Sacred Geometry of the Illuminati & How Their Days Are Numbered

Sacred Geometry of the Illuminati & How Their Days Are Numbered



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JFK Assassination: Masonic Passion Play By Timothy Spearman

JFK Assassination: Masonic Passion Play
By Timothy Spearman

Last night, Timothy Spearman, host of Shaking a Spear, held a round table discussion with three Toronto-based researchers. The topic of Masonry came up in relation to the JFK assassination. Discussion centred on whether or not the Masons actually had anything to do with JFK assassination plot. The Killing of John F. Kennedy was a Masonic passion play from start to finish. Bear with me as I present the evidence and a case so watertight that no one will be able to resort to the usual obfuscation, evasiveness, equivocation and apologies. First, there is the Secret Service agent who walked away from the presidential limousine motorcade moments before the fateful shots were fired, raising his hands three times from his side in an upward motion.

This is the Masonic distress sign, “Who’s afraid of the Widow’s son?” It alludes to the assassination of the Masonic hero Hiram Abif, the alleged architect of King Solomon’s Temple, who was assassinated by the Three Unworthy Craftsman in the Temple of Solomon. He was treated as a treasonous brother for failing to reveal the secrets of the Master Mason Degree to the three ruffians referred to in Masonic lore as the three Juwes: Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum by name.Next, the assassins, hidden somewhere behind the now infamous Grassy Knoll, fired the fatal shots that would end the president’s illustrious life. These assassins have been named by some astute researchers as E. Howard Hunt, whose deathbed confession we now have, Frank Sturgess, and one other. The now famous photo featuring the mock arrest of these three agents, who have been dubbed the “Three Railway Hobos,” reveals a great deal. The hobos, purportedly arrested in a railway boxcar of a freight train just pulling out of the station, were incarcerated and lead away in an unorthodox fashion by three officers. For suspects of a capital crime involving the president, they were taken into custody in an absurdly lax fashion. The photo reveals that the so-called railway hobos were neither cuffed nor placed in leg irons, despite the enormity of the crime for which they were arrested as suspects.

The arresting officers casually lead the men away with their rifles held casually like hunters on an outing rather than at port arms. The hobos featured in the photo do not appear to be hobos at all, but clean-cut men, whose shoes are hardly threadbare and whose clothes are far from careworn.In the Masonic passion play, the three railway hobos represented the “Three Unworthy Craftsmen” of Masonic lore as James Shelby Downward so perceptibly pointed out. These Three Unworthy Craftsmen would pop up in another Masonic ritual murder staged on a more recent calendar date, when Princess Di(e)’s ritual assassination was preceded by a chase lead by three paparazzi motorcyclists. The three men were taking part in another passion play involving the ritual killing of Diana, who represented the moon goddess to the occult nutcases who bumped her off. She died exactly 33 years, 9 months and 9 days after the killing of the sun-god, represented by then president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Diana died in a tunnel beneath Pont de L’Alma hill, the traditional site of Diana worship for generations of pagan worshipers, mere coincidence of course. On a much earlier calendar date, the Jack the Ripper slayings would feature another incarnation of the Three Unworthy Craftsmen. A message written in chalk on a wall near one of the slayings reading, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.”To reiterate, JFK was killed Masonic ritual style. The forensic evidence, despite denials, shows that the fatal shot came from the front. It targeted his temple and exited through the cranium, where it blew out the back of his skull. Abraham Lincoln would also die from a head wound a century earlier. The shot to the head is Masonic ritual writ large in their occult script. It was a ritual re-enactment of the murder of Hiram Abif, who was struck once with architectural devices in the right and left temples and taken down with a final fatal deathblow to the forehead with a stone maul. The anatomical name “temple” is derived from the Temple of Solomon, where the murder involving an attack on the two temporal lobes of victim Hiram Abif took place.
The JFK Masonic Passion Play takes on even more ominous overtones when one realizes it also references the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry. The Royal Arch Degree is when the candidate is symbolically granted the secret of the Royal Arch Degree, enabling him to assist in the reconstruction of the Temple. The reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem commemorating the inauguration of Lucifer’s wordwide throne. Kennedy was a fierce opponent of Israeli ambitions and was pro-Paestinian. He was a starch opponent of their effort to obtain nuclear technology and get a hold of the bomb. That is why he was in part given the ritual punishment of the 13 Degree in the Scottish Rite and the 7th Degree in the York Rite of Freemasonry known as the Royal Arch Degree Oath. The candidate freely submits to ritual death should he ever divulge secrets of the Craft or work against the Craft in any way. The ritual death oath he takes consists of agreeing to “have his skull struck off and his brains exposed to the scorching rays of the median sun.” Meditate on that pronouncement for a moment. Then think back to the Zapruder Film and recall what transpired following the final fatal shot to the head. Was the president’s skull not struck off? Were his brains not exposed to the noonday sun? I put it to you that Kennedy quite by design landed and made his way from Dallas airport to the parade route at Dealey Plaza at 12:00 noon or high noon. In other words, JFK was given the ritual death corresponding with the Royal Arch Degree because he interfered in a symbolic sense with the agenda to rebuid the Temple in Jerusalem.The Royal Arch Degree is a Satanic rite from start to finish. In the rite, 3 Master Masons appear to the candidate purportedy from Babylon. This is a Satanic inversion and perversion of the appearance of the Three Wise Magi from the East who appeared at Jesus’ birthplace. In this Degree, the candidate learns the hidden name if his ‘god’, who he is informed is “Jahbuhlun” composed of the triune gods of Jahwey, Baal and Osiris or On. On is aso a city in Egypt where the worship of Osiris or On is thought to originate. This demon god is a perversion of the Christian Holy Trinity. W.L. Wilmhurst explains in “The Meaning of Masonry” why this degree is so important to the candidate’s life.

He explains that it is when the candidate “exhibits the attainment of a new order of life.” This is reminiscent of the anguage used by the New World Order, who have repeated time and again that “it is a big idea” this New World Order “struggling to be born” and “coming into view”. It is a language that speaks of a dawning sun rising over the horizon, heralding the appearance of a new day , a “new dawn”, a “new age”, ” a golden dawn”, etc. This “new order of life” as with the New World Order” implies a new order of Lucifer to replace the od order of God. It is a Satanic inversion and perversion of the rites of Baptism, in which one is “born again” into the spiritual life of the Christian church fellowship. Without realizing it, the candidate is very often initiated into demonic possession through this degree rite. He is even expected to drink blood from a human skull, as Jane Mansfield was photographed doing before her death in an automobile “accident”.Another sordid aspect of the ritual is the Sign of the Hidden Hand, where the initiate is sworn to secrecy regarding the ritual oath he has taken as symbolized by the hand he is obliged to hide beneath his jacket or shirt upon his bosom. The sign is executed by thrusting the hand into the bosom and drawing it out again. It is drawn from the 4th Chapter of Exodus, where Moses is addressed by God: “And the Lord said unto Moses, put now thy hand into thy bosom; and he put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behod his hand was leprous as snow.” This explains the countless portraits of America’s Founding Fathers and illustrious Eurpeans like Victor Hugo, Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, etc. with their hands hidden away in their breast. It also explains the name of The Order of the Black Hand, the Masonic secret society that orchestrated the death of the Archduke Ferdinand that kicked off WWI.Jackie, the grieving widow, completes the passion play. She represents the Widow in the Masonic passion play. The Widow grieved for her son Hiram Abif, who died at the hands of the Three Unworthy Craftsmen. Whether or not Jackie was aware of her role in the ritual re-enactment of the Third Degree of Freemasonry, she played her part in the mini drama, as the keystone or capstone who would cap the action of the passion play. The grieving Widow brought the play to its dramatic climax and conclusion, embedded archetypically in our psyches to remain indelibly stamped for all eternity as the Masonic passion play it was always intended to be. Sick I know, but whoever said the world was run by sane people. Rather ironic and sickeningly hypocritical that we the people should fall subject to psychological evaluations based on our questioning of a sick and demented cabal of Luciferian politicians who have the audacity to call themselves leaders. And where do these leaders intend to lead their flock? It should be obvious by now. Who’s afraid of the Widow’s son? Nobody now it seems. He’s dead.