‘Cancel Culture’ Cancels Shakespeare By Timothy Spearman

‘Cancel Culture’ Cancels Shakespeare

By Timothy Spearman

There a growing “cancel culture” movement in the U.S. that is sure to spread to other Western countries. This is agenda-driven, and operatives of the Deep State are behind it, paid agitators whose job it is to destroy cultures at their roots, destabilize society, set various nations up for failed nation status, and send UN blue helmet troops in to ostensibly restore order. More and more so-called educators are calling for a purge of all White intellectuals and classicists from the curriculum, which is justified by Marxist arguments that such literary figures are the products of White privilege and need to, not only be purged from the curriculum, but from the library archives as well.

Before I continue this diatribe, I wish to defend myself against ludicrous charges that I am the product of White privilege as well as a racist, sexist, and bigot. Such claims would be groundless, defamatory and slanderous to the extreme. I have never known privilege in my entire adult life, having struggled financially and socially, having been vilified and blacklisted by my own society so that I have twice had to migrate to the East to gain any advancement in my career. This led me to discover how much I actually prefer Asian cultures to my own, and has made me long to return to Asia, after wasting 15 fruitless years back in Canada. I am also engaged to marry my second Asian wife, this time from the Philippines, as my former marriage to a Korean ended in failure. Despite the failed marriage, I retain my preference for Asian women, whom I find more devoted and loving than their Western counterparts. Of course, some feminists will cynically argue that this is a product of Western male fetishism, and is actually sexist, misogynistic, racist, and toxic in nature because it is all about the subjugation and enslavement of Asian women to satisfy the desires of a Western voyeuristic tourist attracted by Eastern delights. Go ahead and spew your hate if you insist on vilifying someone innocent of all charges based on toxic ideology-tainted assumptions. The truth is I absolutely adore my Filipina fiancee and have never respected or loved anyone more. If someone wishes to be cynical about love, that is their own sorry affair and has nothing to do with us.

And now to return to the topic at hand. We see the Marxism-spawned cancel culture phenomenon in the growing movement in the U.S. to cancel Shakespeare from the curriculum. If teachers choose to teach Shakespeare these days, it is generally from a gender politics, Marxist, or toxic racialism perspective. If teachers in the U.S. choose to teach Shakespeare at all, it is now generally for the purpose of appropriating the author for Marxist, feminist, gender politics, or racialized agendas.

This will influence library archives, especially those associated with academic institutions, to stock books of Shakespeare criticism that attack the Bard as one who promoted racism, White supremacy and intolerance. Education reformers argue that there is plenty of misogyny, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny in Shakespeare. While some will argue that this is absurd, since the author of the plays was not writing essays or treatises, but dramatic plays, in which he was merely portraying various kinds of social phenomena, agenda-driven academics seem intent on promoting their Marxist, feminist, or racialized agendas at the expense of a literary figure who was once generally revered and celebrated by people of all genders and ethnic persuasions.

Anyone who believes the portrayal of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice is racist, really has no basis for the claim. If anything, the author seems to sympathize with Shylock for his Jewishness, realizing that the malice he bears Antonio is not without cause, but the product of ill-treatment, racism and prejudice:

 …if you poison us, do we not

Die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Is we are like you in the rest, we will resemble

You in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what

Is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong

A Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian

Example? Why revenge. The villainy

You teach me, I will execute; and it shall go

Hard but I will better the instruction. (3.1.68-76)


But Shylock is not alone in receiving sympathetic treatment by the Bard. Othello also seems to receive the author’s sympathy, representing him as a tragic victim of Iago’s racism, envy, and malice toward the Black general. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Bard is anti-Semitic or anti-Black or espouses racist views of any kind. He’s a dramatist depicting the hard realities of life in his time, not a Nazi ideologue promoting hatred toward certain groups. Such claims are the product of a very shallow reading of the text and with a rather dim-witted perspective at that.

Admittedly, England was at war with Spain at the time, so negative depictions of the “Moor” were a matter of propaganda aimed at King Philip II of Spain, who was purported to have murdered one of his own wives. What are the English supposed to do, blow kisses to the Spaniards when they are trying to invade their land and sell the English into slavery?

The arts are often exploited for wartime propaganda purposes, let’s face it. And since the Bard was working for Francis Bacon’s secret writing ministry, the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, aka Fra Rosi Cross, it should be noted that this secretive literary guild was affiliated with H.M.S.S. as the propaganda ministry of the English Court. When you are at war you say nasty things about the enemy because that is the nature of war. This should be studied as historical. Perhaps it will help us overcome the mentality that seeks to make an enemy out of anyone, and can stand as a testament for the sad realities of war. But to ban it or purge it from the curriculum? Absurd. But then again what isn’t absurd when the far-left take over? Who can argue that what is happening in many Western nations today is not sheer and utter lunacy? With children starving in Africa, suffering the deprivations of war and famine, what on Earth do we have to legitimately complain about here in the West? The lack of character and weak-kneed complaints about everything when most people in the West live in comparative luxury is frankly tiresome and sickening.

As for the ill-treatment women receive in the plays, the true author, the Earl of Oxford, is expressing remorse and self-recrimination for the ill-treatment to which he subjected his wife, Anne Cecil, whom he drove to an early death, remonstrating himself for his wrongful abuse in play after play through such characters as Ophelia, Desdemona, Hermione, Katrina, Imogen, etc.

Of course, not everyone agrees with the decision to remove Shakespeare from the school curriculum, contending that the latest “woke” trend—referring to those who have woken up to the inherent injustices of our society—is a shallow misconception, which fails to consider the plays of Shakespeare as moral parables intended to teach us something about human nature. In fact, one New York Times, best-selling author accused schools of discarding a great literary talent. It is tantamount to critics throwing a great writer out with the bathwater and flushing inspiringly brilliant literature down the toilet after wiping their asses on every page, smudging sublime speeches and passages with a brown streak.

Among those who have abandoned Shakespeare are a teacher from a high school in Washington who will go unnamed because she doesn’t even deserve her two seconds of fame. She claims to have asked her principal if there was a requirement on how much Shakespeare she needed to cover in the English literature curriculum. She was apparently told that, as long as she was teaching “the standards,” it didn’t matter, so she dropped Shakespeare in favor of anthologies and novels not normally found in the canon.

These decisions by educators are naturally going to influence archivists to remove not only Shakespeare’s works from library archives, but all the books of Shakespeare criticism, which will no longer be relevant. This is going to have a dramatic effect on scholarship, as political correctness will dictate what kinds of books get written, published, and archived in university libraries. There will be less of a place for White authors, especially books by White males. They may have had a privileged place in library archives in the past, but will increasingly be denied a place on the bookshelves of Western developed nations in the future. In fact, there may be a move to purge all literature written by Whites from library archives altogether, in a move foreshadowing a Marxist-led genocide of the White race. Those who vilify Whites and males, while complaining about racism and misogyny, are hypocritically guilty of racism and misandry—hatred of males—themselves. Yet such people get away with their racial slurs and sexist attacks simply because the social engineers have turned the media rags against Whites. Why? Because it suits their divide-and-conquer agenda, their order-out-of-chaos power games, their problem-reaction-solution strategy playbook. Why not start a race war, what the hell?

It is a worrying trend of which educators and library archivists need to be cognizant. One wonders how many of them have “woke” up to the reality. Am I a racist or a White supremacist for defending White people against these absurdities? I have defended people of other ethnicities and religions in the past, not least Arabs and Muslims in my book Must I Remember. I did so out of a sense of shared humanity and a disgust for the injustices to which they have been subjected. And so it is with the ludicrous accusations of which I now see White people being accused.

I don’t even normally think of myself as White. I am told I am Canadian, but I wouldn’t define myself as such. I was born in Canada, but have spent half my life as an expatriate in Asia. I am a human being and a citizen of the world, who just happens to be observing what is happening to my planet. And frankly, it fills me with disgust to see my society and my world being torn apart. No doubt I will be criticized for capitalizing the word ‘White.’ Why? People capitalize ‘Black’ in reference to Black people. What, pray tell, is wrong with being proud of what you are? We are all God’s children, are we not?

Source: Harriet Alexander, “REVEALED: How ‘woke’ English teachers have cancelled Shakespeare because of his ‘white supremacy, misogyny, racism and classism’ – and are instead using his plays to lecture in ‘toxic masculinity and Marxism,’”