Jack the ripper who are these Men or Man ?


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Can anyone solve who this Man/Men is/Are  they  look like so many people in the era of jack the ripper.

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Question: What is the significance of the location of the Masonic Chamber? Give us your answers website visitors!   Email apollospear@yahoo.com

Hotel Location.  its very close to the   5 major Jack the Ripper killings

Grand Eastern Hotel

There is a Masonic chamber concealed in the Hotel and that the killers were affiliated with Freemasonry


There was a Masonic Chamber concealed within the Great Eastern Hotel.
This is the map of the Great Eastern Hotel (now called the Aldez Hotel) and surrounding area looks like:
The Hotel is within hailing distance of the White Chapel murders:

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  1. What a treasure trove of the most dubious kind. The pieces of the puzzle continue to fall where they may. Great work!

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