The Pentacle By Timothy Spearman


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Timothy Spearmans Shaking a Spear



   A                                                   5 points                                                        A

     plot                                            represents                                              plot
known                               the star Sirius                                     known

             to insiders                   to the Illuminized                       to Masons

                   as the killing     Masonic brotherhood              as the killing

                      of the king also arranged for the killing of the princess.

                        Lighted by flame surrounded by pentacle marked by

                             torch symbolizing illumination of the Sirius star.

                             Dealey Plaza and Pont de LAlma mark sites

                            representing king and virgin queen worship

                                Virginia-Simiramis-Diana had to die at

                                        the site of traditional Diana cult

                                     worship known as Pont de LAlma.

                                   They need a lighted torch to mark the

                                  site with real meaning to the Diana cult.

                                    but knowing agenda of ritual murder
                               assassination,                          murder rite,

                           story of JFK                                    on Masonic

                         the official                                             official line

                      is not                                                                    is not

                  coup                                                                                 hit

               A                                                                                              A

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