Pinkertons Mystery


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I find it fascinating that the Pinkerton Detective Agency and later security firm provided security for Honest Abe, but that their guard, John Parker, supposedly abandoned his post outside Lincoln’s balcony box the evening he was shot ostensibly because he was a boozer and hit the local tavern to ply himself with whiskey. Likely story. Nice cover story though. “Oh we weren’t aware he had a problem with alcohol.” He was given stand down orders obviously.

Lincoln was taken to Petersen House after being shot in Ford’s Theatre. He died there at 7:30 am the next morning. Petersen House was owned by a German-American by the same name. It was supposedly a rooming house, but was actually a safe house for agents known as the Forty-Eighters. They were called the 48ers because they had taken part in a failed rebellion in Bavaria, Germany in 1848. They were later sent to the U.S. as agents of the Bavarian Illuminati to foment unrest and disseminate propaganda leaflets in the nation’s capital with the aim of sparking the U.S. Civil War. Two of the boarders were Julius Ulke and his brother, both Bavarian Illuminati agents (48ers). They ran a printing press at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave., where they printed all their propaganda. Pennsylvania Ave is the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle, which in occult sacred geometry represents the triune gods of Ancient Egypt, Osiris, Isis and Horus. Osiris represents Lucifer in the occult world, and Isis his consort, Horus their son. Hence, Pennsylvania Ave. represents the street of the one who lost an eye in battle with the Egyptian god Set, which is why he has one All-Seeing Eye – Pinkerton’s logo! 11 is the perversion of the perfect God number 10 and is Luciferian in terms of numerology 1111 doubly so!

Mystery Question: What is the occult meaning of Pinkerton’s logo? What is the significance of this symbol?


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