Fair and Square  By Timothy Spearman

Just to be on the level with those Squares in the Oval Office,
no one has yet managed to put Square blocks in round holes.
Would that they measuring by degree were made to measure
so that installed masonry would square measure for measure.
Worshipful masters unfit for Solemn Temples in them reside.
Hiram Abif knows great headaches do confound the temples.
There are more sore temples among students of Temple Bar;
watch them holding their heads after completing a Bar Exam.
No wonder the twin pillars of the Temple folded in New York;
the masonry of the Temple didn’t square at the right angles;
As a matter of degree, the 33rd Degree was too hot to handle.
Each president knows very well why he gets his fingers burnt.
Being the Grand Master of the Order is just too high an order
to show strength and foundation for the benefit of the nation.


Titanic Ship Of Fools


This radio play has been updated by Andy Peacher to appeal more to the modern audience. Nothing we have learned from tradition is true. The White Star Line was owned by the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, which knew that the best place to murder people was at sea, where there were fewer witnesses, and where the Official Secrets Act could be invoked so that sailors could be compelled to keep silence.


There were 3 prominent U.S. bankers on board, Isidor Strauss, John Astor and Benjamin Guggenheim. They were staunch opponents of the Aldrich Bill introduced in Congress to inaugurate the Federal Reserve Bank. Vatican banker J. P. Morgan switched the sister ships the Olympic and the Titanic. And Captain Smith, a Jesuit of the short robe took charge of the Olympic masquerading as Titanic. All three bankers died.


Amazingly, another enemy of the Jesuits, who opposed a Federal Bank and wished to issue greenback interest free treasury notes, was Abraham Lincoln, who was shot April 14 and died April 15, 1865. The Titanic would suffer its fatal blow on April 14 when it was rammed in the middle of the night by a Navy ship and sank April 15 at 0230 Hours.


This radio play puts James Cameron’s film to shame by revealing the truth so grossly at odds with the traditional fairy tale. Grab a coffee, cookies and milk or Earl Grey tea or whatever you fancy and kick back and enjoy.


Tim Spearman, John Hamer & Andy Peacher bring you Titanic: Ship of Fools



Hugh Reilly and thatchannel


Lee Pritchard for mastering the recording

The Voice actors

Videographer Andy Peacher

Horizon Talk Radio

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The Radio play was written by Timothy Spearman

Titanic Deception

inspired by a story line suggested by John Hamer.

 John Wilkes Booth’s Mummy

Above is an image of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth. He was supposed to have been cornered in a manhunt that led to a tobacco shed, which was set on fire to flush him out. He purportedly died in the fire, presumably succumbing to smoke inhalation. His body was allegedly rescued from the fire and identified by those asked to view the body. Not so, says Finnis Bates, a lawyer who met the real John Wilkes Booth, who spent his life on the run, operating under two aliases, John St. Helen, and late in life, David E. George. Originally, meeting the assassin over a small legal matter, Bates later became so absorbed with tracking the assassin that he turned the enterprise into his life’s work, recording the epic journey in a book titled, The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth.

You are tasked with the job of locating it. Where is the mummy today? Call it a treasure hunt of sorts. See if you can determine its whereabouts.

Pinkertons Mystery

I find it fascinating that the Pinkerton Detective Agency and later security firm provided security for Honest Abe, but that their guard, John Parker, supposedly abandoned his post outside Lincoln’s balcony box the evening he was shot ostensibly because he was a boozer and hit the local tavern to ply himself with whiskey. Likely story. Nice cover story though. “Oh we weren’t aware he had a problem with alcohol.” He was given stand down orders obviously.

Lincoln was taken to Petersen House after being shot in Ford’s Theatre. He died there at 7:30 am the next morning. Petersen House was owned by a German-American by the same name. It was supposedly a rooming house, but was actually a safe house for agents known as the Forty-Eighters. They were called the 48ers because they had taken part in a failed rebellion in Bavaria, Germany in 1848. They were later sent to the U.S. as agents of the Bavarian Illuminati to foment unrest and disseminate propaganda leaflets in the nation’s capital with the aim of sparking the U.S. Civil War. Two of the boarders were Julius Ulke and his brother, both Bavarian Illuminati agents (48ers). They ran a printing press at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave., where they printed all their propaganda. Pennsylvania Ave is the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle, which in occult sacred geometry represents the triune gods of Ancient Egypt, Osiris, Isis and Horus. Osiris represents Lucifer in the occult world, and Isis his consort, Horus their son. Hence, Pennsylvania Ave. represents the street of the one who lost an eye in battle with the Egyptian god Set, which is why he has one All-Seeing Eye – Pinkerton’s logo! 11 is the perversion of the perfect God number 10 and is Luciferian in terms of numerology 1111 doubly so!

Mystery Question: What is the occult meaning of Pinkerton’s logo? What is the significance of this symbol?


Space Colonies: An End Times Exodus

It is often argued that humans have exceeded the planet’s carrying capacity. The Spaceship Earth theory, so often promoted by those in the Earth sciences, likens this planet to a spaceship with limited resources available to those on board. The argument is that, what limited resources are available, are fast being depleted, and that we will soon run out. With an estimated 7.8 billion astronauts thought to be on board, it would ease the pressure on our limited stores, if some of us would go off world to a colony in space. A newly terraformed neighbor like Mars would do nicely. It could easily support a good percentage of our population, and also serve as a launching pad to other habitable celestial bodies such as Saturn’s moon, Titan.
Many refer to the “Apocalypse” without having the foggiest understanding of the word’s true meaning nor its implications. The word is derived from Greek and means “lifting of the veil.” Hence, it is a synonym for “revelation.” Whether one relies on mainstream media and academia, or whether one derives one’s information from alternative sources, startling information has emerged from both camps. We might refer to these shocking pieces of information as revelations, where, what was once hidden, has had the veil lifted to reveal Truth, a diminutive and shy refugee, who until now has lacked the temerity to show her face, hiding mainly in the shadows, concealed from view. So hunted has she been in fact that Untruth has often acted in her place. Attending formal gatherings and award ceremonies, receiving all the plaudits and praise that should have gone to her rival.
The other oft misunderstood phrase is the “End Times” or “Time of the End,” taken to be a cataclysmic Armageddon, in which the Earth and all its inhabitants, come to a tumultuous end in the form of a great conflagration, a clash of civilizations, in which everything achieved over the course of millennia is eviscerated with hardly a trace of what once was. And it is at this point that the cosmic clock is reset to midnight, so that the whole grand cycle can commence again, beginning with the Age of Aquarius.
In astrology, Aquarius is an air sign, which rules the air, space, space travel, technology, communications, metaphysical, spiritual, and non-physical. It is also under the rulership of the planet Uranus and its freedom-loving energy. In short, the New Age, the Golden Dawn, the Aquarian-Uranian Age of freedom is upon us, and above us and in front of us in full relief, the New Heaven and the New Earth, with the city of light, the holy city of the New Jerusalem all lit up by the rising sun at daybreak. This is the hour when the clock is reset to midnight, only to begin anew the round of the 12 cosmic hours that comprise the zodiac cycle of precession. We might refer to this time as the Exodus, the time when we are set free from this prison planet, ensconced as it is under the veil of Maya energy and the valley of Death as it has so long been.
The End Times are not the end, but a new beginning, a golden dawn, preparatory to a new era, when many of us leave this Earth plane in search of new vistas, no longer with the attenuated vision of Earthlings, who imagine this to be the only jewel in the cosmic crown, the only gem in the diadem of the Cosmic Father. As Winston Churchill once put it, “This is not the end; it is not even the beginning of the end; though it may perhaps be the end of the beginning.”

Faced as we are with climate change and the effects of global warming, setting into motion a multitude of Earth changes, it is uncertain whether it is the consequence of a natural cycle – the Milankovitch cycle as it is called – or the result of anthropogenic facts like greenhouse gases released from the burning of hydrocarbon fuels. Whatever the cause, we are in the midst of a plethora of Earth changes, where melting glaciers have resulted in glacial rebound, and a displacement of the weight imposing friction on the Pacific plates. This in turn has led to increased seismic and volcanic activity, tectonic shifts, tsunamis, megatsunamis, sea inundations, disappearing coastlines, subsumed cities, and the displacement of whole populations.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way for any of us. Just as Moses led his people out of bondage during the Exodus, the leviathan of the sea yawning and unfurling its tongue to provide a land bridge for the Hebrews escaping across the Red Sea, so the Van Allen Belt will also be traversed, so that the people of Earth might be provided with a thoroughfare to their penultimate hope, a rainbow after relentless typhoons. The time is upon us, the time is now, with the United States of America leading the way with its superior aerospace technology, which thanks to the reverse engineering of an alien spacecraft found at the Roswell, New Mexico crash site, has provided the means and the wherewithal for our Exodus, we star children, to our new home among the celestial bodies we once could only gaze upon and behold, envious of the alien inhabitants who might live there and wondering whether they were friend or foe.

Jack the ripper who are these Men or Man ?

Can anyone solve who this Man/Men is/Are  they  look like so many people in the era of jack the ripper.

email tim apollospear@yahoo.com

Any comments very welcome.



Question: What is the significance of the location of the Masonic Chamber? Give us your answers website visitors!   Email apollospear@yahoo.com

Hotel Location.  its very close to the   5 major Jack the Ripper killings

Grand Eastern Hotel

There is a Masonic chamber concealed in the Hotel and that the killers were affiliated with Freemasonry


There was a Masonic Chamber concealed within the Great Eastern Hotel.
This is the map of the Great Eastern Hotel (now called the Aldez Hotel) and surrounding area looks like:
The Hotel is within hailing distance of the White Chapel murders:

The Dollar Sign By Timothy Spearman

 THREE STARS   By Timothy Spearman