Fair and Square  By Timothy Spearman

Just to be on the level with those Squares in the Oval Office,
no one has yet managed to put Square blocks in round holes.
Would that they measuring by degree were made to measure
so that installed masonry would square measure for measure.
Worshipful masters unfit for Solemn Temples in them reside.
Hiram Abif knows great headaches do confound the temples.
There are more sore temples among students of Temple Bar;
watch them holding their heads after completing a Bar Exam.
No wonder the twin pillars of the Temple folded in New York;
the masonry of the Temple didn’t square at the right angles;
As a matter of degree, the 33rd Degree was too hot to handle.
Each president knows very well why he gets his fingers burnt.
Being the Grand Master of the Order is just too high an order
to show strength and foundation for the benefit of the nation.


THE TWIN TOWERS  THE PENTAGON  Lyrics by Timothy Spearman

The Twin Towers 


On one side, George W. Bush                         On the other, Osama bin Laden,

two twins divided by a Gulf                            we know as the Twin Towers.

Changeling twins from same                           family and Illuminized fraternity.

Skull and Bonesman’s son                              and the CIA operative bin Laden.

Two royals of one big family                          working for the same societies,

whether on this side or that;                            whether here or way over there.

Falling for the ruse, America,                         of the faulty towers is our fault.

We’re being double-crossed                           again by French House of Guise.

Just look at the coat-of-arms                           they’re wearing on their sleeves

and you will see the EXXON                          logo is the very same as theirs,

proving that the twins work                            for the same Mafia brotherhood.

As for the Holy War over oil,                          they’re using the same script

St. Augustine used long ago,                           and Muslim clerics consulted

to launch the Holy Crusades                           and the Jihad against infidels

that would bring two armies                           to the Holy Land to spill blood:

“Ye are the evil heathens!”                           “Nay, ye are the devil’s infidels!”

“In God We Trust” to win.                            “God is on our side indubitably.”

“We are the self-righteous.”                          “We are Allah’s holy warriors.”

We are a tower of strength.                            The tower is our foundation.

The Strength and Foundation                          are those WTC Twin Towers

known as Jachin and Boaz,                             the twin pillars of the Temple

destroyed by fire and water                            in Atlantis back in 11,000 B.C.,

Newly erected in the USA,                            Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis

destroyed by fire and water.                           They will rise again phoenixes.

The New Atlantis has fallen,                           only to rise up again from ash

in the final stage of creating                            the UN’s New World Order.

                                       Lyrics by Timothy Spearman
                      Music by James Newhouse & unnamed musician 

The truth is not 5-sided.

                                        To those who want to see truth,

                                    sacred is to reveal the profane mask.

                               For sacred geometry to be a sacred preserve

                         its lines and angles would have to conform to peace.

                   Note that there is nothing sacred or holy about HOLY WARS

             either for the Church Fathers or their Sons or for the Son of the Father.

   As for Thomas Jefferson’s street plan for Washington, D.C., why all the pentacles?

 I am sure there are a few hexes in those hexagrams drawn by that Grand Geometrician.
Let us not be deluded into thinking that the Pentagon Building conforms to the norm   

     of what is held sacred according to the letter of the word G, the Great Artificer.

         There is nothing sacred about the Pentagon Building’s sacred geometry;

             it is a travesty of everything called holy to regard it as a holy site.

                It is actually Lucifer’s disguised pentacle from the inside out.

                        So don’t be deceived by the deceiver’s appearances.

                             The world is not called samsrara for nothing.

                                 This unholy site is a mechanized Mecca

                                    for robots like Gen. Richard Myers,

                                           the chief organizer of 9-11.

                                              Know it is on his head.

                                                 He wears the mark

                                                     of the Beast:

                                                            6 6