John Wilkes Booth’s Mummy

Above is an image of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth. He was supposed to have been cornered in a manhunt that led to a tobacco shed, which was set on fire to flush him out. He purportedly died in the fire, presumably succumbing to smoke inhalation. His body was allegedly rescued from the fire and identified by those asked to view the body. Not so, says Finnis Bates, a lawyer who met the real John Wilkes Booth, who spent his life on the run, operating under two aliases, John St. Helen, and late in life, David E. George. Originally, meeting the assassin over a small legal matter, Bates later became so absorbed with tracking the assassin that he turned the enterprise into his life’s work, recording the epic journey in a book titled, The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth.

You are tasked with the job of locating it. Where is the mummy today? Call it a treasure hunt of sorts. See if you can determine its whereabouts.