Goodbye Ruby Akhtar” is the true story of a modern day avatar, who happens to be the reincarnation of an ancient Israelite Queen, who ancient legend suggests made it all the way to Ireland. The Book of Tephi, Queen of Tara and Gibralter prophesied that she would return to Ireland one day to restore justice to the land, and bring peace to the world. Based on personal testimony, the recounting of dreams from early childhood and the opinion of spiritualists, Ruby Akhtar is the reincarnation of the ancient Israelite Queen. The promise made long ago has been fulfilled. Queen Teia Tephi has returned.

Fate intervened to bring Ruby to Ireland as a young girl of 12, very much against her will. She is now accepting of her destiny and reconciled to her fate. She knows why she is here and intends to make the best of the soul contract she has been given.

Born to a Jewish family in Pakistan, Ruby was married off to a 33-year-old paedophile. Wedding her under false pretences, and vowing to rescue her from a life of third world poverty and limited prospects, he spirited her off to a land that was not “her country, her culture, her people.” Ruby was abducted to Northern Ireland, where she suffered repeated acts of sexual abuse over a three year period at the hands of her husband the paedophile ring to which he was attached. She finally managed to escape confinement by jumping from the second floor of the house where she was imprisoned. Fleeing for her life and badly injured from the fall, she somehow managed to hobble several miles to the nearest police station. The officer in charge then acted as her champion, taking her under wing and getting her passport back for her. This is just the beginning of her journey. Her journey’s end was sharing her story with the United Nations, and bringing her campaign of justice for young victims to the world.

21st Century Lebensborn

Children Screaming to Be Heard”

21st century lebensborn book

Child abuse is the continuation from thousands of years
but in the 1930s from the Lebensborn Program in Germany
it is absolutely amazing as one can read in this chilling
book of the experiments abuse and murder of women and children all with the blessing of Adolph Hitler and his world famous saying
“In a child’s best interest”  and it was Mr Himmler who organised the SS now refered to as social services with the continuation of
the fostering and adoptions all from the Lebensborn Project
which included Ernst Rudin a Psychiatrist who was head of
the Eugenics society and instigated the experiments
and sterilization of women and children along with murdering
untold thousands of children who were also in the Nazi
care system and still are in the 21st Century
Lebensborn Children Screaming to be Heard and still children
are being mind controled by the SS the psychiatrists
and psychologists who are the court experts with all stating

“In a child’s best interest” 

Butterfly Dreams by Timothy Spearman (August 17, 2013)


This crime thriller is based loosely on the history of the Residential School system in Canada. While the names and persons presented in the story are fictional, the novel is based on crimes exposed by Rev. Kevin Annett. Child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse is a serious problem more endemic in our world than anyone realizes. This novel is unique in that the sleuth solving the crime is an astrologer, who employs her art to catch the killer. The author’s knowledge of the occult is profound and the depth of research that has gone into this novel is obvious. While the tale is grim, the heroes and heroines triumph and evil is defeated in the end. The fulfilment of Native prophecies at the triumphant conclusion leads to newly awakened hope. A dimensional shift occurs and our prison planet becomes a planet where hopes and dreams can at last be achieved and where nothing can obstruct the truth from setting us free.

Must I Remember by Timothy Spearman Paperback – 9 Jan 2017

Timothy Spearman’s best known work is Gandhi Under Cross-examination, which he co-authored with Col. G.B. Singh. Timothy is currently working on a radio drama about the real story of the Titanic called Olympic: Ship of Fools. He is co-producer at Sevenhill Pictures, and was script editor of a documentary film Our Nation about the Sri Lankan civil war. Tim has written over 30 screenplays, including feature films and TV miniseries. Other novels published by the author include Goodbye Ruby AkhtarOdds-on Favourite and Butterfly Dreams. He has published many illustrated children’s storybooks with Unibooks based in South Korea. He has hosted many radio programs over the years including The Truth Police on Freedom Talk Radio based in the UK and Shaking a Spear at Thatchannel in Toronto, Canada.

The History of the Peace Train by Timothy Spearman

Long considered dinosaurs of a defunct evolutionary period, the steam engine had suffered roughly the same fate as the gargantuan beasts that roamed the marshes and flatlands of the Cretaceous Period. Like the dinosaurs, they had been replaced by something higher on the evolutionary scale, something more advanced that could adapt to the changing times and the demands of a competitive world in which only the fittest could survive. But while the steely hand of progress is often ruthless in the stranglehold grip it maintains over development, there is a counterforce of a more compassionate and caring nature that harkens back to former times with a nostalgic longing that somehow manages to slow down the speeding juggernaut of progress, granting us a brief respite and a chance to take a breath. This desire to pay homage to the past and acknowledge the debt owed to our forebears is precisely what makes historical and pioneer villages so attractive, and why Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America, or why the old world city of Quebec exudes a charm that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is this longing for the past that raises the spectre of a technological Jurassic Park, where some of the primitive beasts of our industrial past are brought back, resurrected in necromancy ceremonies all over the world, raised from the dead, repaired and restored to full vigour by the deft hand of craftsmen, metalworkers and restorers of every stripe. It is precisely this nostalgia, this longing for our ancestral past, this veneration of the artisanship and craftsmanship of former times that has re-rigged tall ships, refitted steamships, restored old cars and resurrected the steam-driven trains, the dinosaurs and extinct beasts of former times dug up from antique fossil beds, their technological DNA extracted and their lifeblood renewed.
Odds On Favourite
Odds-on Favourite is a crime thriller set in a Vegas casino called The Mangrove. The heroine is a Chinese beauty from Shanghai named Zhi Fan. She was more entrancing than the famous Chinese concubine Xishi, who drove men to offer gold coins for the privilege of catching a glimpse of her. In essence, it was no different for this Chinese casino girl of the hottest casino in the city. Men didn’t see her as a trophy date to show off at the gaming table. It was more than that. They coveted her more than their winnings. If they could play for her they would. As far as they were concerned she was the ultimate prize. Their winnings at the gaming table merely served to buy their way into her company even if it were only for a few dreamy minutes. But such beauty comes at a price and some will pay the ultimate price.



Around 1990, Timothy Spearman met Tiger Ray McCendrick, a Hollywood agent living in Toronto’s Church St. gay district. There was a fundraising sale to raise money for HIV/AIDS hospices in Toronto and Tim was out to show his usual support for human rights issues. Tiger Ray was struck by Tim’s energy and charisma and being a former Hollywood agent, he was trained to spot star value. Seeing something special in Tim, he felt motivated to pass on to Tim his secret formula for living. He told Tim how how to sail the Seven C’s. “First you need Confidence,” he began. “Then you need Courage. Then you take Calculated Chances. After that, you’ll become a Champion, a Conqueror, and with any luck, a Caesar.” Tim has sailed the Seven C’s. His ship has come in. Read this story about a modern day Sindbad. As with the story “The Life of Pi,” it will make you believe in God and miracles. Tim’s back cover photo shows him hugging a bust of Julius Caesar. It was taken in 1993 by an artist friend as a harbinger of the future.

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