BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine”

by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News

Last night Alex Jones of did a special broadcast regarding an October, 2019 video that they had just become aware of that was a panel discussion hosted by the Milken Institute discussing the need for a Universal Flu Vaccine.

The video clip that they played of this event was a 1 minute and 51 second dialogue between the moderator, Michael Specter, a journalist who is a New Yorker staff writer and also an adjunct professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).


In this short clip, which was extracted from the hour-long panel discussion, Anthony Fauci explains that bringing a new, untested kind of vaccine like an mRNA vaccine, would take at least a decade (“if everything goes perfectly”) to go through proper trials and be approved by the FDA.
He would know, because he had been trying to do it for about a decade already by then (October, 2019), trying to develop an mRNA based vaccine for HIV.

But now they were discussing something much bigger than just a vaccine for AIDS patients. They are talking about a “Universal Flu Vaccine” that everyone would have to take – a huge market for Big Pharma!

The smoking gun on Dr Anthony Fauci?

Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), then speaks and states that what could happen is that “an entity of excitement that is completely disruptive and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes” could change that.
Here is the short clip which I put on our Bitchute and Rumble channels last night:
Alex Jones spent over 50 minutes covering this on his show last night, and it looks like he covered it on his show today as well.

I have not had a chance to watch these yet, as I went and found the original 1 hour panel discussion video, and spent the day listening to and analyzing that, so that I could supply this report to our readers.
Joining Fauci, Rick Bright, and Michael Specter at this event were:
• Margaret Hamburg, Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Medicine
• Bruce Gellin, President, Global Immunization, Sabin Vaccine Institute
• Casey Wright, CEO, FluLab
In short, this panel discussion focused on what they perceived as the need for a universal flu vaccine, but they admitted that the old way of producing vaccines was not sufficient for their purposes, and that they needed some kind of global event where many people were dying to be able to roll out a new mRNA vaccine to be tested on the public.

They all agreed that the annual flu virus was not scary enough to create an event that would convince people to get a universal vaccine.
And as we now know today, about 2 years after this event, that “terrifying virus” that was introduced was the COVID-19 Sars virus.
And so now we know why the flu just “disappeared” in the 2020-21 flu season. It was simply replaced by COVID-19, in a worldwide cleverly planned “pandemic” to roll out the world’s first universal mRNA vaccines.

This was always the goal, and previous efforts through various influenzas, AIDS, Ebola, and other “viruses” were all unsuccessful in leading to the development of a universal vaccine to inject into the entire world’s population.
Margaret Hamburg stated regarding getting a “Universal Vaccine” into the market:
“It’s time to stop talking, and it’s time to act.”
“I think it is also because we haven’t had a sense of urgency.”
Michael Specter asks:
“Do we need lots of people to die for that sense of urgency to occur?”
Hamburg replies that: “There are already lots of people dying” from the flu each year.
Bruce Gellin states that basically people just are not afraid enough of the term “the flu.”
There are so many things that are revealed about how Big Pharma and government health authorities think in this panel discussion. For example, they bemoan the fact that if they do too good of a job in public health, then they lose funding to develop products that fight viruses.
Michael Specter states: “It seems to me that one of the curses of the public health world is, if you guys do your job well, everyone goes along well and healthy.”
Hamburg: “And they cut your funding.”
Rick Bright complains that the yearly distribution of flu vaccines is inefficient in terms of collecting data, and in the process actually admits that some vaccines just don’t work well:
“We distribute 150 million doses of the seasonal (flu) vaccines every year, we don’t even know how many people are being vaccinated from the doses that are delivered to the people, which doses they got, and what the real outcome was, so that we can learn from that knowledge base on how to optimize or improve our vaccine. So there are opportunities that we have today…
I think if we uncloaked the poorest performing vaccines in the market place today, it might be very revealing to tell us which of the technologies we have, and allow us to go deeper into those technologies to determine why they are more effective. There are vaccine licenses today that are more effective. I think that we’re just afraid to admit the truth.”
So much for the public mantra that is espoused by Big Pharma and government that the “science” of vaccines is “settled,” and that they are completely “safe and effective.”
Casey Wright repeats the mantra that was publicized every year, before COVID, about just how deadly the flu virus was: “650,000 people die every year from the flu.”
As we have documented many times over the past decade here at Health Impact News, this is simply not true. This is an estimate because actual laboratory confirmed cases of influenza each year are very small, probably less than 1000 in the U.S.
Most flu-like symptoms are never tested in a lab to determine what is causing the symptoms. They were always just classified as “flu” to inflate the numbers to justify the very profitable flu shot each year. Some of our previous coverage of this issue:

CDC Inflates Flu Death Stats to Sell More Flu Vaccines

Did 80,000 People Really Die from the Flu Last Year? Inflating Flu Death Estimates to Sell Flu Shots

CDC Inflates Flu Death Stats to Sell More Flu Vaccines
Did 80,000 People Really Die from the Flu Last Year? Inflating Flu Death Estimates to Sell Flu Shots
So as they have inflated the COVID-19 cases since last year, they are simply continuing their policy of inflating flu numbers each year in order to sell their vaccines. They obviously could not have done both last year, as the public would have quickly seen that the math doesn’t work.
And yet, so many in the public bought the lie that the COVID-19 measures got rid of the flu, but not COVID-19.
Ultimately, this panel discussion can be boiled down to: Nobody wants to fund research for a universal flu vaccine. So how do we change that? Create a pandemic of fear over the flu (but they couldn’t call it the “flu” because people are no longer afraid of influenza, and the fear over “AIDS” had also subsided).
Fauci then addressed this “perception problem.”
There’s this perception (about the flu), if it’s so serious, how come people get the flu each year and it isn’t a catastrophe?
When you’re dealing with a disease like HIV, if you get HIV, it’s serious. Whether you’re young, whether you’re middle aged, or whether you’re old. If you get cancer, that’s bad. Whether you’re young, whether it’s intermediate… whereas if it’s influenza, some people, they go throughout life and it doesn’t impact them at all.
There isn’t anyone who is afraid of influenza. You go into a focus group and you say: Are you afraid of getting HIV if you’re at risk? Oh, absolutely.
Are you afraid of getting cancer? Absolutely. Are you afraid of the flu? Don’t bother me.
That’s the reality of how people perceive flu.
And it is going to be very difficult to change that, unless you do it from within and say, I don’t care what your perception is, we’re going to address the problem, in a disruptive way….
Specter then asks:
In the long run, over time, if the 2009 pandemic had been much more deadly, would that have ended up being a better thing for humanity?
Everyone is silent as they obviously were thinking about how to answer that, and Specter says: “Come on gang.”
Fauci ultimately answers and says “No” because there were other years that were worse than 2009 and it didn’t change a thing in terms of creating a universal vaccine.
Hamburg then states:
The sad truth is that when there is a major crisis, it focuses attention and usually resources and some significant mobilization follows.
We need, #1, this time to be different, and we also need to really organize ourselves in a way where there will be accountability for sustained action, and not just response.
Specter states:
Craig Venter, who is a controversial person, but interesting to me, has written that he thinks we ought to have a vaccine, such that, if you take off in a plane from Hong Kong, and are infected, by the time your plane lands in New York, there ought to be a vaccine assembled and deliverable to you.
How crazy is that? How far are we from that? Are we ever going to get there?
Bright replies:
I’m not going to say how far away, but I don’t think that’s too crazy.
I think that if we move towards the era of synthetic-based vaccines, I think we remove the dependencies of thinking the vaccine has to be grown into something else, an egg, a cell, or insect cell – any type of dependency embryo.
If we can move into more synthetic, the nucleic acid based, messenger RNA based, those sequences can be rapidly shared around the world.
He then goes on to talk about using a 3D printer to print out a “vaccine patch” that people use to administer the “vaccine.”
We also learn in this panel discussion why Anthony Fauci is so opposed to natural immunity, because natural immunity for influenza, according to his view, translates to an immune response against other strains of a particular influenza virus, which will interfere with what they are trying to do with the vaccines.
That is why he wants to inject infants as young as 6 months old with a universal vaccine, as he states here, to prevent that “confused” natural immunity from happening before the child grows older.
So the big question that this panel was tackling, was how do they implement their strategies, and what is holding them back?
Certainly the government/regulatory issue is a big one, and now two years later we can see exactly how they did that, by controlling the FDA and the CDC to promote the “killer virus pandemic” narrative as long as possible to justify taking emergency measures that short-cut the normal procedures for bringing novel, new drugs to the market.
It also clearly explains the vicious opposition to existing, cheap therapeutics that very easily treated what is really just the seasonal flu “virus,” which stood in their way of rolling out a universal vaccine.
Casey Wright then made a rather remarkable comment about “philanthropy” and its role in this effort:
There’s a potential role for philanthropy to play there… we are in a position to take on a little more risk (she smiles eerily as she says this), to be open to a little bit more experimentation and methods in how we do things. That’s what I think is unique about FluLab, and is unique about other philanthropies.
I think they can play a really important role there, and fund a set of bolder, maybe earlier promising concepts.
Bingo! Think Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other “philanthropies” that are “unburdened” by regulatory issues as they spend their money pretty much unchecked, with no accountability, all in the name of “science” and the “greater good.”
We have seen most certainly how the Gates Foundation has done this in India by luring poor people into highly questionable ethical experimentations on vaccines, such as the Gardasil vaccine which we have covered so often over the years here at Health Impact News.
Bruce Gellin then talks about a report published by his organization that called for an “entity” that would make these decisions and bring everyone together to collaborate to create this universal vaccine, and eliminate those who oppose.
The report was published in 2019, and here is the press release.
He states:
They called for this “entity” which is the collaboration we talked about. They called for the need to infuse innovation, to find some of these people who we don’t know might be part of the problem to come into this. And to try to think about how we talk about this differently so that your stomach flu doesn’t keep us from making progress. (everyone laughs…)
I assume that this “entity” is Gellin’s group, The Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group.
Today, this is the main group fighting “vaccine hesitancy” and trying to silence any dissenting voices that get in their way of rolling out this universal vaccine, which of course we now know is the COVID-19 vaccine.
Online Misinformation about Vaccines
Watch the entire panel discussion to learn just how arrogant these people are. This is on our Bitchute and Rumble channels.
Your Life Only has Value as a Lab Rat to These Satanic Tyrants

This is one of the most explosive videos I have ever watched that takes us into the mindset of the Globalist Tyrants and their greedy desire to control the human race by means of vaccines.
As you watch this, you need to ask yourself: Who appointed these people as caretakers of humanity to decide what is good for the entire human race?
At the very core of this problem of medical tyranny is a fundamental difference of how one views life.
This panel represents the Luciferian, Satanic worldview that completely excludes God as the Creator of Life.
When they talk about the “deficiencies” of natural immunity, this is a direct Satanic attack on the human race, created in God’s image, and this has always been the case behind the “science” of vaccines.
This worldview represented by this panel believes that they are a higher form of life that can dictate to the masses how to live their lives, because these people honestly believe that they are tasked with saving humanity, and saving the planet, and that everyone else is too ignorant to make these decisions.
They are psychopaths driven by greed and the desire to control. We only see their public side, but they are human beings just like everyone else, and if we could see how they live outside of their public life, they would probably never be able to maintain their positions of power, because it would be plain to see just how evil they are.
Look at Anthony Fauci, for example. Does he look like an 80-year-old man? What does he do to stay looking so young?
We know that the rich and famous are addicted to pursuing youth and maintaining their power, and that many do so by consuming “young blood,” the blood taken from young people, including what is reportedly the very addictive drug “adrenochrome” harvested from babies just before they are executed. See:
“Young Blood” – The Emerging Market for Products Made from the Blood of Children
They think nothing of people dying in mass for the sake of “science” and developing their universal vaccines. This universal vaccine is something they have worked on for decades now, and their dreams are finally coming to fruition through COVID-19.
I have been covering this issue for over a decade now, and nothing in this panel discussion surprised me at all.
The only way to control the global population for their own agendas is to control their health, and they have learned after decades of failure that it is nearly impossible to develop a biological weapon capable of infecting and spreading through the entire population.
The reason for this is because God’s natural immune system is just too strong, as it adapts and overcomes these diseases, as a built-in safe guard for the human race.
I would suspect that pretty much ALL of the past historical “pandemics” have been failed biological weapon programs that they have tried to develop. In the end, they have learned that the only way to infect everyone on the face of the earth, is to inject them with a poison via vaccines.
This has ALWAYS been the goal of the vaccine movement, even if most in the movement were not aware of it, and were foolish enough to believe that vaccines actually conferred health upon people.
REAL health is not something that can be purchased from “health authorities.” It is a free gift given to us by our Creator, and the most healthy people on the planet today are those very few individuals who recognize this truth, and stay as far away from pharmaceutical products as they can knowing they are poisons, and make every effort to eat clean, whole foods as God created them, and breathe fresh air, something that is getting more and more difficult to do as they pollute the atmosphere with their chemicals in geoengineering.
There are “natural medicines” that God has supplied us to use when our immune system is not balanced properly, and they are found in nature and generally available to all, because they cannot be patented, since they are God-made, and not man-made.
We must resist these Satanic tyrants! Your health is the most important thing God has given to you. Without your health, you are at their mercy and enslaved by their medical system.
Without your health you cannot love your spouse, you cannot produce children, you cannot live your life to its fullest and accomplish the purpose that God placed you on this earth to accomplish.
The mark of the beast prophesied in the Bible that is necessary to take in order to participate in the economy is here, and it is the COVID-19 vaccine, and this video is just further proof to this fact.

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Unvaccinated Maligned by Maclean’s Magazine Reporter


By Timothy Spearman

Maclean’s magazine, once a respected Canadian magazine publication, has now stooped to the most patronizing ad hominem attack against the so-called “vaccine-hesitant.” What has happened to Canada’s flagship magazine, once highly touted internationally for its high standards? Portraying the unvaccinated and vaccine resistant as uninformed children, the hypocritical author of the Maclean’s article, “Vaccinations: No more carrot—bring out the stick,” launches in an unbridled ad hominem attack upon the unvaxxed. One can imagine that the author is as obnoxious as the article and the title he has chosen for the piece. One wonders how much the magazine and the author, Scott Gilmore, have received for this pee-colored yellow journalism piece. Look at the patronizing nature of his ad hominem attack upon the unvaccinated to see the extent of his temerity:

There is an inevitable moment, familiar to all parents and babysitters, when you realize that reasoning with a toddler will only get you so far. Soothing tones and patience may work for a while, but eventually the child once again picks up their bowl, looks you straight in the eye, and slowly pours their cereal onto the floor.

Gilmore insists Canada has come to such a pass, and the “toddlers” in question are the approximately 20% of Canadians who have yet to get even one dose of a CoViD-19 vaccine. Well, Mr. Gilmore, please be our guest and fill right up with the toxic graphene oxide, which your patent ignorance and lack of reading have made you unaware. Please refer to the transcript and video from Stew Peters’s recent interview with former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston “Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison Graphene Oxide in VAXXXINE.” The good citizens Gilmore accuses of being children are a lot better informed than you, which is why they have exercised their constitutional right to free choice, which shallow-pated fascists like yourself wish to deny them.

Gilmore then resorts to even more disinformation, for which he has no scientific basis, by stating: “Just as we began to think the CoViD-19 pandemic was coming to an end, a fourth wave has arrived, due almost entirely to the unvaccinated. As a result, restrictions are coming back, masks are returning, and our short precious summer looks like it may become even shorter yet.” In fact, the so-called fourth wave is not caused by the unvaccinated. The proof for this is the fact the vast majority of those falling ill with CoViD-19-like symptoms are in fact vaccinated folk like himself.

He then shows a supreme lack of logical discernment in stating: “Even those of us who [are] fully vaccinated are being forced to mask back up. This is because we have now learned that the new and deadly Delta variant can still be carried and transmitted by the immunized.” Had it occurred to Mr. Gilmore to consider the science, he would have realized, were the CoViD-19 vaccines effective at all, they would afford protection against CoViD-19 in all its variant forms. Yet, it offers no protection whatsoever, so it clearly does not offer any of the immunological protection its proponents claim it does, if indeed the vaccinated are falling ill with CoViD-19 in such numbers.

Gilmore then alludes to how an information and rewards system to encourage people to get vaccinated has proved reasonably effective in Canada, but believes the effectiveness of such an approach has only gone so far, and has not reached the vaccine-hesitant portion of the population. He notes the vaccination rate in July of 2021 has fallen to one-third compared to June, so he believes the proverbial “carrot” has outlived its usefulness and the ‘stick’ is now required. He then adopts the lowest form of rhetoric by resorting to the logical fallacy of an ad hominem attack on the unvaccinated, referring to them as “assholes”:

Who are these people? The University of Sydney conducted a study of the unvaccinated in  Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. It found that, in comparison to the population at large, these people tended to have “less agreeable personalities,” be less cooperative with others, more selfish, and more extroverted. (In the vernacular, the term is “assholes”.)

It is shocking to consider the ignorance of a journalist who dismisses out-of-hand allegations about Anthony Fauci being responsible for the pandemic, when there are congressional hearings taking place right now, in which Fauci is being interrogated on the National Institute of Health (NIH) funding of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, done through a sub-agency called EcoHealth, because NIH wished to hide the actual source of funding from investigators who might choose to follow the money. Why does Gilmore even bring this straw man argument into the discussion, when it is a non-sequitur with no logical connection to the opinions of unvaccinated people. In other words, there is no evidence whatsoever unvaccinated people share any of the opinions he outlines below:

Adding to this mix we also have the gullible, people who believe Anthony Fauci created the pandemic, or that Bill Gates is putting tracking chips in the vaccines. And, there are of course the misled. It is not a coincidence that Fox News viewers are far less likely to believe the vaccine works, according to a recent Axios/Ipsos poll.

The hypocrisy of his next rhetorical diatribe, more akin to an unintelligent and uninformed rant, accuses the opposition of the very thing of which he is the most representative. It is truly astounding he does not see he is most accurately referring to himself, when he claims: “it is a well-documented psychological irony that people who hold an unpopular opinion will only dig in further when presented with evidence to the contrary.” It is truly astounding what he accuses the opposition of when nearly every word could be turned upon him as easily as a rabid dog might turn upon their master:

Facts, patiently explained in infographics and with simpler and simpler soundbites, do not reach these people. And if they do, they are drowned out by the cynical clamouring of conservative media. Worse yet, it is a well-documented psychological irony that people who hold an unpopular opinion will only dig in further when presented with evidence to the contrary.

Gilmore then has the temerity to actually criticize people for not allowing themselves to be cajoled and coerced into taking vaccines by way of bribe acceptance. It’s clear why that is, since he probably accepted long ago a handsome payout to churn out the kind of pro-vaccine drivel he has written in this editorial opinion piece. Examine if you will what Gilmore says with respect to those who have the integrity to not be enticed into taking a vaccine through the issuance of an incentive or perk:

And bribes won’t work either. Officials in Ohio tried to lure people to vaccination centers with lottery prizes and college scholarships. But researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine found rates actually declined. A survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation found in June showed that among the unvaccinated, only 9 per cent would consider getting the jab when offered $20. Even $100 would only sway 14 per cent.

It’s called integrity, Mr. Gilmore. You may not have heard much about it in the circles you run in, but some people still have it. They refuse to be cajoled into going along with something they fundamentally disagree with on the basis of an inducement and enticement. We never asked for your opinion by the way, but since you’ve given your unwelcome opinion, you’ll have to forgive us for resorting to reductio as absurdum to point out the numerous fallacies and non-sequiturs in your faulty reasoning.

You then suggest that the ‘stick’ is the only way to force the unvaccinated into compliance, which you see as the solution to ending this pandemic. It is not going to end the “pandemic.” The authorities will prolong the “pandemic” as long as they see fit. Even if the whole population is vaccinated, governments and health authorities will tell us a new variant has emerged for which another vaccine will be required. If we refuse to comply and take the latest recommended vaccine, our travel passports will not be updated and our travel privileges revoked. Yet, you still falsely insist vaccination is the answer to ending this pandemic:

However, that same survey revealed that the holdouts are far more motivated if they were denied access to large family gatherings (40 per cent), or flights (41 per cent). For these people threats work far better than bribes and patient reassurance. Here lies the solution to finally bringing this pandemic to an end.

It is pretty obvious Gilmore is shilling for someone—vaccine companies or special interests—when he is advocating tightening the noose on anyone who refuses the vaccine, so they are restricted from accessing public places, or from boarding planes, buses, or trains. He even advocates for restrictions being imposed on interprovincial or interstate travel, so the unvaccinated cannot travel beyond the boundaries of their state:

To begin with, now that the vast majority of Canadians are vaccinated, we should close the airport gates to those who aren’t. If you want to fly, you need a vaccine. A form of this already exists in some places—if you want to board a flight to northern Manitoba, for example. The same rules should be applied to trains, concerts, even restaurants. We could even go so far as to impose it as a requirement for interprovincial travel.

Such endorsements fall completely in line with UN district boundaries established under UN Agenda 21, which are meant to replace previous boundaries defined by state and provincial boundary lines. The plan is for citizens to be relocated into large megacities, while smaller towns and cities would be demolished so that such areas could be restored to nature. Such plans are conceived in accordance with sustainable development guidelines intended to reduce the ecological footprint of humans, while restricting their movements and available living spaces. With the artificial creation of disease threats, it is possible to impose even greater restrictions on people’s movements and hold the population captive within zones defined as districts. The term “district” is meant to deprive them of any sense of regional pride, which might pose a threat to the leaders who wish to keep them under their control.

Gilmore then endorses the fascist approach adopted by the French government under Macron, who advocates restrictions being imposed on the unvaccinated to access all public venues, airports and travel depots:

This approach is already working in Europe. When French President Emmanuel Macron announced vaccine passes would be required to enter restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers or to take a train, 2.2 million new appointments were booked within the following 48 hours. In Italy, 5 hour long lines formed immediately after similar restrictions were announced.

Gilmore insists the approach of the French and Italian governments is working, when nothing could be further from the truth. Massive protests have been held throughout France, Italy, and the UK over their governments’ calls for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports, without which people are told they cannot access bars, restaurants, cafes, and other public venues, while being denied access to airports, bus terminals, train stations, airplanes, and public transportation vehicles.

Gilmore then argues this might require some form of standardized certification. He then makes life sound so easy and convenient once the travel pass is issued without considering the potential harm done and adverse reactions occurring as a result of the vaccine. “All that would require is a visit to a vaccination centre, a doctor, or possibly even city hall where you could show some ID and your proof of vaccination, and then be given something similar to a temporary driver’s license,” he argues.

He then lambastes and lampoons Canadian veteran politician Randy Hillier for his opposition to CoViD-19 vaccines and vaccine passports, vilifying him for suggesting this will lead to a segregated country, when clearly that is precisely what Gilmore and kind are calling for. Gilmore says of Hillier in another ad hominem attack: “Randy Hillier, an Ontario politician infamous for being even too much for Doug Ford’s conservatives, claims that withholding access to the unvaccinated is akin to Nazi policies and “one step removed from extermination.” Why he finds Hillier’s dark auguries so laughable is perplexing, when he himself displays complete disregard for the rights of unvaccinated people, whom he wrongfully believes pose a health threat to the vaccinated. There are many respected scientists and doctors who contend the opposite is the case, with recipients of Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines shedding spike proteins, which are alleged to have an adverse health impact on the unvaccinated. However, Gilmore, will not listen to the opposition. Like most so-called liberals who self-righteously believe they are on the right side of the issues and history, they ignore what anyone who disagrees with them says, which is not only undemocratic, but against what our culture has always regarded as fair-play, a virtue that has gone by the wayside since the last federal election in the U.S. was stolen.

If that isn’t enough, he refers to unvaccinated people who don’t agree with him as “idiots” and “frauds.” It is truly astounding how hypocrites are so blinded by self-righteousness they fail to see the very thing they accuse others of are the things they manifest in spades. Talk about the pot calling the kettle a darker shade of black. Someone could just as easily apply the words he iterates against others to him: “I could point out that everything in our society already contains element of segregation (No shoes, no shirt, no service), but there is simply no point in trying to reason with idiots or frauds who might believe this nonsense, and I won’t try here.”

This fascist should be appointed as one of the guards in the quarantine/concentration camps—which some allege are already being set up—since he seems to be salivating and foaming at the mouth over his repeated desire to implement the proverbial “stick.” Hillier is not so far off with hacks like Gilmore operating in the newspapers of the nation. The article not only ends with Gilmore hurling more unfair and uncalled-for ad hominem abuse on what he refers to as “vaccine holdouts” and “fools,” but he even calls for draconian and fascist measures to compel them to submit to fascists like himself: “We need to begin treating the vaccine holdouts as the fools they are. It is not fair that reasonable and responsible Canadians should pay the price for their deadly selfishness. No more soothing tones and patience. Time for the stick.”

See you at the FEMA camp, Herr Gilmore. We look forward to hearing your indoctrination lectures and your patriotic songs to the Vaterland. Jawohl!

Source cited:

Scott Gilmore, “Vaccinations: No more carrot—bring out the stick,” August 3, 2021,