Timothy Spearman on what it takes to get through the Gates of Paradise


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Below is a picture of Timothy Spearman on Sunday’s show on September 30 chatting with beloved co-host and dear friend, Andy Peacher. This is one of Timothy’s first days in Paradise. Fittingly, Andy Peacher was questioning Timothy on what it takes to get through the Gates of Paradise. Like Virgil, Timothy gave Andy a tour on the air, explaining how one gets from Purgatory to Paradise. Increased Vitality, Longevity and Life Expectancy are the rewards of making it through the Gates of Paradise. Who wouldn’t want to live forever if one is happy and living in Paradise? Timothy is beginning to conform to his true matrix now. In the last month, he has grown substantially taller. The Mother has been straightening him up. His posture has improved dramatically and he has added at least two inches to his height, making him a healthy six feet. Youthful vitality has returned to his face and his hair is growing in thicker. He’s looking good, youthful and robust for 50.
Listen to the show link to find out what it takes to get to Paradise.


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