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Horizon Talk Radio is dedicated to bringing you the news, opinions and the truth that you will not get from other sources. Working together we can wake people up to the travesties of this world and help the lives of the downtrodden wherever we find them. God loaned us our talents and put us together to do his work. We are looking for free radio hosts contact andy freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com.



Tim is a human rights activist and writes tirelessly in an effort to expose the truths that will set us all free. Author Timothy Spearman has made some astonishing discoveries about history. The true identity of Shakespeare is just one of his amazing discoveries.

Children’s charity


In 2010 the charity (children screaming to be heard) was registered for research into why many children are being failed by the care system with 10.000 children a year reported running away to the streets from being abused, the charity is in the process of raising funds for organising the first safe houses for the runaway children, I am in touch with many Ministers and Lords and in 2013 submitted to Earl Listowel and Sir James Munby suggestions for the new children’s and families bill still being debated in the House of Lords, much of the research is also forwarded to many children’s Ministers and Government departments we also work with charities world wide

Astrology Charts


Tim Spearman’s at Home on His Astro Turf Author Timothy Spearman does mundane astrology readings for famous events. He has done readings for the JFK assassination, the Titanic disaster, Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, Fukushima, Sandy Hook, etc.
Timothy can be contacted at apollospear@yahoo.com 416-551-7001

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