Sacred Geometry Poetry Anthology

Sacred Geometry Poetry Anthology



Prologue: Channelling


Timothy Spearman

All of the philosophical traditions of the world that have wended their way into Europe and the West began their journey in Asia, following the same trade routes and silk roads as all other commodities that were brought and sold followed in their westward journey. Sophia, the goddess that inspired the tradition named in her honour, known today as philosophy, began her journey in the East. A protracted marathon that probably began in Atlantis, Sophia braved ocean swells and tidal waves to come ashore on the distant peaks of mountains like the Himalayas and the Andes from whence she migrated into the Indus Valley and the Yucatan Peninsula to spread her wisdom among the people. Philosophy, or the love of wisdom, entered Greece from the mother that spawned her to the south, the uniquely oriental civilization known as Egypt.

The pre-Socratics, Socrates Plato, Aristotle – even great dramatists such as Sophocles – all apprenticed under Egyptian priests such as Solon. It was the Asiatic sphinx that spawned the Greco-Roman civilization, allowing us to rightfully ask ourselves the riddle of that inscrutable Sphinx: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three in the Eve? The answer is, of course man; and it is clear as much from the question as from the answer that man and civilization is distinctly Asiatic in orientation, which brings us to GAIA, the Greek concept of Mother Earth, the philosophy and concept that no doubt followed the same migratory path that Sophia followed through central Asia to reach the new world to the west.

What is true of the human body is equally true of GAIA, the terrestrial mother who spawned us all. She also has dragon lines through which telluric currents flow. These lines of energy intersect at various points around the Earth, creating an energy grid. Certain of these intersection points are power centres, many of which are sources of enormous energy. India is most likely in a location corresponding with sarasrara or the crown chakra, which explains Indrus’ perennial role as the centre of enlightenment. We, therefore, need to look to India for solutions to many of the problems we face today. Indeed, it is highly probable that her network of gurus, dispatched around the world, are already training adepts that will provide many of the answers to problems we will face today and tomorrow. It is this very energy grid of GAIA’s that black magicians, initiates of mystery schools, whose long history began in Atlantis, have tried to disrupt in order to deprive human beings of their source of power and enlightenment. We have literally been cut off from our source of power. Black magicians from Japan did exactly the same thing when they annexed the peninsula of Korea, driving what was analogous to giant acupuncture needles into the spine of the Korean mountains, in order to disrupt the flow of telluric energy through the peninsula. Many believe that the peninsula of Korea is a giant organism in its own right with a total of seven chakra points, stretching along the length of the great peninsula.
To save our planet and our world, we need to adopt a pan-world philosophy that brings the ancient wisdom of the Orient to the whole world. The fact that so many Tibetan leaders have been sent into exile has done to disseminate wisdom traditions that have long remained hidden in the isolated heights of the Himalayas. Religious teachers from India have also been dispatched as messengers of many faiths and yogic traditions. This is all part of a movement to bring the people home to the source of all wisdom and enlightenment, back to the source of the three sacred rivers from whence the waters of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswatti rivers flow from betwixt the feet of the Supreme Lord of all Creation – call Him what you will. What we must begin to recognize is that our home is not a planet or a rock or indeed anything inanimate, but a living and breathing organism like ourselves. Indeed, GAIA, Mother Earth, is truly our mother, the mother who spawned us and gave us life; and like us, she has an ethereal and physical body; and like us, seven chakra points and seven several minor ones along the various other meridian points. We are truly terrestrial creatures, created in the image of our mother. We share much the same body chemistry and the same ratio of liquid to solid that she has in her body; and the same salinity in our body fluids. Just as we have minerals in our body, so GAIA has in hers; and yet, we are stripping her of her minerals as if she had an endless supply, not realizing that by doing so, we are depriving her of the essential requirements of life. Her rivers, with their estuaries, main arteries and tributaries are not unlike the arteries, veins and capillaries of our bodies; her magma is analogous to our bone marrow, the Earth’s crust to our bone, the soil that rests upon the Earth to our flesh.

The rivers that flow through her flesh are like the circulatory system that carries vital minerals and nourishment through our bodies. And as for the telluric currents that flow beneath her skin, we must recognize that this is the same wind energy that flows through our bodies, which Far East Asians have traditionally referred to as qi; and just as qi energy wends its way through the meridian or dragon lines of our bodies from the chakra points located on the spine, so an analogous process takes place beneath the Earth. As for the atmospheric winds of GAIA, does she not have to breathe just as we do, and sometimes issue a heavy sigh, which to us takes the form of a storm? As for the ozone layer that protects her from the poisonous ultraviolet B-rays of the sun, does not this protective layer serve much the same purpose as our skins’? Would our skin not become raw and blistered just as hers had were we to remove this protective layer, this protective skin? And what of us and the vegetative growth that lives on and feeds upon the flesh of GAIA? Are we not like parasites living on the skin of our mothers? Certainly, we share a somewhat symbiotic relationship, but we have to consider the fact that we are not holding up our end of the bargain. We have become nothing but leaches and parasites sucking the lifeblood and wholesome nutrients out of her, while leaving her nothing in return but the poison effluent of our own destructive consumption. Indeed, we are like bacteria that soil her with our own excrement. In addition, we poison her with the after effects we unleash upon others of our kind. In the war of the parasites, we dump such things upon the skin of GAIA as tomahawk missiles, cluster bombs, smart bombs and some not so smart bombs, nuclear warheads, napalm, bombs and missiles laced with depleted uranium, etc.
As a side note, the American military routinely dumps bombs laced with depleted uranium on the countries it attacks, including the 8,500 tons of bombs it dropped on Iraq in the first Gulf War and many more on Afghanistan. In addition, the U.S. military routinely tests missiles laced with depleted uranium at its bases in Puerto Rico, Japan and South Korea, very often with the same complicity and compliance of the local authorities. Is it any wonder that GAIA should voice her displeasure in the form of seismic disturbances as she quakes with fear, or that she should erupt in volcanic protest or with hurricane force winds whenever she emits a sigh of exasperation at the antics of the absurd parasites she carries around on her skin? As for the grass, grain, crops, trees and other forms of vegetative life that grow on her surface, is this not like the hair that grows on our skin? In addition, she experiences desertification on her skin, where ulcers and sores have appeared in place of vegetative growth, just as we develop psoriasis, eczema and other diseases that rob us of our hair. And what happens when excessive oils build up on our scalps? Does it not cause hair loss and inhibit hair growth? And what happens after out oils spills occur on the surface of GAIA? Is it not precisely the same? And what causes desertification? And what causes heat, cold and flooding on the surface of GAIA? Is it not because her qi is out of balance? Are not the wind energies thrown into disarray by activities that cause what is known as El Nina and La Nino? Do we not develop volcanic eruptions on our skin in the form of skin sores and acne when our qi energy is thrown off balance? When heat and cold are displaced by qi imbalances in our bodies, do we not develop desertification in the form of eczema and psoriasis? The convection currents that occur on GAIA result from the Equatorial heat coming into contact with the cold temperatures of the poles. The poles become excessively cold and the convection current increases in velocity, resulting in high winds, storms and seasonal and climactic anomalies such as unseasonably cool or hot weather conditions. Similarly, if the tropics become excessively hot, high winds, storms and other seasonal and climactic anomalies will result. Balance is essential. The planet needs medicine and we are the herbal doctors and acupuncturists capable of providing GAIA with her remedy.

What do the herbal doctors and acupuncturists do when they encounter unseasonable warm or cold weather in a certain part of the human body? Do they not attempt to restore balance so that that part of the body can experience some relief from a protracted winter cold or an unseasonably hot spell? If there is excessive heat in the head and the internal organs become cold, the acupuncturists and herbal doctors develop a remedy for restoring balance by channelling qi energy away from the head to the internal organs and vice versa as the case arises. And what therapy or treatment does GAIA require at the moment? Clearly, her organs have become too hot, while the outer extremities of her head and feet, namely the poles, have lost much of their cold. This has created an imbalance, resulting in excessive desertification, flooding, El Nina, La Nino, and excessive cold spells and heat waves, all the result of inherent imbalances resulting from too much internal heat at the Tropics and a warming at the Poles.

The remedy is to get out acupuncture needles out and apply a dose of herbal medicine. What kind of herbal medicine? Well, herbs of course. Plant life, reforestation, a program to plant more trees, shrubs and grasses, a concerted effort to reclaim our deserts with water reservoirs and planting programs; and, of course, we have to halt deforestation, and clear-cutting going on in so much of the world, including the Amazon and the rain forests of southeast Asia, not to mention the vast forest lands of Canada.
The Lighted Torch

Himalayan Mountain Trek

A group of Westerners are on a Himalayan Mountain trek with Sherpa guides. They are caught in a snowstorm. There is a driving blizzard with fierce winds. One of the guides waves to the others and signals for the others to follow. They come to a portal in the mountains affording them some shelter from the storm. As they pass through the portal, they are shocked to discover that there is a peaceful sunlit valley below of astonishing tranquility. The valley has every appearance of being a Shangri-la paradise in the middle of one of the planet’s most hostile environments. Several intergalactic ships suddenly appear overhead. The ships descend to a series of landing pods on the valley floor. Inter-dimensional beings emerge from the ships in a steady stream and descend to the valley below. They branch out in various directions, following diverse footpaths through meadows replete with luscious, sun-drenched flowers of brilliant gold, indigo, emerald and sapphire.



Ext. Mount Kailesh, Himalayas

Timothy Spearman finds himself in another Himalayan vista, this time Mount Kailesh. His skin is resplendent and of bluish hue. Timothy Spearman plays a magic flute and is surrounded by an entourage of exotic women. Three mother ships suddenly appear overhead. Like a train that seems to have no end, the ships are of colossal size and appear to cover the entire landscape in shadow. From these mother ships, there emerge several smaller ships that hover over the peaks of several mountains. Extraterrestrial beings are beamed down from these space crafts in projector beams and begin materializing in human form. They are dressed in long hooded black capes and march out of the projector beam in single file. The beings suddenly dematerialize from human form and shape-shift into flying serpents. As the advanced column shape-shift one by one, they depart from the column of marching aliens and fly off in all directions.


Sacred Geometry poetry by Timothy Spearman




Science Lab

A group of lab technicians in white hooded coats are placing humans in a series of tanks filled with a chemical solution. The humans are sedated and in a zombie-like state. Aliens of a reptilian strain are marched in single file to adjacent tanks. The tank lids are closed on their occupants. A technician flips a switch. The chemical solution inside the tanks is energized with an intense blue light. The genetic breeding program begins, the procedure taking only a moment. When it is over, the tanks are quickly drained of their contents; the latches on the tank lids disengage and the doors fly open. The subjects of the test emerge from the tanks.

Illustration and song lyrics by Timothy Spearman


Apex of Great Pyramid, Night

Timothy Spearman is seated with shamanic elders on the apex of the Great Pyramid starring up at the heavens. The constellation Orion is situated directly above them. We see a close up of the belt of Orion. From an aerial perspective, the Giza complex is shown to match up perfectly with the belt of Orion.


Sacred Geometry Poetry by Timothy Spearman




The Voyager space exploration shuttle approaches Mars to shoot rare footage of the planet’s surface. The five-sided D&M Pyramid can be seen and the nearby “face” on the Cydonia plateau of Mars. Now think of Machu Pichu, the Nazca Plateau, Xanadu, Angkor Wat, the Great Pyramid, the stone monoliths of Easter Island, the undersea pyramids discovered off the coast of Japan, etc.




The Truth about the Authorship

The Shakespeare plays were written by concealed prince, Francis Bacon, and his half brother, the Earl of Oxford. A portrait painting of Queen Elizabeth I in her maternity dress; a portrait of Queen with one of her sons; etching of Queen with two of her sons; the Northumberland manuscript; secret ciphers of Francis Bacon can all be found at

Sir Francis Bacon and half brother, Edward de Vere – also illegitimate changeling son of Queen Elizabeth I – formed the illustrious team of good pens known as the Wild Goose Club, Fra Rosy Cross also known as The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet to write the Shakespeare plays. Shakespearean scholars explain how Bacon was the great impresario who put it all together with the help of his team of “good pens”, particularly with the help of his older half brother, Edward de Vere, another concealed prince and secret son of Queen Elizabeth I. Timothy Spearman’s sonnets are dedicated to the role Lord Oxford played in the co-authorship of several Shakespeare plays under the stewardship of his beloved brother, Francis Bacon. The portrait painting comparison featured adjacent to the lyrics below show the bard on the right receiving back his hair through Powerpoint. Through this method, the portrait of the bard comes to more closely resemble the man on the left he actually was when he sat for a portrait at age 36 under his real name, Edward de Vere. The Earl of Oxford is believed by many to be the actual poetic genius, William Shakespeare, named in honour of the patron goddess of the Greek theatre in Athens, Pallas Athena the Spear-shaker.

Lyrics by Timothy Spearman





The covert operations of the world’s elite-controlled intelligence services have been in operation for centuries. Concealing the true nature of their clandestine operations through the use of a patsy front man is now a transparent M.O. The M.O. of the lone patsy front man was developed and perfected in Elizabethan England under H.M.S.S. head and concealed prince Francis Bacon, who employed the Shakespeare authorship deception by using first Christopher Marlowe and later Will Shakspere, the commoner illiterate from Stratford, as the front man in order to conceal the identity of the true propagandist for national security motivations. The true story of the authorship is concealed in the cipher codes inserted in the plays as discovered by Ignatius Donnelly in “The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacons’s Secret Cipher Code in the So-called Shakespeare Plays”. The lyrics below reveal the true nature of the intelligence operation that became the Shakespeare plays, the brainchild of Francis Bacon and his illustrious side-kick half brother, Edward de Vere, the Queen of England’s second concealed son. The M.O. of the front man has been used more recently in covert ops involving Victorian front man Jack the Ripper, John Wilkes Booth, assassin of President Lincoln, Lee Harvey Oswald, patsy in JFK assassination, Timothy McVeigh, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau front man, Osama bin Laden, 9/11 boggy man terrorist, Moussaoui, mind-controlled fall guy for 9/11, etc. As Shakespeare so aptly put it, “All the world’s a stage” and we the players have been duped by staged events and false flag operations.

Illustrated lyrics by Timothy Spearman



shakes 2.jpg.opt370x478o0,0s370x478



Archived Photos from British Archives’ Case File for Jack the Ripper:

White Chapel, London. 1888

shakes a

shakes b



Scotland Yard. 1888

The police inspector addresses the police superintendent and his assistant in the Police Superintendent’s office.


“Inspector, have you had a good look at these letters? There seems to be three distinct hands at work.”


Well yes sir, I have and I’ve come to the conclusion, sir, that indeed there are three distinct hands at work. You see, it’s funny you should mention it, because when I was at the last crime scene, there was a message scrawled on the wall next to the victim’s body, and the message said, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.” And sir, I have been to the library, and I have done research and the three Juwes refer to Jubila. Jubilo and Jubilum, who according to Masonic lore, were the assassins of the architect of King Solomon’s Temple. His name was Hiram Abif. And they confronted him in the Temple of Solomon and asked him to reveal the secrets of the Third Degree, the secrets of the Master Mason; and when he refused, they cordoned off the exits of the Temple and administered three blows: one to each temple and a final fatal deathblow to the middle of the forehead, which took him down. And you see, sir, I believe the Masons were behind these killings.


And do you have a theory, inspector, on who or what is the reason for these killings?


Yes…ye sir, I have given that some thought, and I do have a theory.


Would you care to share it with us, inspector?


Yes sir, you see the rumour has it that the Queen’s grandson, Prince Albert, had an illicit affair with a prostitute in the Whitechapel District; and in order to keep this on the hush, sir, the Queen employed her own family physician, a higher degree Freemason to take care of things, sir. I…I know it’s appalling, sir, to think that something so untoward could take place at the highest level of the British establishment, but this is the true story, sir.

White Chapel, London. 1888

Below are Jack the Ripper’s song lyrics sent to Scotland Yard:
“Eight little whores, with no hope of heaven,
Gladstone may save one, then there’ll be seven.
Seven little whores beggin’ for a shilling,
One stays in Henage Court, then there’s a killing.
Six little whores, glad to be alive,
One sidles up to Jack, then there are five.
Four and whore rhyme aright,
So do three and me,
I’ll set the town alight
Ere there are two.
Two little whores, shivering with fright,
Seek a cosy doorway in the middle of the night.
Jack’s knife flashes, then there’s but one,
And the last one’s the ripest for Jack’s idea of fun.”
By Jack the Ripper


Archived Footage and Photos:

Thanks to Robert Ballard’s exploration sub, the wreck of the Titanic has been seen from multiple angles through footage and still photographs. A running narrative of some of the anomalies and strange facts in the case appear below, alerting the public to the suspicious nature of this unexpected tragedy, including such facts as:

The Titanic was built by the White Star Line owned by the Jesuits.

The White Star Line built the Titanic and her two sister ships, the Olympic and York.

All three ships would sink.

There was an explosion in the boiler room below the waterline before she set sail.

The iceberg offered perfect cover and plausible deniability.

Robert Ballard’s footage shows the Titanic wreck does not match the blueprints of ship.

Strangely, they match those of her sister ship, the Olympic.

Titanic’s name plate is missing from hulk lying on ocean floor.

The ship’s grave is nowhere near the location of her last distress call.

There were 55 cancellations before she set sail, including Jesuit banker J.P. Morgan.

Several passengers were scheduled to attend a meeting in New York.

The meeting in New York was to plan the world government that became the U.N.

Many of the delegates went down with the ship.

The ship was built by a shipyard owned by York Scottish Rite Freemasons.

The U.N. is not most people’s idea of a proper world government body.

It has failed to secure the peace of the world.


Perhaps the answers lie in a watery grave.

Titanic was declared unsinkable.

She was swapped.

It’s her sister ship down there – The Olympic.


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman

Ill- Feb 55
fated 1912 did
ship o’ she not
fools went go
doom down with
crew much her
to the chagrin of all who believed in invincibility
of passenger ship and who never dreamed she’d go 55
down on her maiden voyage by striking an iceberg. were
number of cancellations made before she set sail, including Jesuit Order elite banker
J.P. Morgan, who waved cordial goodbye to World Government faction who sought
to replace Round Table with League of Nations that would preserve global order
as opposed to slaughterhouse known as New World Order inaugurated by the
Morgan-Rothschild-Rockefeller faction, which founded UN headquarters on
land formerly occupied by slaughterhouse for cattle, making explicit how
they see us, whom they call the goyim or cattle. Jesuit owned White Star
Line ensured Titanic’s two sister ships the Olympic and the York went
to the same watery grave. Robert Ballard’s photos show Titanic’s hulk
does not match her blueprints, but rather those of sister ship, Olympic.
There was an explosion in boiler room below waterline before she set
sail from port in Southampton bound for seat of world government.

Convocation Auditorium of University

Timothy Spearman wears a scholar cap and gown but suddenly morphs into a character wearing a clown suit with clown face, sorcerer’s costumes with conical hat featuring stars and crescent moons, then shapeshifts back into character wearing scholar cap and gown.



Repeat sequence till song ends.

Aerial view of Dealey Plaza, Dallas is shown as a pyramid with missing capstone. List of supposed coincidences related to presidential assassination victims Lincoln and Kennedy seen below:

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

Both wives lost a child while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. Both were shot in the

Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln.
Both were assassinated by Southerners.

Both were succeeded by Southerners.
Both successors were named Johnson.
Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln was born in 1839.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy was born in 1939.
Both assassins were know by their three names.

Both names compromise fifteen letters.

Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse.

Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.John F. Kennedy was killed according to the degree ritual oath of the 17th Degree or Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry. The oath states that the brother who betrays the Order will have the crown of his head struck off and his brains exposed to the midday son. Air Force One landed at Dallas Airport at 12:00 noon. John F. Kennedy’s skull was blown off and his brains landed on the trunk of the presidential limousine to be baked in the midday son. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. He should never have taken the oaths of the dark Order. Some say he was not a Freemason but rather a Knight of Malta. Is there really a difference between these military orders of knights created by the Vatican?



Timothy Spearman is dressed as George Washington with wig, silk leggings, breaches, and Masonic apron. He holds a scroll which he unravels. Inside is written the lyric verse of the song “Fair and Square”.


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman

Just to be on the level with those Squares in the Oval Office,
no one has yet managed to put Square blocks in round holes.
Would that they measuring by degree were made to measure
so that installed masonry would square measure for measure.
Worshipful masters unfit for Solemn Temples in them reside.
Hiram Abif knows great headaches do confound the temples.
There are more sore temples among students of Temple Bar;
watch them holding their heads after completing a Bar Exam.
No wonder the twin pillars of the Temple folded in New York;
the masonry of the Temple didn’t square at the right angles;
As a matter of degree, the 33rd Degree was too hot to handle.
Each president knows very well why he gets his fingers burnt.
Being the Grand Master of the Order is just too high an order
to show strength and foundation for the benefit of the nation.


George H.W. Bush is Sworn in as President. Congress Building, Washington, D.C.

Bush Sr. is sworn in as president with hand on Masonic Bible.

Skull and Bones Crypt, Yale University

Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society fraternal Lodge No. 322

Maps of Washington, D.C. Street Plan

Maps display pentacles represented in Washington street plan as seen from aerial view. We also see image of Molek, the horned god, culminating in Arlington cemetery.




Ext. Deck of Ferry Boat on Hudson River Near Statue of Liberty

The Queen of Heaven

Plaque from Egyptian Book of the Dead Displayed on Statue of Liberty

We see close up of plaque displayed on Statue of Liberty, then the whole statue from head to toe. Computer graphics of Statue of Liberty and accompanying song lyrics are superimposed over statue:
Statue of Tyranny

Illustrated lyrics by Timothy Spearman




Temple Dedicated to Black Mass

Some hooded adepts are gathered around a pentacle star surrounded by circle of protection. One of the adepts inscribes sigils in blood on lamb’s wool. Underneath the sigils, he writes Baitok the Beast. A winged animated serpent beast materializes within the circle of protection. The exorcists storm in holding crucifixes and flasks of holy water to drive away the Beast. The exorcists spray the participants of the black mass with holy water. Employing holy water as their weapon and crucifixes as their shield, they advance on the Beast. The Beast begins to cower under the onslaught, raising a wing to shield its serpent-like head. Gradually, the Beast dematerializes. The black mass participants turn on the intruders with venomous rage, but the interlopers manage to escape through a combination of acrobatics and stealth.

Hilltop of Pont de l’Alma, Paris. August 31, 1997

Timothy Spearman stands in front of the shrine dedicated to Princess Diana atop Pont de l’Alma. This is the location that claimed the life of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul.

Diana in Paris. August 31, 1997

The lighted torch and pentacle star commemorating her death are located above the crash site on the hilltop of Pont de l’Alma, the site traditionally chosen by generations of Wicca adherents for the worship of the moon goddess Diana, who died 33 years, 9 months and 9 days after John F. Kennedy, whose death represented the killing of the sun god, Osiris. Pont de l’Alma hilltop marks the location of Diana’s memorial shrine, which features a monument consisting of a pentacle and lighted torch constructed out of solid Masonry.



Lyrics by Timothy Spearman
Ext. Twin Towers under Attack, Sept. 11, 2001

The WTC Twin Towers prior to the attack displays the tracery work in the architecture of the buildings, strongly resembling cathedral windows. The twin towers form a number 11 in their own right. They represent the twin pillars of a Masonic Temple – Jachin and Boaz – meaning strength and foundation. This false flag Pearl Harbour-style event launched Paul Wolfowitz’s “Project for a New American Century”:

Simultaneous war game exercises Vigilant Guardian and Northern Guardian conducted by “Vice”- President Cheney on 9/11, causing the command structure and response capability of U.S. and Canadian Air Forces to be paralyzed that day.

New York Mayor Rudolf Guliani headed up Tripod II war game exercise, granting FEMA agents the cover they need to plant incendiaries in World Trade Centre Complex.

WTC Twin Towers collapse at free fall speed, 8.3 seconds. The buildings collapse straight down into their own footprints.

No high rise buildings have collapsed due to structural fire ever in history before September 11th, 2001.

The inconvenient truth is that 9/11 was convenient. It allowed the CIA to get its opium production, disrupted by the Taliban and costing the international bankers 1 trillion dollars on the international markets, back on track in 2002. 9/11 also helped Halliburton complete its oil pipeline project from the Caspian Sea, disrupted by the Taliban, back on track in Afghanistan. It also created a pretext for attacking oil rich Iraq, which was falsely implicated in 9/11.

The U.S. government tampered with the 9/11 crime scene, calling upon the services of a company called Controlled Demolition to ship away the material evidence to a scrap yard guarded by CIA-subcontractor Wackenhut Corporation headed by Bush crony George Wackenhut.

Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA. Osama bin Laden is a CIA agent code named Tim Osmond.

Osama makes regular banking trips to London.

Osama bin Hiddin’ in a cave. Osama and Moussaoui are government-controlled patsies, boggy man front men pawns waving a false flag of terror.

The Bush family and the bin Ladens are business partners and both investors in the Carlyle Group, an equity firm specializing in defence. Both families stood to profit from their own war.

Larry Silverstein is on public record stating the Building 7, the Solomon Brothers Building was pulled. He said, “There had been such a terrible loss of life, we decided to pull it.” It takes at least two weeks to plan a controlled demolition.

Larry Silverstein purchased the World Trade Centre complex from the Port Authority of New York on a 99-year lend-lease agreement similar to the colony of Hong Kong for a down payment of $25,000. He insured both towers for $3.5 billion and included the possibility of a terrorist attack in the policy.

He insured the Twin Towers with the same firm that insured United Airlines and American Airlines.

His insurance claim was honoured in the wake of the attacks. In fact, he doubled his claim for $6 billion and was also awarded his initial $25,000 down payment by the court.

New York, Sept. 11

Imagine a view of Manhattan with overhead view of constellation Orion shown directly over New York.

Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

Michael Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” showed Bush administration officials meeting with the bin Ladens in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia.

Ground Zero, New York. Sept. 11

The WTC Twin Towers fell by controlled demolition. The Solomon Brothers Building – WTC Building No. 7 – also appeared to fall unimpeded and by controlled demolition on Sept. 11. BBC News footage showed one presenter talking about the Solomon Building No. 7 collapse in advance of its actual collapse. Amazingly, she is seen standing directly in front of the building before her simulcast was abruptly pulled.


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman


On one side, George W. Bush                         On the other, Osama bin Laden,

two twins divided by a Gulf                            we know as the Twin Towers.

Changeling twins from same                           family and Illuminized fraternity.

Skull and Bonesman’s son                              and the CIA operative bin Laden.

Two royals of one big family                          working for the same societies,

whether on this side or that;                            whether here or way over there.

Falling for the ruse, America,                         of the faulty towers is our fault.

We’re being double-crossed                           again by French House of Guise.

Just look at the coat-of-arms                           they’re wearing on their sleeves

and you will see the EXXON                          logo is the very same as theirs,

proving that the twins work                            for the same Mafia brotherhood.

As for the Holy War over oil,                          they’re using the same script

St. Augustine used long ago,                           and Muslim clerics consulted

to launch the Holy Crusades                           and the Jihad against infidels

that would bring two armies                           to the Holy Land to spill blood:

“Ye are the evil heathens!”                           “Nay, ye are the devil’s infidels!”

“In God We Trust” to win.                            “God is on our side indubitably.”

“We are the self-righteous.”                          “We are Allah’s holy warriors.”

We are a tower of strength.                            The tower is our foundation.

The Strength and Foundation                          are those WTC Twin Towers

known as Jachin and Boaz,                             the twin pillars of the Temple

destroyed by fire and water                            in Atlantis back in 11,000 B.C.,

Newly erected in the USA,                            Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis

destroyed by fire and water.                           They will rise again phoenixes.

The New Atlantis has fallen,                           only to rise up again from ash

in the final stage of creating                            the UN’s New World Order.
Pentagon Building. Sept. 11

Imagine a blurred image of an incoming missile. Photos of the cruise missile’s entry point was been seen by millions on the internet. We also see photos of the aftermath showing no plane wreckage of any kind.

Washington D.C.

Imagine an aerial view of the Pentagon with pentacle star superimposed overtop. Imagine the Washington street plan as seen from aerial perspective, showing pentacles and other forms of Sacred Geometry incorporated into the design.

The facts about the Pentagon attack are widely known:

The Pentagon was hit by cruise missile flying at low altitude. No passenger airliner could be flown that low at such high speed.

The guided missile penetrated through three thick walls of the Pentagon in an area of the building that had recently gone through renovations to make it more secure to missile attacks.

The FBI seized surveillance tape footage from a nearby gas station and other installations in the vicinity of the Pentagon Building. Yet, the Bush administration made sure that similar sensitive footage showing the attack on the World Trade Centre was shown worldwide.

No wreckage or debris was found at the site in the aftermath of the disaster. We are asked to believe that it was liquidated in the intense heat.

The upper floors of Pentagon impact site remained intact. Even a book and computer in a room adjacent to the impact site remain intact without suffering any scorching.

The surface-to-air missile system around the Pentagon did not respond. Yet, on the other side of the world, surface-to-air missile systems were on high alert in Canberra, Australia because their defense system responded to what was happening simultaneously in the United States.

How could a hijacked flight remain in the air for fifty flight minutes after taking an unauthorized course?

Would foreign terrorists be so cocky and bold as to take that long to attack the most militarized country in the world?

How did they know they had so much time?


The Gulf War

The truth about the Gulf War is shown in the documentary film “Hidden Wars of Desert Storm.”


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman

There is much wisdom to be found in books. Take The Merchant of Venice for example. In this play, Antonio has taken a loan of 3,000 ducats from Shylock, the moneylender. The loan has been taken out on merchant cargo ships laden with minerals extracted abroad. Let us for our purposes imagine the commodity to be oil. The ships are then lost at sea and Antonio defaults on his loan. As collateral, Shylock has extracted a loan on exactly one pound of Antonio’s flesh.

By analogy, Saddam Hussein also received many usurious gifts from the former U.S. president, George Bush Sr., when he was head of the CIA, including oil kickbacks, which they split to the tune of $250 billion a year each, through the Pennzoil Oil Company, this revealed in the book by former CIA agent, Russell S. Bowen, The Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family Revealed. This prefaced the sale on credit of chemical, biological and nuclear agents that could be used in weapons of mass destruction. For this, Shylock has demanded his pound of flesh in bond. Shylock has followed the same tactics with Iran.

In the play, Shylock does not want his loan to be paid in interest even when reparation is offered at three times its value. He prefers to have his pound of flesh. To him, it is justice to have Antonio suffer for the many insults he has received at his hands, but this is justice based on revenge.

Analogously, Bush does not want the sale of arms to be repaid. Iran may present its inventory of weapons three times over and still Shylock will not be discouraged from his course. Iran may open its borders to UN inspectors and turn every missile, warhead, and chemical weapon over and still Shylock will insist upon his pound of flesh.

Now the bond has come to court, Portia presiding not as a young doctor of law, but as the United Nations. She has come to hear the case. At first, she consents to the bond and agrees that Antonio’s chest should be laid bare that Shylock might lay hold of his pound of flesh. But Shylock is in for a surprise as the most learned judge has stipulated that while he is entitled to his bond of one pound of flesh, if even so much as a single drop of blood is allowed to spill, he will be compelled to forfeit all his property.

Let the UN invoke the same wisdom with the United States, consenting to the bond of invasion – since America insists upon having its pound of flesh, so long as not a single drop of blood is spilled in Iran or North Korea – both slated to be the next targets in the war on terrorism – the terms being that the United States be forced to forfeit all its political and diplomatic power by the International Court should it fail to meet these terms.

Next, Portia stipulates that Shylock is to extract the exact sum of one pound of Antonio’s flesh and not a single ounce more or once again his lands and properties will be held forfeit. Shylock has even brought his balancing scales along to weigh the morbid article that is to be cut away. Observe how the weapon’s inspectors are now weighing the cache of weapons in their scales to determine whether or not there is cause to go to war.

So let Portia, in the guise of the UN, insist that the invading allied force strike only such installations as weapons silos and weapons caches. Should so much as a single tomahawk missile stray from its course and hit a civilian residence, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, or telecommunications installation as occurred in the first Gulf War and the Iraq War, the UN must insist that the United States be forced to forfeit its diplomatic and military power through the jurisdiction of the International Court.

Having been forced to capitulate on his bond, Shylock then requests that the debt of 3,000 ducats be paid with interest. Portia refuses to grant his request on the grounds that he had previously refused such an offer, having insisted instead on a pound of flesh without compromise. Instead, he is told that he will receive no collateral whatsoever on his bond.

So let it be said to the American president that his planned pre-emptive strike on Iran is unlawful and hypocritical since he and his father had already formerly employed weapons of mass destruction on Iraq in the form of tomahawk missiles and bombs laced with depleted uranium, 87,000 tons of bombs, equivalent to seven and one half Hiroshimas, according to Ramsay C. Clark, Former Attorney-General of the United States. In addition, 100,000 cluster bombs have been scattered all over the Iraqi and Kuwaiti deserts, undetonated and waiting to go off under the feet of some unsuspecting innocent. The Geneva Convention stipulates that civilians are not to be targeted in war. So why are they? DU represents a covert bioweapon attack upon civilians and is therefore a war crime.

Then Portia invokes Venetian legal precedent in order to exact a penalty on Shylock for deliberately threatening the life of a fellow citizen, for which all his lands are held forfeit, and at the mercy of the plaintiff to dispose of as he sees fit.

So let the International Court insist that the offended party, Iran, be compensated by being permitted to refuse trading relations with the United States, while the International Court demand that the U.S. government forfeit all its political and military power, to be disposed of as the offending party Iran sees fit.

Portia’s justice is not based on revenge or “might is right”, but upon appeal to higher wisdom. Let us be reminded of her words and address them to the U.S. president in the hope that he will heed her words:
The quality of mercy is not strain’d;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes:
’Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown;
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute of awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above the sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.

~ The Merchant of Venice


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman

The Occult Significance of Corporate and Organizational Logos:


By Timothy Spearman





The genocide of Pol Pot’s regime as well as the genocide in Rwanda is featured during this short requiem piece.                                     


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman


long needle

and thread

has been used

to weave the web

of Illuminati control.

It may not be that easy

for a rich man to enter

the kingdom of heaven,

but they’re not worried.

They weave their webs

And extend their Net &

Worldwide Web globally,

extending their influence

peddling around the map

from the poppy fields of

Afghanistan and Burma

to those killing fields of

Cambodia and Rwanda.

Cleopatra threads her

needle, while children

in the poorer countries

try to darn their socks.

As for the camels that

may have some trouble

passing through the eye

of the needle, no worries;

the rich man has no wish

to go to heaven, with a

place staked out in hell.



20th Century Events

Who was really in charge of the major events of the 20th century, including World War II footage of V2 rocket attacks and footage of the hydrogen bomb Little Boy being dropped on Hiroshima by B52 bomber Enola Gay? The lyrics below feature the geometric shape of an hourglass. The countdown has begun. Are our days numbered? 


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman



20th Century Events

Who was really in charge of the major events of the 20th century, including World War II footage of V2 rocket attacks and footage of the hydrogen bomb Little Boy being dropped on Hiroshima by B52 bomber Enola Gay? The lyrics below feature the geometric shape of an hourglass. The countdown has begun. Are our days numbered? 


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman



The Globe Theatre

Imagine a twin globe displaying the world’s time zones. Timothy Spearman walks across the face of the globe.  


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman


the watches
clocks and time zones
are set to the same solar time clock
that set alarm bells off all around the world
from the Greenwich zero degrees longitude timeline
to the international dateline, which is yesterday and today.
Since Constantine first established the solar time cult on Earth
9 time has involved constant mind-control by the Illuminati which aims 3
at synchronizing our minds and our watches to conform to the
same timetable and agenda laid down by those ancients
to set our alarm bells ringing at the End of the Age
that we now know is the Great Work of Ages
or the New World Order to others
which basically just happens
to be right on time right
this very moment


Sacred Vault, Williamsburg

Shakespeare and Baconian scholars have convened a grassroots protest in front of the Brutan Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia to have the 10 foot by 10 foot Sacred Vault containing the Seventh Seal brought up from its enclosure beneath the Earth. Close ups of some of the Masonic symbolism marking the site, where Francis Bacon’s Sacred Vault is buried in the Brutan Parish Church in Virginia. Revellers and other participants are seen parading around the site in celebratory fashion. The collective enlightenment of humanity is symbolized by the effort to bring Francis Bacon’s all-important time capsule to the surface. Achieving the collective enlightenment of humanity is the purpose for which our civilization was first sown.
Season Change in Heaven

Lyrics by Timothy Spearman

Season change in heaven; leaves change color in the fall; trees shed their canopies and cover; plants succumb to autumn frost and animals go into hiding. Have you ever considered why? Why do the seasons change? Do they conform to some natural law? Is there some governing principle in heaven? The answer might surprise you. Change is the governing principle of the universe. All living beings are subject to this law. All beings in the universe are born, grow, mature and die. In seed time we are sown; in the growing season, we are matured and ripened; in reaping time, we are harvested; and in times of frost and snow, there is a time of rest, a chance for repose. These are the four cosmic seasons.
Without season change, there could be no sewing or reaping; without the cool, moist weather of spring, the seeds could not germinate and buds could not form; without summer, the plants could not ripen and bear fruit. But what causes season change? What is the mechanism that determines seasonal change? We know the seasons are caused by changes in the angle of the Earth’s axis. This determines where the direct rays of the sun will be concentrated throughout the year. The position of the sun’s direct rays change according to the angle of the Earth’s axis. The four seasons of the year are determined by these shifts. But season change is not confined to Earth, nor is season change limited to the 365 day Earth year.
Even in heaven there is season change. How do the seasons change in heaven? The same way they do on Earth. Changes in the angle of the Earth’s polar axis determine the cosmic season. These shifts in the Earth’s polar axis occur every ten thousand years. These pole shifts occur at the cusp of each cosmic season. Amazingly, there is a cycle of cosmic time in the East and the West. The West compares this cycle of cosmic time to a mill wheel. The metaphor is apt, since the purpose of the cosmic year cycle is to harvest the fruit of human civilization. This cosmic year cycle is the great mill wheel of the cosmos. Through this grand cycle, human civilization achieves ripening and fruition. If the cosmic year cycle is the mill wheel, then the Earth’s axis can be compared to the handle. It is the Earth’s axis that turns the mill wheel of cosmic time. The handle is about to turn the mill wheel of cosmic time once more. Another major pole shift is imminent. The Earth’s axis is about to shift to a perfect north-south axial alignment. Studies by the Danish meteorological institute indicate the magnetic North Pole has moved over one thousand kilometres closer to the geographical North Pole over the last century. In 1999, the magnetic North Pole was moving northward at a rate of 20 kilometres a year, 2 kilometres faster than in the previous year. This is rocket speed in geological time. It indicates an imminent Pole Shift to a true north-south axial position.
Following the Pole Shift, the Earth’s orbit around the sun will change from a 365 degree to a perfect 360 degree circle with an equal number of days per year. The moon will also alter its orbit to a perfect 360 degree circle and an equal number of days per year. The solar days will be equal to the number of lunar days. No longer will the moon be seen during the day. The Man in the Moon will only show his face at night. Yin and Yang in perfect balance, sun and moon in perfect harmony, night and day, light and dark, male and female, good and evil.
What is the reason the sun rises, casts long shadows and sets? Why do the seasons change? Clearly there is some governing principle to which all life conforms. That principle is change. Paradoxically, the sea of change is the one constant there is in the universe. If this is so, then each stage of change must be indispensable in some way; each must be mutually dependent on the other. Without birth, golden fields of grain could not grow; without growth, the flesher’s flail would have nothing to reap; and without harvest, there would be no occasion for festive celebration, enjoyment and rest.
The reverse is equally true. Autumn’s golden harvest is the meaning and purpose for which grain is sown. Without the sprouting of vernal buds, there could be no growth or autumnal feast. Once this is understood, the principle of change becomes as clear as the sky at break of day; once the mist of confusion lifts, the moment of true perception dawns. What then is the purpose of Heaven and Earth? Why were Heaven and Earth brought together and united in the first place? What is the purpose of any marriage? Is it not to create life? Is it not to have children? If the purpose of Heaven and Earth is to give birth to life, a seed and vessel are required. In order to seed life, a womb is needed. Thus, Earth provides the womb, heaven the seed. Seedlings emerge from the womb of Earth, while rain falls from the heavens; fields of grain thrive; rivers and seas team with aquatic life; and animals roam the Earth. But to what aim? What purpose? What is the ultimate aim of Creation? Is it simply to create life or is there some higher purpose? Higher and lower orders of life are observable in nature. Microbes and insects are clearly a lower order of life than mammals. Thus, life is not an end in itself. There is clearly an evolutionary design built into the food chain. Plants and animals do not have an intrinsic purpose; they are at the service and disposal of human beings; they’re cultivated and bred for our purposes; humanity holds dominion over Heaven and Earth; we assume the position of the most majestic beings. Why do Heaven and Earth want children? Why did they give birth to humanity? Human life must have some purpose, some ultimate aim or goal. Let’s turn to our own experience. Why do parents have children? Is it not to love them and to have that love returned? What is it that Heaven and Earth seek from their children? Is it not some expression of gratitude or love? What would be the sun’s happiness without the harvest? The ultimate way of repaying Heaven and Earth is for life to attain its full potential. It is no different for children. They want them to achieve their full potential. Enlightenment is the fullest expression of our potential. It is our way of thanking Heaven and Earth.

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