sacred numbers associated with the founding of the order.To take the occult significance of the number 11 further, let’s look at the day the Illuminati World War I ended, November 11, the eleventh day of the eleventh month, recalling 1111, the founding date of the military order of knights known as the Knights Templar. Thus, the name for the day the world honors the war dead, “Remembrance Day” takes on added significance for initiated members of Freemasonry, who are in fact honoring members of their parent fraternity, the Knights Templar, who founded their order in 1111. If these numbers don’t add up to a conspiracy, then try adding the numbers in the date for the “Killing of the King,” John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 at the 33rd parallel of latitude, Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. November is the eleventh month. 22 is twice 11, which comes once again to the founding date of the Knights Templar. The 11thmonth and twice 11 come to 33, the number of degrees in the Freemason organization and the latitude parallel at which the assassination took place.26Given the above information on numerology, the two dates for the Center for Disease Control’s mass vaccination implementation program is cause for serious concern. On Sept. 22, 2002, the CDC released a 49-page report to the 50 state health departments that outlined how they can vaccinate up to a million people against smallpox in just 10 days. State and local health districts were expected to forward their community mass vaccination plans to the CDC by Nov. 22. Given the combination of three 11s in the date November 22 adding up to 33, the numbers are worrying. Literature pointing to vaccinations being the cause rather than the cure for disease is widely available.27Consider the election fraud committed by 33rd Degree Freemason and Skull and Bonesman, George W. Bush, in the last federal election, well documented by Michael Moore in his film Fahrenheit 9-11and elsewhere. How could the U.S. Supreme Court make such a ruling? How could this judicious body legitimately not call for a Florida recount? And how could federal judiciaries obstruct the class action lawsuit launched by Stanley Hilton on behalf of 300 families of the victims of 9-11 against several members of the Bush administration including the current president, suing them under the Constitution for violating America’s rights, and under the Fraudulent Claims Act for presenting a fraudulent claim to Congress to justify the bogus Iraq War, and also under the Racketeering Corrupt Organization Act for being a corrupt entity.28 These questions are easily answered when it is discovered who these U.S. Supreme Court justices actually are. A list of some prominent Supreme Court justices of the last two centuries shows just how many Freemason-affiliated judges there are, many of them occupying these positions for decades as virtual institutions in their own right:Baldwin, Henry, Black, Hugo, L., Blair Jr., John,Blachford, Samuel, Burton, Harold H., ByrnesJames F., Catton, John, Clark, Thomas C., Clarke,John H., Cushing, William, Devanter, Willis Van,Douglas, William O. (Supreme Court Justice 1939-1975) Ellsworth, Oliver, Field, Steven J., Harlan,John M., Jackson, Robert H., Lamar, Joseph E.,Marshall, John, (Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court1801-1835), Marshall, Thurgood (Supreme CourtJustice 1967-1991), Mathews, Stanley, Minton,Sherman, Moody, William H., Nelson, Samuel,Paterson, William, Pitney, Mahlon, Reed, Stanley F.,Rutledge, Stanley F., Rutledge Wiley B., Stewart,Potter, Swayne, Noah H., Todd, Thomas, Trimble,Robert, Vinson, Frederick M., Warren, Earl,Woodbury, Levi, Woods, William B.29Now let’s establish the JFK assassination and the Freemason connection. When Oswald was caught handing out pro-Castro leaflets, the handouts were stamped with the address 544 Camp. This was the location of Guy Bannister Associates, Inc. Investigators. Guy Bannister was one of Oswald’s handlers. However, Jim Garrison’s examination of the index cards to Guy Bannister’s files show that he was no detective in the conventional sense, since his investigations in each case involved the military and intelligence apparatus. Garrison even lists some of the index card headings in question:American Central Intelligence Agency 20-10Ammunition and Arms 32-1Anti-Soviet Underground 25-1
B-70 Manned Bomber Force 15-16

Civil Rights Program of J.F. K. 8-41

Dismantling of Ballistic Missile System 15-16 30

Along with his intelligence affiliations, Guy Bannister was a leader of the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean.31 He began his career in World War II with the Office of Naval Intelligence. He later worked for the F.B.I. and shared many of the views of its director, J. Edgar Hoover. Former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison asks a very pertinent question regarding the location of Guy Bannister’s office:

Was it just coincidence, I asked myself, that Guy

Banister, who had begun his career in World War

II with the O.N.I., had chosen an office right

across the street from his old employers? Just as

much a coincidence, I suppose, as the location of

his previous private detective office— directly

across the street from the New Orleans offices

of the C.I.A. and the F.B.I.32

Amazingly, Garrison also reveals that the C.I.A. and F.B.I. offices were located only a few blocks away on the 300 block of St. Charles Ave. in a dark gray building referred to as the Masonic Temple.33 Evidence of affiliations between the Freemason organization and the American intelligence services could not be plainer. It is there for us in bold relief, the façade of the Masonic Temple staring us straight in the face. Such evidence is not conjectural, hypothetical or circumstantial. To the honest citizen—and someone not suffering from denial—the truth could not be more self-evident.

The CIA was founded by Freemasonry as is the case with intelligence services all over the world. It is also a Nazi organization founded by former Nazis John and Allen Dulles. The Nazis wore a lot of Freemason insignias on their uniforms including the skull and bones, Maltese cross, victory laurels of Pallas Athena, double-headed phoenix, etc.—for good reason! The Thule Society and Teutonic Knights, both quasi-Masonic organizations were instrumental in founding the Nazi Party. The Nuremburg trials at the end of the war were a ruse to convince the world that justice was being done. The truth is that most of the high-ranking Nazi scientists and officials were spirited out of the country at the end of the war by the notorious “project paperclip” launched by U.S. and British intelligence services, meaning it was business as usual for Nazis under the CIA. It should be no surprise therefore that eugenics, medical experimentation and chemical and germ warfare programs should be carried on under the jurisdiction of the CIA.

The CIA launched two operations after the war. One was known as MK-ULTRA. “MK” stands for “Mind Kontrol” (with a German ‘K’). The other was MK-NAOMI. MK-NAOMI specifically targeted people of African origin.34 A plan was drawn up to reduce the unwanted populations of the world referred to by Henry Kissinger as “useless eaters.” National Security Memorandum NSSM 200 was issued in the 1970s by Henry Kissinger. This document stated that, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” The memorandum went on to add that, “Reduction of the rate of population in these states is a matter of U.S. National Security.”35

In giving testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee, Dr. Donald MacArthur, a U.S. Army biological warfare expert testified that,

Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably

be possible to make a new infective microorganism

which could differ in certain important aspects from

any known disease-causing organisms. Most

important of these is that it might be refractory

to the immunological and therapeutic processes

upon which we depend to maintain our relative

freedom from infectious disease.36

A total of 10 million dollars was assigned for a five-year feasibility study. This would evolve into the Special Virus Cancer Program.

According to Jacob Segal, AIDS was developed in the laboratories of Fort Detrick, a bioweapons technology facility in Maryland. AIDS, he maintains, is a hybrid of a virus which infects the intestines of sheep known as Visna and a virus known as HTLV-1 (Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus).37 The effect of splicing these two viruses was that the virus would have a long incubation period allowing it to spread undetected from host to host. The leukemia-causing agent within HIV had the effect of attacking the T-cells, the factory cells that manufacture antibodies. The virus was then unleashed on the homosexual male population of New York and San Francisco by the Center for Disease Control’s experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trials, while WHO would go on to infect the sub-Saharan African population with 93 million doses of HIV-tainted experimental smallpox vaccinations.38 It should be remembered that WHO had previously announced in the 1970’s that smallpox had been eliminated as a disease threat. Why then would it launch a smallpox vaccine campaign in sub-Saharan Africa in the wake of this announcement?

The potential for such madness as a genocidal bioweapons program being unleashed upon the world’s population in the form of a smallpox epidemic or mysterious plagues for which there is no isolatable cause is extremely high. Already physicians treating Gulf War veterans for the so-called Gulf War Syndrome are frustrated by the array of symptoms manifested and their inability to pin down a source or a cause for the multiple symptoms they confront.

In addition, America and its allies have used depleted uranium in their bombings and missile attacks in Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. This is potentially devastating, particularly in the case of Iraq, considering that 800 tons of DU was dropped in the Gulf War alone and many more times that in the more recent American-led coalition invasion. The residue from the one ton bombs dropped in Baghdad in particular is capable of sending radioactive particles high into the atmosphere, where they can be carried by the jet stream anywhere in the world and descend upon unwitting populations in the form of radioactive rain. DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. And we used to worry about acid rain.39

The Pentagon’s anthrax vaccination program, which tapered off in the mid-1990s due to failed facility inspections, shot up again following the September 11 attacks. Shortly after 9-11, anthrax-laced letters were sent to media agencies and Senate offices. Five people died. The 9-11 commission would later fault federal agencies for being unprepared, an admonition now justifying the Patriot Act and the vaccination program against anthrax and smallpox. In July 2004, lawmakers approved the $5.6-billion Project BioShield proposed by Bush. The legislation will award millions in contracts to private companies to develop medicines and vaccines ostensibly as a shield against bioterror.

Anthrax has already been exposed as an inside job. The Special Virus Cancer Program that developed AIDS and the anthrax hoax have been traced by journalists and investigators to the same bioweapons research facility in Maryland called Fort Detrick. How is it that the U.S. government has been implicated in the anthrax letter scare and is at the same time vaccinating its troops against anthrax as the greatest perceived threat in terms of bioterror? Because Uncle Sam is responsible for handing out the bad candy to the children, while also providing the antidote. Can’t you just hear naughty Uncle Sam now: “Come here little girls and boys of the American Armed Services. Want some candy?” The problem is that the antidote makes the kids just as sick as the candy. “Some bad people are giving kids bad candy,” says Uncle Sam. “Come here boys and girls of the U.S. armed services. Try some of my medicine. Then, the bad candy won’t hurt you. What’s that? You say my medicine made you sick? Gulf War Syndrome indeed! It’s all in your head! How about a dishonorable discharge?”

It is also interesting to note that the Bush family has heavy ties to the companies manufacturing the vaccines. What this administration has effectively done is ensure that the very businesses benefiting from the war on terror are the most profitable, namely the Carlyle Group, the U.S. arms industry, and the drugs and pharmaceuticals industry. “All right, all you good old boys. Let’s peddle in death!” It’s easy to ensure that you and your cronies are going to make a profit off an emergency, when you have planned that emergency and know who it’s going to hit—as in the insurance companies and insider traders that made a mint off the WTC disaster.

In keeping with the M.O. of controlling both sides thereby taking charge of the outcome, the Freemason-controlled and affiliated CIA has funded, armed and equipped North Korea. The source of funding is the CIA-sponsored and controlled drug trade in South and Central America. 33rdDegree Freemason George Bush Sr. had Manual Noriega on the CIA payroll when he was director of the CIA. Bush was using Panama as an airport landing strip for shipping illegal arms south and drugs north to the U.S.A.40 The drugs were being smuggled into Mena airstrip in Arkansas, where then Governor and 33rd Degree Freemason, Bill Clinton, was laundering the drug money through Arkansas banks, while his wife, Hillary, was cooking the books at the Rose law firm.41 This is the so-called Whitewater scandal so effectively whitewashed by the Freemason-controlled establishment.

With this CIA drug money, the CIA has armed and equipped North Korea. The M.O. is the same as ever: to advance New World Order control by Dr. Frankenstein creating a monster to justify a U.S.military or NATO-led invasion of a foreign country and the installation of a permanent occupying force, a New World Order army in other words. By training terrorist cells in the republics formerly belonging to the Soviet Union, the U.S. and NATO is operating what is equivalent to protection rackets. Due to the problem of their own making, they have provided the solution: permanent NATO or U.S. military occupations of Central Asian Republics stretching from the Balkans all the way to Pakistan.42 And all of this has gone on largely unnoticed because the Freemason-controlled intelligence network pulls the strings of most of the media agencies capable of alerting the public. RCA, the Hollinger Group controlled by Canadian media mogul Conrad Black, ABC, NBC and CBS are all examples. The U.S. military is a Trojan horse as is NATO and the Freemason-controlled United Nations.

The CIA is now telling us that North Korea has typhoid, cholera, anthrax, smallpox, yellow fever, botulinum toxin and hemorrhagic fevers just as it told the wo rldIraq did before Gulf War II. Hemorrhagic fever plagues like Ebola were never even heard of before the Gulf War. If North Korea has indeed developed these bioweapons, it is obvious who supplied them with the technology. Anthrax, smallpox and Ebola are all part of the American bioweapons program. At the height of the anthrax hoax, an anthrax-laced letter was sent to a Microsoft subsidiary in Nevada. Investigators said the letter had a Malaysian postmark on it. Why would an al-Qaeda terrorist cell send a letter to such an obscure location? How could they even think of such an obscure address? A Malaysian MP commented that, if the anthrax came from Malaysia, it would have to be from a foreign cell operating within the country, since Malaysia did not have the know-how to develop anthrax. He advised U.S. officials that Malaysia was totally unfamiliar with anthrax and had never even heard of it before.

Could the Freemason-controlled U.S. government and CIA, Defense Department and Pentagon have already unleashed on an unwitting world population disease plagues and bio-warfare that is only now in the incubation and germination stage? The release of chemical, biological and radioactive agents of death into the atmosphere in obscene quantities has already occurred as a result of the numerous conflicts in which U.S. forces have behaved irresponsibly. Whether chemical and biological weapon poisoning occurred as a result of U.S. bombing of Iraqi bioweapon facilities or whether the U.S. Army used these weapons itself, the Riegle Report, while a fraud perpetrated by a compromised Senator, confirms that catastrophic releases of these agents did occur. Environmental poisoning by weapons of mass destruction may soon reach a point of critical mass that compromises immune systems and weakens the bodies of the world’s population to the point where people fall over while eating, die in their sleep or drop dead by the thousands for no apparent reason or for any known cause.

The conditions outlined above would only be exacerbated by another conflict on the same scale as the Iraq wars. But what if the scale were of even greater magnitude? The Freemasons see the world as a chessboard, a kind of strategy game, as does Illuminati Zbigiew Brezinzky, who wrote The Grand Chessboard. They already have plans for the Korean peninsula. Kerry’s rhetoric points to the fact that a preemptive strike on North Korea is already in the planning stage. The recent explosion in the North occurred on North Korea’s birthday. North Korea announced in 2003 that it had plans to perform its first nuclear test on its national birthday, September 9, 2003. That test never occurred. An explosion did take place on September 9, 2004 however, making a nuclear test highly probable, especially considering that Vice Foreign Minister Choi announced only days later that North Korea had the nuclear deterrent. Kerry has announced that North Korea probably has anywhere from 4 to 7 nuclear weapons. Russia and China have both been called upon to encourage North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.

While the Freemasons play chess with the chessboard of the world, the time of the ultimate showdown is drawing near. It will not be long before the events leading to the ultimate showdown are in place. The factors leading to the smallpox epidemic, the final global conflict on the Korean peninsula, and the mysterious disease are already in place. The Illuminati have seen to that. There is no doubt that a cataclysm of world proportions is necessary to uproot Illuminati Ivy League family bloodlines, whose roots have embedded themselves so deeply and extended themselves to every corner of the globe. How that ultimate showdown will play itself out on the world scene remains to be seen. But one thing is clear. Unless the plot to begin the Third World War can be stopped, the war to end all wars will begin on the Korean peninsula.

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Numbers Do Count
by Timothy Spearman


Our days are numbered. Dates are chosen for specific reasons by the dark cabal that controls this world. As for the rest of us, they are trying to ensure that our days are numbered as well. Lucifer’s armies all over the world have the same symbols on their uniforms. We see these recurring symbols all over the world. It is believed by some that in Elizabethan times, Sir John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon were in contact with entities from the 4th dimension. The macrobes or entities offered to grant their human contacts advanced technology and occult power if they agreed to perform mass ritual sacrifices at certain energy grid points around the planet. Tragically, the Illuminati occultists Sir Francis Bacon and Sir John Dee agreed to the pact. A pact or deal was made. The Pentagon building in Washington, D.C. is the inside of a pentagram and is also a Tudor Rose, the rose of the Tudor Royal family of England. It is one of the many sacred geometry sites associated with blood sacrifice around the world. The Maltese Cross, ashlars or cubes on military uniforms referred to as ‘stripes’, oak leaves, swastikas undisguised and disguised as in the NATO logo, the phoenix, skull and bones insignia, etc. all point to our troops being blood sacrifices in Lucifer’s army.It is very important for these blood sacrifices to take place at certain parallels of latitude. The 33 degree parallel for instance is a commonly designated latitude line of Luciferian ritual sacrifice. John F. Kennedy would die in Dallas at that parallel in a blood ritual. Enola Gay would also give birth to “Little Boy” at the 33 parallel of latitude, in a perverse ritual birth of a Luciferian, Anti-Christ child in the form of a hydrogen bomb. This deeply sick ritual was staged be a Luciferian “End Of Times” cult that wishes to ensure that our “days are numbered” as a civilization and a species. The poem “The Hourglass” shows that our days are numbered if we persist in allowing this Lucifer-worshipping cult known as the Illuminati to control our world:

THE HOURGLASS By Timothy Spearman


The dates chosen for blood sacrifices are also very important. America’s Independence Day is July 4, the day commemorating the bloody sacrifice known as the War of Independence that supposedly wonAmerica her independence. As incredible as it sounds, the war was a carefully managed stage play in which the Masonic generals of both sides met in Masonic Lodges like St. Andrew’s Lodge to plan the next battle and the number of ritual casualties to be offered to their alien overlords in the next blood-letting ritual. July 4 just happens to be the day that the Knights Templar, the parent organization of Freemasonry suffered defeat at the hands of Saladin’s army in the so-called Holy Land.
The numbers related to the September 11, 2001 attacks do add up in terms of black magic ritual and their twisted science of numerology. In black magic occult circles, the number 11 constitutes the essence of the sinful, harmful and imperfect. Multiplications of the number, i.e. 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 also spell disaster in black magic ritual language. Referring to Daniel 7:8: “I considered the 10 horns and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one.” Bible scholars have often referred to the Antichrist as the 11th horn. The number 11 comes up so many times in the investigation surrounding 9-11 that it would constitute a 911-wakeup call to anyone except someone suffering from denial. And no, it’s not a river in Egypt, so please don’t drown in De Nile.
The most obvious 11, and because obvious, the most hidden and unnoticed is the twin towers themselves. Both 110 stories tall, they constitute a perfect number 11 in architectural form. And given the fact that Freemasonry places such stock in squaring and leveling and all the other hallmarks of masonry and architecture, it is a sure bet that the World Trade Center was not chosen arbitrarily as the site of the attack.
There is also the obvious date of the attack, which occurred on September 11. Flight 11 was identified as the first commercial airline to hit the first of the World Trade Center towers. Both WTC towers were 110 stories tall, which is the multiple of 11 by ten times, or 20 times if taken together. There is also the Freemason-controlled media name for the event: 9/11. September 11 is also the 254th day of the year. Adding 2+5+4 comes to the sum 11. After September 11, there are only 111 days left in the year. In addition, there is the fact that the World Trade Center disaster was staged inNew York, the eleventh state to join the original union formed from a confederacy of thirteen colonies. Flight 77 is reported as the airline to hit the Pentagon building. 7 multiples of 11 comes to 77. Flight 175 struck the second tower. 1+7+5=13. For black magicians, the number 13 symbolized rebellion against God. The north tower was the first to be struck. In Masonic ritual magic, north is the direction of darkness. In Isaiah 14:13, it states that God sits on His throne in the north. By striking theNorth Tower, Masons are symbolically striking the Old World Order of God in order to usher in the New World Order of Lucifer.
If the World Trade Center attacks were planned by a cabal of Freemasons, what does September 11 commemorate? The answer may lie within the pages of history. The parent organization of modern Freemasonry, namely the Knights Templar, was founded as an order in 1118. There were 9 founding members, who first banded together in 1111. They took on no new members for nine whole years. 9 and 11 are the sacred numbers associated with the founding of the order.
To take the occult significance of the number 11 further, let’s look at the day the Illuminati World War I ended, November 11, the eleventh day of the eleventh month, recalling 1111, the founding date of the military order of knights known as the Knights Templar. Thus, the name for the day the world honors the war dead, “Remembrance Day” takes on added significance for initiated members of Freemasonry, who are in fact honoring the dead members of their parent fraternity, the Knights Templar, who founded their order in 1111. If these numbers don’t add up to a conspiracy, then try adding the numbers in the date for the “Killing of the King,” John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 at the 33rd parallel of latitude, Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. November is the eleventh month. 22 is twice 11, which comes once again to the founding date of the Knights Templar. The 11th month and twice 11 come to 33, the number of degrees in the Freemason organization and the latitude parallel at which the assassination took place.
Given the above information on numerology, the two dates for the Center for Disease Control’s mass vaccination implementation program is cause for serious concern. On Sept. 22, 2002, the CDC released a 49-page report to the 50 state health departments that outlined how they can vaccinate up to a million people against smallpox in just 10 days. State and local health districts were expected to forward their community mass vaccination plans to the CDC by Nov. 22. Given the combination of three 11s in the date November 22 adding up to 33, the numbers are worrying. Literature pointing to vaccinations being the cause rather than the cure for disease is widely available.Source: Richard C Hoagland, “Who’s the Enemy? ‘End of Days’ Begun?”http://www.enterprisemission.com

No Sympathy for the Devil

By Timothy Spearman

When the Rolling Stones wrote “Sympathy for the Devil,” they envisioned a figure that had been around orchestrating events since the time of Jesus down through the wars and revolutions of the modern era. The Stones were right of course. The Illuminati secret societies have manipulated the New World Order of Lucifer into being. Indeed as the Stones say. And I was ’round when Jesus Christ / Had his moment of doubt and pain. Made damn sure that Pilate / Washed his hands and sealed his fateIn the ancient world, the Medes met in Medea to perform their magic rites. It was an early form of psychological warfare in essence. The Medes or sorcerers would deploy powerful hexes in the form of mantras, thought suggestion, drug-induced programming, talismans, amulets, symbols, etc.These spells could be used to control the minds of followers or enemies alike. Spell the word right and you would cast the right spell. As the word ‘media’ implies, the modern day media is controlled by silicon sorcerers and their apprentices that inherit much from the ancient Medes. The idea that writers and artists exercise free speech and enjoy freedom of speech has never been true. Research has shown that most of our illustrious writers and artists of history have belonged to secret societies or their intelligence agency counterparts, which held their artistic careers to ransom. A glance at the list of ‘navigators’ found on the Priori of Sion list dug up by the researchers of “The Holy Blood and Holy Grail” shows that Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Claude Debussy, and many other illustrious geniuses of European history were Grand Masters of this secret society, and that some of them belonged to more than one.While attempts have been made to discredit the ‘navigator’ list by Pierre Plantard and others as a hoax, there are more reasons than not to regard it as authentic. The Freemasons have long asserted that the author of the Shakespeare plays was a Freemason. Masons wrongly assert that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays. Considering they were responsible for the deception that has caused most of us to believe that the commoner Will Shaksper wrote the plays for the last 400 years, their information can hardly be trusted. The man who wrote the plays was Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, a secret agent employed by the crown and a member of Bacon’s secret writing societies Fra Rosi Cross and the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet.He was paid 1,000 pounds a year as the Lord Chamberlain of England to stage theatrical performances for Queen Elizabeth. One of the greatest writers in history was a slave of the Freemason-controlled establishment and was no freer than the Hollywood artists of today controlled by the Freemasons and their American intelligence affiliates.
Research has shown that Mozart did not enjoy any freedom of speech either and was compelled to write operatic works exalting Freemasonry before the masses, “The Magic Flute” notwithstanding. There have even been suggestions that he was murdered for revealing well guarded Freemason secrets in “The Magic Flute”. The fact that he was buried in a pauper’s grave is compelling evidence for this, since being denied a proper Christian burial was a serious punishment reserved for those who betrayed the Order. There is evidence to suggest that our modern pop icons may be no freer than the great artists of history. Much has been made of the subliminal satanic messages found in the “backward masking” of the LPs of rock bands of earlier eras. In fact, Kate Bush’s song “Experiment IV” seems to be a subtle reference to the MK-Ultra programs she may have been forced to partake in, which according to the lyrics of that song, seem to have involved the use of music “to kill people from a distance.”
Much has been said about the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, mainly because of suggestions that Paul was dead. On the album cover, we see the four musicians crossing a crosswalk. Paul appears barefooted in black and there were suggestions that he may have been killed and that the Beatle’s were subtly informing the public of his death through their album cover. However, we need to be reminded that John is dead, not Paul. They are crossing a crosswalk remember. Think of the passion of Christ and the stages of the cross.The album cover is symbolic of John’s future death, not Paul’s. John leads the procession in pearl white, God’s colors. He is followed by Ringo in a cassock representing the presiding priest. He is followed by George Harrison dressed as the gravedigger and Paul as the corpse awaiting burial. When we consider that Abbey Road Records produced most of the greatest song material of the era, an album of the same title is suggestive. “Abbey Road” and “crosswalk” have interesting resonances. An abbey is a temple. Hiram Abif, hero of Freemason legend, died in the Temple of Solomon. Sol-om-on is not the name of the Isrealite king, but a synthesis of the three names for the sun god in Hebrew, Egyptian and Indian just as Israel stands for Is-Ra-El, representing the sun god triune of ancient Egypt, Isis, Ra and El. According to the legend of Hiram Abif, the purported architect of Solomon’s Temple was confronted by three assassins called the Three Juwes, Jubilo, Jubila, and Jubulum by name, who wished to know the secrets of the Master Mason Degree. When Hiram Abif refused to divulge the secrets, the three ruffians attacked him, administering blows in turns with the architectural devices they carried as weapons. John and the three musicians represent Hiram and the Three Juwes. Remember that it is John who died, not Paul.Forget the media spin and the myths of popular culture. It is well known by those who lived through the Beatles’ era that Charles Manson was heavily influenced by the Beatles. The “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album cover, said to show the face of Aleister Crowley, represents the devil or Satan as the band leader. “Pepsi” is the Egyptian word for Satan. “Dr. Pepper” and “Sgt. Pepper” would be variations on the theme. Manson believed that the Beatles were modern day prophets that were giving him messages through their music and found a multitude of hidden meanings in their lyrics. He would also use his interpretation of chapter 9 of Revelation to support many of his beliefs. It may even be the case that Manson’s MK-Ultra programmers may have even used Beatles’ song lyrics to trigger Manson’s programming.This would grant them plausible deniability as it would merely appear that Manson’s response to the Beatles was delusional and psychotic. The haunting repeated Beatles’ mantra found on the White Album “Number 9, Number 9, Number 9” has puzzled many a code-breaker. In ancient pagan numerology, the number 9 is the number of the circle, which was a symbol of infinity or immortality. Take the zodiac, for instance, which comprised a 360° circle. The numbers 36 and 360 add to 9 if their components are separated and added: 3+6=9 3+6+0=9. Much medieval magic revolves around the number 9. It was considered one of the most potent of numbers because it was composed of the all powerful 3 that representing the Trinity: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. The number nine was sacred to the pagan goddess of death, the underworld and Hell, the realm of the dead. The hidden occult meaning of “number 9” could not be more disturbing in its implications.
Charles Manson taught his disciples that they were living in the Age of Armageddon, which he referred to as “Helter Skelter.” It may be that Manson took his cue from the revolutionary propaganda of the Beatles. John Lennon of the Beatles was quoted as saying, “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that: I’m right, and I will be proved right. We’re (the Beatles) more popular than Jesus now…”
A decade after the Tate-LaBianca murders, it was reported that satanic “backward masking” had been detected in some Beatles’ songs. This article appeared in the San Antonio Light, Monday, February 1, 1982.The headline read: “Backward masked Satan promos found on some Rock’n Roll Records.” “Backward masking” consists of the subliminal technique of concealing messages. Such masking was not only found in Beatles’ songs, but also in those of other rock groups, such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Oak Arkansas, and the Electric Light Orchestra. Messages that can only be heard when the song track is played backwards are implanted in the songs. This is done by placing the speed of the turntable in neutral position, then spinning it by finger backwards at sufficient speed to pick up the voice. The Led Zeppelin song, “Stairway to Heaven,” played backwards purportedly contains the words: “My sweet Satan…. the one who will be sad who makes me sad, whose power is Satan.” When played forward, the lyrics say, “Yes, there are two paths you can go by; but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”
The Black Oak Arkansas song, “The Day Electricity Came to Arkansas,” allegedly contains the backward message, “Satan, Satan, Satan, he is god.” Although the Beatles make no overt references to Satan in their White Album, the satanist Manson was deeply influenced by the song track “Revolution No. 9”. Charles Manson believed the Beatles were telling him what to do through their songs. Manson’s disciples also believed that the Beatles’ songs were speaking to Manson, especially in the White Album.
On the White Album is a song called “Honey Pie,” The song lyrics state, “Oh honey pie, my position is tragic / Come and show me the magic / Of your Hollywood song.” The song goes on to say: “Oh Honey Pie you are driving me frantic / Sail across the Atlantic / To be where you belong.” In January and February of 1969 following the release of the White Album, Manson and his disciples tried to contact the Beatles through several telegrams, letters, and telephone calls to England to invite the musicians to join them in Death Valley, but their attempts to contact the Four Lads failed.
The Beatles song “Revolution 9” contains a segment that, played backward, has another message. The repetition of “number nine, number nine” in reverse says, “Turn me on dead man.” The lyrics to “Revolution 1,” as shown on the jacket insert, reads: “You say you want a revolution / Well you know / We all want to change the world… / But when you talk about destruction / Don’t you know that you can count me out.” However, when you listen to the record, after the word “out” you hear the word “in”. Later on in the song, the lyrics say, “You say you got a real solution / Well you know / We’d all love to see the plan.” This is most probably a reference to the “Order Out of Chaos” motto of the Luciferians and their Freemasonry. Their Hegelian problem-reaction-solution agenda to advance the New World Order requires destruction or chaos out of which they cause a reaction that requires a solution, which is greater order and totalitarian control. “The plan” probably refers to the “Great Work of Ages” otherwise known as the New World Order of Lucifer that is intended to replace the Old World Order of God.

I’m Not Paranoid, Am I?

by Timothy Spearman

If the leaders of this world really wanted peace, we’d surely to God be doing better than we are now. What is the explanation for elite bodies convening at Bilderberger, IMF, World Bank, and UN conferences ostensibly to pursue policies of security and peace only to move us closer to conflict and war? Are they really meeting for the purposes outlined in their briefs or is there a reason IMF organizers look for more and more remote conference venues? I recommend instead of Outer Mongolia or Timbuktu, they choose a lunar landing for the next conference and since their policies are ill-matched to the needs of the majority of the world’s citizenry, they might consider setting up shop on the dark side of the moon and staying there. I don’t intend anything malicious or mean-spirited by this modest proposal. I really mean it. If the Illuminati gods perceive themselves as an elite body of individuals, superior and of a caste inviolable and unassailable, perhaps they should endeavor to keep their bloodlines clean by pushing off and leaving the rest of us mere mortals to fend for ourselves on the planet the Creator saw fit to hand down to us.
I’m all for sharing, don’t get me wrong. I’m just as happy as the next fellow to have a stranger dine at my table. But if he has the audacity to deny me sufficient elbow room and hogs the potatoes, I get a little chagrined. I’m not inclined to put up with some absentee landlord monopolizing my annual yield, making off with my potatoes and causing my family to go hungry. And this in essence is the nature of the IMF and GATT treaties signed into being by the world’s landlords.And now the absentee landlords are denying our farmers the right to even plant their own seed in the spring. Amazing as it seems, suicide seeds or terminator technology has been widely disseminated by Monsanto, famed war crimes manufacturer of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Now, I’m not one to complain. Normally, I’d encourage people to render unto Caesar the things that are his, but this is not about paying a mere tribute to Rome. This is our daily bread for Christ’s sake. And while we can’t live on bread alone, you can’t exactly live without it either. No, frankly, my heart is not entirely into relinquishing control over my daily bread and handing it over to Uncle Sam. Not that he has bad manners particularly. I mean normally he’s quite forthright about explaining why he’s trespassing on other people’s land. It’s just that his motives for doing so aren’t quite as clear cut as they once were. And I’m not altogether sold on him blackmailing my government into agreeing to whatever foreign policy is flavor of the month by telling our farmers we might not have a ready supply of seeds in the spring.
As for school administrators and teachers force-feeding kids Ritalin and other pharmaceutical goodies, I can only say that the nutty old man you used to fear would be handing out poison candy on Halloween is now on your school board. Incredibly, parents seem not the least bit worried about 5-in-1 vaccine shots being administered to their three-month-old infant.The fact they post on the bulletin board a recommended timetable for this prescription of induced autism, nervous system dysfunction and early death gives me the utmost confidence in my neighborhood school giving my child the best education for my tax dollar. I’m not in the least worried about my child’s mind being filled with useful facts or better still harmful misconceptions. Instead, I’m filled with the confidence that my neighborhood teaching professionals do their homework and research their subjects so thoroughly that they consistently get their facts right, so right in fact that they are in complete line with the Illuminati-controlled governments in charge of the Global Cleanse 2000 initiative to reduce the planet’s population by at least 3 billion. It’s far more important that we should agree with our public servants, since they are there to serve us, than show the slightest dissention or disapproval. We are teaching professionals after all whose sworn duty it is to turn our children into obedient, complaint and upstanding citizens, who like any good cow will bow their heads, knuckle under and go to the slaughter house without the least protest.
The one plus in all this is the war though, the one they call the war on terrorism. I’d say it’s going quite swimmingly really. I mean, when it was first launched, the object was to catch Osama. We didn’t get him so we went after his al-Qaeda minions. When we couldn’t round them up, we sent our cowboys in to corral the Taliban. And when we couldn’t get them, we started blowing up innocent civilians. The plus side is that as the casualty numbers went up, it become obvious that we must have picked off a few Taliban and al-Qaeda agents along the way. Fortunately, we employed smart bombs to reduce the collateral damage, but since the smart bombs were in the hands of our commander and chief and his equally smart boys in the field, the smart bombs didn’t have quite the accuracy we would have normally counted on. Anyway, we couldn’t really catch anyone in the end. Like wild horses, they proved a trifle ornery and a little hard to corral, so we went after the oil instead. The other bonus of course is that no one will really escape because Afghanistan and Iraq are so littered with depleted uranium dust from DU-laced tomahawk missiles and bombs that everyone in the region has had their life expectancy trimmed by at least three decades including our good old boys. When asked how our commander and chief thought he’d be viewed by posterity, he purportedly said, “It doesn’t matter. We’ll all be dead in a hundred years anyway.” He’s probably right, so there’s nothing to worry about anyway.
Amazingly, it was suggested I was paranoid in a radio show interview the other night. Interesting isn’t it that the very people who accuse you of being paranoid because you imagine conspiracy to be real rather than a theory fail to realize that, through the use of language, they embrace a conspiracy of exclusion, ostracism, alienation and expulsion themselves. Like most members of what is called civilized society, they are unwitting co-conspirators who engage in duplicity, backstabbing, and ostracism without the least cognizance of what they are doing because they feel morally justified by what has become established convention. Anyone who does not embrace consensus reality and uphold the status quo is clearly disaffected and dysfunctional and should be put on Ritalin or Prozac immediately, so that if they’re not completely mind-controlled, they soon will be. They use the conspiratorial language of “you don’t belong” and call it a theory. Well, folks I call that denial, and that’s not a river in Egypt, however much those in De Nile would like you to believe so. “Paranoid” conjures up images of a crazed nutcase that endangers the peace and sanctity of the home and might even cause you to have a bad day. No, we mustn’t allow such people to mess up our day, or God forbid, enter the public discourse. The lady who is not paranoid clearly had the right to tell me I was, even though she is the one feeling threatened not me. I know, I know, I’m delusional for having a rapier wit and a razor sharp intellect, but then so was Voltaire.

That Old Black Magic Has Us in Its Spell
by Timothy Spearman

Today’s youth have been programmed to accept the New World Order of Satan just as the 60’s generation was programmed to accept the revolution that would usher it in. For them it was “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” as the Hair musical announced.Speaking of his travels and meetings with people from other lands and cultures, Friedrich Nietzsche commented, “What one people called good, another people called evil.” We do not have a chance to judge the goodness of our customs unless we can compare them with the values of other lands. It is only when you travel that you are able to remove the rose-colored glasses of your youth and gaze on the practices of your own nation and people with uncolored vision. When I traveled to Europe, I could view North American culture through the eyes of Europeans. I had been deprogrammed. For the first time, I could see my culture through foreign eyes and I developed a dislike for some things I saw from my vantage point across the Atlantic. When I traveled to the East and lived in South Korea for 12 years, I could view western culture and civilization with Eastern eyes. The imposed Eurocentric view that western history was somehow more laudable and admirable soon disappeared as the cultural programming of my early life wore off.
In my youth, I spent hours listening to the rock ’n roll groups and progressive rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s in a hypnotic fog. Some of the lyrics fascinated me. Some I barely understood. Many were psychedelic and produced a feeling akin to a drug-induced reverie. It never occurred to me at the time that I was being hypnotized, brainwashed or mind-programmed as my mother maintained. It never dawned on me that the music industry could be controlled by music companies with affiliations to intelligence services engaged in MK-ULTRA-style mind control experiments through music. But then, I did not know then what I know now.
I now know that the All-seeing Eye of Lucifer, who George Orwell referred to as Big Brother, is keeping an eye on us all. Just look at the logo for British intelligence unit MI5 and you will see the same pyramid, missing capstone and All-seeing Eye you find on the Great Seal of the United States featured on the hind side of the American one dollar bill. Indeed, Lucifer, often represented by the sun gods of the ancient world, is watching our every move. The print, music, and film industries are dominated by the Luciferian Illuminati bloodline families who have engaged in occult practices and witchcraft for centuries. Indeed, the word ‘media’ is derived from Medea, where the Medes, the sorcerers and shamans of the ancient world met to perform arcane rites for the mind-control of their subjects. Is it merely coincidence? To those who dismiss conspiracy as a theory, it will always be coincidence, but then they are so somnambulant, they would sleep through an earthquake.
How many of the rock stars of the modern era have participated wittingly or unwittingly in the program to hypnotize the young into the service of Satan. The name of the rock group KISS, for example, is said to be formed of the anagram K.I.S.S. meaning Kids in Service of Satan.
The lyrics to Kate Bush’s song “Experiment IV” is deeply disturbing in light of the Montauk and MK-ULTRA mind-control programs of the British and American Illuminati-controlled intelligence services. It is clear from the opening verses that the story is intended to be autobiographical, whether fiction or otherwise. The narrator is obviously relating an experience from his or her past. There is no definitive evidence that the speaker is Kate Bush. However, given that she is a musician, the experience seems to be close to her. Do the song lyrics convey something that happened to her or someone close to her? You be the judge:We were working secretly
For the military.
Our experiment in sound,
Was nearly ready to begin.
We only know in theory
What we are doing:
Music made for pleasure,
Music made to thrill.
It was music we were making here untilThey told us
All they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone
From a distance.
So we go ahead,
And the meters are over in the red.
It’s a mistake in the making.From the painful cry of mothers,
To the terrifying scream,
We recorded it and put it into our machine.Note also that the experience is told in the past tense as if recalled from memory. Did Kate Bush participate in MK-ULTRA-style experiments on behalf of the British or American military? If she did, then this is a very cleverly disguised autobiographical song. To the unassuming or those not in the know, it would appear to be a song with a science fiction theme. However, there is just one problem with that analysis. Science fiction tales are normally told in the future tense.
For those unfamiliar with the MK-ULTRA program, it is said to have been a joint operation of the Anglo-American intelligence services based on the mind-control experiments undertaken by Nazi scientists during the war. Researchers such as Noam Chomsky maintain that many of these Nazi scientists were spirited out of Nazi Germany at the end of the war as part of the joint American and British intelligence operation known as Project Paperclip. Nazi operatives such as Joseph Mengele carried on business as usual with mind-control and other experiments of horror in Brazilian rainforests and other locales in Latin America. Mengele purportedly changed his name to Dr. Green and was responsible for programming many mind-control subjects of the MK-ULTRA project. David Icke’s interview with Arizona Wilder recorded on a videotape titled “Revelations of a Mother Goddess” provides chilling testimony on the subject.
Along with these experiments were others coordinated by the Tavistock Institute in London to devise means of programming the populations of the world through mind control techniques developed by the intelligence services of the western world. The aim was to perfect the techniques of the Nazis by using subliminal imaging in the mind. The human mind is only able to register 32 frames per second in film. However, the unconscious mind can pick up far more, so it is these subliminal images, which are invisible to the conscious mind, that are picked up by the subconscious. Slow the film down and you can actually see the subliminal imaging.The same technique was employed in the music industry with powerful effects. The Tavistock Institute would then conduct surveys in other countries to gather data on the effectiveness of their programming.
We speak of TV and radio ‘programs’. Indeed, television does have a programming effect. When you think about how television was first introduced as wholesome family entertainment and how through slow covert means has become a corrupting influence in the home, you realize the entire programming effort has been conducted surreptitiously and with great stealth. Once the hearth of the home not unlike the fireplace of the 19th century, the television has evolved into the most insidious psychological programming instrument in world history. Who are the modern day Medes, the techno-shamans and sorcerers of the post-industrial age? They no longer meet in Medea but control us through the ‘media’. They meet where witches have convened in covens for thousands of years, in tree groves like Hollywood and Pinewood Studios. As Ella Fitzgerald once sang so eloquently, “That old black magic has me in its spell.”

Conspiracy Factualists
by Timothy Spearman


The truth is a scarcer commodity than gold, so let us prospect for it with the same devotion as the prospectors of old and never relent. And once having sifted and separated it from its baser cousins safeguard and protect it as the precious keepsake it is.
When people think of epic lives, they usually call to mind figures of the past, assuming that greatness was confined to some other time, when men walked taller, conversed with spirits and angels and walked hand in hand with the gods. Confess in all seriousness that you aspire to walk in the footsteps of one of the greats and people will guffaw and issue a hearty laugh at your expense.
Who really does get the last laugh? It is doubtful that any member of the establishment will be able to hold his head up quite so high when the lies of millennia are exposed for what they are. For the first time, we will see that the establishment is really not that well endowed, which is why it has been trying to hide its secret parts for so long. Now that the raincoat has been rent asunder and the sky has opened to drench these scoundrels, we can expect that the lightning rod of divine judgment may not be far behind. The Eastern traditions tell us that gae-byuk and the Age of Kali is upon us. The West tells us that Armageddon is on its way. No bloody wonder.
One thing is certain. We conspiracy factualists will tell our story and the truth will get out. Even if names have been changed to protect the innocent, it is clear that there is nothing sacred about the establishment that has always hidden its decadence behind a veil of hypocrisy and deception. From the royal murders of Queen Elizabeth I, to the Jack the Ripper slayings orchestrated by Queen Victoria to the modern day cover up of the Windsor family’s murder of Diana, it is becoming more and more apparent that the corrupt Royal family-controlled Freemason organization has been behind centuries of royal bloody murder, including the murders of Gandhi and even the man we know as Shakespeare, which is why the Shakespeare Quarterly is located in Washington D.C., so the spooks can keep an eye on Shakespeare research to ensure that the lid doesn’t blow off the simmering pot of lies.
As for the Freemason-controlled establishment, you can see there is no justice when you can’t prosecute a lawyer or a judge or a professor because these fellow initiates of the craft protect each other.And since the university degree system is based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry—Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason—it is absolutely certain that those who do not curry favor with the top Freemason dogs in their departments will not obtain their higher degrees, and even if they do, will certainly not graduate from a prestigious Freemason academy like Harvard, Yale or Oxford because they didn’t tuck their napkins in properly and showed themselves to be disorderly by daring to contravene convention. The prospect of getting tenure track is absolutely out of the question because they have dared to have an original idea instead of quietly complying with the system of refined mediocrity. They would have been far better off refining their gift for wit to keep their colleagues well fed on the customary repast of droll nonsense than to have expended energy on experimenting with new dishes that no one has the nerve to try.
It is the sincere hope of conspiracy factualists that Skull and Bones University Yale, Freemason academy Harvard, and all the fascist New World Order academies of the global elite will be exposed for what they are and that their doors will soon be permanently closed in order to prevent them from closing more minds to the world of possibilities to be discovered by freer spirits. Investigative jounrlaists have the advantage of considerable worldly experience and travel, while academics continue to languish in the dark endorsing so much rot, while stinging the nostrils of the rest of us.
Let us hope that the conspiracy factualists get their facts straight and liberate humanity from the control matrix called higher learning so that we can build our own open-air spirit learning centers beyond the prison houses of modern day academia. Spirit learning would combine the study of history with spiritual science based on esoteric spiritual teachings. In this way, we could understand history through the study of cosmology, astrology and the grand cycles of time responsible for human development and evolution. Spirit learning would be the educational institution of the future. What we are now witnessing is the wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath that accompanies the last death throws of the old order we call higher education, which is actually lower learning directed upon the root chakra known as the maladhara.
It is all about mind control. Socrates was killed for corrupting the youth, so for that matter was Bruno, and very nearly Galileo and Copernicus. To erect a pillar of truth in an edifice of lies means that the truth will stand the test of time, while the rest of the corrupt edifice comes crumbling down around it. Conspiracy factualists are a pillar of truth that will stand tall long after the entire Freemason-controlled academic establishment lies in ruins. They have lied to us about Shakespeare for 400 years, Gandhi for a century, JFK and Vietnam for nearly half a century, the wars in Iraq for a decade and a half, the World Trade Center attack for five years, and AIDS, Ebola, Smallpox, and Anthrax for years and years. Who supports the edifice of lies? The Freemason-controlled academic establishment.
Why do you think your professors tell you not to read esoteric books and occult literature? It is because the non-mainstream is where the truth is. Where else would it be? You really didn’t expect them to tell you who really killed Lincoln and JFK did you? These intellectual prostitutes want to keep their jobs within the Freemason-controlled establishment. They don’t want to be left out in the cold, shivering under some lamppost reading Kafka. They want to stay by the fire in the professors’ lounge where it’s warm. It matters nothing to them that their privilege is the cause of millions of other peoples’ misery and want.
The depraved love to deprive. They thrive on it. It is their daily bread. Let us hope then that the facts unearthed by conspiracy factualists relegate these heartless souls to the cold were the cold-blooded belong. Maybe then they will learn something about the public trust they neglected to uphold when they are in the same state of misery and want with which they once afflicted the other nine-tenths of the population. Let us also hope that the halls of unlearning are converted into museums and libraries for more advanced learning instead of wax museums for the antediluvian dinosaurs currently occupying the vestal halls.

Time Is History
by Timothy Spearman 

Time as we know it is measurement of the sequence of before and after measurements of the movements of bodies in space. Earth time, for instance, is based on the Julian calendar, which records the movement of the Earth around its orbital plane in relation to the sun. Our solar system similarly revolves around our galaxy and our galaxy around the greater universe. These time cycles are referred to as cosmology. What I would like to propose in this short paper is that we as a civilization are approaching the hour of midnight. We have reached the end of the cosmic day cycle. The minute and hour hand are approaching zero hour and the clock is about to be reset. Let us now examine what is setting alarm bells off at the midnight hour.
Astrophysicists have recently observed that the Milky Way has recently made room for another stream of stellar bodies, a crosscurrent sweeping arc across the constellation Ursa Major, more commonly known in North American culture as the Big Dipper. This new Milky Way stretches optically from just above the head of Leo the lion to the constellation Cancer the crab. It is as if someone poured a fresh batch of cream into the Milky Way. The new star stream stretches over 63 degrees, one-third of the northern celestial hemisphere.
The reason the star stream has escaped notice till now is because its individual stars are far too faint to see with the naked eye. This raises a question the astrophysicists who made the discovery seem to have missed: Why are these stars comparatively faint if they have become member stars of the Milky Way Galaxy? There is an answer to this. They are not stars. They are considerably smaller in size, which is why they appear comparatively faint in the backdrop of the Milky Way. They are a cluster of comets, asteroids and meteors. They are the forward scouts of an army of comet-like bodies known as the Oort Cloud making contact with our galaxy rather like an advancing storm front.
To capture this star stream, astronomers Carl Grillmair and Odysseas Dionatos used a clever combination of techniques to isolate the contrasting brightness of the new so-called star stream and the old. The so-called star steam is readily identifiable because these space objects are comparably inferior in size and brightness. In short, they are not stars and are much closer to our solar system than they appear.
Grillmair, a research scientist at the California Institute of Technology’s Spitzer Science Center inPasadena, believes the newly discovered star stream has emerged from an ancient globular cluster of stellar bodies. “What we can see of the stream is over 30,000 light-years long. It may actually be much longer, since we are currently limited by the extent of the survey data,” Grillmair was quoted as saying. “I would actually be somewhat surprised if the stream doesn’t extend completely around the Galaxy.”
This discovery, Grillmair notes, “gives new weight to a theory that the Milky Way may once have been swarming with thousands of giant star clusters.” Indeed, “there may be hundreds or even thousands of such stellar streams ringing our Galaxy. It’s possible that globular clusters start being stripped of their stars by galactic tidal forces as soon as they’re born. In that case, all globular clusters should have at least tiny tidal streams coming out of them, and I have actually found some.”
Grillmair believes that an observation of this kind of stellar tide can reveal a great deal about the distribution of dark matter in our Galaxy. “It’s galactic dark matter that holds the stream in its orbit, keeping its stars from escaping the Galaxy altogether.” In this case, the dark matter Grillmar is referring to is our sun’s companion star, which some have identified as Planet X and others as the planet Nibiru, a body of considerable gravitational force and power, which is literally holding a stream of comet-like bodies in its wake.
In time, astrophysicists will discover their mistake and realize that this is not a star stream at all, but a comet cluster, the boat wake of an intergalactic body of considerable size and gravitational force, drawn by our sun’s companion star, a brown star in fact. Picture a large ship dragging behind it a considerable wake and imagine this on an intergalactic scale. As the sun’s companion star draws nearer to our solar system, it will be illuminated by our sun. At that time, it will actually appear as if there are two suns in the sky.
Our galaxy and solar system is actually a timepiece made up of cogs and wheels. There are larger and smaller wheels in this timepiece. Our galaxy would be a larger wheel than our solar system, while our Earth would be a mere cog in comparison. The revolution of our Earth would take seconds compared with the cosmic hours of our solar system and the cosmic days of our galaxy. This field of study is known as cosmology.
At cassiopaea.org, researcher Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her colleagues believe they have channeled some vital information from highly advanced beings identifying themselves as the Cassiopaeans. Linda teaches in her “Wave” series that an intergalactic storm is headed this way in the form of the Oort Cloud and Photon Belt. This is the result of the sun’s companion star dragging a stream of comets in its wake rather like a dragon’s tail. This phenomenon occurs once every 306,000 years, equaling twelve processional cycles of the zodiac.
The processional cycle of the zodiac takes 25,600 years. It is caused by the Earth slipping on its polar axis one degree every 120 years. The zodiac signs, which stretch along a perfect horizontal plane at the Earth’s elliptic, actually shift 30 degrees every 2,500 years. It takes approximately 25,600 years for the zodiac to complete its cycle. Many people refer to the present age as the Age of Aquarius. That is because the cosmic clock is being reset at zero at this time, so that the entire zodiacal cycle of procession can begin again.This may very well be why there are references in the Book of Revelations to the “End Times” or the “Time of the End”, which possibly refers to the end of the zodiacal cycle of procession. We are now at the end of the Age of Pisces, with the clock reset and ready to begin in the Age of Aquarius. There have been twelve of these zodiacal cycles in the last 306,000 years, which means that we are at the end of the larger galactic cycle, when our solar system makes contact with the Oort Cloud, an event that only happens once every 306,000 years.This means that a larger, more protracted galactic cycle has been completed at this time.
Laura Knight-Jadczyk of cassiopaea.org is unequivocal about the fact that the imminent arrival of the Oort Cloud is like the arrival of a tidal wave or tsunami. Another analogy would be the approach of a storm front. The vibratory density or frequency of our solar system is being changed by the advancing storm. The Earth’s base resonance frequency or heartbeat will rise from 8 Hz to 13 Hz in a very short interval of time. The advancing tide or storm front is comprised of the Oort Cloud and Photon Belt. The effect would be like that of autumn frost. Some of the fruit of Creation will be ripened by the autumnal frost, while others will rot and drop from the trees. Our planet is a tree reaching autumn maturity. The fruit it supports on its branches will either ripen or drop from its branches amid the ripening frost of cosmic autumn.
It would be useful to compare the cogs and wheels of the galactic cycles to the cycles recorded in the Mayan calendar. According to Mayan calendar expert Ian Xel Lungold, the Mayan calendar is actually comprised of the interplay of two calendars, one 260-day “personal” calendar known as the Tzolkin and the other a 360-day astrological calendar called the Tun. The Mayans referred to their calendar as the “Eight Division Sky Place”. The Mayans believe that there are nine cycles analogous to a series of wooden salad bowls one inside the other.
The first of these Mayan calendar cycles began 16.4 billion years ago with the Big Bang and unfolded over a “seven-day” cycle similar to the seven-day Creation cycle described in the Bible. Our mistake was to suppose that the seven-day Biblical Creation cycle was at an end, far from it. It is still well underway. The second cycle of 820 years saw the creation of mammals.The next cycle, which began 41 million years ago, witnessed the advent of the family unit. Then some two million years ago, the tribal cycle began. After this, there followed the cultural cycle of 102,000 years ago. The National Cycle, which began 3115 B.C., saw the birth of the nation state in Egypt, when the Upper and Lower Nile cultures merged. The Planetary Cycle followed in its wake in 1755 A.D., where each day of the seven-day cycle telescoped into a mere 20 years, with generational change occurring over an interval of 20 years as sociologists have confirmed. In January 1999 began in earnest the cycle known as the Galactic Cycle that will last 12.8 years and see each day of the seven-day cycle taking just 360 days. On February 10, 2011 will begin the Universal Cycle, a 210-day Julian calendar day cycle, when each day in the seven-day cycle will be confined to a mere 20 days. Human consciousness will take a stellar leap at this time to 4th Dimension.
Compare the Galactic cycle of the Mayan calendar to the now complete zodiac cycle of procession lasting 25,600 years. Indeed, this completes the history of our Earth in galactic terms. Compare Universal Cycle of the Mayan calendar with the now complete 306,000 year cycle, where our solar system makes contact with the Oort Cloud and Photon Belt. Indeed, our place in the universe seems to have been firmly established at this time. We are beginning to know where our Earth and solar system are situated in the scheme of things. In Mayan terms, we are firmly establishing our “intention” and “aspect” as a civilization.The nine cycles of the Mayan calendar are still in play. The newer cycles are simply mapped on top of the older ones. The same process is unfolding in the cosmos as the cogs and wheels turn the clock of cosmology. Consciousness is evolving at an increasingly fast and furious pace till we merge with the Universal Consciousness on October 28, 2011. It is at this time that we will attain “conscious co-creation”. This is when everything becomes possible all at once, in all time and all place. Teleporting and time travel will then be possible. Particle physics has already succeeded in transporting matter through time and space. Time and space will cease to hold any boundary or constraint upon our movements. It is only a matter of time before time itself disappears and the 3rd Dimension is transcended. That is why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. That is when the hourglass runs out and time ceases to hold any cognitive meaning. It is quite literally the Time of the End, the End Times, the end of time itself.Sources:
Ian Xel Lungold at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5102269643236445484&q=Ian+Lungold

Time to Get Smart
by Timothy Spearman 

Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, was convinced Spectra was the enemy. He and 99 never dreamed the enemy could be within. Time to get smart, Agent 86.When we were young, we were raised on a diet of James Bond films, Get Smart episodes and Hollywood-style propaganda that made us believe that the enemy was in the East, lurking somewhere behind the iron curtain hidden from view. For us, the bogeyman assumed the incarnations of Dr. No, Goldfinger and Spectra. We never for one moment thought the Illuminati agents of death working on population control-eugenics-genocide programs might be just as busy in our bioweapons labs. It is time to Get Smart, Agent 86.
Is there any evidence for smallpox posing a significant threat in today’s world? Until recently, when cases of smallpox emerged involving U.S. military personnel, the world had been free of the disease for nearly 25 years. The article appearing below raises the possibility we might not be as safe as we have believed. There are signs the 25-year respite from the disease may soon be over. The absence of the disease for the past quarter century may pose more of a curse than a blessing.
Smallpox is an acute contagious disease caused by the variola virus, a member of the orthopoxvirus family. It was one of the world’s most feared diseases until it was eradicated by a collaborative global vaccination program led by the World Health Organization. The last reported natural case was inSomalia in 1977. Until recently, the only known cases were the result of a laboratory accident in 1978 in Birmingham, England, which killed one person and caused a limited outbreak. Smallpox was officially declared eradicated in 1979.
At one time, it was believed that the smallpox virus was restricted to only two high-security laboratories, one at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, and one at the Russian State Centre for Research on Virology and Biotechnology, in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region. A 1996 World Health Assembly (WHA) resolution called for those stocks to be destroyed at the end of June 1999. This decision was upheld by a World Health Organization Expert Committee in January 1999. On May 22, 1999, WHA passed a resolution postponing destruction until 2002. The delay was justified by the need to grant time for devising a policy on what to do with the variola virus stocks for public health research.
Destruction of the virus was vital for ensuring the eradication of the disease. Despite widespread acceptance of the 1972 Bioweapons Convention Treaty, which called for all countries to destroy their stocks of bioweapons and to cease all research on offensive weapons, Russia and several other countries, including the United States and North Korea continue to maintain stocks of the virus. Iraqand the Soviet Union were signatories to the convention, as was the United States.
However, as reported by the former deputy director of the Russian Bioweapons Program, officials of the former Soviet Union took notice of the world’s decision in 1980 to cease smallpox vaccinations, and in the atmosphere of the cold war, they embarked on an ambitious plan to produce the smallpox virus for use as a bioweapon. The Russian, American and other governments apparently recognized that a generation with no inoculated immunity to the disease would be extremely vulnerable to it. At least two other laboratories in the former Soviet Union are now reported to be maintaining stocks of the smallpox virus. One of these laboratories purportedly has the capacity to produce the virus in tons at least monthly. Even more worrying is the fact that Russian biologists, like physicists and chemists, may have left Russia to sell their services to rogue governments. Reports indicate that the Russian biologists have shared their know-how with the Iraqis, North Koreans, and other so-called rogue states.
Dr. Larry Gross reported that many of the Gulf War veterans he examined had been given smallpox vaccinations. This is odd since the last naturally occurring case of the disease was in Somalia in 1977. Since the virus cannot survive without expressing itself in a host, the World Health Organization declared the disease extinct in 1980. The U.S. military maintains it was the threat of smallpox being used as an Iraqi bioweapon that prompted the vaccination program.
Given the threat posed by bioterror and the irresponsible administration of vaccines, the threat of smallpox may loom larger than anyone supposed. In hindsight, it would seem that the virus’s 25-year absence from the world scene may have been a curse in disguise. The fact that the Russians, Americans and other governments have recognized the vulnerability of an unvaccinated population to a plague-causing agent this virulent may be the reason it was selected as a candidate for bioweapon programs in the first place.

Sea Change in the Cosmos
By Timothy Spearman

I have begun to see that life unfolds according to a cosmic plan rather like the cogs and wheels of a clock turn the hour and minute hands on a clock face – as above so below. Science calls this field cosmology and it is a science as empirical and verifiable as any currently accepted paradigm. It is these cosmological processes unfolding in the heavens that are responsible for the cosmic changes we see governing the universe in the form of birth, growth, harvest and rest. There are, for instance, the four seasons of a day: morning, afternoon, evening and night. And there are the more protracted seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter, resulting from changes in the Earth’s polar axial position in relation to its orbital plane around the sun.
As we know, global warming is influencing climate change on Earth. Global warming is attributed to the build up of greenhouse gases resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. But is this really so? Certainly human activity is influencing climate change on Earth, but is it the sole factor or even the predominant cause? As I will argue in my next paper, it is actually a peripheral factor. The preeminent reason for climate change is the shift in the Earth’s orbital plane along the elliptic, a pole shift that is already underway. The primary reason for the current changes we are now witnessing in the Earth’s climate is the shift in the Earth’s pole, which is gradually moving toward true magnetic north at the rate of 20 kilometers a year and accelerating. This means that the entire surface of the Earth is receiving more direct sunlight from the sun, leading to shorter winters and longer summers in the northern and southern hemispheres. In essence, as many people have commented, we are experiencing only two seasons – winter and summer – in the current climactic anomaly – winter giving way to summer and summer to winter with an increasingly shrinking window of spring and autumn. This is because the Earth is receiving more direct sunlight from the sun across the entire surface of the globe than at any time in the last 120,000 years of the current cosmic year cycle.
Earth’s current polar axial incline of 23.5 degrees toward the sun results from the Earth’s slower centrifugal force and rate of spin, which in turn results in a more oblong orbit as would occur with a wobbling top for instance. Then we have the processional cycle of the zodiac which takes some 25,600 years. And in Milky Way galactic terms, we have the more protracted cycle of some 306,000 years – equal to 12 processional cycles of the zodiac – where our solar system actually wends its way around the face of the galactic clock till it makes contact with the Oort Cloud and photon belt. This results from the near approach of our sun’s companion star, a brown star, whose fire is extinguished (the neutron of our photon sun is a close analogue) and which is dragging in its wake a tail comprised of an asteroid belt due to its powerful magnetic field. It is at the end of this galactic cycle that we inhabitants of Earth now find ourselves.
These cycles within cycles govern evolutionary change on the planet. The pole shifts resulting from changes in the Earth’s base resonance frequency – the Earth’s heartbeat if you like – are influenced by changes in the base resonance frequency of the pole star in the center of the galaxy, which affect the rotational spin rates of planetary bodies within the solar system and consequently the pole positions of these spinning tops as well. The reduced centrifugal force resulting from a reduced rotational spin results in a more oblong orbit as would happen with a spinning top. Milutan Milankovitch identified the combination of the Earth’s polar axis degree angle in relation to its orbital plane at the elliptic, combined with the eccentricity of its annual orbit around the sun as being the twin factors influencing climate change, the decisive factor in determining whether the northern hemisphere – where the bulk of the Earth’s inhabitants live – would be in an ice age or an interglacial period.
There are four basic cosmic season changes in the cosmic year cycle governing our solar system resulting from shifts in the Earth’s polar axis. These pole shifts determine whether the Earth’s pole is oriented toward or away from the sun. We are currently in the fire element period of late summer with the Earth’s pole leaning toward the sun at an angle of 23.5 degrees. In 2012, we will apparently shift to zero point or true magnetic north due to an increase in the rate of the Earth’s rotational spin, forcing it upright like a top. This will lead to a less oblong orbit around the sun, which will result in a change from a 364 1/4 day year to a 360 day year and a perfect 360 degree orbit around the sun. The number of lunar days will equal the number of solar days, the resulting yin and yang balance between sun and moon would be the first of its kind in over 120,000 years. This would initiate the arrival of a “metal” age in accordance with the five element theory – metal, earth, wood, water, and fire – and an autumn period in Earth cosmology.
Some 30,000 to 50,000 years later, we will shift to a cosmic winter planetary disposition, with the Earth’s pole moving away from the sun, resulting in longer winters and shorter summers in the northern hemisphere, precipitating another ice age and period of gestation and rest. Thus, planetary, solar and galactic cosmology result in the germination, growth and harvest of life on planet Earth as the cogs and wheels in the cosmic clock bring Earth’s species into a state of ripeness that allows Heaven and Earth to harvest the fruit of GAIA at the end of the age. The imminent approach of the photon belt and the simultaneous weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field will expose all life on the planet to high levels of cosmic radiation, which will result in DNA changes at the cellular level and lead humanity in particular to its next change in the evolutionary cycle, which is certain to be a less dense, more luminous and a vibratory higher density in the same way that the earlier cosmic year cycles allowed us to evolve from the more primitive evolutionary states of Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals to that of homo sapiens.
Having said all that, I do strongly believe that there has been a simultaneous extraterrestrial breeding program influencing the genetic development of hominids, but that too is part of the cosmological and evolutionary plan, since as the authors of http://www.cassiopaea.org point out in their “Wave” series, the Nephilim-Annunaki-Reptilain aliens surf an inter-dimensional 4th and 5th dimensional intergalactic “Wave” that comes around every 306,000 years, when our solar system completes its cosmological cycle of the galaxy.This allows the Nephilim-Annunaki to interact with us more readily at a trans-dimensional level, allowing them to accelerate their breeding program and the evolutionary development of the species. Of course it is for their benefit and not ours at this stage, as we are in a state of slavery at the present time, but as with all slaves, there will eventually be an Exodus and Diaspora, when we will be able to escape our captors once and for all. As much as we are now opposed to their genetic manipulations and interventions, we must be cognizant of the fact that we are not the highest beings in the food chain, and that in the form of “interventionist evolution” we have been abducting first and second order dimensional life forms for thousands of years, accelerating their evolutionary advances and genetic changes as much against their will as what is being done to us is against ours. Personally, I would like to see this “interventionist evolutionary” practice disappear from cosmology and allow dimensional change to influence evolution on its own. And since it seems that, following the pole shift, we will have the ship of Earth destiny charting a heading directed toward the 4th and 5th dimensions, we may get there yet. I hope to see you all on the other side.

Do the Seasons Change in Heaven?
by Timothy Spearman 


Season change is as observable as the four transitions of the day from morning and afternoon to evening and night. Do the seasons change as readily and observable in heaven? It makes me wonder.Cosmic SeasonsDarwinism is now considered pretty much accepted fact among most people attending the school of good sense. However, divinely inspired interventionist evolution may be the more likely model. Historical cataclysms have generally been depicted as divine judgments, scourges, or purges. They are generally regarded as cleansing processes that initiate an evolutionary leap in human consciousness and development.

In the Hopi tradition, there is a cosmic cycle consisting of six worlds, each ending as a result of humanity losing its way. Only through a great purge could civilization be set on the right course. According to Hopi teachings, one of these cycles ended in fire, one in ice, and another in a great deluge. The Aztecs similarly speak of the four past ‘Suns’, each ‘Sun’ ending with an epoch of cataclysmic change. Following the catastrophe brought on by the first ‘Sun’, the survivors purportedly learned to cultivate and breed plants and animals. The evidence suggests that flora and fauna may not have evolved on their own, but as the result of evolutionary change brought on by cataclysmic intervention. Similarly, environmental changes influencing evolutionary advances in humans may not be chance events, but ones divinely initiated according to a cosmic timetable.
It is no accident that the ancients represented this cycle of change through metaphors such as the Hopi ‘worlds’, and the Aztec ‘Suns’. A similar time cycle can be found in the ‘cosmic year’, first introduced by the Chinese philosopher Shao Yong in the 12th century. The Hopis and Aztecs saw that human development was enhanced by the change of seasons. They called these different season ‘worlds’ or ‘Suns’. It was during these season changes that humans learned to cultivate and harvest crops. Similarly, in Shao Yong’s teaching, humanity is seeded, matured and harvested through the season changes of a cosmic year.
The Aztecs tell us the Second Sun ended with great winds sweeping the earth clean of inhabitants. Not surprisingly, the epoch referred to as the Third Sun saw the construction of great temples and cities.The high winds that ended the Second Sun may have encouraged more careful and sturdy construction techniques. This would have led to the architectural marvels of the Third Sun. Seismic disturbances and a “rain of fire,” presumably referring to volcanic activity, is believed to have ended the Third Sun period. During the Fourth Sun, humans learned to navigate the great oceans in search of new lands. This may have been due to the destruction of their former homelands, possibly even Atlantis. The Fourth Sun, we are told, ended as a result of a great flood. This is very probably the biblical flood recorded by traditions around the world. This led to the Fifth Sun, the epoch in which we are now living. What is interesting is that season change is marked by the appearance of a new Sun or new world in the Amerindian traditions. The dawn of a new age is always marked by evolutionary advances and technological development.The FloodIn the case of the flood stories, the hero almost invariably receives advanced warning of the impending cataclysm. Noah and Yima are warned by God. In the epic of Gilgamesh, the Babylonian god Ea warns Utnapishtim in advance, enabling the hero to save many people. In Greek mythology, Prometheus warns Deukalion of Zeus’s plan to lay waste to the earth with a flood. And the Hindu character Manu receives his warning from God, who appears to him in the form of a fish. In nearly all the stories, the heroes are told to build boats. Noah builds the ark, Deukalion and his wife Pyrrha build a floating chest, and the American Indians say their ancestors survived on a raft. The only exception is the Persian text, the Vendidad, in which the chosen ones survive by hiding in a cave. Most of the heroes of these tales sail in boats with their families, bringing plants and animals with them so they can cultivate the earth anew. With such a flood of stories, one can imagine what the deluge itself must have been like.
What is amazing about the flood myths is that Noah, Utnapishtim, Deukalion, and Manu all received warnings from heaven before the skies unleashed their fury. These traditions are virtually unanimous on two points: Firstly, that the flood is viewed as a time of judgment. And secondly, heaven always issues some kind of warning in advance to ensure that some people are saved. This is suggestive and profound. How can so many traditions be unanimous on this point if there is not some deep underlying truth? Interestingly, our generation has also received warnings in advance of the next epoch-changing event. Warnings pertaining to our time have been issued in sacred texts, ancient prophecies, and more recently by channels and seers in the New Age movement.
The traditions of the Asian Far East teach that a time of unprecedented change approaches. This time is referred to as gae-byuk, a Sino-Korean word meaning the “great opening,” a time of profound crisis. What should be emphasized here, however, is the fact that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ means both ‘challenge’ and ‘opportunity’. A time of ‘challenge’ is indeed upon us, but it is also a time of ‘opportunity’. We do not have to be in a state of imminent peril as such. If we heed the warnings given and come prepared, we can pass through the proverbial eye of the needle and bear witness to the New Heaven and the New Earth.Scientific Evidence for Pole Shift?Comparing the dao of the West with the dao of the East, it seems clear that a time of change is upon us. But what evidence is there to support the ‘End Times’ prophecies? What correlations can be found to confirm that the present time is the time being referred to by the prophecies? What scientific evidence exists to support such a claim? One solid piece of corroborating evidence is provided by the zodiacal cycle of precession. This 25,600-year cycle is referred to as the cycle of the ages and the present age has reached a termination point called the “End of the Age”. Could this have any relation to the biblical ‘End Times’?
For those unfamiliar with the cycle of the ages, it refers to the zodiacal cycle of precession. It results from the earth rotating or slipping one degree upon its axis every 120 years. The zodiac signs are aligned horizontally along the elliptic, each zodiac sign occupying 30 degrees. It takes approximately 2,500 years for the Earth to pass from one age of the zodiac to another.The present generation bears witness to the end of the cycle. The age of Pisces is now at an end and a new cycle in Aquarius is about to dawn. You may recall the lyrics to the rock ballad Aquarius from the musical Hair. The lyrics from the song referred to below may make more sense in light of this new understanding:
When the moon is in the seventh house
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
peace will guide the planets and love will steer the starsThis is the dawning of the age of Aquarius,
the age of Aquarius
AquariusHarmony and understanding
sympathy and trust abounding
no more falsehoods or derisions
golden living dreams of visions
mystic crystals revelations
and the mind’s true liberationAquarius
AquariusWhen the moon is in the seventh house
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
then peace will guide the planets
and love will steer the starsThis is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
the age of AquariusAquarius
AquariusWhat evidence is there to support the related prophecies pertaining to the Apocalypse, the New Heaven and the New Earth of St. John and the coming pole shift? And does this have any relation to the East’s teachings on gae-byuk or “heaven opening, earth opening”? Gregg Braden’s Awakening to Zero Point offers a lot of corroborating support. His background in the Earth sciences has given Braden the tools to make sense of some of these prophecies. Thanks to Braden and other researchers, modern science is confirming the validity of these ancient prophecies and warnings. The Eastern tradition’s references to geological upheaval leading up to a pole shift, followed by a great opening of heaven and earth, appear imminent in light of Braden’s research.
New Age literature describes such phenomena as “Earth changes”. These changes appear to be brought on by dramatic changes in the Earth’s base resonance frequency and an accompanying weakening of the magnetic field. Braden’s work confirms that changes occurring at a planetary level point to a pole shift. Steady declines in the Earth’s rate of spin and the strength of its magnetic field have been recorded. Such changes are known to precede a reversal of the planet’s rotational spin. Thus, Braden and others anticipate an imminent change in the direction of the Earth’s spin rotation. Braden has also recorded an increase in the Earth’s heart rate.This is the base resonance frequency coming from the center of the Earth. The planet’s heartbeat remained constant at 7.8 Hz (cycles per second) for over 80 years until the mid-1980s. After that, the Earth’s heart rate suddenly increased dramatically. In 1996, the Earth’s heartbeat, also known as the Schuman Cavity Frequency, was measured at 8.6. It has been increasing steadily ever since. The data indicates that the Earth is in the midst of a vibratory frequency hike from 7.8 Hz to approximately 13 Hz.
The planet is not the only thing being affected by these so-called Earth changes. Human beings are being affected profoundly whether they are aware of it or not. For example, the brain receives its information signal from the electromagnetic pulse of the heart (EKG). Our heartbeat is directly influenced by the base frequency emitted by the Earth. Keeping the beat as might a metronome, the Earth receives transmitted electromagnetic pulse beats from the sun. The sun’s pulse beat is triggered by that of the great sun at the center of the Milky Way.
It should be clear then that a frequency change would affect how we think, breathe and live. As the human heart rate increases in time with the metronome of the planet’s heartbeat, our brain waves and thinking are affected. In addition, as the Earth changes to zero gravity at higher frequencies, there will be no magnetic field. Our workload will become comparatively light. Travel, industry and productivity will all be affected. Even the time lag affecting thought will be reduced. The time lag between thought and realization will be dramatically shortened. This will lead to a total perceptual and physical change. Along with planetary changes, a change in the planet’s base resonance frequency would initiate changes in our DNA and genetic structure. We would become less dense and more luminous. If the scientists are right, we would experience a complete metamorphosis, our body structure, organs, even our cells undergoing a sea change.
The Shifting Heavens: As Above So BelowThe world will soon experience a pole shift, in which the earth’s polar axis will eventually shift upright in relation to its orbital plane. This means that the seasonal changes that have dominated life on earth for thousands of years would soon be a thing of the past. The scientific explanation for this is that every point on the earth would receive an equal amount of solar radiation throughout the year. No region would be in want. Every region would have an abundance of sunlight, vegetative growth, food, and prosperity.
Regional climactic disparities would also be no more, and a temperate climate would prevail across the globe. These changes would not be confined to weather and climate alone. There would be sweeping changes affecting all life on earth. Among other things, such a pole shift would eradicate regional disparities and class imbalances. Regions of want and regions of plenty would become an alien concept; rich nations and poor nations would be relegated to the pages of history; and class distinctions resulting from climactic imbalance would be a thing of the past.What Causes Season Change in Heaven and Earth?What is the scientific evidence for this? How are such dramatic human and planetary changes possible? What precipitates such change? What is the mechanism and fulcrum of change? Perhaps science can answer some of these questions for us.
We know the earth’s polar axis plays a significant role in climate change. The earth’s polar axis and orbital plane are analogous to a lever and fulcrum tilting the earth, precipitating enormous changes every time the planet is levered into position. However, the role played by the earth’s polar axis is only part of the story.
Change in the degree angle of the earth’s orbit around the sun is another significant factor. For most of its 400,000-year perihelion cycle, the earth’s orbit is elliptical rather than circular. The planet is actually closer to the sun at some times of the year than others. The closest approach of the earth to the sun is called perihelion, which now occurs in January, making northern hemisphere winters slightly milder. The perihelion cycle is known as the precession of the equinoxes, and occurs at intervals of approximately 22,000 years.Astronomical Theory of Climate ChangeWe know that glacial and interglacial periods have occurred throughout geological time. We know the earth has extended periods when winter remains all year. We call these periods ice ages. Many theories have been proposed as to what causes these glacial and interglacial theories. But what is the currently accepted scientific theory on the subject?
The Milankovitch Theory or astronomical theory of climate change is an explanation for changes in the seasons, which result from changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun. The theory is named after Serbian astronomer Milutin Milankovitch, who calculated the slow changes in the earth’s orbit by taking careful measurements of the position of the stars, and through equations representing the gravitational pull of other planets and stars.He concluded that the earth “wobbles” in its orbit, and that the earth’s “tilt” is what causes seasons, while changes in the magnetic position of the earth’s polar axis influence the strength and severity of the seasons. The seasons can also be accentuated or modified by the eccentricity (degree of roundness) of the earth’s orbit. Ice ages appear to be a decline in the total summer radiation received in northern latitude zones where major ice sheets have formed in the past.Season Change on EarthThe tilt of the earth relative to its plane of travel about the sun results in what is called seasons. The hemisphere “pointing toward” the sun enjoys summer, while the opposite hemisphere must endure winter. The northern hemisphere experiences summer in the left image, while the southern hemisphere experiences summer 6 months later, as in the center image. If the earth’s axis were perfectly vertical relative to the orbital plane, as in the image to the right, there would be no seasons, since every point on the earth would receive the same amount of sunlight throughout the year.Season Change in HeavenChanges in the “tilt” of the earth can affect the severity of the seasons. More “tilt” means more severe seasons—warmer summers and colder winters. Less “tilt” means less severe seasons—cooler summers and milder winters. The earth wobbles in space so that its tilt fluctuates between about 22 and 25 degrees for a cycle lasting an average of 41,000 years. It is the cool summers that are believed to cause snow and ice to last from year to year in high latitudes, eventually forming glaciers. There are positive feedback loops in the climate system as well. An earth covered with more snow reflects more of the sun’s energy into space, resulting in additional cooling. If these conditions persist, an ice age will occur.Changes in Earth’s Orbit11,000 years ago, perihelion occurred in July, making the seasons more severe than today. The “roundness” or eccentricity, of the earth’s orbit varies over a cycle of 100,000 to 400,000 years. For most of its perihelion cycle, the earth’s orbit is elliptical rather than circular. This has a dramatic effect on the severity of earth seasons. The combination of the 41,000 year tilt cycle and the 22,000 year precession cycles, affect the relative severity of summer and winter. They also have a bearing on the growth and retreat of ice sheets. Longer winters in the northern hemisphere where there is more land, mean more ice. Longer summers mean less ice.
The perihelion cycle in combination with fluctuations in the earth’s axis in relation to its orbital plane actually cause the glacial and interglacial periods resulting in climatic change on earth.Scientific SupportWhat is the scientific support for this? What precipitates these glacial periods known as ice ages? Let us imagine a condition in which the earth’s axis is actually tilted away from the sun at an angle of 22 to 25 degrees. This would result in longer winters in the northern hemisphere and an accumulation of ice. Were this to coincide with a perihelion event in July, the seasons would become more severe, resulting in even more intense winters. Longer winters mean more ice, and many long winters add up to an ice age.
Modern science actually bears this out. There is considerable evidence that glacial periods have occurred in cycles of 100,000 years or so. Recent data support the orbital theory for ice ages. Piston core samples taken from the sediment of ocean beds contain fossils of microscopic plants that are sensitive to ocean temperatures. With the help of these fossils, scientists have been able to chart the temperature changes in the world’s oceans over the past half billion years. Scientists have also shown that these changes in temperature coincide with changes in the eccentricity (degree of roundness) of the earth’s orbital path around the sun. The cycle themselves are believed to recur in intervals of approximately 100,000 years.Earth’s Altered OrbitThe earth currently maintains a heading of 30.4 degrees along its orbital plane. At this time, it takes 365 ¼ days for the earth to complete its orbit around the sun. But all this is about to change as the pole shift approaches. Following the cosmic autumn pole shift, the earth’s polar axis will assume a vertical position in relation to its orbital plane. This will simultaneously affect the earth’s perihelion cycle. Its elliptical orbit of 30.4 degrees will suddenly shift to a perfect arc of 30 degrees. The earth’s annual transit around the sun will take just 360 days, conforming to a perfect circle of 360 degrees.
Simultaneously, the lunar orbit will also undergo a dramatic shift. The moon’s orbit, currently on a trajectory of 29.5 degrees, will suddenly change course along a heading of 30 degrees. The pole shift to true north will result in equal yin and yang. The number of lunar days will equal the number of solar days in a given year; the hours of daylight will equal the hours of darkness; the moon will no longer be visible at night; and the hours of extended twilight occurring during winter months will be no more.
The scientific jury is still out on this of course. It remains to be seen whether any of this will actually happen. However, given the behavior of the earth observed over millennia of observation—many of such findings recorded in ancient texts and other sources—there is considerable data to support an imminent pole shift in earth’s geological history.References:
NOAA Paleoclimatology Mirror Site

Season Change in Heaven

By Timothy Spearman

Season change in heaven; leaves change color in the fall; trees shed their canopies and cover; plants succumb to autumn frost and animals go into hiding. Have you ever considered why? Why do the seasons change? Do they conform to some natural law? Is there some governing principle in heaven? The answer might surprise you. Change is the governing principle of the universe. All living beings are subject to this law. All beings in the universe are born, grow, mature and die. In seed time we are sown; in the growing season, we are matured and ripened; in reaping time, we are harvested; and in times of frost and snow, there is a time of rest, a chance for repose. These are the four cosmic seasons.Without season change, there could be no sewing or reaping; without the cool, moist weather of spring, the seeds could not germinate and buds could not form; without summer, the plants could not ripen and bear fruit. But what causes season change? What is the mechanism that determines seasonal change? We know the seasons are caused by changes in the angle of the Earth’s axis. This determines where the direct rays of the sun will be concentrated throughout the year. The position of the sun’s direct rays change according to the angle of the Earth’s axis. The four seasons of the year are determined by these shifts. But season change is not confined to Earth, nor is season change limited to the 365 day Earth year.Even in heaven there is season change. How do the seasons change in heaven? The same way they do on Earth. Changes in the angle of the Earth’s polar axis determine the cosmic season. These shifts in the polar axis occur every ten thousand years. These pole shifts occur at the cusp of each cosmic season. Amazingly, there is a cycle of cosmic time in the East and the West.The West compares this cycle of cosmic time to a mill wheel. The metaphor is apt, since the purpose of the cosmic year cycle is to harvest the fruit of human civilization. This cosmic year cycle is the great mill wheel of the cosmos. Through this grand cycle, human civilization achieves ripening and fruition. If the cosmic year cycle is the mill wheel, then the Earth’s axis can be compared to the handle. It is the Earth’s axis that turns the mill wheel of cosmic time. The handle is about to turn the mill wheel of cosmic time once more. Another major pole shift is imminent. The Earth’s axis is about to shift to a perfect north-south axial alignment. Studies by the Danish meteorological institute indicate the magnetic North Pole has moved over one thousand kilometres closer to the geographical North Pole over the last century. In 1999, the magnetic North Pole was moving northward at a rate of 20 kilometres, 2 kilometres faster than in the previous year. This is rocket speed in geological time. It indicates an imminent Pole Shift to a true north-south axial division.Following the Pole Shift, the Earth’s orbit around the sun will change from a 365 degree to a perfect 360 degree circle with an equal number of days throughout the year. The moon will also alter its orbit to a perfect 360 degree circle and an equal number of days per year. The solar days will be equal to the number of lunar days. No longer will the moon be seen during the day. The Man in the Moon will only show his face at night. Yin and Yang in perfect balance, sun and moon in perfect harmony, light and dark, male and female, good and evil.What is the reason the sun rises, casts long shadows and sets? Why do the seasons change? Clearly there is some governing principle to which all life conforms. That principle is change. Paradoxically, the sea of change is the one constant there is in the universe. If this is so, then each stage of change must be indispensable in some way; each must be mutually dependent on the other. Without birth, golden fields of grain could not grow; without growth, the flesher’s flail would have nothing to reap; and without harvest, there would be no occasion for festive celebration, enjoyment and rest.The reverse is equally true. Autumn’s golden harvest is the meaning and purpose for which grain is sown. Without the sprouting of vernal buds, there could be no growth or autumnal feast. Once this is understood, the principle of change becomes as clear as the sky at break of day; once the mist of confusion lifts, the moment of true perception dawns. What then is the purpose of Heaven and Earth? Why were Heaven and Earth brought together and united in the first place? What is the purpose of any marriage? Is it not to create life? Is it not to have children? If the purpose of Heaven and Earth is to give birth to life, a seed and vessel are required. In order to seed life, a womb is needed.Thus, Earth provides the womb, heaven the seed. Seedlings emerge from the womb of Earth, while rain falls from the heavens; fields of grain thrive; rivers and seas team with aquatic life; and animals roam the Earth. But to what aim? What purpose? What is the ultimate aim of Creation? Is it simply to create life or is there some higher purpose? Higher and lower orders of life are observable in nature. Microbes and insects are clearly a lower order of life than mammals. Thus, life is not an end in itself. There is clearly an evolutionary design built into the food chain. Plants and animals do not have an intrinsic purpose; they are at the service and disposal of human beings; they’re cultivated and bred for our purposes; humanity holds dominion over Heaven and Earth; we assume the position of the most majestic beings.Why do Heaven and Earth want children? Why did they give birth to humanity? Human life must have some purpose, some ultimate aim or goal. Let’s turn to our own experience. Why do parents have children? Is it not to love them and to have that love returned? What is it that Heaven an Earth seek from their children? Is it not some expression of gratitude or love? What would be the sun’s happiness without the harvest? The ultimate way of repaying Heaven and Earth is for life to attain its full potential. It is no different for children. They want them to achieve their full potential. Enlightenment is the fullest expression of our potential. It is our way of thanking Heaven and Earth.
GAIA: Who Is She Anyway?By Timothy SpearmanAll of the philosophical traditions of the world that have wended their way into Europe and the West began their journey in Asia, following the same trade routes and silk roads as all other commodities that were brought and sold followed in their westward journey. Sophia, the goddess that inspired the tradition named in her honour, known today as philosophy, began her journey in the East. A protracted marathon that probably began in Atlantis, Sophia braved ocean swells and tidal waves to come ashore on the distant peaks of mountains like the Himalayas and the Andes from whence she migrated into the Indus Valley and the Yukatan Peninsula to spread her wisdom among the people. Philosophy, or the love of wisdom, entered Greece from the mother that spawned her to the south, the uniquely oriental civilization known as Egypt.The pre-Socratics, Socrates Plato, Aristotle – even great dramatists such as Sophocles – all apprenticed under Egyptian priests such as Solon. It was the Asiatic sphinx that spawned the Greco-Roman civilization, allowing us to rightfully ask ourselves the riddle of that inscrutable Sphinx: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three in the Eve? The answer is, of course man; and it is clear as much from the question as from the answer that man and civilization is distinctly Asiatic in orientation, which brings us to GAIA, the Greek concept of Mother Earth, the philosophy and concept that no doubt followed the same migratory path that Sophia followed through central Asia to reach the new world to the west.What is true of the human body is equally true of GAIA, the terrestrial mother who spawned us all. She also has dragon lines through which telluric currents flow. These lines of energy intersect at various points around the Earth, creating an energy grid. Certain of these intersection points are power centres, many of which are sources of enormous energy. India is most likely in a location corresponding with sarasrara or the crown chakra, which explains Indrus’ perennial role as the centre of enlightenment.We, therefore, need to look to India for solutions to many of the problems we face today. Indeed, it is highly probable that her network of gurus, dispatched around the world, are already training adepts that will provide many of the answers to problems we will face today and tomorrow. It is this very energy grid of GAIA’s that black magicians, initiates of mystery schools, whose long history began in Atlantis, have tried to disrupt in order to deprive human beings of their source of power and enlightenment. We have literally been cut off from our source of power. Black magicians from Japan did exactly the same thing when they annexed the peninsula of Korea, driving what was analogous to giant acupuncture needles into the spine of the Korean mountains, in order to disrupt the flow of telluric energy through the peninsula. Many believe that the peninsula of Korea is a giant organism in its own right with a total of seven chakra points, stretching along the length of the great peninsula.To save our planet and our world, we need to adopt a pan-world philosophy that brings the ancient wisdom of the Orient to the whole world. The fact that so many Tibetan leaders have been sent into exile has done to disseminate wisdom traditions that have long remained hidden in the isolated heights of the Himalayas. Religious teachers from India have also been dispatched as messengers of many faiths and yogic traditions.This is all part of a movement to bring the people home to the source of all wisdom and enlightenment, back to the source of the three sacred rivers from whence the waters of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers flow from betwixt the feet of the Supreme Lord of all Creation – call Him what you will. What we must begin to recognize is that our home is not a planet or a rock or indeed anything inanimate, but a living and breathing organism like ourselves. Indeed, GAIA, Mother Earth, is truly our mother, the mother who spawned us and gave us life; and like us, she has an etheric and physical body; and like us, seven chakra points and seven several minor ones along the various other meridian points.We are truly terrestrial creatures, created in the image of our mother. We share much the same body chemistry and the same ratio of liquid to solid that she has in her body; and the same salinity in our body fluids. Just as we have minerals in our body, so GAIA has in hers; and yet, we are stripping her of her minerals as if she had an endless supply, not realizing that by doing so, we are depriving her of the essential requirements of life. Her rivers, with their estuaries, main arteries and tributaries are not unlike the arteries, veins and capillaries of our bodies; her magma is analogous to our bone marrow, the Earth’s crust to our bone, the soil that rests upon the Earth to our flesh.The rivers that flow through her flesh are like the circulatory system that carries vital minerals and nourishment through our bodies. And as for the telluric currents that flow beneath her skin, we must recognize that this is the same wind energy that flows through our bodies, which Far East Asians have traditionally referred to as qi; and just as qienergy wends its way through the meridian or dragon lines of our bodies from the chakra points located on the spine, so an analogous process takes place beneath the Earth. As for the atmospheric winds of GAIA, does she not have to breathe just as we do, and sometimes issue a heavy sigh, which to us takes the form of a storm? As for the ozone layer that protects her from the poisonous ultraviolet B-rays of the sun, does not this protective layer serve much the same purpose as our skin’s? Would our skin not become raw and blistered just as hers had were we to remove this protective layer, this protective skin? And what of us and the vegetative growth that lives on and feeds upon the flesh of GAIA? Are we not like parasites living on the skin of our mothers? Certainly, we share a somewhat symbiotic relationship, but we have to consider the fact that we are not holding up our end of the bargain.We have become nothing but leaches and parasites sucking the lifeblood and wholesome nutrients out of her, while leaving her nothing in return but the poison effluent of our own destructive consumption. Indeed, we are like bacteria that soil her with our own excrement. In addition, we poison her with the after effects we unleash upon others of our kind. In the war of the parasites, we dump such things upon the skin of GAIA as tomahawk missiles, cluster bombs, smart bombs and some not so smart bombs, nuclear warheads, napalm, bombs and missiles laced with depleted uranium, etc.As a side note, the American military routinely dumps bombs laced with depleted uranium on the countries it attacks, including the 8,500 tons of bombs it dropped on Iraq in the first Gulf War and many more on Afghanistan. In addition, the U.S. military routinely tests missiles laced with depleted uranium at its bases in Puerto Rico, Japan and South Korea, very often with the same complicity and compliance of the local authorities.Is it any wonder that GAIA should voice her displeasure in the form of seismic disturbances as she quakes with fear, or that she should erupt in volcanic protest or with hurricane force winds whenever she emits a sigh of exasperation at the antics of the absurd parasites she carries around on her skin? As for the grass, grain, crops, trees and other forms of vegetative life that grow on her surface, is this not like the hair that grows on our skin? In addition, she experiences desertification on her skin, where ulcers and sores have appeared in place of vegetative growth, just as we develop psoriasis, eczema and other diseases that rob us of our hair. And what happens when excessive oils build up on our scalps? Does it not cause hair loss and inhibit hair growth? And what happens after out oils spills occur on the surface of GAIA? Is it not precisely the same? And what causes desertification? And what causes heat, cold and flooding on the surface of GAIA? Is it not because her qi is out of balance? Are not the wind energies thrown into disarray by activities that cause what is known as El Nina and La Nino? Do we not develop volcanic eruptions on our skin in the form of skin sores and acne when our qi energy is thrown off balance? When heat and cold are displaced by qi imbalances in our bodies, do we not develop desertification in the form of eczema and psoriasis?The convection currents that occur on GAIA result from the Equatorial heat coming into contact with the cold temperatures of the poles. The poles become excessively cold and the convection current increases in velocity, resulting in high winds, storms and seasonal and climactic anomalies such as unseasonably cool or hot weather conditions. Similarly, if the tropics become excessively hot, high winds, storms and other seasonal and climactic anomalies will result. Balance is essential. The planet needs medicine and we are the herbal doctors and acupuncturists capable of providing GAIA with her remedy.What do the herbal doctors and acupuncturists do when they encounter unseasonable warm or cold weather in a certain part of the human body? Do they not attempt to restore balance so that that part of the body can experience some relief from a protracted winter cold or an unseasonably hot spell? If there is excessive heat in the head and the internal organs become cold, the acupuncturists and herbal doctors develop a remedy for restoring balance by channelling qi energy away from the head to the internal organs and vice versa as the case arises. And what therapy or treatment does GAIA require at the moment? Clearly, her organs have become too hot, while the outer extremities of her head and feet, namely the poles, have lost much of their cold. This has created an imbalance, resulting in excessive desertification, flooding, El Nina, La Nino, and excessive cold spells and heat waves, all the result of inherent imbalances resulting from too much internal heat at the Tropics and a warming at the Poles. The remedy is to get out acupuncture needles out and apply a dose of herbal medicine. What kind of herbal medicine? Well, herbs of course.Plant life, reforestation, a program to plant more trees, shrubs and grasses, a concerted effort to reclaim our deserts with water reservoirs and planting programs; and, of course, we have to halt deforestation, and clear-cutting going on in so much of the world, including the Amazon and the rain forests of southeast Asia, not to mention the vast forest lands of Canada.
War on Terrorism Advances

New World Order

By Timothy Spearman

Historically, empires have expanded very often under the pretext of civilizing the world beyond their borders with the self-righteous conviction that they were inoculating themselves against barbarism, extending the boundaries of the civilized, while assimilating the heathen and infidel under their rubric, the locus behind Pax Romana, Rule Britannia and now Pax Americana.

While Victorian England’s empire building was done under the pretext of civilizing the rest of the world, it paradoxically meted out such barbarism and brutality as to beggar belief. In India alone, through their brutal extraction policies, the British were responsible for the deaths of an estimated ten to twenty million Indians in the late nineteenth century. Rather than responding to endemic famine in central and south India in the 1880s by reducing taxes, the British maintained them at a steady level, continued massive exports of food products and other necessities out of the country, while providing no relief to the starving people unless they worked.

In some labor camps it is documented that the British actually provided the workers with less rations than were given to the prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps of Dachau and Buchenwald.1 Yet despite this appalling human rights record, the British continue to justify their colonial subjugation of the Indians today by claiming to have given them their parliamentary system of government and civil service, gifts for which the Indians are apparently supposed to be grateful. Pax Americana is in essence no different, though it does seem better able to conceal its true intentions, very often undertaking its campaigns of ideological annexation and genocide under the banner of “humanitarian intervention”. As Noam Chomsky points out in 9-11, since the colonization of the United States of America began, the U.S. has systematically annihilated its own indigenous population estimated in the millions, conquered half of Mexico, which itself embodied territories largely stolen from indigenous peoples, then conquered Hawaii and the Philippines, butchering thousands of Filipinos, leaving the countryside so utterly devastated that the total death toll is estimated to have reached a million souls. Over the past half century, America has extended its resort to force throughout much of the world. For the first time, on the 11th of September 2001 the guns were directed the other way with the first foreign-sponsored attack to take place on U.S. territory, Pearl Harbor not excepted because it was referred to as a “territory” at the time and was in fact a colony.2
While America does not really walk the high moral ground it purports to stand guard over as sentinel, it convinces much of the world that it does through the mainstream international news media both it and its allies control. While the world was never fooled by the genocidal and expansionist policies of the Nazis, much of the western world appears to be utterly hoodwinked by America’s expansionist aims presented under the pretext of a crusade on terror. Indeed, America seems to be very skilled at justifying its intentions under the guise of crusades against various incarnations of evil, which in essence consist of anything that contravenes its own agenda. While the imperialistic and genocidal aims of the Nazis appear to have fooled no one, America’s coefficient seems to have been effectively masked by propaganda efforts that portray its machinations as a righteous crusade against the enemies of freedom in their many incarnations such as a war on communism, a war on drugs, a war on terrorism, a war on enemies of freedom, etc. The reality is that these American crusades are no more righteous than they are conscionable and very often violate the dictates of the UN Charter itself.
One of America’s strategies for achieving world domination is to run a series of international protection rackets, in which terrorist cells trained in CIA-run training camps very often on America’s own soil, are turned loose in their countries of origin to create havoc as part of a problem-reaction-solution schema to advance the New World Order. One such terrorist training school, owned and operated by the U.S. government on U.S. soil, is the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. Known formerly as the School of the Americas, it now goes by the title Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Protection to inoculate itself from those campaigning to have it closed down. The terrorist training school first came to the attention of the American public in 1992, when a declassified manual advocating torture and assassination as effective techniques in dealing with political movements came to the attention of the news media. Now decades old, the school has graduated over the years hundreds of future military dictators, death squad leaders and torturers, subjecting much of Latin America to a reign of terror. Graduates include such luminaries as Roberto D’Aubuisson, who single-handedly organized the death squad network in El Salvador, which claimed roughly 50,000 lives there; Hugo Banzer Saurez, former military dictator of Bolivia; Efraim Rios Montt, who orchestrated the genocidal massacre of 100,000 Mayan Indians in Guatemala in the early 1980s; General Roberto Viola, former military dictator of Argentina later convicted of murder, kidnapping, and torture during the “dirty war” of the 1970s. Claims that the school now includes courses in ethics and “human rights” training in its curriculum are simply to immunize it against further criticism. The appearance of moral cleansing is simply a ruse. The terrorist school is still training the same kind of terrorist operatives who will graduate to inflict a reign of terror on the next generation. Changing its name and curriculum under the pretext of political correctness is simply a charade to inoculate the school against further criticism and opposition.3
If the CIA seems like a Nazi organization endorsing Nazi-like policies that is because it is. Noam Chomsky says that Reinhard Gehlen of the SS was employed by Allen Dulles, the founder of the CIA, to set up the CIA network in Europe and Latin America after the war. Chomsky says that Gehlen set up a secret US-Nazi army, which extended its operations to Latin America where it supported Nazi-style regimes. Under the supervision of people like John and Allen Dulles, the co-founders of the CIA, many leading Nazis were secretly removed from Germany at the end of the war. In a British-American intelligence operation known as “Project Paperclip”, many Nazi scientists were taken to the United States and Latin America to continue their medical and genetic experiments. These German scientists would also be instrumental in seeing the Americans into space. According to some estimates, as many as 10,000 active Nazis escaped after the war. The Nuremberg War Trials appear to have been a charade to convince the public that justice was being served, while most of the leading Nazis managed to escape with the help of the American and British intelligence services, MI5 and the OSS.4
One of the current methodologies employed by the CIA and the U.S. military is to sponsor terror in order to destabilize states in which America wishes to obtain a strategic foothold. The U.S. establishment uses the terrorist networks it creates and supports to destabilize target societies as it did in the Balkans and as it is now doing in the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia. Having created the terrorist threat, the protection racket or gang of thugs, in this case the American military, then provides the protection. The practice endorsed by the U.S. government and exported to all corners of the globe is also practiced in large urban American centers, where it is referred to as “street insurance” or “protection”. In the former Soviet Republic of Georgia for example U.S. Special Forces troops, we are told “are not expected to have any combat role in Georgia.” What is not known is that training terrorists in the region is the main objective of the Special Forces. After that, we are told that Special Forces will remain in the country strictly in an “advisory capacity”, newspeak for commanding and giving orders to their trainees.5
The war on terrorism has allowed the New World Order agenda to advance by leaps and bounds. The strikes against Afghanistan have developed into mass landings by U.S. and British troops into Turkey, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea. According to information obtained from the London and Delhi strategic studies institutes, the naval presence of NATO member countries in these regions increased by 50 percent over the period of March to December 2001. This implies that a strategy of military expansion was already in place long before the attacks of September 11. Just look at British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s diplomatic activities following the attacks of September 11th. In four early trips, he would cover 30,000 miles, visiting Paris, Berlin, New York, Washington, Brussels, Moscow, Islamabad, New Delhi, Geneva, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Jerusalem, Gaza and Genoa. He would then fly back to Washington on an overnight Concorde flight to brief President Bush. Does that sound like a man with a mission?6 Not since St. Paul has anyone shown such evangelic zeal to get the word out and rally support. Both the mercurial nature and the zeal of the whirlwind trip suggest that Blair is extremely trigger happy and that the entire “around-the-world-in-four-days” trip seems premeditated and part of a preconceived agenda. Perhaps most telling and worrying is the fact that a policy report on terrorism was conveniently presented to U.S. Congress one day before the terrorist attacks of September 11, suggesting that high-ranking members of the American government may have known about the attacks in advance. The report issued on September 10th, 2001 leaves little doubt that an attack on the United States by Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network was anticipated in advance, for on the first page of the report, it states:

Osama bin Laden’s network, which is independently
financed and enjoys safe haven in Afghanistan,
poses an increasingly significant threat to U.S.
interests in the Near East and perhaps elsewhere.

The primary goals of bin Laden and his cohort are
to oust pro-U.S. regimes in the Middle East and
gain removal of U.S. troops from the region.
Based on U.S. allegations of past plotting by the
bin Laden network, suggest that the network
wants to strike within the United States itself.7
Osama bin Laden is just the latest in a long line of bogeymen employed by the U.S. to justify the advance of the New World Order agenda to achieve absolute global domination. In fact, there is no evidence that former CIA operative, Osama bin Laden, has ever severed ties with the CIA. It is hard for people to fathom but the global elite that controls this world has always employed a strategy whereby they exercise control over both sides in conflicts in order to advance the New World Order agenda for absolute global domination. By creating a series of monsters, Dr. Frankenstein in his incarnation as the CIA sets up a number of bogeymen who become larger-than-life devils who haunt us even in our living rooms and incite us to rally behind the U.S. military when the president gives them their marching orders to purge the world of yet one more evil dictator or terrorist.
The military-industrial complex and the financial establishment that bankrolls it are the secret preserve of Freemasonry. The secret society known as the Freemasons descend from a secret fraternity known as the Knights Templar. Both these organizations have made it their practice to arm both sides in conflicts, in order to profiteer off the lending of gold and money, but also to exercise control over the societies they wish to gain influence over. By pitting one side against the other, they not only exercise control over the policies and agendas of the respective governments, but they also are able to control the outcome of the conflict itself, reshaping the world in the New World Order image they had always had in mind. In fact, the “New World Order” or the “Great Work of Ages” as it is called is the long-term plan of the Knight Templar-Freemason fraternity. One need only examine the Great Seal of the United States on the reverse side of the American dollar bill to see that the foundation for the Templar-Freemason New World Order was laid with the founding of the Templar-Freemason state of the United States, where the Latin inscription, Annuit Coeuptus Novus OrdoSeclorum appears, meaning, “Announcing the Birth of the New Order of Ages”. Arming both sides in wars has always been there modus operandi. In fact, one very prominent Templar family known as the House of Guise and Lorraine made it their practice to arm both sides in conflicts, supplying gold and arms to one king and then turning around to lend gold and weapons to his rival. Interestingly, the coat-of-arms for the House of Guise and Lorraine depicts a “double cross”, which accounts for the origin of the English idiom “to double cross someone” meaning to “betray”, since it was the practice of the House of Guise and Lorraine to do precisely that, to “double cross” or betray both sides.8
With this in mind, it becomes abundantly clear that the current conflict between America and Afghanistan has been staged. Indeed, both sides have been double crossed by a media charade that has allowed the Taliban and the White House to exchange diatribes and rhetorical invectives very reminiscent of the rhetorical exchanges that occurred at the time of the Crusades: You are the evil empire. No, you are the evil empire. God is with us. No, God is with us. We are justified in launching a just war against the heathens. No, we are launching a Jihad against the infidel, etc. Most people are now aware that the manhunt for Osama bin Laden was merely a pretext for the U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan. Once the boogeyman was indelibly inculcated in the minds of the citizens of the Western world, the U.S. could then justify the invasion of Afghanistan under the pretext of routing out all vestiges of the Al Qaeda terrorist network and the Taliban regime. In fact, it appears very unlikely that the U.S. government was even interested in capturing Osama bin Laden. According to a story appearing in the Daily Telegraph on October 4, 2001, a secret deal to hand over Osama bin Laden was scuttled by Washington. A delegation led by Qazi Hussain Ahmad, the head of the Pakistani fundamentalist Jamaat-I-Islami, had allegedly reached an agreement with Mulah Omar to have Osama bin Laden removed to Pakistan, where, evidence of his involvement in the terrorist attacks of September 11 would be placed before an international court, which would determine who should have jurisdiction over the case, the World Court or the United States. Even though the proposal allegedly met with Osama bin Laden’s approval, it was turned down by Musharraf of Pakistan ostensibly because he could not guarantee bin Laden’s safety. It is unlikely that Musharraf could make this decision unilaterally; U.S. influence in his decision-making is almost certain. We are left with disturbing conclusion that the U.S. deliberately scuttled the deal to hand bin Laden over, precisely because it would deprive them of their main casus belli for the Afghan invasion. This provides further evidence that the U.S. is in breach of international law and has violated one of the central tenets of the UN Charter, which requires that recourse to military action only be taken after all diplomatic channels have been exhausted.9
The hunt for bin Laden ruse is very reminiscent of the hunt for Saddam Hussein charade played out a decade previously. While the main justification for Desert Storm was to oust Saddam Hussein from power, the policy of Washington following the invasion does not reflect this. Indeed, General Schwartkopf was deeply frustrated and annoyed with Washington for not allowing him to march on the capital, when it was clear that the Iraqi military was all but decimated and the whole country was in imminent peril of being handed to the Americans on a platter. Schwartkopf’s incredulity over the policies if Washington is evident in his words:

If we had been allowed to go on for two
or more days, we would have totally
destroyed the Iraqi forces and it would
have been a battle of annihilation. I said,
when they first called me from
Washington and asked me what my
plans were, I said that we planned to
continue the operation.10

Far from it being the intention of the U.S. government to topple Saddam Hussein from power, it appears on the contrary to be in their best interests to keep him on his throne. According to Dennis Halladay, Former Director of the UN Iraq Program, sustaining Saddam Hussein in power is a policy actively pursued by the U.S. government:

Sanctions have sustained Saddam Hussein
in power. There are many of us worldwide
who believe that that is also a policy of the
United States. Because of the Saddam
Hussein threat, quote unquote, the
Americans have sold arms on a massive
scale to the Arab states, the Gulf, Israel
of course, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.11

As with the manhunt for bin Laden, the manhunt for bogeyman extraordinaire, Saddam Hussein, is a charade, a “put on” designed to coerce the popular imagination into justifying America’s so-called crusade against ‘evil’ and ‘terror’. It may well be true that Saddam Hussein is a monster, but we have to remember who Dr. Frankenstein is before we start pointing fingers. In his present incarnation, Dr. Frankenstein is the CIA and Saddam Hussein is one of his former agents. In fact, like Osama bin Laden, there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein has ever severed ties with the CIA. In fact, it is due precisely to U.S. policy that he has become the monster that he is, having been supported with agriculture credits worth $5 billion from 1983 to 1990, and over $1.5 billion dollars in strategically sensitive exports that would evolve into his chemical and biological weapons cache, even while he was actively killing over 100,000 Kurds in the late 1980s with Washington’s knowledge. At the time, he was regarded as an ally, so his genocidal practices were given diplomatic cover, while the U.S. helped advance the genocide by supplying Hussein with the very chemical weapons that would be used to gas the Kurds.12
Realistically, the United States is directly or indirectly responsible for most of the conflicts we see in the world today. This is a policy actively pursued by the U.S. government, which orchestrates these conflicts in order to create as many hotspots around the world as possible.

Such hotspots justify the intervention of the U.S. military forces, which postures as an international police force for securing peace. All the world’s a stage and this is the biggest show on earth, a charade cleverly orchestrated to advance the New World Order and the instillation of the World Army in the form of American or NATO armed services in as many countries around the world as possible. In real terms, the United States actively promotes war as its biggest export business, its military exports accounting for half of the total international arms sales in the year 2000 at $18.6 billion. A study undertaken in the mid-90s even established that the United States supplied arms or military know-how to parties involved in 39 out of the 42 conflicts staged worldwide at that time.13 All of this is part of a problem-reaction-solution strategy in which Uncle Sam deliberately creates the monsters, which later grants it the moral justification to provide the solution: military invasion and the installation of an occupying army established as a permanent fixture ostensibly to secure the peace.
In addition to being CIA cronies, Saddam Hussein and George Bush Sr. are also business partners. What is fascinating and revealing is that all three of Washington’s greatest bogeymen, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Manual Noriega have all been business partners of George Bush Sr. When the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal erupted an investigation was launched that exposed a secret business partnership between Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Case No. 90 C 6863, is The People of the State of Illinois ex rel Willis C. Harris vs the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago. According to investigative journalist, Sherman Skolnick, who attended a hearing in the case, Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein split $250 billion worth of Persian Gulf oil kickbacks funneled through BCCI. Skolnick maintains that the transactions were not government-to-government transactions but private transactions between Bush and Hussein. The bank records show private transactions involving $250 billion in oil money kickbacks siphoned off of oil shipments from the Persian Gulf made from 1980 to 1990 which amounted to upward of a trillion dollars’ worth. From these oil transactions, Saddam Hussein received his generous oil kickbacks via such Bush-owned oil companies as Pennzoil. Saddam split these kickbacks with Bush Sr. and other business partners. The Chicago case eventually came before a three-judge appeals panel. One of the judges planned to release the records but was stopped cold. The so-called Justice Department intervened by circulating rumors that a member of the three-judge panel was being investigated for eight instances of bribery in other cases. The aptly named Justice Department only disseminated the stories about the bribery cases in order to blackmail the three-judge panel into keeping the documents pertaining to Bush-Saddam financial transactions hush-hush.14
This brings us to bogeyman number three, Manuel Noriega. Once again a former CIA agent and placeman was installed precisely so as to justify U.S. military invasion and the positioning of U.S. military personnel in a strategically important location from which they could launch further U.S. military adventures into Central and South America.
In fact, the CIA has been implicated by many researchers in the death of Noriega’s predecessor, General Torrijos. It is no surprise then that Manual Noriega, the CIA’s primary contact in Panama, should be waiting in the wings to take over the helm. He also happened to be the head of Panama’s intelligence network and had been on the CIA payroll since the 60s. When George Herbert Walker Bush became Director of the CIA in 1976, Noriega became his contact in Panama. Despite evidence that Noriega was involved in drug-trafficking, Bush kept Noriega on the payroll and even raised his salary to more than $100,000 a year. He even took the shocking step of eliminating a requirement that intelligence reports on Panama include information on drug-trafficking activities. Admiral Stansfield Turner, CIA Director under Carter insists that he cut Noriega off when he learned of his activities, refusing to keep him on the payroll. Bush reinstated him and gave him a raise, fostering even closer ties than had previously existed.15
In addition to being CIA cronies, Bush Sr. and Noriega were also business partners.
Investigations into the scandal-riddled Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) revealed that a Florida branch of that bank had bank records showing joint business ventures between Manual Noriega and George Bush Sr. In January 1990, the federal prosecutor in Tampa, Florida indicted top officials from the Florida branch of the bank. They escaped with only a slap on the wrist. This is because the Justice Department said that, if they were sent to prison, they would produce documents from their bank showing that George Bush Sr. had private business ventures through their bank with a series of dictators including Saddam Hussein and Manual Noriega. The bank records of the Florida branch were not seized, but the records of the Chicago branch were. This is because most of the $10 billion dollars in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein went through the Chicago branch, which also accounts for why the Justice Department is not interested in bringing charges against the Chicago bankers.16
What prompted George Bush Sr. to later turn on his former friend and business partner, Manual Noriega? It was part of the charade, the staged theatrical performance. In reality, Noriega was to become the black sheep of the Bush family by design, as this would justify the U.S. military invasion of Panama. Gabriel Gemma, Director of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the U.S. Invasion of Panama, spoke with Noriega directly about his negotiations with the U.S. administration prior to the invasion. Noriega claims that a number of demands were placed on him by the State Department, the most pressing of which was that the United States by allowed to expand their military presence in Panama, retain the Panama Canal Zone and that the treaties be renegotiated to allow them to keep control over the 14 military bases that existed in Panama at that time. If Noriega agreed to these terms, the U.S. military would effectively take over control of his country. If he refused, the U.S. military would actively pursue a policy whereby they would take over the country. Either way, Noriega would lose quite by design. This is why Noriega, as a CIA operative, was set up as a narco-terrorist dictator in the first place. He was a stooge deliberately set up in the role of drug dealer in order to justify the later invasion ostensibly organized to oust him. It was a perfectly orchestrated coup to advance the New World Order agenda through problem-reaction-solution dialectics.17
The pretext for the Panama invasion was to remove narco-terrorist Manual Noriega from power. Once the fix was on the agenda advanced very quickly. First, in February 1988, two U.S. Federal Grand Juries in Florida indicted Noriega on charges of drug-trafficking, money-laundering, and racketeering. This was absolutely unprecedented. It was the first time a foreign head of state had been indicted in the United States. What followed was that economic sanctions had to be stepped up. This would help to make Noriega unpopular at home. Additional U.S. troops were then dispatched to Panama as part of a troop buildup. All told, Bush Sr. sent a total of 200,000 additional troops. The Panamanian Defense Forces then met with the U.S. Army Southern Command. The U.S. military then stepped up its campaign to intimidate Panamanian civilians in the streets, a move designed specifically to agitate in order to provoke a diplomatic incident, which would further justify U.S. military intervention. In the weeks leading up to the invasion, the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command dispatched a top secret Delta Force Team to Panama. The Delta Force Team then proceeded to agitate with infiltrations of U.S. positions, firing shots in the direction of U.S. perimeters and positions, roughing up U.S. citizens in the streets, while giving all these provocations the appearance of anti-U.S. Panamanian aggressions. According to National Labor Organizer, Sabina Virgo, provocations undertaken by U.S. military personnel in Panama were frequent:

Provocations against the Panamanian people
by the United States’ military troops were
very frequent in Panama. They had several
results, and in my opinion, probably a
couple of different intents. One, I think, was
to create an international incident, was to
have United States’ troops just hassle the
Panamanian people until an incident
resulted and from that incident, the
United States could then say that they were
going into Panama for the protection of
of American life, which in fact was exactly
what happened.18

Incidents of Panamanian attacks on U.S. citizens were then reported in the news, thereby providing the public endorsement the U.S. administration needed to justify invasion. From there, all that was required was the creation of another bogeyman to capture the popular imagination of the American people, or as Chomsky rightly asks in his book 9-11, a question equally relevant in the case of Noriega, “Bin Laden, the devil: Is this an enemy or rather a brand, a sort of logo which identifies and personalizes the evil?”19 It is much easier to muster support for a foreign invasion when you can focus the public’s hate upon an archetype playing on both the consciousness and unconsciousness of the American people, or as Chomsky puts it, “”It is much easier to personalize the enemy, identified as the symbol of ultimate evil, than to seek to understand what lies behind major atrocities.”20 Just listen to the opening of a report by a well-known American anchorman to see how cynically the fix was on: “Manual Noriega belongs to that fraternity of international villains, men like Gadaffi, Idi Amin, and the Ayatollah Khomeini, whom Americans just love to hate.”21 The entire thrust of the media coverage was on catching bogeyman extraordinaire Manual Noriega. The mainstream U.S. media must be faulted for its total collaboration with the U.S. government. There was not a sober second thought, not the faintest murmur, not the slightest questioning of the U.S. government’s action in Panama. As journalist Valerie Van Isler maintains, the media was suffering from such myopia and tunnel vision that Manuel Noriega was the only thing in focus, while peripheral issues were completely ignored:
They focused on Noriega to the exclusion
of what was happening to the Panamanian
people, to the exclusion of the bodies in
the street, to the exclusion of the
numbered dead, to the exclusion of what
happened to the women and children in
this country during the midnight invasion.22

By playing on the fears of the American public, its fear of drugs, violence, and crime, the U.S. government had basically been given the green light for whatever interventionist policies they had in mind. What is not widely known is that the UN General Assembly convened to vote on the U.S. military invasion of Panama. What is even less widely known is that the UN Assembly voted against the invasion. Only one TV broadcast mentioned the results of the UN vote, but even then, amazingly, no appraisal was made of its significance.23
Precisely the same modus operandi was used during the Gulf War. The U.S. government used the same MO it always uses when pursuing its expansionist policies. As ever the MO consisted of a war against something wicked, immoral and unconscionable, in this case the invasion of one sovereign nation’s territory by another. The hypocrisy of such a position is unspeakable when you consider the fact that American armed forces are already employed in 140 countries around the world. In fact, before September 11, 2001, America had permanent military bases in 69 countries, but has used the 9-11 crisis as a pretext for military intervention in several more.24 During the Gulf War, everyone danced to the tune of the Pied Piper, George Bush Sr., whose oft-repeated mantra was, “America stands where it always has – against aggression, against those who would use force to replace the rule of law,” this despite the fact that the consummate hypocrite had committed the very same sin during the invasion of Panama. In fact, George Bush Sr. has the distinction of being the only head of state to be condemned by the World Court for the “unlawful use of force” in Washington’s war against Nicaragua.25 The truth is that the Gulf War had nothing to do with protecting the sovereignty of Kuwait, but had everything to do with U.S. expansionist objectives in the Middle East and Central Asia, where it would ultimately like to rule over the oil rich region, while securing a strategic military foothold in an area any game of Risk will tell you would ensure world domination. Any pretense that the Gulf War was undertaken for the sake of safeguarding human rights and protecting security in the region can safely be dismissed when we see the deliberate and systematic loss of life meted out on the civilian population of Iraq during and after the Gulf War. What is not known is that depleted uranium was used in the tomahawk missiles and other bombs, resulting in what has been dubbed the “Gulf War Syndrome”. Former U.S. Attorney-General Ramsay Clark brings the entire issue into shocking relief with his horrifying account of the genocidal effects of U.S. aerial bombardment in Iraq:

Typically, the U.S. military claim was that
its bombing was pinpoint accurate. Nothing
could be further from the truth. 110,000
aerial sorties, 88,500 tons of bombs, the
equivalent of 7 1/2 Hiroshimas in 42 days,
and you can see the indiscriminate nature
of the bombing…probably killing 150,000,
maybe 200,000 people. And there’s no
question from the evidence of the bombing
that the United States deliberately planned
the destruction of the economic support
structures for the people of Iraq. You just
take water. They knocked out reservoir
dams, pumping stations for water
pipelines, filtration plants to purify the
water so you couldn’t drink it without
getting sick. For food, they systematically
attacked the food chain from one end of
the country to the other. They knocked out
electric power within hours. They knocked
out communications, repeatedly attacked
generator stations and telephone exchange
facilities. They knocked out transportation.
They showed that you could destroy a
country and deprive it of essential life
support systems without even setting foot
on it through cruise missiles and aerial

In fact, only 7.4 percent of the bombs dropped on Iraq were “smart”, hardly an apropos word, but one the military seems intent on using, probably due to the IQ level of most of its recruits. Roughly half of these so-called “smart” bombs missed their targets, and perhaps 70 percent of all bombs went off course. Estimates of the dead vary, but most investigators agree on a figure approaching 200,000 civilian deaths. The United States appears to have deliberately targeted oil wells, pumps, pipelines, refineries, storage tanks, and fuel delivery trucks, textile, automobile assembly plants and other factories, a baby formula plant, as well as factories for producing vaccines.27 Despite this scenario of gross overkill, George Bush Sr. is on public record for having nothing against the Iraqi people, stating, “My quarrel is not with the Iraqi people.” Thank God his quarrel is not with the Iraqi people, otherwise the genocide might be absolute.
To return to the bogeyman on the FBI’s most wanted list, Osama bin Laden is a former CIA agent like Saddam Hussein and Manual Noriega before him. And like Dr. Frankenstein’s previous monsters, the Bush and bin Laden families have established business ties. In fact, it was revealed after September 11, that the Bush’s and bin Laden’s both have large investment portfolios in the Carlyle Group, the world’s largest investment firm specializing in buyouts of aeronautics and defense companies. The Carlyle Group has been nicknamed “the ex-president’s club” with Former President Bush Sr. presently serving on its Asia advisory board. Other club members include Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, Former Defense Secretary and Former Deputy Director of the CIA Frank Carlucci, an Italian-American with probable links to the Mafia, Former British Prime Minister John Major, Former President of the Philippines Fidel Ramos.28 Frank Carlucci just happens to be the college roommate of the current Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. This incestuous club apparently likes to keep it in the family. Club members also include George Soros and Fred Malek, George Bush’s former campaign manager, forced to resign when it was revealed he had been Richard Nixon’s “Jew counter”.29 Due to its investments in Carlyle, the bin Laden family has become friendly with some of the biggest names in the Republican Party. In fact, Former president Bush Sr., Former Secretary of State James Baker, and Former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci have all made pilgrimages to the bin Laden family home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.30
The conflict of interests involving these club members is staggering. Based on the group’s traditional investment in the defense and aerospace industries and given its roster of former national security mandarins, the Carlyle Group is uniquely positioned to profit tremendously off the current “war on terrorism”. It would not be overstating the case to say that the current Bush administration is actively pursuing an interminable war on terror because war is the biggest business in America, a business he stands to personally profit from. Another shocking revelation is that Carlyle has a Canadian advisory board including several former Canadian provincial premiers and industrialists. Even more worrying is the fact that since June of 2002 every Canadian came to have a stake in the Carlyle Group. That’s when the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board committed itself to investing $60 million U.S. into a Carlyle Group venture fund over a period of five years. The board will invest Canadians’ accumulated pension contributions. Another striking conflict of interest is the fact George Bush Sr. is on the payroll of Carlyle Group-asset United Defense Incorporated, the U.S. army’s fifth largest contractor and builder of armored vehicles, artillery, defense electronics and naval guns used on destroyers. Director of the Center for Public Policy Charles Lewis is most alarmed by the conflict of interests, stating, “It’s the first time the president of the United States’ father is on the payroll of the largest U.S. defense contractor.” Carlyle bought United Defense in 1997. Following the September 11 attacks, Carlyle put United Defense stocks up for sale in response to the market’s scramble for defense stock options. Carlyle raised $237 million in a single day from the sale of United Defense stocks.31
The revelation that the Saudi Binladen Group are among the companies investors is the most striking conflict of interest of all precisely because the bin Laden family is now poised to profit off the war against its own son. According to a Carlyle Group executive, the bin Laden family invested $2 million through a London-based investment firm in 1995 into what was called Carlyle Partners II Fund, which raised $1.3 billion overall. The family has received $1.3 million in completed investments and should reap a 40% annualized rate of return. But a foreign financier with ties to the bin Laden’s says the family’s overall investment in Carlyle is considerable larger. He called the $2 million merely an initial investment deposit. It’s like plowing a field,” he is quoted as saying. “You seed it once. You plow it, and then you reseed it again.”32 Even more amazing is the fact that relations between black sheep Osama and the rest of the clan were ostensibly severed, if it can be believed on October 26, 2001, meaning that Osama was in a position quite absurdly to profit from the war against himself up until that date.33 The reality is, however, that Osama directed the Saudi Binladen Group in completing at least two projects for the CIA, one in the 1980s and one in the 1990s, building facilities to be used by terrorists. In addition, the only evidence we have that Osama bin Laden ever severed ties with his family are statements made by Osama himself, his family, and U.S. government officials, all of whom have a vested interest in convincing the public that the connection between alleged black sheep Osama and his family have been severed. According to a CIA report issued in 1996, Riyadh is said to have revoked bin Laden’s Saudi citizenship for behavior that “contradicts the Kingdom’s interests and risks harming its relations with fraternal countries.” The move led to bin Laden forming the Advisory and Reformation Committee, a London-based dissident organization that by July of 1995 disseminated a total of 350 pamphlets critical of the Saudi government. Then in March 1994 Osama’s eldest brother, Bakr bin Laden, would express through the Saudi media his family’s “regret, denunciation, and condemnation” of bin Laden’s extremist activities.34 While the actions and statements of Saudi officials, bin Laden family members, the CIA and others appear to be authentic, what if it all a ruse, a charade staged for the public to make it appear that ties been Osama and his country and family have been estranged, while covertly they are mutually serving each other’s interests? The statements of felons and criminals are of scant value even if they do occupy some of the highest positions in their respective lands.35
It was even revealed in a BBC Newsnight special report that only days after the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York, eleven members of the bin Laden family were suddenly whisked out if the country on a chartered flight to Saudi Arabia. This did not alarm the White House in the least, who regards the bin Laden family as being above suspicion with the exception of black sheep Osama. Given the Bush and bin Laden family business partnership, it only makes sense that the Bush administration would seek to protect the bin Laden family. The Bush-bin Laden family business relationship also explains why the FBI’s investigation of Abdullah bin Laden case number 199-WF-213589 was obstructed. 9 stands for murder, 65 stands for espionage, and 199 is code for national security. “WF” refers to the Washington Field Office, who were investigating ABL (Abdullah bin Laden) the president of the World Army of Muslim Youth WAMY. The Washington Field Office were investigating Abdulah bin Laden concerning his connections with WAMY, a suspected terrorist organization. The FBI did investigate Abdullah bin Laden and WAMY, but for some reason were pulled off the case. The U.S. Treasury Department has not acted to freeze WAMY’s assets in line with new legislation enacted after 9-11 requiring that the bank accounts of suspected terrorist organizations be frozen. Insanely, the U.S. Treasury Department insists WAMY is a charity. Yet only weeks ago, Pakistan expelled some WAMY operatives and India linked WAMY to sponsoring bombing attacks in Kashmir.

The Philippines accuses WAMY of funding Muslim insurgency movements in the archipelago. Even the FBI investigation into the World Trade Center bombing attack in 1993 has faced obstruction in terms of investigating Saudi connections. One Saudi diplomat defected to the United States with a total of 14,000 documents implicating Saudi citizens in terrorism. Former U.S. attorney Whyle tried handing the documents over to the FBI, but the agents refused to accept them, informing Whyle that they had been told to see no evil. The FBI field officers wanted the documents, but were told to turn a blind eye by supervisors who are controlled by a different agenda not based on prosecuting criminal behavior but on aiding and abetting it.36
As revealed by Noam Chomsky and other researchers, National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, according to his own admission, proffered and won secret support for Majuhidin fighting against the government of Afghanistan in an attempt to draw the Soviets into what he himself has referred to as the “Afghan trap”. The United States and its allies assembled a mercenary army 100,000 strong, drawn from the most militant radical Islamists they could find, mostly from Afghanistan. Bin Laden is believed to have joined this network in the 1980s.37 Not only is the United States responsible for precipitating two decades of conflict in Afghanistan, but did so in an even more cynical preemptive move designed to immerse the Soviet Union in a conflict he said would “give them their Vietnam.” This was the biggest CIA operation ever. The CIA spent a total of $3.5 billion with billions more added to the pot by U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia. In fact, the U.S. government and intelligence network knowingly funded, armed, and trained a terrorist network whose ideology consisted of virtually enslaving women, namely the mujaheddin.38 The aim was to keep the Soviets so tied down in Afghanistan, they would be unable to look for strategic advantages in other places. Pakistan and other neighboring states supported this move of the Americans since keeping the Soviets tied down in Afghanistan would safeguard their own national security. Additionally, the State Department announced it would establish diplomatic ties with the Taliban immediately after their capture of Kabul on September 26th 1996, this despite the savagery shown by the new regime toward ex-President Najibullah and his brother, who were attacked in the UN compound, where they were beaten senseless, castrated, and dragged to death behind a jeep, after which their bodies were hung from a lamppost, a wonderful portent of the social justice they would later administer. There was nothing objectionable to the Taliban-led coup said the U.S. State Department to the Taliban’s intention to establish a fundamentalist Islamic government in Afghanistan. In fact, for American politicians and journalists, who had leant their support to the Central Asian Oil Pipeline Project, in which the oil company Unocal was heavily involved, said the Taliban were most welcome, some even stating that the arrival of the Taliban would bring peace and stability to the region.39
The Afghani war never received much play in the years preceding the September 11 attacks of 2001. Stories of the civil war there never received much airplay, and the conflicts between the Taliban and Northern Alliance were always covered in the patronizing tone of “they have been killing each other for eons”, in an attempt by America in the personage of Pontius Pilate a chance to wash its hands of the affair. In the Middle East, it is well known that America armed all factions, especially those most militantly opposed to communism covertly supplying them with weapons, ammunition and training. Nor are the governments of the Middle East oblivious to the fact that the United States is responsible for creating the very international Islamic fundamentalist movement it now seeks to eradicate with its war on terrorism.40 Most of the arms sales were done secretly with the CIA supplying non-U.S. made arms quite by design so that their machinations in the conflict could never be traced or verified. Traditionally, the CIA made it a habit to purchase foreign, usually Soviet-style weaponry in an attempt to absolve itself of any involvement. Throughout the Afghani war, the CIA purchased Soviet-type weapons from Egypt, China, and elsewhere and sent them to the training camps in Pakistan. Cables show that Chinese and Egyptian AK-47 rifles and SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles arrived in Pakistan as early as 1980.41
U.S. policy toward Afghanistan was always portrayed as an attempt to prevent “excessive Soviet influence”. The aim was mainly to prevent the Soviet Union from obtaining a foothold in Afghanistan from whence it could launch aggressive actions in the region. While the importance of Afghanistan was downplayed, the region around it, the Persian Gulf and the sea lines and ports of the Indian Ocean was deemed to be of significant value. Then U.S. policy parlance took an about face in 1979. The Shah of Iran was ousted and the anti-American, pro-Islamic government of Ayatollah Khomeini took power. Just ten months later, the Soviet Union would deploy 100,000 troops to Afghanistan, putting the Red Army in striking distance of Pakistan and Iran. Soviet policy was considered the greatest security threat to the United States at this time. This gave National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski the excuse he needed to launch the initiative that became known as the “Afghan trap”. Brzezinski warned President Carter that the Soviets had sent hundreds of advisors to Afghanistan to assist in reforms and counterinsurgency operations. He was concerned that the Soviets might use Afghanistan for a launching pad into neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan and Iran, which had traditionally been U.S. allies. Brzezinski pushed the proposal through the Special Coordination Committee of the National Security Council to be as he put it, “more sympathetic to those Afghans who were determined to preserve their country’s independence.” Freedom of Information Act requests for records of meetings held between CIA and State Department officials and Afghan rebel leaders have been denied, but documents seized by Iranian students during the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in November 1979 reveal that as early as April 1979, exactly 8 months before the Soviet intervention and immediately following on the heels of Brzezinski’s SCC decision, U.S. officials are on record as having met with Afghan rebel leaders.42
What is abundantly clear from all this is that the United States, having found pretexts for previous invasions, has found even greater pretext for military invasion in the manhunt for bin Laden. Indeed, the groundwork for the U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 seems to have been laid in advance by top-ranking U.S. government officials with vested interests. For example, in a trigger happy response to the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania on August 7, 1998, Former President Clinton issues Executive Order 13099 on August 20, 1998, an order presented under the title, Prohibiting Transactions With Terrorists Who Threaten To Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process. Osama bin Laden and what is referred to as the Islamic Army, under which Al-Qaida appears as a subgroup are among the direct targets of the prohibition order.43 President Clinton would unashamedly and unabashedly launch retaliatory strikes against the Sudan and Afghanistan that same day. Anyone who fails to see political and military opportunism in such a cynical document being released on the same day as a revenge attack against alleged terrorist targets in the Middle East is too naïve to recognize the true nature of the American military-industrial beast.
Former President Clinton would follow this with Executive Order 13129 of July 1999. With the issuance of this order, the foundation has already been laid for the invasion that would take place the following year with this document. Not only are direct references to Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qiada organization made in the document, but the actions and policies of the Taliban government for harboring and offering a safe haven to these terrorists is condemned as a national security threat to the United States and even declares it a national emergency:
I, William J. Clinton, President of the United
States of America, find that the actions and
policies of the Taliban of Afghanistan, in
allowing territory under its control in
Afghanistan to be used as a safe haven and
base of operations for Usama bin Ladin
and the Al-Qaida organization who have
committed and threaten to continue to
commit acts of violence against the
United States and its nationals, constitute
an unusual and extraordinary threat to the
national security and foreign policy of the
United States, and hereby declare a national
emergency to deal with that threat.44

What is ironic to the extreme is that the same terrorists Former President Clinton would target with this executive order were recruited, funded and trained by the CIA in its own camps as part of a problem-reaction-solution schema to advance the New World Order. Once having unleashed their leviathan of terror upon American interests, America would be justified in launching an invasion into any country in which they were holed up, precisely by design. As was revealed on Gregory Palast’s BBC Newnight Special Report, Osama bin Laden was rounding up Saudi Nationals to be trained by the CIA in the United States. Michael Springmann, head of the American consulate in Jiddah, was ordered by a high-ranking member of the State Department to issue visas to people he considered unqualified for visa issuance. What Springmann discovered was that Osama bin Laden was rounding up personnel to be trained by the CIA in camps similar to the School of the Americas, only to be returned to camps in the Middle East to engage in terrorist activities, all while George Bush Sr., former Director of the CIA, was in office.45 “My job was supplying visas to terrorists,” Springmann states bluntly. During his time at the consulate, he would issue visas to those whom the CIA and Osama bin Laden would recruit together, first for training in the U.S., then to go to war in Afghanistan against the Soviets.46
As revealed by BBC News in an article appearing on September 18th, 2001, America had revealed plans to go to war with Afghanistan several months in advance of the September 11th attacks. Mr. Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan was planned for October of 2001. Mr. Naik said that he was informed of these plans at a UN-sponsored international contact group on Afghanistan held in Berlin. For Afghanistan to avoid invasion, Mr. Naik was told, Osama bin Laden would have to be handed over without delay. The wider objective, according to Mr. Naik, was to replace the Taliban regime with a moderate government. Mr. Naik was also informed that the invasion was slated for mid-October before the first snows started falling, an itinerary pretty much right on schedule with the actual invasion.47 Meanwhile, authors Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie claimed that the Bush administration was in negotiations with the Taliban over construction of an oil pipeline in Afghanistan in the summer of 2001, for which the Taliban were demanding political recognition and economic aid in exchange. When the negotiations broke down in August of 2001, a U.S. official is quoted as threatening, “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.”48
In proportion to the infinitude of the interminable war Washington plans to launch against the worldwide terrorist network it has helped to spawn is the interminable nature of the Al Qaeda terrorist network itself, a shadowy organization that has become practically invincible. David Long, a specialist on terrorism and the Near East, says that the international web of intrigue woven by the spider Osama bin Laden is a web that has spun utterly out of control:

This is not an organization of terrorists
in the traditional sense. It is more like
a gathering place for diverse subgroups
to obtain financing, support, and
military training. It’s a chameleon, an
amoeba that constantly changes form and
color but has only one leader: Osama bin

There is no question that having created the terrorist monster Osama bin Laden, Dr. Frankenstein in his incarnation as the CIA experienced what is referred to as “blow back” in the intelligence community on September 11th. As Noam Chomsky maintains in 9-11, the perpetrators of the horrendous crimes of September 11th were drawn from the terrorist network that has its roots in the guerrilla armies organized, trained and armed by the CIA, with the aid of Egypt, Pakistan, French intelligence, along with Saudi Arabian funding.50
While many complain that the Al Qaeda, Mujahideen and other groups invite a Western crusade because they target secular or moderate Middle Eastern governments, the West, particularly America, is equally engaged in a practice of trying to replace Islamic fundamentalist regimes with so-called moderate governments that comply with the mainly American policy agenda. In short, both sides are playing the same escalating game of one-upmanship in the region. In the case of Osama bin Laden and the terrorist organization he runs, he has been influenced by Sayyid Qutb, an influential fundamentalist thinker and revolutionary arrested by Egypt’s Nassar regime and executed in 1966. His writings, which survive and pose a significant threat to the secular, ‘moderate’ governments of the Middle and Near East, have been profoundly influential in the Islamic Jihad movement. His most well known contribution to the Islamic ‘Holy War’ was the concept of takfir. A kafir to an Islamic fundamentalist is an infidel or unbeliever, and to declare a takfir is to ascertain who the ‘unbeliever’ is. But Sayyid Qutb was not referring to the non-Muslim infidel. He was referring to fellow Muslims who promoted secular or non-Muslim beliefs. Thus, a Muslim society like Egypt or Turkey could be regarded as a corrupt infidel society if it fails to follow the dictates of Islamic law.51 The truth is, however, that most Middle Eastern anti-American sentiment is a direct result of America’s policy toward the Middle East. Much of the Arab world holds America responsible for the imposition of regimes considered ‘moderate’ to the West but highly oppressive to the Middle East. It is unlikely that the Jordanian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Tunisian, Moroccan, or for that matter, Iranian or Iraqi regimes would have been able to survive till now without U.S. military, intelligence, and political support. The people of the Arab world know well that U.S. support for a given regime is based largely on economic and military considerations, and that this pursuit of political expedience is fundamentally at odds with democratization and human rights.52 Neither side can be said to be walking the high moral ground. In this sense, they are both employing the same strategy, largely because the same controlling elite has been responsible for establishing, funding, and supporting both sides as part of a problem-reaction-solution schema to advance the New World Order.
What is clear is that, in the opinion of Islamic fundamentalists, power in the Arab world comes directly from and depends on complete surrender to Islam and Islamic law. This belief is nicely summed up in this popular and oft quoted Sufi proverb:

Islam, the ruler, and the people are like
the tent, the pole, the ropes and the
pegs. The tent is Islam, the pole is the
ruler, the ropes and pegs are the
people. None can thrive without the
Muslims in the Arab world have an inherent distrust of foreigners and outsiders with good reason. They are convinced that their loss of power and vulnerability is largely due to foreign influence. Arabs traditionally blamed their fall from grace on the Turks. Turks, on the contrary, blame their stagnation at the beginning of the 20th century on the oppressive weight of Islamic tradition and law, which prevented them from attaining the same level of progress as the secular governments of the West. Persians could blame the departure of their glory days on Arab, Turk, and Mongolian invaders. The period of French and British imperialism is also cited as a major reason for the decline of Arab influence in the world. Now, deservedly so in many respects, America has become the scapegoat for the decline in Arab fortunes.54 But the Islamic followers of the Arab world are not going to remain resigned and servile in the face of U.S. aggression and interference in their domestic affairs for long. They will become increasingly united under the rubric of Islam and seek safety and solace in its protection, will become increasingly orthodox and fundamentalist in perspective, anti-Western, anti-American, anti-secular and anything else that smacks of Westernization and the conflict is certain to escalate as a result, indeed already has, to the point of hostility reached during the Crusades.
America, however, will continue to pursue the path of empire around the world, which is not to suggest that America is an empire, but that it has in nearly every respect the appearance of one. While some researchers have portrayed America as an empire, this is erroneous and misleading. The United States of America is not an empire so much as it the headquarters of the New World Order. The New World Order is not in fact new, but is an agenda several centuries old to mete out the aims and ambitions of an elite order or council founded as early as the 13th century, but whose ultimate agenda most likely antedates that by millennia. To understand what is meant by the New World Order, we must begin by examining the Great Seal of the United States, appearing, among other places, on the reverse side of the American dollar bill. Here we find a truncated pyramid with the missing capstone containing the All-Seeing Eye of the Egyptian god Horus peering through a triangle, which on one level represents the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Around this emblem appears the Latin inscription, Annuit Coeuptus Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means, “Announcing the Birth of a New Order of Ages.”55 It should be clear then that a New World Order that conceived its inception in the founding of a state in 1776 must have a considerably longer history that antedates the founding of the new republic. “The New World Order” or “The Great Work of Ages,” as it is sometimes called, is very old indeed, dating to at least the 13th century and probably before.56 Some of the secret societies that have had a hand in nurturing its development are the fraternities known as the Priory of Sion, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, Ordo Templi Orientis, the Knights of Malta, the Black Nobility, the Freemasons, and the Rosicrucians.
One must not underestimate the power these secret societies have exerted over the course of history. As early as the 13th century, an order of knights was founded called the Knights of the Temple or The Poor Knights of Christ. Their job was ostensibly to guard Christian pilgrims on the highway to Jerusalem. In reality, however, they were undertaking a secret excavation of Temple Mount in Jerusalem on the sacred site of King Solomon’s Temple. Their discoveries are believed to have been dramatic and are believed to have been the source of the great flowering in cathedral architecture that took place at this time, the early 1100s.57 It is also believed that they found secrets pertaining to sacred geometry and the king-making rites of ancient Egypt preserved by the Essene community, which they have incorporated into their own initiation rites.58 The York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry descends from the Knights Templar. A king-making organization whose high initiates become ‘kings’, Freemasonry sees to it that its high initiates are then placed at the head of various fields of society transnationally to become multinational corporate heads, international financiers, oil magnates, top military brass, political pundits, etc. Through this modus operandi the Freemasons wield near absolute control as the largest and most powerful crime syndicate in the world.59
As early as the 13th century, the Templar Knights controlled a transnational empire with landholdings stretching from the British Isles all the way to the Holy Land. Their practice, one that they have followed for centuries, was to lend gold to monarchs to fight their military campaigns and to collect interest on that gold. Thus, as early as the 13th century, a primitive form of chartered bank had been founded in the form of the Templar Preceptory, where gold could be procured at a premium by kings anxious to seek funding for their military campaigns. In essence, the lending of gold and money has always been something of a con game or confidence trick to exact influence and control over others through financial transactions. The Templars only ever had a fraction of the gold they were lending out much like banks today are able to lend out ten times the amount of money they have on supply, a practice referred to as “fractional reserve lending”. In essence, the Templars, like the largely Freemason-controlled banks of today, were able to charge interest on air, gold that did not really exist, insisting that, if the interest was not paid by the debtor, they could seize his collateral, which in the case of the European monarchs would have been large landholdings. It was precisely this fate that befell the father of Philip the IV of France, a king so saddled in debt that he left his son the heir of a bankrupted kingdom. It is precisely this that prompted Philip the IV to exact revenge on the Templars by prevailing on the Pope to enact a decree that would effectively dissolve them as an order, an edict that would grant the kings of Europe a license to defang the Templars, seize their lands and properties and make off with their gold.60 This date that would live in infamy was Friday October 13th 1307, which explains the later superstition concerning Friday the 13th, which came to be regarded as an inauspicious or ill-omened day.61
The Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, was arrested along with hundreds of his supporters, but some Templars, having received advance warning, managed to escape from the French port of La Rochelle, from whence their armada headed south to Portugal, where they founded the Knights of Christ, and north to Scotland, where they founded the York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Templar battle flag so often associated with pirates was the Skull and Cross Bones on a black background, a flag that in fact commemorated the Third Degree of initiation associated with both the Knights Templar and their later incarnation as the York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. “They gave him the Third Degree” is an expression commonly used in English to refer to someone who has been put through a rigorous interrogation or ordeal, owing to the fact that, it was in the Third Degree of Freemasonry, that one faced one’s own death ritualistically by gazing upon one’s own black burial shroud with the skull and crossed bones inlaid. Thus, the so-called pirate flag associated with piracy, was in fact the battle flag of the Templars, whose armada of ships was attacking ships under royal charter in order to steal back much of the wealth that had been stolen from them by the monarchs of Europe in 1307.
The Templars had already established the legal institutions of the British Isles centered in Temple Bar in the City of London, named after the Knights of the ‘Temple’, which referred to Solomon’s Temple. We can also see that the word ‘bar’ in ‘Bar Exam’ derives from the name Temple Bar. Mahatma Gandhi himself attended the Inner Temple of Temple Bar during his studies to obtain a law degree in London.62 Even the university degree system with the three degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy are based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Novice and Master Mason. This being the history of the London legal district, it is only natural that the Freemasons would inherit control of the British legal institutions, as they would the police force as symbolized by the black and white checkered squares appearing in the police badges, logos and even on the police caps of the various police forces of former British colonies, the same black and white squares that appear on the floor of every Masonic Temple and which symbolize their absolute control over the light and dark forces, a motif that suggests they exert near absolute control over the institutions of our nations.
However, their control does not end there. The Freemasons also control the London financial district and the New York financial district, one very good reason for why many banks in the developed world resemble Masonic Temples. In fact, the World Trade Center twin towers represent the Twin Pillars of a Masonic Temple, Joachin and Boaz, meaning strength and foundation. The World Trade Center Twin Towers also boasted designs resembling the archways and vaulted ceilings of the gothic cathedrals the Templars had built so many years before.63 It is no exaggeration therefore, to say that, when one passes through the Twin Pillars of the World Trade Center, one is entering what is in essence a Masonic Temple.
All of this leads to the fact that the United States of America and its cousin to the north, Canada, were founded as Templar-Freemason states, and are in essence New World Order experiments. In fact, as the headquarters of the New World Order, as announced on the Great Seal of the United States, the American constitution was a dream come true for the fraternity. According to Freemasonic historian Manly P. Hall, of the fifty-six men who ratified and signed the Declaration of Independence by a body all but six of the signatories were known Freemasons, while only one is known not to be.64 To further substantiate the thesis that the United States of America and Canada were Templar-Freemason New World Order experiments, the financial and business capital of the new republic was called ‘New York’ named after “The York Scottish Rite of Freemasonry”, while the financial, business and political capital of British North America was also called York, later changing its name to Toronto, while the political capital moved east to Ottawa. Everything down to the street plan of Washington D.C., with the science of sacred geometry it displays, was the work of Freemason high initiates George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.65 Even the stars and Stripes is a disguised version of the Illuminati logo of the rays of the illuminati being emitted from the All-Seeing Eye of the Egyptian god Horus. The same motif is reflected in the design of the Great Seal of the United States.

The flag designer later straightened the rays of the Illuminati out to disguise the origins of the motif. The rays of the Illuminati can be seen in the logos of other departments and organizations of the U.S. government, i.e. the Department of the Navy, the Department of Social Security, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, etc. The same motif shows up in the logos of the secret societies connected with the fraternities that founded the United States, namely the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Rosicrucian Order, etc. Let us not forget that the Union Jack, the Stars and Stripes and the Canadian Maple Leaf flags were all originally red, white and blue, classic Freemasonry colors. In fact, the original Canadian flag depicted a red maple leaf on a white background with blue borders representing from sea to shining sea. The flag was later changed to a red banner border by Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Even the UN logo contains classic Freemasonry symbolism, particularly the olive branches and the globe divided into 33 longitudinal and latitudinal degrees representing the thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry. In fact the science of dividing the globe up into longitudinal and latitudinal degrees was itself a science no doubt devised by Templar seafaring empire-builders intent upon traversing the globe to extend their transnational empire.
America’s ambitions in the Middle East are indisputably motivated by a desire for conquest and imperial expansion, especially if we examine the founding dates of the United States. The Declaration of Independence was ratified and signed on the respective dates of July 2nd and 4th 1776. The significance of these dates is that they correspond to the key dates July 2nd and 4th of 1187, when the Crusading armies of the Knights Templar suffered a defeat at the hands of the Muslim leader Saladin’s army. Cut off from their supplies, the Templars were routed on July 2nd and were completely wiped out as a force on July 4th, 1187. The dates of the ratification and signing of America’s Declaration of Independence by its largely freemason fraternity of signatories indicates that America’s manifest destiny, implicit in its founding charter, is to gain ascendancy over the Muslim world to which the founding dates of the charter so dramatically point. This history and its significance has been brought to the world’s attention by Richard C. Hoagland, former science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. The fact that America is commemorating its defeat by a Muslim army during the so-called Holy Wars in its founding Declaration in 1776 means that exacting revenge on and gaining ascendancy over the Middle East and the entire Muslim world is one of the principle agendas of the United States of America, the headquarters of the New World Order.66


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Fuelling Peak Oil Debate

By Timothy Spearman

A colleague recently pointed out that the best lie is the one that’s ninety percent true. There are lots of shills out there working for the enemy. Shills are those who get a lot of it right to lead the naïve and undiscerning astray. “Astray” is an interesting word because it is derived etymologically from the word for star, implying a fallen or wandering star, an unfortunate event like a cat-astro-phe – that word again – or dis-aster – oops, there it is again.Michael C. Ruppert, who ran a website obsessing over the problem of peak oil at www.fromthewildreness.com, later wrote a book implicating certain White House officials in the 9/11 scam. To sum up his thesis, Paul Wolfowitz authored a document called Project for a New American Century outlining how America was going to steal other people’s oil because we hit peak oil back in the 1980’s and the world wells would be plumbed dry within 20 years. The thesis statement of Wolfowitz’s document basically articulated the need to stage a false flag terror event like a New Pearl Harbour to launch America’s Project for a New American Century.In keeping with the adage that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, the peak oil story all too opportunistically goes hand-in-glove with the 9/11 false flag terror scam. Is peak oil real? Furthermore, are hydrocarbons truly fossil fuels? Are they really formed through the breakdown of animal and plant matter, which form over millions of years as hydrocarbon fuel deposits?The moneys dolled out by the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations alone could support the elite strata of education in the United States. Given the think tanks supported by funds like the Harvard Endowment, it would be natural for the intellectuals to wish to support the mandate of their philanthropists. It wouldn’t do at all for a dog in need to nip the hand offering the gourmet dish. The White House needn’t worry about being inundated by floodwaters like New Orleans. The Rockefeller, Ford, and Bush families are swimming in oil, and as everyone knows, oil and water just don’t mix. They’re certain to weather the tide and keep the floodwaters at bay.Given their monopoly on oil, it would make sense that the scientific bodies at their disposal like the Royal Society would be in consensus on peak oil and hydrocarbons being in scarce supply. Harvard and other Ivy League intellectuals need not even overtly prostitute themselves to the mandate of fossil fuels and peak oil. They might even blindly trust the direction of their research and the generosity of the purse is certainly not going to encourage them to question their findings. Indeed, oil and gas reserves in short supply and fast running out would line the pockets of the Rockefeller’s, Bush’s and Ford’s, and let us not forget the Rothschild’s. In fact, the Seven Sisters oil companies are owned lock, stock and oil barrel by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. Raising the price of these commodities on the international markets would serve the interests of both these Illuminati bloodline families and all the offshoots of the “ivy league” representing these bloodlines.We have been misled by science. Science has been masquerading as a soothsayer far too long. She is a whore in service to minions who have tried to persuade us that truth was confirmed by the five-sense evidence of the empiricists. They have convinced us that a cooling molten fireball hurling through space became the third rock from the sun. The truth could not be further from that orbit. Emmanuel Velikovsky, a friend and correspondent of Einstein’s, noted that the ancient stories of the gods accorded with the history of our planets and their origins, insisting that the comet born from the head of Jupiter became Venus as recorded in the ancient myth. In short, it is not that the planets are named after the gods, but rather that they are the gods. What I mean by that is that the ancients recognized that the planets were living beings, inhabited by a soul and a divine essence. This changes the whole concept of Mother Earth.My whole concept of the Earth mother Gaia changed the day I found a maple key sticking out of her navel in the garden of my family home. I immediately pulled the rooted maple key out of the ground and prized open the pod. Inside, I found a pod in a foetal position with the root emerging from a location corresponding to the navel of the human anatomy. In short, the foetus of what would become a maple tree had an umbilical cord connecting her to her mother –Earth.This reminds me how like our mother, Earth, we are in terms of organic chemistry. Just as she has molten magma beneath get crust, so we have a hot liquid substance inside the crust of our bone. The internal heat combustion within our bodies force minerals and oils to the surface of our skin, much like the minerals and oils find their way through the volcanic fissures to the surface of Gaia’s skin. And just as she has main river arteries and estuaries delivering mineral nutrients to the floodplain of her skin – and this we even call capillary action – so we have main arteries, veins and capillaries carrying essential minerals to the floodplains of our muscle and skin tissue. And just as she has telluric currents running beneath her skin surface through meridians known as dragon lines, so acupuncturists recognize that these same channels of Qi energy exist beneath the surface of our skin. Should our bodies experience temperature imbalances, areas of desertification may form as they do on Gaia called eczema and psoriasis, where no vegetative growth takes place. Yes, like us even Gaia experiences hair loss and balding in old age. In short, oils are forced to the surface of Gaia’s skin naturally through volcanic activity just as oil deposits settle in the fissures and pores of our skin. And just as parasites feed on the oils, minerals and salt deposits that form on our skin, so do we human parasites feed on these same ingredients in Gaia’s skin as we burrow and dig deep within the surface of her planetary skin. No, she is more like us than we care to imagine. She is, in short, our mother as the more spiritually inclined have been insisting all along. Abiotic implies non-organic or non-living. In fact, if Gaia is the mother of all life, she is the propagator of these and every other substance in her biosphere. How dare we deny her organic, divine, and living essence as an organism?Instead of showing her our gratitude, we have denied Gaia her living status, referring to her as a lifeless rock, denying her organic essence and abusing her by ravaging, raping, bombing and poisoning her with industrial and chemical effluent. By failing to show gratitude and filial duty, we have shown ourselves to be ungrateful children of this Earth, who no more enjoy the privilege of suckling on her breast than the bacterial scourge that inflicts rashes and sores upon our skin. What do we do when we suffer at the hands of such parasites? We require a cleansing. Sadly, Gaia may be considering the same option.

The Age of Pisces, Congruency and Gemini

By Timothy Spearman

Illuminati bloodline royal and concealed Tudor prince, changeling son of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Bacon, the originator of the phrase “New World Order,” is responsible for founding the intelligence services of the European continent that become so instrumental to the All-Seeing Cult of the Illuminati. We can see the pervasiveness of that All –Seeing Eye of Big Brother Lucifer in the logo for MI6, featuring the same pyramid, missing capstone and All-Seeing Eye of the Egyptian sun god Horus as is found on the Great Seal of the United States oft cited on the hind side of the American one dollar bill. With so all-pervading a spy network throughout the world, it would be naïve to imagine that the military-intelligence services of our nation states are in place to protect the security and sovereignty of our respective states. Far rather, they are there to spy on us through a coordinated game of surveillance and data collection so that we are reduced to a state of subject slavery, and with the imminent introduction of the biometric ID, achieving the full status of bonded slaves.We have been duped, but more than that, we have allowed ourselves as a global population to be the targets of a malicious campaign of mind control and ritual abuse at the hands of sorcerers little different from those who practiced the arts of wizardry in ancient Medea, the name from which the techno-shamanism and silicon sorcery of the modern era’s mass “media” is derived.One of the most recycled occult M.O.s of the Illuminati-spawned intelligence services is the use of replacement “doubles”. A student of history should be aware of how many times doubles and lookalikes have been employed in intelligence operations down through the ages. The Illuminati appear to be obsessed with the deployment of lookalikes or doppelganger in the operations undertaken by the intelligence services they control worldwide. Just to give a brief catalogue of examples, William Shakespeare had a double named Will Shakspere from the town of Stratford. The real author was a member of Sir Francis Bacon’s secret writing society, The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, named in honour of Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of the Greek theatre in Athens, and nicknamed the Spear-shaker, who always shook her spear at the twin serpents of ignorance and vice. The true author adopted a pseudonym derived from Pallas’ own nickname of the Spear-shaker. H.M.S.S. founder, Francis Bacon, would co-found The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet with half-brother, Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, another changeling child and concealed Tudor prince of Queen Elizabeth I through a different father. The earl’s unmistakable autobiographical signature is written into every single Shakespeare play. The helmet referred to in the title of the order is the helmet of Pallas Athena, which rendered her invisible whenever she drew the visor down over her face. The knights of the order were therefore required to maintain invisibility, and after joining, kissed the helmet of Pallas, placed on their heads and were thenceforth known as “the invisibles”, writing anonymously or under pen names.A former U.S. Congressman, who once made a run for the presidency, Ignatius Donnelly, had another claim to fame in that he broke the cipher code of Lord Bacon and published a book titled, “The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s Secret Cipher Code in the So-called Shakespeare Plays”. What this work reveals is that a series of coded ciphers were inserted in the plays that reveal the true authorship as well as the nature of the covert operation to conceal the author during his lifetime as part of an elaborate intelligence operation. In these coded insertions, we learn that Christopher Marlow was the first front man to pose as William Shakespeare, but that after he died in a tavern brawl, he was replaced by the other Shakespearean front man, Will Shakspere, a cousin of the true author Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, through the Arden family. Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, who sat for his self-portrait at the age of 36 bears a striking resemblance to the man dubbed William Shakespeare, featured in the famous portrait by John Taylor. My website www.shakesaspear.com features this portrait painting comparison of the two men or should I say the ‘one’ man, since they are the “two gentleman of Verona,” or “two gentleman of one Ver(e)” “ w.“A Comedy of Errors,” the first Shakespeare play to be performed gives the game away, as the plot is based on a play by the Latin playwright Plautus’s “TheMenaechmi Brothers,” which like “The Comedy of Errors,” features two twin lookalikes who resemble each other so closely that they are repeatedly mistaken for one another, initiating a series of misidentifications that produce the comedy of grievous errors. It should be abundantly clear then that Lord Bacon’s H.M.S.S. set up the entire ruse from the outset by deploying a patsy front man sound alike double named Will Shakspere to play the part of the bard so that the real author could hide behind the stage curtain. Will Shakspere, as it turns out, was functionally illiterate and could not even affix his own signature to a document. The surviving signatures show a man unfamiliar with a pen, whose hand appears to have been guided by another. The comedy of errors concerning the wrongful identity of the author has lasted 400 years.The M.O., which could be referred to as “Shakespeare’s Codex,” is so far-reaching that it has been deployed throughout history, right down to the present age. The Illuminati seem obsessed with the M.O. of replacement doubles, patsy lookalikes and doppelganger, so much so that one is tempted to conclude that there must be some common cause to the M.O. deployed. We now know that Churchill had a lookalike double, who made a striking appearance during the London blitzkrieg, sporting a cigar. He also deployed a BBC radio actor as a sound alike double to play him on the air in the famous wartime addresses that he never gave. There are even documented reports stating that it was Hitler’sdoppelganger that died in a bunker and that Hitler was spirited away with about a dozen blond-haired blue-eyed agents by submarine straight to Antarctica. It is alleged that Hitler died there in 1887, the year of Harmonic Convergence. The actual true date of the start of the New Millennium is said to be that same year, August 18th to be exact, as our Earth calendars are way out of sync with cosmic time. One of Saddam Hussein’s doubles is believed by some to have assumed his place at the execution. Osama bin Laden’s alleged videos have circled the internet and feature several Osamas with marked facial differences. Timothy McVeigh is known to have had a lookalike double on the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Bureau, which has been implicated by Jim Keith and others as playing a central role in the bombing, which explains why several members of the bureau with offices in the Murrah Building were told not to go into work the day of the bombing. This might account for how McVeigh would appear to implicate himself by making such absurd gaffs as asking directions to the Alfred P. Murrah Building, the very morning he supposedly intended to bomb it. A lookalike double of Lee Harvey Oswald would account for the equally absurd gaff of shooting his neighbour’s target at a shooting range and making the absurd apology that he thought he was shooting at that bastard Kennedy. There are even researchers that allege that the Rothschild agent and 33 Degree Freemason, John Wilkes Boothe, actually survived the fire in the barn after being ostensibly cornered in the manhunt simply because it was not him but a lookalike double who would die in his stead.Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, researchers have shown was active after the war in both the United States and Canada, and even ran a branch of his sick trauma-based mind control operations out of Memorial College at McGill University, which involved placing Native children in electric chairs to measure their reactions to trauma. A mass grave of these victims exists very close to the location where these experiments were carried out. Mengele was obsessed with replacements and lookalike doubles. The concept of the doppelganger was sacrosanct to his demented Luciferian religious mindset. There is good reason for this. In fact, there is a spiritual reason for it that we are about to learn. Mengele is known to be an Illuminati agent. He was Luciferian to the core. By your works you will be known, and he is known to the extent that his reputation precedes him.It is possible, if not likely, that the Tavistock Institute experiment known as The Beatles may have involved Mengele’s imput as part of the MK-ULTRA program. Rumours abound that Paul McCartney was murdered and replaced and that an elaborate plot involving British and Canadian intelligence contrived to replace McCartney with a lookalike and sound alike double, which was accomplished by expert plastic surgeons working for the intelligence services. Mengele would have derived sadistic delight from putting this one over on the British and world public. As with the Shakespeare plays, the artistic vanity of John Lennon would compel him to insert codes and ciphers relating to the truth about Paul on album covers and within the music. The White Album is for all intents and purposes the white paper on the case. So Paul had a “twin” if you like who replaced him and went on to be identified in his first solo album under the name Paul McCartney as Paul McCartney II. It should not be forgotten that The Beatles were knighted, so it raises profound questions that Sir Paul would receive a second knighthood later in his career. Is there a cause under heaven for a why a citizen of the realm should be twice dubbed Sir Knight?A little known fact of history is that the Titanic also had a twin. Its sister ship, the Olympic, was made to be an exact replica of the Titanic. Both White Star Line ships are believed to have been lost to the sea. Theories abound that suggest the shipping tragedies were no accident and that there are several reasons for suspecting mass murder and crimes against humanity. For a start, the so-called Titanic perished on her maiden voyage, which is suspicious in itself. It is documented that there was an explosion and fire in the boiler room before she set sail and she was allowed to leave port before the fire was even extinguished. Some researchers believe she was taking on water before she even left port. Lord Astor was on board and he was known to be a strong voice of resistance in Congress to the Aldrich Bill to create the Federal Reserve Bank. There is also the suspicion that the Titanic disaster was a test run for the depopulation program to come. The Third Class passengers by analogy correspond with the Third World and we know that they were in lockdown and were not permitted to reach the deck of the ship after she floundered and began to sink. The passengers of Second Class would correspond with the second class citizens of planet Earth or the Second World, which seems never to get a mention in the popular media. We only ever hear about the Third World and the First World. It was the First Class passengers who got the priority when the ship was being abandoned. They correspond with the First World and represented the global elite in the test run for world depopulation on board the doomed ocean liner. When the global elite’s depopulation agenda reaches the endgame stage, be assured that the elite, the First World, the First Class occupants of the ship planet Earth will be thrown a lifeline and evacuated in lifeboats.But let’s not lose sight of the central point of the discussion, which is that the Titanic had a lookalike double and theories abound that she was replaced. There are strong arguments put forward in books like “The Olympic and Titanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy,” that point to a deliberate attempt to replace the Titanic with her sister ship as part of a scheme that even involved insurance fraud, in order to offset the costs of taking the Olympic permanently out of service due to the terminal injury she suffered to her “Achilles’ keel” in one of her early trans-Atlantic voyages.And now we come to those other infamous twins, the World Trade Center Twin Towers, located probably not by coincidence at the intersection of Liberty and Trinity right next to Church St. It is a timely juncture in the article to mention this as this leads to the why and the wherefore of all the ritual. This is spiritual warfare by the Illuminati and their occult signature points to a demonic agenda to wage war against the Judeo-Christian and Muslim worlds and the spiritual faith of humanity as a whole. This is the end times and they chose their various Luciferian MOs carefully and with great purpose and intent.The Twin Towers represent the Twin Pillars of the temple, Jachin and Boaz, meaning strength and foundation. These were the pillars of the temple in Jerusalem, the pillars of Solomon’s Temple. The fact that they came crashing down on September 11, 2001 has added significance, since the number eleven is composed of the numerical twinning of two 1s. Jachin and Boaz represent the twin pillars of the temple in Jerusalem, which are commemorated in every Masonic Temple throughout the world. The fact that the World Trade Center Twin Towers stand at the entry point to the New York financial district testifies to the fact that the entire financial district of New York is regarded as a Masonic Temple in its own right to the elite bankers who had them built. Their destruction on September eleventh in symbolic form could not send a more powerful spiritual message to the world. It was an act of spiritual warfare against all that is considered sacred in this world.Why are the Illuminati so obsessed with twins, lookalikes, doubles, mirrored images and congruency? A little known fact of history is that Jesus had a twin. The Gnostic Gospels reveal that Jesus’ twin was a disciple named Judas Thomas, which means “Twin of the Twin” in Hebrew. The Greek word didimus has resonances here, a word from which we derive the English word “dido”. There is a story recorded in “The Gospel of Thomas” that Jesus was once mistaken for his twin and responded during the altercation with the remark, “I am not Judas who is Thomas”. Jesus and his brother Judas were in essence the twin pillars of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jachin and Boaz, strength and foundation. It comes as no surprise then that the astrological sign for Gemini resembles a temple with twin pillar support columns.It should also be remembered that the early Christian symbol of the Church of Jerusalem was a fish as opposed to a cross. The fish is in part derived from the symbol of Pisces, featuring twin fish swimming in opposite directions. The symbol of Pisces is another sign featuring twins and has dominated the Christian era down to the present.George W. Bush delighted in using a mock effigy of himself, in which he was seen to lampoon the political debates by debating with himself. Sarah Palin recently performed a similar satirical tactic in a public appearance involving a lookalike double who appeared on the stage with her. Why do the Illuminati play the same hand so often? Why is it so important to play the card Twin so repeatedly that it appears to be a major arcana card in their deck? Could it be that the Illuminati, the Luciferians, are mocking the sacred portent of the twin birth of the Messiah, the Christ, the rightfully anointed King of Jerusalem with the demented Satanic rite of reinventing and recycling the same M.O.s of doppelgangers, lookalike patsies, replacement doubles and the like? The Illuminati do not do anything without a carefully conceived purpose. The repeated use of lookalike replacement doubles and front man dupes is a deliberate and malicious attempt to mock the Evangel and to commit blasphemy against all that is sacred and holy in this world.Jesus’ actual name is Esu Immanuel, meaning “of the light of the Father.” He did actually survive the crucifixion, slipping into a death-like coma, side pierced with a lance. He was then taken down from the cross and with the help of several healer friends, whom he had known from his days in India as a youth, was able to recover and was seemingly aware “to rise from the dead”. He took his mother Mary and beloved brother John with him and began his mission to spread the “good word”. The persecutions of the first Christians continued. One story recounts that Mother Mary died en route and is purportedly buried somewhere in the Himalayas. Esu met and married a young woman in India, lived and taught for many years in the Kashmir region, had a family of his own of which Joseph was the firstborn. Esu lived to well past the age of one hundred and died an earthly death without the much touted divine assumption. The true teachings of Esu were recorded on parchment by firstborn son Joseph. Many years later they came into the hands of Issa Rashid. He and his entire family were murdered for them. However, before his death, Rashid was able to get the texts into the hands of the real Billy Eduard Meier, who managed to publish them in German and English under the title, “The Talmud of Jmmanuel”. The true birth date of Esu was August 8, 8 BC. The true date of the crucifixion was April 7, 33 AD, which would have made Esu 41 rather than the claimed age of 33.To return to the theme of twins, Jesus or Esu did have brothers, a sister, and a twin by the name of Judas Thomas. In the ancient world, the birth of twins was considered a sign and a portent that a great avatar had arrived among men. The birth of Jesus and his twin brother, Judas Thomas, was a recognized portent and a sign that the Messiah, the rightfully anointed Christos or King of the Temple had been born in that era. There is a long-standing tradition adhered to by the Gnostic Christians, the Coptic Church of Egypt, and even the Muslims , that Jesus did not die on the cross. Probably one of the greatest distortions and deceptions of religious history and spiritual teaching is that Judas betrayed Jesus and sold him out for 30 sheckles of silver.

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  1. Hi Timothy, You may or may not have read my response to your TITANIC post – either way, I see a great opportunity to
    adapt your research to my niche as a storyteller. My thing is “Telling the Stories that have Never been Told”. I write under
    the pen-name of Anthony Wesst, using the ‘author brand’, “Where Fact Meets Fiction”. By creating a narrative that is essentially
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    After a career spanning 45 years in the marketing and advertising industry, as a writer/ideator/filmmaker, I am under no illusions regarding
    the time and commitment required to seek success as an author. Nor the need to collaborate with those who can validate the backdrop
    to a series of novels that utilise a fictional platform to engage readers.
    I would value your views and comments. I am also happy to provide you with a current copy of ‘Lords of War’, (which has yet to pass muster
    on an editor’s screen), to demonstrate good faith and my ability as a writer. My website will be completed in the next two days and I will send details should you be interested. Although I am a ‘newby’ author, I am aware of your work, albeit that I had not been aware of the specifics to your intimate know ledge of the TITANIC saga. So, when I read your post – I suddenly realised that we are on the same page! Now I can tell my
    wife I am not crazy!

    I look forward to hearing from you

    P.S. I am based in South Africa

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