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COVID-19 Vaccines: The Drug Pushers’ Dream of Profit and Depopulation

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Drug Pushers’ Dream of Profit and Depopulation

TLAV feat. Dr. Robert Malone [Censored Inventor Of mRNA Technology]

The Dollar Sign By Timothy Spearman

A Population Marked to Receive the ‘Mark’

A Population Marked to Receive the ‘Mark’

By Timothy Spearman

More and more info has come out about U.S. president Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, which we weren’t aware of back in 2016 when Trump first came to power as president. It turns out that billionaire Jared Kushner owns a New York City building called 666 Fifth Avenue. The building bears the number 666 as if it is the street number but it is a deception; it is actually the building’s name—Building 666. The building is located right between 52nd and 53rd Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Jared Kushner’s own office is located in this building.


















Lucent Technologies Inc., a Kushner asset, was based in this building.

Lucent Technologies Inc. conducts research into RFID chips, which are meant to be implanted subcutaneously in the right hand of the recipient, corresponding with the biblical prophecy related to the mark of the beast. They use an operating system called “Inferno.“ The name Lucent is also a disguised reference to the fact that the firm and all of its members are in service to Lucifer. Incidentally, it was also revealed some time ago that Jared Kusher received sponsorship funding form George Soros to the tune of $259 million dollars.

U.S. Congress actually granted the government the authority to microchip people with disabilities back in December 2016. Fascist regimes always go after the low hanging fruit first, i.e. the most vulnerable sector of the population. This is why they are vaccinating the so-called “vulnerable groups” in society first. First on the list are the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks, etc. Disguised as a humanitarian effort to safeguard the health of the most vulnerable, the CoViD-19 vaccination drive already underway in early 2021 is really a genocide operation meant to eradicate what the elites regard as the most “useless” of the “useless eaters,” a phrase coined by Henry Kissinger.

One should be immediately suspicious when the vaccine campaign calls for the vulnerable to step up to the plate first. Recalling the 2008 H1N1 health crisis, it was pregnant women who they encouraged to be first in line to get the H1N1 shot. It was also publicized that many of these women miscarried, though the exact count will never be known as few such cases are ever reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a vaccine injury reporting body based in the U.S. A 2010 Harvard-executed study commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed that adverse vaccine events are underreported to VAERS and those reported represent an estimated 1% of actual injuries. Even vaccine manufacturers have calculated at least a “fifty-fold underreporting” of adverse events. Children’s Health Defense Team, “FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine After More Healthcare Workers Hospitalized,” December 12, 2020, https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/fda-investigates-reactions-pfizer-covid-vaccine-healthcare-workers-hospitalized/

The globalists have repeatedly maintained time and again that we have exceeded the Earth’s carrying capacity, making overpopulation, particularly in the developing world, the greatest environmental threat now facing the world. This being their greatest stated concern, do you really believe they are interested in safeguarding our health with a vaccine meant to protect us against the gain-of-function virus they released to orchestrate their Great Reset in the first place? They don’t care about you. They never did. They care about themselves and the planet over which they consider themselves the sole overlords and custodians.

Why are the vaccine so harmful? First of all, they are experimental, relying on never before utilized technology. Messenger RNA vaccines that program the body’s immune cells to produce “spike proteins” resembling those associated with the SARS CoV-2 virus often experience autoimmune reactions, in which the immune system attacks the vaccine recipient’s healthy tissue where spike proteins have embedded themselves. It is a cleverly designed bioweapon that produces symptoms indistinguishable from the virus using a locust very similar to the virus itself. So how can one distinguish SARS CoV-2 viral infection from the effects of a CoViD-19 vaccine? An autopsy might be the only way, but how many of those are being ordered, when the cause of death is automatically represented as CoViD-19 related?

Those who survive the vaccines will be issued with “vaccine certificates.” It has already been determined that this will be in the form of “invisible tattoos.” What that means and precisely what that is has never been spelled out for the public. Therefore, we have fallen subject to just one more medical experiment in violation of the Nuremburg Code, in the form of subcutaneous invisible tattoos being injected into us with the vaccine. The fact that the so-called “vulnerable” should be first in line to receive all these goodies should make one wonder about and question the motives behind it. Are the groups first in line to receive the vaccine to be the first in line for the next medical experiment to be performed on an unsuspecting, all too trusting and naïve population?

The Bible’s Book of Revelation Chapter 13 is more than clear on the defining characteristics of what it calls the Mark of the Beast:


16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18: Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666. (Revelation 13:16-18)


This is exactly why these chips are being made, to eliminate physical cash and replace it with a worldwide digital currency. Without these chips being, now produced in the 666 Building, you won’t be able to buy or sell since all other forms of cash will be taken out of circulation.

Some analysts believe Kushner was the actual acting president of the United States. Trump was just his puppet. Even the liberal mainstream media was openly admitting to his power and referring to him as “President Kushner.” He may not be the prophesied Antichrist, but for all intents and purposes he is America’s. “President Kushner owns 666 Building where the Mark of the Beast Chip is Developed,” April 12, 2017, https://www.eutimes.net/2017/04/president-kushner-owns-666-building-where-the-mark-of-the-beast-chip-is-developed/

If Kushner and other members of the Cabal (Ka Bal) get their wish, it won’t be just L.A.’s dozen public golf courses that won’t be accepting cash. Already more than 30 Armstrong Garden Centers around California ask for “touchless” payment options—ostensibly because of the potential of CoViD-19 transmission—as does the Beehive clothing boutique in Manhattan Beach and the Munch Company sandwich shop in South Pasadena.

The U.S. Dollar has definitely lost some traction due to the CoViD-19 plandemic. While most struggling businesses will take payment in any form in order to make ends meet during the plandemic meltdown, a minority of retailers reject cash, fearing it could be a transmission vehicle for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Financial experts predict the CoViD-19 threat will encourage a steady flight of American consumers away from hard cash transactions.

“This crisis is clearly pushing us even farther away from using cash in our everyday legal transactions,” said Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard University economics professor and author of The Curse of Cash. “And it’s for obvious reasons. No one wants to touch something you or someone else just touched. That’s not going to change any time soon.”

Dollars remain in record circulation around the world, in part as a perceived safe haven for investors and also as the preferred choice for money launderers and tax evaders, according to Rogoff. But on Main Street, cash makes some retailers and customers flinch, and since there is no federal law requiring businesses to accept cash and coins, according to the Federal Reserve’s website, some people are showing a preference for plastic.

Noshi Sushi in Koreatown has run a cash-only business for decades. Just recently the restaurant business has begun accepting ATM and credit card transactions, with plastic now accounting for nearly half its transactions, said manager Jacky Gomez.

At a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Manhattan Beach, cashier Jennai Dreger prefers the no-touch transactions when customers use the coffee chain’s mobile phone app. “I don’t have to touch their money. I don’t have to touch their card. I don’t have to touch anything. The only contact is between the scanner and their phone,” Dreger said. “And I am like, ‘Yes!’”

Sinnaca Bell delivers food for Postmates in South Los Angeles. He has noticed how often cash seemed to be stained, sometimes with what looked like blood. “If you have Venmo, or anything like that, you use it,” said Bell, 41. “Most people don’t really want to deal with cash.”

There has not been specific research on the danger of the coronavirus being transmitted via cash. A National Institutes of Health study found that SARS-CoV-2 remained infectious on cardboard for up to 24 hours. But germs picked up from surfaces can be eliminated by thorough hand washing. The primary means of transference is through person-to-person transmission, particularly through airborne droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Many consumers and workers are still reluctant to handle bills, with no way of knowing who has touched them before. This is what the media-hype hysteria has spawned–fear. Fears that were never even on the radar before the Covid-19 pandemic scare. People are so easily programmed by social engineers when the fear factor and scare-mongering is packaged with the propaganda.

Most cashiers said they wash their hands routinely, sometimes after every transaction, or they apply regular shots of hand sanitizer. But as the disclosure that 87 hand sanitizer providers have been found to be using highly toxic methanol as opposed to ethanol in their products, according to the FDA, it is clear that what they think is keeping them safe is only subjecting them to greater harm.

At El Tarasco, a Mexican food joint in Venice, cashier Maricela Moreno has taken to a new form of “money laundering.” She sprays down every bill she receives from paying customers with alcohol. She leaves the alcohol-saturated bills on a paper towel till they have dried, before returning them to the cash drawer. Moreno snickers a bit at her “money laundering,” but says, “Why not? Just to be safe.”

A shift to other forms of payment has been encouraged by government agencies, such as the California Department of Public Health, which recommends the use of debit and credit cards naturally since they are part of the globalist agenda being promoted by such bodies as the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum, which planned the Covid-19-spawned Great Reset long ago. Reopening plans for multiple counties also recommend “contactless” payment systems, as a blackmail ploy to get people to comply on the basis of a business and economic incentive.

The shift to cashless comes with a spate of new electronic payment system providers like Square, created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and PayPal, also the parent of Venmo. In fact, PayPal added an average of 250,000 new accounts per day through April of 2020, as the lockdown was slowly phased in, and now has 325 million active accounts worldwide, up from 277 million accounts a year ago. More than half of its new account holders are in the United States.

“I think what’s happened with the pandemic is it’s taken a three- to five-year time frame that it would have taken for digital payments to hit a tipping point and fast-forwarded it to reach that tipping point, literally within months,” said PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman. While some older consumers tended to stick to cash in the past, the 50-plus age group as now the fastest-growing digital demographic, most probably because they are brainwashed to see themselves as the most high-risk. “Before it used to be cash or checks. Now they are going to a payment platform to send money to the grandkids,” Schulman said.

Much of the demand for cash in the U.S. comes from businesses that under-report their income as a subtle form of tax evasion, according to Rogoff. In his book The Curse of Cash, he concluded that about 15% of federal income tax payments are never made, even after audits, amounting to a $500 million-a-year loss for the IRS.

While many welcome the shift to a cashless economy, others say that it raises equity concerns, because the poorest Americans have no access to digital alternatives. Much of the world, led by Scandinavia and Japan, has taken steps to ensure that virtually their entire populations have access to online payments. However, this would be hard to orchestrate in countries like the Philippines, where a lot of farmers, traders and sellers don’t even own a bank account. That is because one must make a 500,000 peso deposit to open a bank account, and many of these small business operators just don’t have that kind of money saved up. What happens to these people when the rest of the world goes digital? Are they not going to be able to buy or sell because they don’t even have the means to wear the mark of the beast? Who is going to care about them when they go homeless? Let’s be honest. They will just be ignored like all the other homeless people on the streets who are dismissed as unwanted refuse and trash by those with privilege. As for China, the situation is the opposite. Chine introduced a digital currency in the spring of 2020 in four cities, taking full advantage of the CoViD-19 crisis to go digital, positioning itself as the world’s first cashless society.

A survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation found that roughly 6% of the U.S. population, about 14.1 million adults, do not even possess a checking or savings account, and have absolutely no access to funds online. That gap will have to be closed if America is ever to become a cashless digital economy, but people are truly naive if they think the government is going to care about the 6%. They will merely be left to rot and starve on the street. It’s not so much that government bureaucrats don’t care; it’s more to do with the fact that they are unlikely to even know or to be well read enough to find out about the 6%. Let’s face it. It’s not as if anyone is going to tell them.

Acknowledging the “bankless” community, San Francisco last year passed a measure requiring all businesses to keep taking cash. The policy remains in place, despite the pandemic.
For now, many businesses just want to reassure customers that their transactions are safe from any harmful transmission. “We don’t know when it will be time to take cash again,” said John Chen, owner of the Munch Company. “For right now, we just avoid contact. It’s a good thing for everyone. We keep everyone safe and happy.” James Rainey, “In a pandemic, no one wants to touch it. Why cash has become the new Typhoid Mary,” May 29, 2020, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/in-a-pandemic-no-one-wants-to-touch-it-why-cash-has-become-the-new-typhoid-mary/ar-BB14JKPr

What should be abundantly clear by now is that the CoViD-19 plandemic has been orchestrated by a globalist cabal, many of whom meet in Davos Switzerland as participants of the World Economic Forum. UN Agenda 21 has long been on their radar, and as their date with planetary destiny draws nearer, they see the urgency of moving things along so they don’t miss their opportunity. AIDS was a great success as a depopulation measure, especially in Africa, but the scourge has petered out. A new plague is required. Something that will reshape the planetary landscape on the scale of a world cataclysm without incurring any real damage or leaving much of a footprint. SARS had fallen short of expectations. MERS too. As for the Ebola pandemic, it was an abject failure. What was needed was a plague that would fit the timetable, ensuring that UN Agenda 21 would be achieved by the target date of 2021. Having employed “disaster capitalism” as a genocide weapon against the developing world and the urban poor, the CoViD-19 ‘pandemic’ had given the opportunists just the opportunity they needed. It provided the perfect pretext for their Great Reset. Next comes UN Agenda 30, already in the planning stages. One wonders what they have planned to meet the timetable of the next major date with planetary destiny.

CoViD-19 Vaccines: Debunking Conspiracy Debunkers

Abstract: We are in the throes of the End Times, in which it was prophesied long ago that all our institutions would be captured and that we would be beholden to the system of the Beast. Who can argue that all of our institutions have been captured? Take the BBC for instance. Despite priding itself as one of the foremost media agencies in the world, it allowed the satanic pedophile, Jimmy Savile, to prosper as a children’s show host for the BBC for decades. The BBC denied there was any evidence linking him with any form of sexual misconduct. The BBC was even criticized in Parliament for its handling of the affair. Harriet Harman said the allegations “cast a stain” on the corporation. Now the BBC is covering up for the vaccine-makers, denying any of the allegations related to the safety, efficacy and legitimacy of the Pfizer, Moderna and other CoViD-19 vaccines being promoted as a remedy for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Bill Gates has used the same M.O. in all of his fraud-related crime since the beginning of his depraved career. Beginning with his computer software company, the strategy was to implement Hegelian dialectics consisting of 1) Thesis: Problem, 2) Antithesis: Reaction, and 3) Synthesis: Solution. This was accomplished by his Microsoft technicians devising viruses to infect Microsoft computer software programs, causing users PCs to become infected, and then supplying the antidote in terms of Microsoft-designed Anti-Virus programs.
The user would then make the online purchase of the Anti-Virus software program and install it on their computer, and presto—problem solved, or so the user thought. What had really transpired was that, while the Anti-Virus program had neutralized the culprit virus, yet another had been seeded in the user’s hard drive, so that another virus alert would occur a few weeks later, advising the user to download another Anti-Viral software program to attend to the latest viral infection in their PC. Few ever questioned the suspicious Anti-Viral software program pop-ups that immediately appeared on the user’s PC to warn them that their computer had been infected. Could they not see that the so-called PC vaccine was linked to the virus itself and that they were each aiding and abetting the other?
As with the computer software programs, their viruses and the vaccines for the virus, so the bioweapon lab technicians experimenting with gain-of-function viruses are the same scientists working on the so-called vaccines for those weaponized viruses. And not surprisingly Dr. Evil Gates and his foundation are behind the same problem-reaction-solution strategy game to seed the viruses, provide the vaccine, implanting yet another virus, or at least the appearance of one, through the production of auto-immune symptoms by means of the vaccine itself, which would require yet another vaccine in an endless positive feedback loop of infection, sickness and death.
Now the operating system of the human being—the DNA—is being altered by an operating system devised by Gates’ brilliant but diabolical mind. With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Moderna and Pfizer have embarked upon the creation of what are described as mRNA ‘vaccines’, which are really operating systems meant to program changes in the DNA through reprogrammed RNA transcription and translation, thereby hacking the software of life. What will occur is that the mRNA will be reprogramed to instruct the cells to generate the same protein spikes found in the CoViD-19 virus. This will have the effect of producing symptoms matching the effects of the virus itself, resulting in an auto-immune response, in which the body’s immune system will start attacking its own healthy tissues in targeting the embedded spike proteins planted there.
On top of that, Gates and company have implemented a plan to implant the enzyme Luciferase in the vaccine, so that when people pass through the military checkpoints of the future, scanners will be able detect that the person has received the CoViD-19 vaccine. Gates’ call for vaccine certificates will ultimately lead to nanobot implants aimed at serving not only as certificates, but also as a means of interfacing with 5G communication towers.
Of course, there are the usual attempts by the mainstream media outlets to debunk all these claims as outlandish conspiracy theories, which most respectable people are inured into accepting as the hairbrained ideas of disaffected, embittered, and deservedly marginalized trouble-makers.
Slapping its usual prophylactic of the disseminators of such claims, the BBC recently investigated what it refers to as “a conspiracy theory” that the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is a cover for a plan to implant trackable ‘microchips’ in vaccine recipients and that Bill Gates is behind it. And so, I find myself in the bunker once again, debunking the conspiracy debunkers.
According to the BBC, there is no vaccine “microchip” and there is no evidence to support claims that Bill Gates is planning any such measure for the future. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told the BBC the claim was “false.” It is hardly convincing to receive such a denial from the organization. Since when does a corporate entity speak? Who was the spokesperson? Why did they fail to identify themselves? Besides, if you pose a question related to a criminal action to criminals, they are hardly likely to admit to it. And how much do the spokespersons at the foundation actually know about the vaccine anyway? Such spokespersons may be responding on the organization’s behalf based on what little they know and have been told. They may not even be in a position to offer an expert opinion on the subject. They are, after all, acting as spokespersons for the organization, and since they are drawing a paycheck from the organization, they are hardly likely to speak ill of it or question the merits of a vaccine promoted by it.
The BBC then confirmed that Gates admitted in an interview that eventually “we will have some digital certificates,” which would be used to show who’d recovered, been tested, and ultimately, who received a vaccine. According to the BBC, Gates made no mention of microchips. This is really a question of semantics, the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. What is meant by “digital certificates” and how are they distinguishable from microchips? They may not be chips as such, but they are still embedded in the body subcutaneously with the vaccine injection for the purpose of serving as vaccine receipt certification.
The BBC then refers to an article titled, “Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus.” According to the BBC, the article refers to a study, funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, into a technology that could store someone’s vaccine records in a special ink administered at the same time as an injection. Well, it may not technically be the same as a microchip, but it does the same thing for which a microchip is intended—stores the person’s data so that it can be scanned and verified. It amounts to a different label or name for something that does essentially the same thing.
Still, the BBC defends the technology, claiming, “However, the technology is not a microchip and is more like an invisible tattoo. It has not been rolled out yet, would not allow people to be tracked and personal information would not be entered into a database, says Ana Jaklenec, a scientist involved in the study.” Semantics Ana, semantics. Whether it’s a microchip or an invisible tattoo, it is still invasive technology being injected subcutaneously into our bodies without our permission, and in the case of many people without their “informed consent,” which violates the provisions of the Nuremburg Code. How quickly and easily it has been for governments worldwide to repeat the mistakes of past regimes without the least resistance from the public. All the authorities need to do is use a respected institution like the BBC to affirm that it is all good and everyone is lulled into a sense of compliance and acceptance. The BBC would never lie, they will say, when the fact is that skirting the issue and obfuscating is often worse because it is a grey area that is neither true nor false and leaves people in a No Man’s Land of complete uncertainty.
The BBC then defends one of the greatest criminals on the planet, Bill Gates, doubtless because, like other mainstream media agencies, it has received funding and advertising revenue from the very vaccine manufacturers the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund and support, hence BBC’s defense of the man: “The billionaire founder of Microsoft has been the subject of many false rumors during the pandemic. He’s been targeted because of his philanthropic work in public health and vaccine development.”
The truth is he is not the victim of false rumors. Many of the claims about him are true. He has been found liable of causing vaccine injury in thousands of Indians, and has had legal proceedings launched against him in India on that account. He has also more recently been accused of causing a polio outbreak in sub-Saharan African with a polio vaccination campaign, when this disease is not even a concern in the region, diarrhea and malaria posing far more serious disease threats.
According to the BBC, in May 2020 a YouGov poll of 1,640 people suggested 28% of Americans believed Gates wanted to use vaccines to implant microchips in people. Well, it may not be a microchip per se, but implanting an “invisible tattoo” called Luciferase, which emits a red glow subcutaneously detectable by a scanner, amounts to something just as dystopian and just as invasive as microchipping the population. Implanting an “invisible tattoo” in people is a breach of human rights and highly dehumanizing and degrading. It obviously shows that we are being treated like cattle by being forced to have something invasive embedded in our bodies. Microchip or not, it is an implant and it is scannable. Whatever the truth of these claims an “invisible tattoo” is hardly something people should be accepting and lining up for.
The BBC then attempts to debunk claims that vaccines contain the lung tissue of an aborted fetus, which the BBC alleges is false, appealing to the authority of Dr. Michael Head of the University of Southampton: “There are no fetal cells used in any vaccine production process.” Well that settles it then, doesn’t it? God has spoken. Since when is the University of Southampton the be all and end all? And who is Dr. Michael Head besides another talking head?
The BBC then refers to a video posted on an anti-vaccine Facebook page, in which “the narrator” claims is evidence of what goes into the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. Why doesn’t the BBC identify the Facebook page and the video in question so those reading the article can check it out for themselves? Is it because the BBC is afraid that they might be more persuaded by the video than the broadcaster’s lame attempts to debunk and dismiss the argument? The BBC alleges that narrator had misinterpreted the study. According to the broadcaster, the study involved exploring how the vaccine reacted when introduced to human cells in a lab. However, this is merely semantics and obfuscation again. Clearly, what is implied is that cells were grown in a lab that were the descendants of embryonic cells “that would otherwise be destroyed.”
The BBC explains further, alleging that the YouTube video narrator did not understand the science:
“Confusion may have arisen because there is a step in the process of developing a vaccine that uses cells grown in a lab, which are the descendants of embryonic cells that would otherwise have been destroyed. The technique was developed in the 1960s, and no fetuses were aborted for the purposes of this research.”
Many vaccines are made in this way, explains Dr. David Matthews, from Bristol University, adding that any traces of the cells are comprehensively removed from the vaccine “to exceptionally high standards.”
The developers of the vaccine at Oxford University say they worked with cloned cells, but these cells “are not themselves the cells of aborted babies.”
Dr. Matthews further explains that the cells work like a factory for manufacturing a greatly weakened form of the virus adapted to function as a vaccine. However, even though the weakened virus is created using these cloned cells, these cells are removed when the virus is purified and are not used in the vaccine, he assures us.i
Biologist Pamela Acker, who has a master’s degree in Biology from the Catholic University of America, has presented evidence that cell lines derived from aborted babies used in the production or testing of various vaccines, including a number of CoViD vaccines, most likely came from babies who were aborted alive, and according to the general practice outlined in medical literature, may have been placed in a fridge alive, awaiting an operation to have their organs harvested.
“A number of these abortions that were done in that way were termed ‘abdominal hysterectomies’ in the medical literature. So in some cases, the women were actually being sterilized in the process as well,” she said. “So these babies were literally placed into the fridge alive and then stored between one and 24 hours until they could be dismembered, basically. And this is right there in the scientific literature.”
Bottom of Form
Acker made these comments during an online conference hosted by LifeSiteNews titled “Unmasking CoViD-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health.”
About a decade ago, Acker spent about nine months working in a lab to develop an HIV vaccine with a grant provided by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but when her team decided to use HEK-293 cells for the project, she became troubled by the ethics of such a decision.
“At this point, most people have heard of these (cell lines) because they are connected with the CoViD vaccines, but at that time I hadn’t. So I asked (my colleague) what ‘HEK’ stands for, and she told me, ‘Human Embryonic Kidney,”’ Acker stated.
It was after reading Dr. Alvin Wong’s paper titled, “The Ethics of HEK 293,” that appeared in the 2006 autumn issue of The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, that Acker was able to come to a proper moral position.
Acker explained the meaning behind the letters and numbers HEK 293, the cell line developed by Dr. Frank Graham in the Netherlands in 1973.
“HEK stands for Human Embryonic Kidney. But 293 stands for the 293rd experiment that this particular researcher did to develop the cell lines,” she explained.
The kidney was taken from a “completely normal” preborn girl aborted in 1972 who, according to Alex van der Eb, the doctor leading the team to develop the cell line, had “nothing wrong” with her.
Acker speculates that there were probably far more abortions behind the final development of the cell line, since “for 293 experiments you need far more than one abortion. We’re talking probably 100s of abortions,” she said.
Graham, however, recently told Ian Jackson, who was conducting research in the HEK-293 cell line, that only one fetus was involved.
“On my arrival at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands I kept lab books in which I numbered my experiments in the order in which I carried them out starting in 1970. None of these experiments used human embryo kidney cells (HEK) until very late in my studies in Leiden (1973) when I carried out 2 (two!) experiments that utilized kidney cells from 1 (one!) human fetus.”
“Since abortion was illegal in the Netherlands at that time except to save the life of the mother I have always assumed that that fetus resulted from a therapeutic abortion. However, the kidney cells I used had been prepared and frozen away before I even arrived in Leiden. Consequently, I do not have first hand knowledge of the circumstances relating to that single abortion. The second of the two experiments I carried out with these HEK cells was experiment 293 and resulted in the cell line of the same name. The bottom line is that the 293-cell line resulted from cells obtained from a single fetus.”
Acker insists that Graham’s statement is “misleading at best.”
“When a cell line is developed, it is usually produced using a sample of tissue from a single individual unless it’s a hybrid cell line. So on the one hand, it is technically correct to say that the cell line was developed using one aborted baby. However, this is not an accurate representation of how many lives were actually sacrificed in the whole process of developing an aborted fetal cell line.”
Acker pointed out that there is every indication that the cells were derived from an “electively aborted” baby. “In particular, the fact that the cells were stored in the freezer lends further credence to the conclusion that HEK-293 was derived from an electively aborted fetus,” she said.
“The success and longevity of HEK-293 suggests that the specimen was remarkably well-suited for culturing, and anyone who has studied cell theory should know that you cannot derive a living cell culture from tissue that is already dead. Because of the biological impossibility of creating a live cell line from dead tissue, and the practical and biological implausibility of obtaining live tissue from a spontaneously miscarried fetus, it is far more likely that the baby from whom HEK-293 was derived was electively aborted and alive at the time of tissue extraction.”
Acker believes that the tissue from the baby used for the production of HEK-293 was likely obtained through the surgical method of whole-fetus extraction or “C-section abortion,” which can include the removal of the uterus along with the living baby still inside.
Acker then quoted Dr. Gonzalo Herranz, Professor of Histology and General Embryology at the University of Navarra, Spain, who described how abortions must be done to obtain uncontaminated fetal material.
“To obtain embryo cells, embryos from spontaneous abortions cannot be used, nor can those obtained by means of abortions performed via the vagina: in both cases, the embryo will be contaminated by micro-organisms,” wrote Herranz.
“The correct way consists in having recourse to Caesarian section or to the removal of the uterus. Only in this way can bacteriological sterility be guaranteed. In either case, then, to obtain embryo cells for culture, a programmed abortion must be adopted, choosing the age of the embryo and dissecting it while still alive to remove tissues to be placed in culture media,” (bold added) he added.
After reading Herranz account, Acker concludes, “Because of the necessity of maintaining a sterile culture of tissue for developing a cell line, it seems reasonable to conclude that there would—at minimum—had to have been some pre-arrangement to obtain sterile, unmacerated tissue from the fetus used for HEK-293. The easiest and surest way to do this is by the surgical method of whole-fetus extraction.”
Acker concludes that the formation of other cell lines derived from aborted babies and used for research purposes, as well as the development of numerous vaccines, must have involved hundreds of abortions.
“Many aborted fetal cell lines and all the aborted fetal cell lines used in currently licenced vaccines are the culmination of a series of experiments that include multiple abortions,” she said. Acker listed the following examples:
• The WI-38 cell line (used in MMR and shingles vaccines) came from the 32nd aborted baby that was used in a series of experiments. Other cell lines that came out of the Wistar Institute include WI-26 (from the 20th aborted baby) and WI-44 cell (from the 38th aborted baby).
• The MRC-5 line (used in hepatitis A, measles, and shingles vaccines) required five abortions to the course of development.
• WALVAX2, the most recent aborted fetal cell line, came from the ninth aborted baby in a series.
• RA273, which is the virus used in the rubella vaccine, originated in the 27th baby that was aborted in an effort to obtain the virus required for vaccine development. Mothers who were infected with the rubella virus during pregnancy were actively encouraged to abort their children. Forty more elective abortions for rubella virus were performed after this, though RA273 was the strain that ended up in the final vaccine preparation.
Acker said that the use of aborted fetal cell lines in medical research, at any level, “fuels a growing acceptance of using aborted babies in other types of medical research.”
“This problem is irrespective of the original number of abortions performed to obtain a cell line, and will only be exacerbated by the acceptance of HEK-293-derived CoViD vaccines,” she added.ii
Returning to Dr. Matthew’s explanation and justifications for the use of aborted fetal tissue in cell lines seem comforting, but where did the embryonic cells really come from? He claims they are cloned cells, but that the cloned cells did not come from an aborted fetus. Where did they come from then? Another point that is concerning is the claim that all remnant of this cell tissue is removed. How can they be sure that it has all been removed and that no trace of its genetic material remains in the vaccine?
The danger is being overlooked here that any human cell tissue contained in the vaccine could cause the vaccine recipient’s immune system to turn on its own health human cell tissue in an autoimmune response. Biases that involve psychological denial and a desire to ignore danger may be the greatest danger of all in scientific procedure.
The BBC then addresses arguments against a CoViD-19 vaccine, questioning why we need one at all if the chances of dying from the virus are so slim. A meme shared by people who oppose vaccination put the recovery rate at 99.97%, suggested getting CoViD-19 is a safer option than taking a vaccine.
The BBC argues that the figure referred to in the meme as the “recovery rate” is incorrect. About 99.0% of people who catch CoViD-19 survive, says Jason Oke, senior statistician at the University of Oxford. Around 100 in 10,000 will die, far higher than three in 10,000, as suggested in the meme. This translates as a 1.0% death rate. Does a 1.0% death rate justify mass worldwide vaccination? Why is it being hyped so strongly? When there have been similar death rates related to other illnesses, what makes CoViD-19 so special that vaccination is being pushed at never-before-seen levels? There’s got to be an agenda here that our political and health authorities are not revealing. There has to be a reason they are pushing the vaccine agenda so strongly, when there really isn’t a need. The fact that they are being so secretive about it should give us all cause for concern.
In all fairness, Mr. Oke does make a valid point when defending the numbers. He argues that “in all cases the risks very much depend on age and do not take into account short and long-term morbidity from CoViD-19.” It does not just come down to an issue of survival. For every person who dies, there are also those who survive, but often with long-lasting health effects.
This can contribute to a health service overburdened with CoViD-19 patients, competing with a hospital’s limited resources to treat patients with other illnesses and injuries. Concentrating on the overall death rate, or breaking down the taking of a vaccine to an individual act, misses the point of vaccinations, argues Professor Liam Smeeth of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It should be seen as an effort by society to protect others, he says.
Mr. Oke’s point about vaccines being a means of safeguarding public health might be valid if it were true. However, there are plenty of studies showing that vaccines do damage people’s health and should never be recommended unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most health scenarios. In most cases they are unnecessary. Whenever there is a case of medicine causing as much harm in the form of side effects and long-term health damage as the illnesses it was designed to protect people against, the wisdom of prescribing it should be questioned.
In October of 2019, a “germ game,” similar to a war game, called Event 201 was held at the behest of the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and hosted by John Hopkins University, an institution known to conduct gain-of-function research on disease germs in order to weaponize them ostensibly for learning how to defend against such agents. What was the scenario of Event 201? A pandemic outbreak of a coronavirus which would spread ‘virally’, as the saying goes, and kill a predicted 65 million people. The simulation was held only two months before the event it rehearsed for actually transpired. In the year since the outbreak, the globalists have attempted to enforce nearly every plan outlined during Event 201, including using social media to censor or restrict any news or information outside of the establishment approved narrative.iii
Unfortunately, we are being cajoled into not questioning any of the official narrative, and being accused of criminality for daring to exercise our democratic right of free speech. It seems we have made no progress as a society since the days of Socrates. We should remember that, for his act of questioning the standards and beliefs of his society, he was accused of the crime of corrupting the youth, and when convicted, faced execution by drinking poison hemlock. In our case, the situation is more tragic. We may be poisoned, not for asking questions, but for being forbidden to ask any.iv
Check out my Bill Gates’ video: “Microsoft Gates’ Limp Needle Will Never Fly” https://www.shakesaspear.com/bill-gates/microsoft-gates-limp-noodle-will-never-fly/#t=4

“Microsoft Gates’ Limp Needle Will Never Fly”


This video is a satirical attempt to expose the CoViD-19 mRNA vaccine as a Microsoft-style operating system in the human DNA, as Moderna fully admits on its own website. This is a transhumanism experiment not vaccination! The vaccine contains an enzyme called Luciferase. Take a good look at that word which contains “Lucifer” and “erase”. They will erase our soul for Lucifer. The enzyme “Luciferase” tells the security and army stooge at government-authorized checkpoints that you’ve had the vaccine because the enzyme emits a red glow which is picked up on the scanner. This is the Mark of the Beast. How many marks is the Beast going to leave on you before he steals your soul?





Misrepresents True Cause of Death—The Vaccines Covid 19

 By Timothy Spearman 

Take a good look at this happy young man’s smiling picture. He should not be dead. He should not have died at so young an age, when he was about to enter his prime. Remember his picture. Remember him. Do not forget him. And most of all, try to see that he did not die in vain. This article is written in reply to an article by Jane Roberts titled, “Doctors suspect COVID delayed immune response in young surgeon’s death,” published at dailymemphian.com.

The young orthopedic surgeon died Feb. 8, 2021. Now the so-called “medical authorities” are trying to convince us that he may be the nation’s first case of an adult who died of “a delayed immune response to CoViD-19” who just happened to have received the vaccine.

Dr. J. Barton Williams died early in the morning at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis. He was only 36 at the time.

“What we think so far is that he suffered from multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS),” said Baptist infectious disease “expert” Dr. Stephen Threlkeld. Well, Mr. Threlkeld thanks for your B.S. MIS diagnosis. It is sheer nonsense. What the good doctor died from was an autoimmune response to the vaccine he was misled to believe was safe. What he died from was an autoimmune disease response, in which spike proteins resembling those of the actual CoViD-19 virus—produced in his cells as a result of messenger RNA vaccine prompting his cells to manufacture them—lodging in the walls of his blood vessels, prompting antibodies to mobilize and attack them, resulting in inflammation in the blood vessel walls.

The syndrome, more common in children, often looks and acts like Kawasaki disease, which causes inflammation in the blood vessels, the so-called “medical authorities” have established.

MIS, they tell us, is a reaction in someone who has had the CoViD infection weeks or months earlier and mounted a severe, delayed immune reaction, resulting in significant organ damage. Despite being a layman with no medical training, it is obvious to this writer that this explanation is sheer and utter nonsense.

Williams told doctors he was not aware he’d been infected with CoViD-19 as he had tested negative several times in the hospital. This is not unusual, said Threlkeld, because he could have had CoViD-19 long enough ago that he would no longer test positive. This is nonsense because the PCR test often falsely identified people as CoViD-19 positive by detecting viral fragments from old viral infections like the coronavirus known as the common cold for instance.

MIS is essentially an unchecked immunological response to the virus, said Dr. Scott Strome, executive dean of the College of Medicine at University of Tennessee Health Science Center. How do they invent this unadulterated crap? Furthermore, why do they invent it? Is it because they are paid by the pharmaceutical cartels to cover up the true cause of illness? Are they paid disinformation artists, whose job it is to invent obfuscations and lies to cover up the vaccine injuries and serious side effects of these genocidal vaccines?

“The immune system’s response is to eradicate the virus. One of its most fundamental features is its ability to turn itself off when it’s done,” Strome said. “It has to know when it’s done. It if doesn’t have that, you get an autoimmune situation. Whatever the reason, the body still thinks it has a threat and doesn’t turn itself off. Then you get this systematic inflammation.” Right you are Strome, except for one thing. The reason the immune system did not switch off is because the spike proteins the mRNA vaccines prompted the vaccine recipient’s cells to produce, mobilized an immune response within the blood vessels against the spike proteins that had lodged themselves in the blood vessel walls.

Multi-system inflammatory illness does not have any relationship to how severely ill someone was with CoViD, Threlkeld said. “The only way we know that he had been infected was that he did have the antibody,” Threlkeld said. The antibody in Williams’ blood was from the natural infection, not from the vaccine, he asserted. How can he say that, when an official cause of death had not even been determined when he made the statement? There is no way of him knowing whether the antibodies were present due to the vaccine or as the result of a previous naturally occurring CoViD-19-related viral infection.

“There is still information to be gathered,” Threlkeld said. “There is an autopsy pending, and we are working closely daily with the CDC. Threlkeld doesn’t realize it but he just employed a double entendre, as he is quite probably “working closely daily with the CDC.”

“We want to be sure there is no indication that there is any relationship to the vaccine at this point,” he said. What he means is that it is his job to try to show that there is no link between the good doctor’s death and the vaccine. Threlkeld doesn’t realize that his words are giving him and the game away. He is making Freudian slip after slip in these statements.

“It is difficult to make sweeping conclusions in any direction when you are talking about something that has not been reported before anywhere,” Threlkeld added. “No one previously has been reported to have this illness (MIS) that has also had the vaccine. Thirty-three-plus million people have been vaccinated so far in the United States and not one of those people have been reported to have this process. Only people who have had the actual infections with SARS-CoV-2 have had this process occur.”

Let’s re-examine Threlkeld’s words again. He said, “It is difficult to make sweeping conclusions in any direction when you are talking about something that has not been reported before anywhere.” This begs the question, so why are you making sweeping conclusions in the direction of MIS as opposed to vaccine injury when an autopsy hasn’t even been performed and the cause of death hasn’t even been determined? Why are you do anxious to exonerate the vaccine, Thelkeld? What’s in it for you? Is your hospital suddenly expecting a generous donation from Big Pharma as a reward for your obfuscations?

In a report to the CDC in early October, 2020, 27 adults in the nation were documented to have had MIS. Two-thirds were aware they had had CoViD. The other one-third had it confirmed in an antibody test. One wonders if these individuals also happened to be vaccine test subjects, but of course that isn’t mentioned and wouldn’t be if it were the case, because it would lead to some very uncomfortable questions.

The other rumor Threlkeld says he wants to dispel is that Williams had some new, resistant form of the virus, such as one of the variants. “We never recovered virus from him, and that, accompanied by the positive antibodies, suggest that actual infection was at least a few weeks in the past,” he said. What? Let’s have that again. “We never recovered virus from him?” Well, if you never recovered a virus from him, where is the empirical proof that he had been infected with the virus? The presence of antibodies could be there as a result of as a result of the spike proteins introduced by the mRNA vaccine. There is no proof that the presence of antibodies is caused by a previous infection lying dormant and then suddenly going into cytokine storm mode.

The article goes on to state that “Threlkeld, other Baptist physicians and the CDC are working to be sure there is no indication that there is any relationship to the vaccine.” Indeed, they are working assiduously to make sure there is no link to the vaccine, because most likely that is what their assigned role is meant to do.

“Once we have more people who have both the infection and the vaccine, you’re going to see people who had both,” he said. Do you see what he is doing? He is establishing the narrative for the months to come, when people come down with infection as a result of the vaccine. Because of dissemblers like this blatant liar, there will be this running narrative that unfortunately many of the vaccinated had had previous exposure to CoViD-19 without their knowledge and without testing positive, and it suddenly emerged without warning, and sadly the vaccine did not have sufficient time to work. If that sounds like B.S. to you, it’s because it looks like, smells like and feels like just what it is.

Threlkeld spoke with the permission of Williams’ family, who wanted to set the facts straight. Well if that’s what the family wishes and intends, then they have been sadly misinformed if they think Thelkeld and the CDC are doing anything even remotely like that. “They are very keen to get this right,” Thelkeld says of the Williams’ family, “to be sure we report this accurately and we try to save other lives because that is what he would want to do,” he said. How dare he speak on behalf of the deceased doctor. Indeed, the good doctor would have wanted to save as many lives as possible, and would consider the MIS misdiagnosis a travesty that is doing just the opposite, by covering up the deadly effects of the CoViD-19 vaccines.

“He was a prince of a guy. He was well-liked and well-respected by all his colleagues,” Threlkeld said.

To add insult to vaccine injury and death, Williams had just gotten married in December of 2020. “It is a particular tragedy in a year of a lot of terrible tragedies,” Threlkeld said. “I have great respect for the family who wanted us to be sure the truth is out there.” The truth? How dare you? You are a liar, and disinformation artist, and by implication, a murderer, and you know it.

“This is not a reason to not get the vaccine,” Thelkeld advises. “This is a reason to get the vaccine. Only people who have had CoViD-19 have developed this life-threatening process.” The transparency of Thelkeld’s lies are so apparent. He is clearly covering up for the vaccine as the source and cause of illness and death. He will probably get away with it, but that doesn’t diminish the seriousness of the crime committed and the number of lives damaged and lost as a result of these boldfaced lies.


Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Adults (MIS-A)


COVID-19 Reveals a New Metabolism Paradigm